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  1. KHOU 11:

    A section of what is reportedly new wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in California fell over into the Mexico side in high winds Wednesday. That’s according to a report from KYMA in Yuma, Ariz.


  2. the fall

    of the wall

    tells all



    “look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! nothing beside remains.”


  3. Donald Trump’s impeachment defense attorney, Alan Dershowitz, took to the Senate lectern today with an argument reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s declaration, “when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

  4. I’ve been working and thus separated from the outside interference.  Therefore a super grande muchissimas gracias to all you folks posting the in-time reactions.

  5. All GOoPervz siding with Putin and Trumpsky should get get cancer today.   Repugz have just completed the branding of their product.   They are UN-American. History will not be kind to you.  November is coming. 

  6. OMG….   sounds like a clown show defended by a clown show!
    Oh I’ll vote a week from Tuesday and I’ll vote in November.  Come November, I’ll vote for every and any Democrat on the ballot.
    Off to breakfast with friends…   gonna enjoy it.

  7. LOL.  The Club for Growth is running an ad campaign against Douglas Collins (R GA) in his primary challenge to Kelly Loeffler.  I guess they don’t like him, and really, what IS to like?
    And Dersh is claiming the news media is willfully misrepresenting what he said yesterday.  Let me tell you, there is a lot less daylight between what the media says he said (since they almost always include the quote) and what he is saying he said.  

    He added that members of the media had “characterized my argument as if I had said that if a president believes that his re-election was in the national interest, he can do anything. I said nothing like that, as anyone who actually heard what I said can attest.”

    During Wednesday’s question-and-answer session, Dershowitz, a Harvard Law emeritus professor, had declared, “If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

    I heard it – it sounded like what the media has characterized his remarks as meaning.  If he meant to limit it to soliciting information on his political rival from a foreign government in exchange for release of security funds appropriated by Congress, he should have said so.

  8. @RepValDemings heats up: “Lookin at the Bidens, no matter how many times we call their name, we have no evidence to point to the fact that either Biden has anything at all to tell us about a president shaking down a foreign power to help him cheat in the next election.”

  9. Trump lawyer Philbin back in his alternative universe: “We are not even in the realm of exchanging official acts because there’s been no proof of a quid-pro-quo here.”

  10. Interesting comment over at Wapo:

    Executive Branch Criminal Activities by Party Since 1968:
    Total years in office = 20
    Criminal Indictments = 3
    Criminal Conviction = 1
    Prison Sentences = 1

    Republican: includes the current criminal
    Total years in office = 32
    Criminal Indictments = 128
    Criminal Convictions = 97
    Prison Sentences = 36

    It’s unattributed, but looks about right.

  11. Trump lawyer Sekulow lying again, says Biden tried to stop prosecutions of his son. There were no such investigations. If Biden wanted to help Hunter he would have done nothing.

  12. Well, looky here, courtesy of CNN:

    Washington (CNN)A Justice Department lawyer said Thursday in federal court that the House can impeach a president over ignored subpoenas, a noted contrast to what lawyers for President Donald Trump are arguing at his Senate impeachment trial this week.

    Asked by a federal judge what the House can do to enforce its subpoenas, Justice Department lawyer James Burnham said without hesitation that the House can use its impeachment powers, among other options, like withholding appropriations.

    SFB ain’t gonna like this.

  13. Trump lawyer Philbin: “Let’s leave it to the people of the United States. Let’s trust them.” But your client is trusting Putin to run the election, that’s the whole freaking point of this trial numbnuts.

  14. Trump’s Chief Lying Counsel Pat Cipollone claims House process “completely shut out the president”, “cooked up the facts in a basement”, didn’t “allow minority to call witnesses”. A real trial judge would hold him in contempt for these lies.

  15. Trump lawyers cited polls supporting the president. As Rep. Val Demings recently said, “When I was a police officer I didn’t take a poll before making an arrest.”

  16. The question segment is a terrible format, which i suppose is what McConnell wanted. 

    it should be called the “coordinate cable news talking points segment”

  17. so if this is a criminal trial, and philbin says no witnesses are needed, will we no longer have witnesses in any criminal trials, going forward?
    ^a ridiculous extrapolation of a ridiculous argument

  18. what’s the game rant paul is playing? wonder how many times and ways will he try to get the chief justice to read his question naming the whistleblower before he’s formally reprimanded. 

    mitch seemed very perturbed and pointed in his assurance to Roberts at start of today’s proceedings:

    “We’ve been respectful of the chief justice’s unique position in reading our questions. And I want to be able to continue to assure him that that level of consideration for him will continue,” McConnell said.


  19. i support putting both Bidens on a sacrificial legal altar
    Sorry fellas, for America

    Call the GOP bluff, Democrats

  20. bink, nothing (except wanting to end the trial in time to watch the super bowl) keeps the gopers from calling/subpoenaing the bidens.  they have the 51 votes it takes and even if Roberts declares irrelevancy  they can override his ruling under their rules.

  21. I was thinking yesterday afternoon that philbin was the worst of the bunch, but after I posted my comment about philbin, Dershowitz made some statements that convince me he’s suffering from dementia. His non-retraction/retraction today didn’t change my mind about his mental condition. 
    It’s beginning to seem that each ‘defense’ attorney is trying to ‘out-defend’ the other defenders. I wonder if racist pussygrabber has offered a bonus to the one who tells the damndest lies.

  22. gopers just want to insinuate biden naughtiness.  they don’t want to actually hear anything.  just like IMpotus only wanted Zelensky to make a public announcement of an investigation, not really conduct one.  it’s the smear that counts.

  23. This must be terrible to watch on TV through the McConnell-controlled feed.  Do the channels airing it run advertising?

  24. exactly, patd, ergo throw them under the nonexistent bus

    Handsy Joe Biden can’t win anyway, i watched him assault a voter yesterday. sorry pogo

  25. Oh sure Jay Sekulow let’s pretend no one among the general public might seek to exact their own version of retribution 

  26. Bink, no need to apologize to me – if it comes down to Bernie! (fucking things up again) or Joe, I don’t have to think twice about who I would prefer, but we’ll talk after Super Tuesday – we’ll know a lot more at that point than we do now. With the exception of an Emerson poll, Biden still does better against SFB than Bernie! by about 2-3 percentage points in most polls. And I could be wrong, but I think the black portion of the Dem base will turn out in larger numbers in Nov if Joe is on the ballot than if Bernie! is.
    And Poobah, if I was Philbin I would not make any reference to SFB and organs in the same sentence.  Too many connotations.  

  27. If the trial doesn’t wrap up by next Tuesday, can Trumpsky keep from spewing about it during the SOTU?

  28. Two Bernie ads in the last 30 minutes.  He’s the first candidate to run ads…well, except for the plentiful Bloomberg ads.  Whomever gets the nomination, it’ll be all-hands-in-deck for the general.

  29. Sounds like Dersh is trying to get the stink of the shit he took and stepped in yesterday off his shoes and claim it wasn’t shit at all.

  30. At least three times today Trump lawyers have disavowed Dershowitz’s horse crap claims president can do anything he wants. “That’s just not true,” Trump lawyer Philbin just said. Bye bye Alan.

  31. He’s a magic man, yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh, oh budda budda budda budda bop bop.

    The US economy grew 2.1 percent in Q4, the same as in Q3 and matching forecasts, advance estimates showed. Consumer spending slowed sharply while net trade made the biggest contribution to growth since Q2 2009 amid a fall in imports. In contrast, negative contributions came from private inventory investment and nonresidential fixed investment. Considering full 2019, the economy advanced 2.3 percent, the least since 2016 and missing Trump administration’s 3 percent target for the second year.

    From TradingEconomics.com

  32. Dershowitz on CNN now instead of Senate floor: “I do not believe the president can do anything to get reelected.” blah blah blah, go make your next crap case for your pal Putin.

  33. The “Have mercy” lady had a shot at being the next “Where’s the beef?” Lady. Not sure it’s going to happen for her on this one.  They should reshoot her scene and give her another shot at it.   

  34. Bought a Chinese case for my GoPro camera.  The only English was, oh wait a minute, the only English was the Chinese name made into a few English letters.  No diagrams or even a picture of how to open the thing.  But, it was worth the twelve dollars just to see it.  I finally figured out how to open it, it took the pointy end of my toenail orange stick.
    Will the greedy old perverts win in the end?  They have the money and the Russians.  It will be a very rough year.  We have to win.

  35. Oh, god.  I just went and spent 20 minutes at the Onion site.  God, I love that site.  I tend to forget it when SFB is jamming the tubes and Airwaves.
    So Cipollone is talking about fairness as the bedrock standard in the senate.  How’s that for stupid?

  36. …turned the feed back on and the very first thing i hear is President’s counsel philbin peddling Russian disinformation from the floor of the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”

  37. So I get the deal for the defense team I think.  If they want a pivot from the question because they can’t provide an answer to the question asked, they let Philbin – or any other member of the team – answer it with a word salad that mentions one word from the question five times.

  38. I’d love to see Kennedy’s question beside Philbin’s head – like has been the case all evening – but they instead had to “summarize” it because it was such a rambling stringing together of Russian conspiracy theories – answered with more Russian conspiracy theories and lies about Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine by, wait for it, Philbin.

  39. So now Cipollone is ignoring the fact that the DoJ argued that the Judiciary has no role in subpoenas issued by Congress to the admin … TODAY.

  40. Are GOP Senators that dumb?  “if i understand the case correctly…”
    Keep up, you dumb Senators

    These Republican Senators are either very dumb or very duplicitous

    Apparently the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” is filled with morons?

  41. Oh, good.  Joe Manchin – to both sides.  How fair can he be?  At. Least it’s a well thought out question.  
    And here comes Philbin.  Speed up?  Slow down? Dumb shit.

  42. …more “we should have impeached Obama” questions from GOP Senators to GOP defense.
    Well, you didn’t impeach Obama and he isn’t President, anymore.

  43. philbin, direct quote: “i don’t know why i have to keep repeating this…” 
    …because GOP Senators keep asking you the same disingenuous question, is why

  44. Bink, great comment (the last one).  Disingenuous is one of my favorite words for about 3 lawyers I routinely practice against, or at least for their typical (bullshit) arguments.

  45.  Anyone ever had any questions about the stupidity of Marsha Blackburn, those questions may now be put to rest.  Dumb as shit.

  46. why the eff would Blackburn pose that whistleblower Q to the defense?

    oh, yeah- they’re not looking for the truth. duh

  47. mccarthy, mcconnell and pence the dog,
    all rule the U.S.A. under the hog.
    – My apology to Wm Shakespeare

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