Sunday Serendipity, Politics

What can I say, politics is in the air so for just this Sunday and never again, here are some of my favorite musical takes on politics. Please feel free to add your own

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Tom Steyer (Pete Davidson), Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon), Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis), Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Pete Buttigieg (Colin Jost) and Andrew Yang (Bowen Yang) face off in a debate.

  2. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like President Trump’s reaction to his impeachment acquittal.

  3. This may sound weird, but in my travels around the D.C. region along with Virginia (down to North Carolina) and online in Colorado, I have yet to come across a Bernie supporter.  Not one.  I have heard support for all the Dem candidates, but no one has mentioned the non-Dem running as a Dem. 

  4. jack, thanks.  some of my favorites.


    BTW, that windblown pic that exposed the makeup line on IMpotus sure is reminiscent of the olden days royalty who painted their faces to cover up pock marks. vain princes and mad kings with powdered wigs, lipstick and eye shadow.  our own deranged wannabe king.

  5. It’s weird that we did not have “Fake News” until we had a fake president with fake hair, fake teeth, a fake tan, fake health records, a fake business record, a mail order bride with fake everything, a fake university, and kids with fake job successes. Very Weird.

  6. sturge, and perhaps he’s wearing something like an iron man suit.  unzip it and out pops a slimy warty toad. 

  7. For anyone nervous about the Coronovirus, it sometimes pay to be old with a long memory:

    In 1952, the worst epidemic year, three thousand people died from polio, while in 1950, thirty-four thousand died of tuberculosis. In 1957, 62,000 people died from influenza during a notorious epidemic.

    At The time the US had somewhat 151 million people.

    As of today there has been 1 US death in a population of  330 million.


    Globally even the black death only bumped off a max of 200 million when population was just a shade over 1 billion.  All that did was help end European serfdom and  start the Middle class.  Perspective is a good thing,


  8. Biden fights back. (The column is mistitled.). 

    CONCORD, N.H. — Pete Buttigieg fought back against attacks from three of his rivals while former vice president Joe Biden tried to salvage his campaign with a retooled underdog message Saturday as Democratic presidential contenders careened toward a primary in New Hampshire that could narrow the path forward for several candidates.

    Biden, reprising an argument he made in Friday night’s brawling presidential debate, said the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., would put the Democratic Party “at risk” were he to become the nominee

    The reports of our death are premature,” Biden shouted into a microphone to a group of campaign volunteers at a campaign headquarters

    I’ve lost a lot in my lifetime, like many of you have,” Biden said Saturday morning at a Manchester theater crammed with supporters. “But I’ll be damned if I lose my country, too.”

    He also spoke with more swagger than he has in recent months, reminding voters of the highlights in his career.

    “You guys call these debates? I’ve been in debates. I debated Paul Ryan. I debated that woman from Alaska who said she could see Russia,” he said, referring to his vice presidential debate clashes with former Republican vice presidential nominees Ryan and Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor.

    At another point, he said: “If you notice, I’m still winning nationally. You guys keep forgetting that.”

    So is Joe showing he’s not willing to give up regardless of Tuesday’s results or is he just like the Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  Stay tuned. 

  9. Jamie, 
    yep, perspective is a good thing. One of Mrs. P’s close relatives was freaking out because her mom was going to dinner in a restaurant in Seattle’s Chinatown for dinner last night, scared to shit she’d contract Coronavirus. At the end of the night she said the food was terrible and the mixed vegetables sucked. Her mom had the right perspective. 

  10. speaking of keeping it simple:

    Closed Primaries

    Paper Ballots

    Scanned in a reader not connected to the internet.

    Bundled for hand counting if necessary should even that minimal technology fail.

    Report the number.



  11. Jamie, add to that universal suffrage like Australia and maybe dunking pinkies of those who vote in purple ink so they don’t vote twice.

  12. pete had some nifty retorts to bern’s billionaire donors attack:

    “Bernie’s pretty rich and I would happily accept a contribution from him”

    and joe’s you’re no Obama attack:

    “Well, he’s right. I”m not, and neither is he, neither is any of us”

  13. …thought you people would be more stoked about the poll i cited, last night☹️
    My political music is too seditious to post.

  14. After digging into a political blog I was able to find a real Sanders supporter.  He was alone in the wilderness.  Has any valid political organization dug into the Bernie supporters and the donations?
    This is the winter without winter, again.  Although nice in a way, it is not nice in a very big way.   But, it is still too cool to be outside working in shorts, tank top and flip-flops.
    Something the online streaming channels I listen to, mainly Pandora and Amazon Prime, are getting better at are playlists and stations for classical music.  I prefer the Baroque style and it is now more than four greatest hits of Bach.

  15. I know a lot of bernie supporters of a variety of ages

    …i think they’re naive but at least they care. Go easy on them or we all hang separately

  16. Jamie – My ex-cardiologist said we need a “good die-off” a few years back.   He was a narcissistic, woman-hating, old fart. 
    BB – I think the Bernie crowd resides largely on college campuses and in New England.  A lot of the online stuff is probably just Russkie trolls because they act like Trumpsky’s trolls.  

  17. “good die-off”
    Steve Bannon says shit like that, too.  Way i see it, if one starts sounding like Steve Bannon, it may behoove one to re-assess.🤷‍♂️

  18. Bernie bros are caring idiots?
    Now that is depressing.
    As to the “we’ve got to coddle the little infants” I say Fuckem, there are more Republicans wanting a sane alternative then there are Bernie bros willing to burn down the house.  Let them sit out there in the cold and whine.

  19. Bloomberg’s new ad: “…recoverY started under Obama…defend President Obama’s successes…”   Calls Trump’s a liar 🙂
    As I said, my ex-cardiologist.   The next one also thought he was God, but less of a misanthrope, I think.  I fired both of them. 

  20. I’m with you Jack.  I know a lot of Bernie supporters.  The majority of them either sat at home in 2016 or just left the vote for president blank.  They’ll probably do the same if their cherished one doesn’t get the nomination again.  

  21. I love this from Miss Amy last night.
    In case you didn’t know it the Bernie bros showed off their collective asses last night.
    They were the only supporters at the event who heckled and booed other candidates. 
    So when they booed  Miss Amy she just did a chipper “Hi, Bernie people”  Perfect response imo, it let the world now why she was booed and isolated them to irrelevance. 
    More and more I think she can handle the Trump nastiness.

  22. …smartest person i know is a Bernie Bro- legit genius, voted for HRC in the GE.  The internet isn’t reality, folks.

  23. From twitter last night, it seems that the Warren supporters were over  the top nice. They applauded all the candidates. 

  24. A good “die off” would probably be helpful given the growing sizes of the plastic gyres in the oceans.  The current Australian fires have killed fewer than 30 human beings and a billion animals.  

    Those numbers are probably back asswards when it comes to global benefits except that it would have to happen in either China or India or some combination of both.  

  25. Hey Bink….  I’m talking about people I actually know….  ya know….  reality.
    There were a few who told me they held their nose and voted for HRC… but…  most of them told me what I posted above.

  26. Bink…  since Biden has written NH off (not that I blame him), I’m seriously considering voting for Amy. I don’t think Pete is ready for primetime.  And since Bernie will take this state, I’d rather vote for who I’d really love to see as prez…   that’s Klobuchar.

  27. Hope Amy makes a great showing in NH.  Then, we have the Nevada debate to look forward to, and, we’ll see what Mike has besides a great ad team.   If Liz can’t break out, I’m for Amy.  And whomever the Dem nominee is in the general, that’s my girl/guy.   This won’t be 2016.   Bernie & Joe will both work hard for the nominee, and, Mike will bankroll ‘em. 

  28. They’ll all work to get out the vote.  Let’s hope they can get the voters who showed up for Obama who didn’t vote last time.  

    The sight of Chinese authorities forcibly removing folks from their home and carting them away in a metal box in the back of the truck was disturbing, although there was no context to the video.  Were they actually sick?  Where were they taken?    The Chinese government will find ways to use the outbreak to silence their detractors, as this journalist was forced into quarantine and has disappeared. 

  30. Buttigieg and Klobuchar headed for surprisingly strong showings Tuesday in New Hampshire. Age factor bedeviling Biden and Sanders. Liz sinking for whatever reason.

  31. BiD i hope you’re right about Bernie! working hard for the nominee.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  The question is whether his supporters will.  I have little confidence in either.  Joe and Mike, yes.  Amy or Pete, I think so.  
    Joe’s is a small affair.  Like that he’s pointing his comments at SFB.  

  32. I refuse to write the epitaph for the one candidate who has the most support among the largest Democratic ethnic voting group before a primary state that actually has a significant representation of that voting group holds their primary.  I’m of the opinion that such a move minimizes the importance of that voting group.  Sorry, I don’t think that’s smart on the part of the party.

  33. Pogo, I get ya, but I’ve watched him closely the last few days, and especially today in his NH event Joe doesn’t have it anymore, can sense he knows it. Sickens me to accept this reality, one of our most genuine public servants ever. Where the black vote goes, if anywhere, after him I don’t know, but that’s where we are. 

    Most definitely if we can elect a Democratic president Biden should be deployed in some significant way but for right now he needs to go away.

  34. When the primary is done, everyone just needs to point to the enemy of the people, Trump, and work to get out the vote.   Bernie said he would do just that during the debate.   

  35. Amy is the obvious candidate for Joe to throw his support.  I think (and hope) Mayor Pete has peaked early.  Only due to his military service do I have any positive view of his candidacy.  

  36. BiD, there’s been one contest.  Amy finished 5th.  Presently she’s 5th in the polling in NH in 4 of the 5 polls released today.  Apply the same standard you and everyone’s applying to Biden and you should be telling her to drop out of the race.  Same applies to Poobah.  I like Amy fine and would support her in a heartbeat, but she’s got to perform in the primaries first.  I’m not contending I’m pure.  I do not support Bernie! and won’t during the nomination season so long says someone with a D in the parenthetical after their name on the networks is still running.  Bernie v. Pete?  Pete. Bernie v. Anyone else running?  Anyone else.  But Bernie v. SFB?  Bernie.  I won’t continue to argue these points until after Super Tuesday.  It’s exhausting.

  37. Wasn’t the polling that shows Amy in 5th done before the debate?  I still like Liz, but she is running out of money; no change in momentum, just stagnant.   

  38. So it is Oscar night and the only reason I know this is that a local girl is there. So Craig, David, Jamie, where was our Oscar thread? I rely on you all to let me know what I miss on the cultural stuff.  I know there were movies being made…….
    Well I think there were.

  39. Went out to lunch with a friend.  We’ve never discussed politics.  Turns out she’s liberal but mute about it like everyone else here. She agreed that the dictator’s a big menace. Gives me hope that maybe a lot of folks who are mute will have the right voice at the ballots and vote against totalitarianism.  I hope they’re the silent majority! 

  40. tiptoe – I thought it was very brave of folks to have Beto signs in their yards when he was running against Tedious.   It did/does give me some hope that we are turning purple.   It’s probably all of those Californians that Rick Perry is responsible for bringing into the state. 

  41.  Now that Weinstein isn’t around to produce Oscar-bait, Jack, it’s just a bunch of movies you’ve never heard of and probably won’t see.

    NH polls are all over the place- the one i linked last night had her in 3rd at 13% but none of the others do.

    All the major campaigns should have enough to get to Super Tuesday, but Bloomberg is already assaulting the relevant media markets while they expend all their energy trying to win New Hampshire.

  42. blue, I went to the Beto rally here and was surprised at the number of people at it. And yes to the yard signs.  And pRick Perry did bring in swarms of California people.  They’re clogging up the roads and bought up all the houses.  Hoping for a lot of blue and a net gain of purple.

  43. TT
    Speaking of Beto, I saw where  Bloomberg had a rally in El Paso and Beto was there with some others I can’t remember who  but I do remember being surprised at who all was there.  So is Texas coming out for Bloomberg?

  44. jack, I haven’t heard that TX is coming out for Bloombegg.  And I hope they don’t.  What I heard today is that some mayors of large cities are supporting him like San Francisco.  Yuck!

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