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  1. more like mussolini

    hard to tell which end tho’ you mean since same stuff ( in case of both the Don and Il Duce) comes out whether be prow or stern – no difference.

  2. Trump has made that “joke” about wives who don’t mourn before.  One suspects that he knows his are bought and paid for companionship.  

  3. jack – I think Bloomberg’s success (or not) in TX depends on what happens in the next couple of weeks, although early voting starts soon here.   If Bernie is doing well, Mike may benefit. 

  4. Jack

    My apologies for no Oscar thread.  I’m behind myself this year.  Two favorites:  1917 and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.  Both excellent movies though I enjoyed Hollywood more.  I haven’t sen either Parasite or Marriage Story yet. 

    My only read disappointment was Toy STory 4 taking animation as I think Missing Link was a much more unique and well done film


  5. So Amy has moved up to 4th in the two polls released today in NH.  Good on her.  Anyone catch the Snoop Dog/Gayle King brouhaha?  WRF does Snoop think he’s doing?  Dumbass.  

  6. politico:

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is asking that every agency inspector general investigate retaliation against whistleblowers who report presidential misconduct, after the firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council.
    Schumer’s letters to 74 inspectors general, which will be sent Monday…

  7. Here we go again.  Bernie bots 2.0.

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — Democratic leaders have edged toward the brink of open war with one another in recent days after a series of jarring setbacks that could jeopardize the party’s chances against President Trump, who continues to solidify his iron-fisted control over the Republican election apparatus.

    The infighting focuses largely on the failed caucus process in Iowa, with state and national Democratic leaders at odds over who deserves blame, as well as an increasingly bitter dispute over the rules governing who gets into future nationally televised candidate debates — a process that could allow billionaire Mike Bloomberg to make the stage later this month.

    In a particularly stark sign, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have returned to bashing the Democratic National Committee, reviving grievances from the divisive 2016 primary race. In that campaign, Sanders backers said that the system had been stacked against the democratic socialist — a view later affirmed when WikiLeaks released hacked internal emails — and supporters of nominee Hillary Clinton blamed Sanders for failing to sufficiently rally his base on Clinton’s behalf in the general election.

    Sanders’s allies are again charging that the DNC is maneuvering to thwart his anti-establishment movement. They say the DNC’s decision last week to call for a “recanvass” in Iowa threatened to undercut Sanders’s ability to claim momentum from winning the popular vote there, while changing the rules to benefit Bloomberg reflects the desire among the party elite for a savior to deny Sanders the nomination.


    “They can shout unity all they want, but the actions show otherwise,” said Nina Turner, a national co-chairman of the Sanders campaign.

    The brew of resentment and anxiety represents a sharp turn for a presidential primary race that began last year with a historically diverse field and intense optimism that Democrats could harness the same energy that helped them win big in 2018.

    Now party unity is breaking down just as voters express rising concerns that none of the remaining candidates is fully equipped to take on an incumbent president who regularly scoffs at political norms of civility and accuracy.
    (Continues – on and on …  )

    He’s toxic to the Democratic primary and election process … and he’s inching ahead in the polls.  We…are…fucked.

  8. Pogo…   fucking Bernie fucking Sanders won this state’s primary in 2016 by 20 points.  If he gets less than that…  I hope the media does it’s job by pointing that out.  And if the DNC is playing dirty tricks against him….    good!  My respect for the DNC will go up immeasurably.

  9. Renee – we see Bernie! from the same set of eyes it would appear. And he will get less than half of the %age he got in 2016 if the polling is anywhere near in the ballpark.  It’s hard to say much about that at this point, but I’m thinking that a drop from 60% to 30% in 4 years is not a good sign for him.

  10. Pogo…  I’m hoping that SuperTuesday will bury Sanders for good.  Hell… even my 3 nieces (2 live here in NH) who were raised in Vermont aren’t voting for him this time around.
    For those not liking Bloomberg…   go on youtube and find Bill Maher’s interview with Steve Bannon from this past Friday.   Bannon called Bloomberg an “oligarch”.   They are very afraid of Mike.

  11. So that we all have a frame of reference, Bernie! got 152,193 votes, won every county and won the 4 major metro areas – Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Dover, as well as the coast in 2016 in the NH primary.  Let’s see how many of those he gets this year.

  12. James Carville is a complete ass.  And the media is interviewing him like he is some prophet.  He has endorsed a candidate so his views are warped as is he.  He looks terrible he should retire and no one gives a fuck about what he thinks –since he is wrong.

  13. “They can shout unity all they want, but the actions show otherwise,” said Nina Turner, a national co-chairman of the Sanders campaign.

    …she ain’t wrong.

    It’s rather silly to don the mantle of racial justice while letting some of the whitest states in the union decide who the primary front-runners will be. Dems had 5 candidates so white i had to turn my screen brightness down and one Asian-American pontificating about “systematic racism” and then are baffled why their message isn’t resonating.

    Steyer made the best arguments in that part of the debate, not for nuthin’ (literally).

    Iowa is the Afghanistan of electoral politics

  14.  bernie! went waaaay downhill in Iowa between ’16 and ’20; I expect the same in New Hampshire. 
    I like Warren, but her lecturing has gotten in her way. I don’t like bernie!, but his lecturing has gotten in his way (not to mention the bernie!botflies). The candidates have pointed out all the problems and suggested all the solutions. What’s missing, and maybe what Pete or Amy can provide, and win with, is warmth and love.  
    I don’t think the country is ready for a gay president, but maybe I should trust my fellow Americans to do the right thing, they having learned from their disastrous error in ’16. Anywhat, I’d be happy to be proven wrong about our readiness to be led by Pete. In the mean time I am hoping for a breakthrough by my senator. 

  15. The media sucks — they spend all their time looking for reaction to SFB insults instead of criticizing SFB for his lies and insults they treat them as serious comments

  16. Bink, if anything, the IA/NH shuffle works to the advantage of a candidate like Bernie!, who has no significant black support.  But I’ll concede that trying to improve counting and documentation of caucus counts would likely work to the disadvantage of the Bernies! in the field in the crazyquilt political world of Iowa in the caucuses. XR, yes, th’ bern went from 49.59% of SDE in 2016 to 26.1% in 2020.  Of course there’s a world of difference between the two years – like 3 candidates in 2016 to 11 in 2017. But the number of caucusers was pretty close – 171,517 people who participated in the 2016 first round and 176,574 n 2020.  So that hit you referred to was about half if you’re counting noses – half of the noses that were in his tent in 2016 found somewhere else to go in 2020.

  17. Anyone else wonder what Putin gave SFB to make Lindsey turn into a wad of TP?  I can’t help wonder if someday he wakes up and decides to quit just to get a chance to go to Hell.

  18. Quinnipiac has every legitimate Democrat contender beating trump in the GE, so i’m not going to despair, just yet.

  19. I did not say Bernie! is un-electable although I hope we don’t have to find out.  I said the IA/NH shuffle works to his benefit.  Same with Mayor Pete. Half of Bernie!’s support from 2016 went to other candidates.  When the field gets winnowed they may return to him if he’s one of the last couple standing. Hard to say and it depends on who and how many are still standing after Super Tuesday. 

  20. 28 more hours or so and our analyses will be more informed.
    It would be nice to see the Amy early-adopters, here, like Jamie and KGC, vindicated, as CC expressed, especially since i laughed at the prospect a year ago.  She’s gotta get a strong 3rd (at least), tomorrow, for fundraising purposes, though.

  21. How’s this shit?

    President Trump says Xi told him heat kills viruses

    President Trump said Monday that Chinese President Xi Jinping reassured him that the cases of coronavirus are likely to dwindle during warmer months.

    “He feels very confident, he feels very confident,” Trump said. “And he feels that, again as I mentioned, by April, or during the month of April, the heat generally speaking kills this kind of virus. So that would be a good thing.”

    I wonder if SFB thought to ask CDC if that’s the case?  Prolly not.


  22. It took me 20 seconds or so to find this from Fortune Magazine – obviously published in response to SFB and Xi’s speculations:

    The new virus that emerged in Wuhan, China late last year—best known as 2019-nCoV—is a coronavirus, one in a large family of viruses that are found in animals and humans. While a handful of coronaviruses commonly circulates among the population and tend to cause mild respiratory illnesses like the common cold, this virus—like SARS, which emerged in 2002 and MERS, in 2012—only recently took hold in humans and is so considered a novel coronavirus.

    “Coronaviruses have seasonality,” says Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. “We do know that certain environmental conditions favor the transmission of viruses and that cold weather, the humidity, all of that, affect trajectory. There’s a good reason to believe [this virus] will have that seasonality.”

    When thinking about seasonality, Adalja reminds outbreak watchers that the world has two hemisphere with opposite seasons and cases will likely cluster accordingly. Wuhan, China—considered the epicenter of the outbreak—has temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now, and temperatures typically start rising in March. Tropical countries, meanwhile, tend not to see stark seasonality.

    Adalja says it may take years to establish precisely how seasonality factors into this virus’ spread. He notes at the moment, because 2019-nCoV is an emerging pathogen, “there is not much population immunity, and so when it does appear in places, it’s going to find victims.”


    IOW, “…maybe, maybe not.  Get back with us in a couple years.”

  23. A friend just canceled a trip to Viet Nam because of health concerns.  More like being afraid of being quarantined on the way home.

  24. China forcibly quarantined a journalist and he’s gone missing.  This is the perfect cover for the Chinese govt to get rid of its detractors.  
    Our immune response to viruses is to get a fever/heat kills viruses.  Humidity  plays a factor.     However, SARS lasted 9 months, so…

  25. pogo, I think the john Hopkins guy was saying sure it’s probably seasonal and currently, while weather cold, rampant in northern hemisphere; but next, when weather turns cold down under, it will be rampant in the southern hemi.  and so on back and forth from north to south and back to north again.

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