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  1. It’s a crime to take revenge against a witness…let alone members of witnesses families.Who will step up and challenge Fat ass on this.

  2. I really like Michael Bennet – but alas, I have a better chance of being President than he does. 

  3. Craig, what’s your spin on Pete?  I like him, but his experience and his $$$ friends make me uneasy. 

  4. The Yang Gang is there.  I got goosebumps when they cheered for Warren.   Bernie’s crowd was just loud/niot excited.

  5. Stephanopoulos is kowtowing too much to the poll numbers.  Needs to do a better job of balancing the candidates rather than the back and fort Bernie Pete show.  


  6. Bernie, I think Greta Thunberg is already leading the world on climate change.   If young folks, voting for the first time, show up in November…it’s One Term Donny.

  7. Blink, you’re right but I watch these situations for temperament not solutions, and Pete struck me as a reasonable thinker about these war questions. Maybe that’s the veteran been there done that in him. 

  8. Yang’s terrible non-answer on systemic racism is disqualifying 

    Amy needs to interject like Steyer, she is getting frozen-out and needs this debate

  9. Bernie attacks Pete’s fundraising, who shoots back: “I will not tell people they can’t be on our side if they’re not with us 100%. This is a time for addition not subtraction.”

  10. The problem is folks who don’t really want kids having kids, specifically single parent families.  Given choices, delay having kids and have fewer kids so you have more resources.   As I was always told when I needed eyeglasses or something, the rich get richer, the poor have children.  

  11. Disagree BID, Amy had to do more. She’s out of money and momentum. Probably drops out next week. Yang out by Wednesday. Steyer ought to quit unless he wants to continue wasting his kid’s inheritance. 

  12. Missed the debate. Sounds like no one stood out enough to distinguish themselves. I gotta say the last comment about Pete stuffing Bernie!’s bullshit sounds great. Screw that angry old man. 

  13. ABC post show has Rahm Emanuel and Chris Christie. I’ve heard enough bullshit for now. Good night – gonna go hug the dog. 

  14. Remember Jon Lovitz as Michael Dukakis in a debate with George Bush?
    ”I can’t believe i’m losing to this guy…”
    -that was Warren, tonight.

  15. Every Dem gets behind the nominee.  Everyone up there works to get out the vote.  Mike Bloomberg can help bankroll the eventual nominee, if it’s not him.
    Trumpsky thinks he can crush whichever one is the nominee.   He will have to crush all of them and all of us.  Can’t be done. One Term Donny. 

  16. sturge, bill used some of your observations on religion last night.  doing some ghost writing in spare time?

  17. Hey, all. I watched the debate and followed the thread a bit. But I didn’t have a chance to comment until this morning.

    Overall, my assessment of the Democratic Party and candidates has not changed much.

    What the Democrats are experiencing is a fight for control of the Party. On one side, you have the Urban Socialists (what Carville recently called the “urban mindset” is really a political movement within the Democratic Party to reshape the party into an ubranist and socialist party), which are led by Sanders, AOC (and the Squad) and Warren. On the other side, you have two factions fighting to maintain the pragmatic core – the old guard, led by Biden and the new guard, led by Buttigieg and Klobuchar. If people have to choose between the Urban Socialists and the Republican Party led by Trump, Trump wins that election. You may hate Trump with every fiber of your body and soul, but there are not enough people crazy-enough to go full Commie. You never go full Commie.

    In my opinion, the three biggest stories coming out of NH will be around Buttigieg , Biden and Warren. Of those three, I think Warren will end up being the biggest loser.

    Biden needs a top 3 finish, and a marketing campaign to try and recapture energy heading into Nevada and Super Tuesday. Right now, he is trending 3rd. If he holds that ground and does well, he can build some momentum. He can then win Nevada, South Carolina and other states. His age is still an issue. For me, it was painful to watch him and listen to him during the debate. He comes across too old.

    Warren also needs a top 3 finish, but right now she is in danger of finishing in 4th. That is a disaster for her campaign given that he resides in Massachusetts. However, it can get worse. Klobuchar has gained some momentum. If she finishes ahead of Warren – there is no way Warren can recover. Without a top 3 finish, Warren does not have a path to victory in the upcoming states. If she finishes 4th or 5th, pressure will mount for her to drop out and endorse Bernie. Warren just does not have a “big rock” campaign issue or a compelling story. And her own evasiveness and dishonesty has made her into HRC-lite.

    Buttigieg coming in second would be a huge win for him, especially if he can get close to Bernie.

    Personally, I think a Klobuchar-Buttigieg ticket would be the strongest the Democrats can offer to beat Trump, but Klobuchar has not been able to convert strong debate performances and her very impressive resume into votes – and that is what matters.

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