Sunday Serendipity

It is going to be a warm sunny day, the Chiefs are in the super bowl, so for today something with a little fun, life, and action.

Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile And Stuart Duncan, each accomplished musicians in their own genre, collaborate to produce something inspired. (click on their name to learn more about each of them.) The selections in this video are from their 2011 Grammy award winning album, Goat Rodeo

I think it may be the first time I’ve seen anyone fiddle on a cello

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. as for winners and losers: my big hope for the day that IMpotus will really screw up with such outrageousness in the Hannity interview that even the gopers are so offended they decide to convict, say so Monday and mess with his Tuesday sotu.

  2. Goat Rodeo is a great album. I like Attaboy a lot. 
    XR, I doubt that anyone begrudges your comment from last night. Although I didn’t read it in real time I appreciated your thoughts. 

  3. guess who said this about whom in quote from today’s the guardian:

    “Here’s a guy who has been a kind of stalwart of the National Rifle Association, a man who said immigrants steal our jobs right up until he ran for president, a guy who said the sound of John Kennedy’s voice made him nauseous.”
    “I respect the fact that he’s been saying the same things, mostly, since 1952, albeit dialing down his hatred for John Kennedy and his disdain for immigrants, but I just don’t get the appeal.
    “He’s a man who never has accomplished anything in public office, who has I believe demonstrated his inability to forge a governing consensus, let alone hold a governing consensus. And I think he’d be an awful choice as our party’s nominee.”
    He smiles. “Do you want me to speak more frankly?”

  4. I have a friend that likes to bet with me on games.  After the Pats won last year’s SB, he said he’d never bet with me again cuz I constantly take his money.  He called yesterday…   he really likes the Chiefs…  so I took the 49ers.
    BTW…  we bet really HUUUUUGE money….   $1.00

  5. Jack

    Thanks for an interesting variation on the string quartet.  As it happens I’m reading a mystery:  The Quartet Murders where each chapter is introduced by a description of a Stradivarius still in existence.   

  6. pogo, sorry about that.  here’s another just for you

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s argument with an NPR reporter.

  7. After years of who gives a fuck for me, I’ve finally reached a Super Bowl Sunday that I can enjoy for something other than the commercials during the game. 
    I’ve enjoyed watching Patrick Mahomes grow into an outstanding NFL QB. He’s got all the tools and he uses them to devastating effect. I definitely give KC the edge based on offense and special teams.
    I give SF the defensive edge. They can get pressure from up the middle or the outside, and they can do it with 4. Still, I don’t know that they have the speed in the defensive backfield to handle KC’s receivers, or whether they can keep Mahomes in the pocket or get him on the ground for losses or short gains.
    Still, I’m 49er Faithful all the way. My knowledge says it’s probably going to be KC to win, but my heart’s in SF.
    Go 49ers!!

  8. IMpotus campaigning for Bernie today?


    Many of the ads you are watching were paid for by Mini Mike Bloomberg. He is going nowhere, just wasting his money, but he is getting the DNC to rig the election against Crazy Bernie, something they wouldn’t do for @CoryBooker and others. They are doing it to Bernie again, 2016.

  9. i’ll go for the team that has red and gold as their colors.
    Get it?  ‘Cuz they both use red and gold as their colors?  Anything?

  10. So, in summation, i personally suspect the reason Bolton, who would likely rather hit himself in the head with a brick than hand Democrats a political victory, both issued a statement supporting those who testified in the House impeachment investigation, and was willing to testify himself, is because he is terrified by the prospect that earnest civil-servants like Yovanovitch would have a hit put out on them.
    i’d further posit that Republicans understood that, and determined they could not afford, politically, a respected conservative voice, asserting, under oath, that the President might have put a hit out on a American citizen serving in an official capacity abroad.
    So, that’s what i’ll remember in November.

    Ok, enjoy the game.  i’m rooting for the team that throws the ball.  Go team!

  11. The sun is shining bright and it is a beautiful day. Not a day to set around in the house brood about politics or listen to trite sports opinions on the TV. I’m out of here, See you all later.

  12. Bernie told his supporters that everyone needs to get on board with whomever the Dem nominee is this time.   That is why Trumpsky has bothered to tweet about the system undermining Bernie.   He thinks he’s done enough damage to Joe with the insinuation of something unethical about him/Hunter/Ukraine.
    Chris Christie thinks the impeachment hearing will be long forgotten by November.   He is wrong.    There are folks who will be voting for anyone other than Trumpsky, this time.    
    Amy is gaining quickly.  Castro is still campaigning with Warren.   Joe sounds defeated, already.     And then there’s Bloomberg…

  13. have noticed lately the talking heads are finally getting around to acknowledging the fear factor in the political zeitgeist.   how reminiscent of germany in the 30s.

    while there’s still time (I hope) let’s be wary and not forget what bob woodward in his 2018 book “Fear” reported in a way warning us this would happen.  remember that 2016 comment IMpotus made to bob costa:

    “Real power is, I don’t even want to use the word, ‘Fear.’ ”

  14. Yo Yo Ma does wonderful music.  Stunning at times too.
    Looks like the intelligence community might be building something special for SFB.  Nothing definite, but a guess is it will be drips, drabes and building to a mighty torrent to finish the year. 
    Moscow mitch is probably not going to like his last year in office.  Perhaps his dealings with Russia will shine brightly.
    The leak of the Bolton tell all book to the NY Times does not seem right.  I might be giving too much credit to the leakers to think they know the Pentagon Papers story.  It went to several news sources so that if one did not print it others could.  The Bolton book should have been mailed to NY Times, LA Times, and the WashPo, at a minimum.

  15. I’m going to guess that it was Sam Donaldson speaking about bernie! sanders.
    I’m also going to guess that the 49ers will win by a point.
    My third guess is that today trump will call Susan Collins, Greta Thunberg and Taylor Swift bitches. But, maybe he’ll save that for his state of disunion speech.

  16. XR, nope it was martin O’Malley, former gov of Maryland and a 2016 candidate for prez.


    also today in the guardian on the other iowa contest:

    While Democrats are locked in a titanic struggle, captivating the media, the forgotten Iowa caucuses of 2020 pitch Trump against Walsh, a former congressman from Illinois, and Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts. Both seem token efforts, tennis balls bouncing off a tank
    […they continue with quotes from joe walsh….]
    “I knew when I did this it was a long shot,” he told the Guardian. “I said at the beginning, I thought it was really, really important that a Republican do this. I’ve been discouraged because I did not see all the mean un-American things the party would do.
    My party is a cult. I’m a conservative Republican; Fox News won’t have me on. Conservative media will ignore me because they’re a cult with Trump. The Republican parties in each state: they are a cult for Trump. I didn’t sufficiently get all of that and that’s made this really hard.”
    But the 58-year-old added: “Every time I’m out there talking primarily to Republican voters, because that’s what I’m trying to do, there are a lot of Republicans that get angry at me and we get threats every day and it can get ugly…

  17. Iowa is an open caucus which means anyone of any party can vote in it.  Since there will not be a Republican caucus, they are moving to vote for Bernie as he is Trump’s preferred opposition.  Another Sanders dirty trick is also in the works.  

    Supposedly, the cult will be announcing first round votes from precincts despite Iowa Democratic Party stating that only the final count will result in delegates.  The move is to hope it makes supporters of other candidates not attend or go home early.

    If there is a way to cheat, Bernie’s crowd will find it.  


  18. Craig – I like Steyer, but not running for office.  He can do a lot of work for Dems, if he gives up the quest.  Amy is solid and worth backing.  She has a great sense of humour, no matter what the media says.

  19. Trumpsky’s ad going after African American voters???  How is that going to play with his base?  
    Did John Kerry really day he wanted to run?  Surely, it’s too late to file if he said it.  

  20. Joe has rebranded his bus.  “Malarkey” is out.  Now, it’s a battle for the “soul” of the nation.   Who benefits as Joe loses steam? Amy?

  21. i heard that Trump’s propaganda arm, FauxNews, and his pet, Hannity, gave him a free campaign interview to slander the entire Democratic field, sounds like fun.

  22. Well it’s football. I just can’t help myself. After sluggish starts for both teams both of them seem to have remembered what the hell they’re supposed to be doing out on the field. 10-10, 5 left in the 2nd. 

  23. That Bloomberg ad must’ve cost a lot, considering the timing.    
    I’m looking for Amy to upset things in Iowa.  I still prefer Warren.  

  24. I didn’t watch ads except a couple early on. Was watching Djokovich win his 7th Australian Open and the Super Bowl. 

  25. Congrats to KC. Great way to win.  Fun game to watch. And particularly congrats to Andy Reid. Long overdue for him.

  26. Ahhhh… yes… nice to see Andy Reid finally get one!
    Congrats to Jack and any other Chiefs fan!

  27. i guess i’m sad i missed Demi and Shakira crushing it.  Too bad there is no way to watch these things after the fact.

  28. I love a good game and this time the Super bowl delivered. A lot of times it doesn’t. I did learn something new. J. Lo was 6 months old the last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl and from the crowd noise it sounded like the Chiefs were at home. 
    Other than that what can I say but:

  29. I see Trump had to deleted his tweet congratulating the Chiefs because he thought Kansas City was in Kansas. Not the first time that happened. He now has a corrected version up. But in reality we are a bistate region with as much support on the Kansas side as the Missouri side. But Missouri and Jackson County foot the bills for the stadium.

  30. I think the interesting thing  about Andy Reid is that nobody has a bad word to say about him. That is not true about most coaches who as a class can be real assholes.

  31. As my Dad would say, “hell , Trump can’t find his ass without help” It was a bit noisy earlier but then quieted down for a while.
    Somebody just cut loose with a hundred dollars worth of ammunition. Doesn’t sound serious just drunken celebration.
    Ain’t America a marvelous place?

  32. Also, glad you found NPR’s “Tiny Desk” series- so much good music there, a lot of it the genuine modern folk/country being made- enjoy!

  33. Congratulations Mr Jack, Ms Dallas and the Chiefs Nation on a SB game well done.
    My condolences go to Ms Jamie, the Crackers, and 49ers’ fans everywhere. 
    ‘Twas A Happy Ground Hogs Day Here At Chez X.  Many Guests & Mountains Of Food
    The ground hog saw a shadow which probably means, only 11 months and 17 days left of that maggoty heap of excrement that stinks up the Earth from its lair in the Oval Office. 

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