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Live Democratic Debate Thread tonight. 8-11pm ET on ABC

So Joe was the front runner and likely nominee until the voting started. OK, it wasn’t voting, but what passes as voting in corn country. So now Bernie’s tied with Pete going into maple syrup country and Pete is rising as the first actual voting occurs next week, and Joe? He’s taking the day off.

We’re breathless over who is rising, who is fading, and who’s running out of money. And it’s all to see who gets to challenge Mike on Super Tuesday and beyond. And we won’t worry about him running out of money will we? And there in the distance is the real contest, against 3*, which seems to be getting lost in the primary contests. And who still polls best against him? The guy taking the day off in N.H.

Some system we’ve got, right?


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  1. BiD, thanks for alerting us to mike’s new ad and also to that story about the 4chan trolls messing with iowa caucus. 

  2. “Liz is too far left!”  *votes for Sanders*

    ”Liz has electability issues!”  *votes for Buttigieg*

    …so frustrating.

  3. PatD – The John Cougar Mellencamp ad is gonna appeal to a lot of folks, too.  It will even appeal to those  in Trumpsky’s base who have not seen any improvement in their lives.
    Warren, Mike, Pete,..?  
    Let’s just make One Term Donny a thing.  

  4. walsh calls IMpotus’ republican party a “cult” and apologized for any role he had in electing an “unfit con man.”


    “I am ending my candidacy for president of the United States,” Walsh told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.” “I got into this because I thought it was really important that there was a Republican — a Republican — out there every day calling out this president for how unfit he is.”
    Walsh, a conservative, said he will do whatever he can to stop Trump, including help any of the Democratic candidates get elected.
    Trump “literally is the greatest threat to this country right now. Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House,” he said.

  5. kudos to weld (1.1%) and walsh (1.3%) for depriving IMpotus of a 100% Kool-Aid event in iowa.


    and about Bernie’s “victory”, his showing in iowa is half what he got in 2016.  not a sign of momentum IMO. 

  6. kimmel calls yesterday’s rant the “pettysburg address” and that “his A-holiness was in top form” at the nat’l prayer breakfast

  7. oh yeah, forgot the other good line from joe walsh this morning about backing ANY dem nominee he “would rather have a socialist than a dictator” in the WH

  8. kinda the opposite when Steve Schmidt, warning dems, said “in America a sociopath would beat a socialist seven days a week and twice on sunday”

  9. Eagerly awaiting tonight’s debate.  I could vote for Pete if it means a denial of a Bernie win (or he comes in a very close second) here in NH.   
    Biden must look like he could bring the fight to trump tonight or NHerites will abandon him.

  10. Bernie’s crowing about winning Iowa is, of course, wrong.  He may have a beef with the system, but that doesn’t convert to winning the most delegates from the state, which just like winning the most electoral votes in the general election, is what matters in the end.  Just as the US needs to ditch the electoral college – or reform it to reflect one person, one vote, Iowa needs to ditch its caucuses – it’s a stupid system that leads to BS results with no likelihood that they are accurate reflections of the popular vote in each precinct.  Buttigieg won Iowa even if in the end he gets fewer delegates by a couple than Bernie!.  Don’t believe so?  Check out what’s happening in New Hampshire.

  11. BTW… things can be affected by the weather.  We are having atrocious weather here in NH today.  We’re having freezing rain and icing.  We might get the same thing for Tuesday.

  12. thinking Amy has land a solid hit on Pete tonight, just not room for both of them. I forget who it was Christie knocked out in a debate, but something like that. or was it the other way around?

  13. I honestly don’t know what to think or feel any more re all of this crap.  I think something else went down in Iowa that is not getting out.
    Gonna watch the debate tonight and look at the results on Monday.  Until then, the one thing I have no desire to do is to watch Trump.  He reminds me too much of Mussolini.

  14. I’m wearing my favorite Moscow Mitch tee shirt today. Am I allowed to wear it outside my house? Protected free speech, etc? Does that apply in South Carolina? Can I wear it to the Polling Place for the Dem Primary? A Celebration of Freedom?

  15. new ad by republicans for the rule of law

    Mitt Romney did something nearly unheard of these days: He’s putting his country above his party. He voted to convict President Donald Trump, in an act of extraordinary political courage. Thank You. You are what a patriot looks like.

  16. Looking forward to tonight’s debate.  If voters were really paying attention to success in office, intelligence, knowledge of subjects, and hard work, the top two would be Klobuchar/Warren not Buttigieg/Sanders

  17. repeating for emphasis with great joy at effect doing so will have on you know who

    “The ad will run on Fox News in Utah next week…”

  18. Biden and Sanders are from an earlier era.  Sanders is not a Dem, so he is not someone I would vote for.  Right now I am wondering why the media has dismissed Warren and Amy.  The focus is so heavy on the three men that you would never know women are still in the race.
    It is time for Dem leadership to forget about the Iowa fiasco and focus on the future.  Demanding an audit or whatever is not worth the lime light action right now.  Maybe Iowa can do that when there are other headlines going on and they can clean up out of the spotlight.

  19. I want Pete on the ticket. He would be an excellent VP to Amy or vice versa. People disparaging his experience gained while being mayor of a “town” of 100,000 people know nothing of the complexities and interactions required in such a responsibility.

  20. I’m glad Yang will be on the debate stage tonight.  I wish Bloomberg would be there, as well.  Well-produced ads are all well and good, but…

  21. Looks like Pete got at least a 10-12pt bump in NH out of Iowa while Sanders got nothing. Tonight’s debate is going to be crucial. I sense DNC is abandoning Biden for Pete as the vessel to sink Bernie. 

  22. ABC News just announced the left-to-right podium order for the candidates: entrepreneur Andrew Yang, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Minnestoa Sen. Amy Klobuchar and investor Tom Steyer.

  23. Luck of the draw on placement?   Why are Warren & Amy down on the end with Steyer…and why is he still there?   

  24. Definitely need to make One Term Donny a reality, because now his base is talking about a dynasty.  Ivanker.  Puke.

  25. This comes down to Sanders v Bloomberg and we all know it.  I’d guess Bloomberg wins that showdown but it might be very close.  
    Pete has 8% nationally.  Don’t understand why pundits are letting two states full of goofballs skew the reality of that.

    (oh: horse-race click-bait, duh)

  26. Steyer is there because he met the poll numbers…  just like Yang did.  BTW…  Steyer has spent a mini fortune on tv ads up here.
    Bink…  so now you’re playing Nostradamus.  This process has only just begun… I for one, am willing to wait to see what unfolds.
    BTW…  because the ballots were printed months ago…   everyone and anyone who has run or is running as a Democratic candidate is on the ballot here.

  27. All my speculation is based on easily-available polling data from Super Tuesday states and national polls, RR.  
    Bloomberg bought his way to 3rd (15%) nationally, in two months.  Extrapolate that trend that and he wins with 100% of the vote.
    Sanders leads or shares the lead in national polling with Biden, and the latter needs a convincing win in SC to remain viable, but is now the target of an electioneering campaign by SC Republicans who plan on skewing the vote towards Sanders in that state’s open-primary.
    i ignored polling in Iowa and predicted a Warren “shocker”, based on reports of her strong “ground game” in that state, and looked like an idiot, because the polls were, indeed, accurate.

  28. Flatus, first, don’t tease us about that utility pole thing – and it was upside down as I recall.  Second, First Amendment, bubba.  Wear your t-shirt with pride.  You served to ensure that you can.  You’ve earned it.  
    Bink, while I doubt it will survive another poor showing in NH, Joe has a lead of @ 5 pts. nationally over Bernie, and Bernie has topped him by 1% in one poll.  If there are others out there, RCP doesn’t use them in its compilation.  Again, subject to change, but head to head with SFB, Biden has about a 2-3 pt. edge over Bernie in about every state that means a shit and in national head to heads. Next week’s polls should be a reflection of the impeachment, Iowa and NH results. As they say, stay tuned.  The exception is an Emerson poll with a national sample that gave Bernie a 2 pt edge over Biden.  Still with RCP, Bloomberg has a 3 pt edge over Pete, but National polls aren’t reflecting Pete’s surge yet.  Super Tuesday will be where that rubber hits the road.    All the above is just my opinion, which like assholes, everyone has their own and few care about anyone else’s.

  29. Poobah, I’m glad to see Pete getting the bump out of IA and (surprise) that Bernie! didn’t.  I’m pretty stupid about DNC backing one candidate or another, and after the last election any semblance of the same is dangerous for Tom.  I know it happens on the down low and behind closed doors (I’m not THAT naive), but Pete’s going to take some continued momentum to become the giant slayer in the eyes of the average Dem voter.  I see him moving that direction, but there’s still a long way to go before he can be crowned – and Bernie! won’t cut him any breaks along the way.  BTW, is Bernie! still drawing insane crowds like in 2016, or has that kind of receded and he looks like any other strong candidate these days?

  30. I think Craig nailed it yesterday; Bloomberg/Warren
    Steyer’s ads are nothing compared to Bloomberg’s ads.   Just Tom standing in someone’s yard, talking about his business success.  I’d guess maybe one Steyer ad for every two dozen Bloomberg ads.   

  31. I remember  being in Iowa and having the car window rolled up on me because my friend could hear Obama making a campaign speech and just wasn’t having it.    I also remember seeing more Huckabee signs than one would imagine even existed.   

  32. I believe that what Trumpsky is doing to truth-tellers is called “being disappeared” in Russia.    (Well, ad close as he can get to it without actually offing them.) Former Sec. of the Navy, Spencer, who left when Trumpsky pulled that Navy SEAL BS, is with Mike Bloomberg.  

  33. It’s a crime to take revenge against a witness…let alone members of witnesses families.
    Who will step up and challenge Fat ass on this.

  34. Yeah, if Warren doesn’t win New Hampshire, i support Bloomberg.  
    He could have made this run in 2016 but deferred in support of HRC.

  35. Was Vindman re-assigned or fired?  That looks misleading.  Morrison resigned before his testimony in October, also.

  36. Any yellow dog will do, as long as (s)he beats trump.
    I live in a safe state. I could primary as a Weld republican. Hmmmm… Gotta think about that one.

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