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  1. bet he got a *bonus* for this:  Trump lawyer Robert Ray: “Russia is not our enemy.”


    *free golf privileges for year – IMpotus

    *pile of tax free rubles – vlad

    *full partnership in law firm – Dewey, Cheetham and Howe

  2. mobster is as mobster does

    Seth takes a closer look at the president and his goons threatening everyone from sitting congressmen to ambassadors as new evidence emerges in his impeachment trial.

  3. What in the world was that yesterday?  Every cliche comes to mind … Horns of a dilemma, clown car, confederacy of dunces, hoisted on a petard and all topped with the Bolton cherry.    

  4. Samantha Bee on Full Frontal:

    It’s smart of John Bolton to hide evidence in a place where the president will never be able to find it – a book.


  5. Jamie, you left out “going to hell in a handbasket” –  yesterday,  the quintessential basket of deplorables

  6. Even though NSC had that book since December for pre-pub review, apparently Trump’s lawyers didn’t know about it, wonder if anyone else in WH knew.

  7. I managed to watch 5 minutes of that crap yesterday afternoon.  Thanks so much to Craig, Bink, and Pogo for keeping up with the carnage so I didn’t have to….  I learned a lot and laughed even more!
    oh… and thank you too xrep…   tooooo funny!  But once trumpsky is no longer of use, what do the Russians want him for.  what’s a dethroned dictator to do…. where can he go… who the hell wants him.

  8. “apparently Trump’s lawyers didn’t know about it”

    craig, they certainly knew about the NYT story in plenty of time before taking the floor yesterday.  they knew the senators knew but nevertheless spewed forth their alternate facts version.

    do hope there are some official complaints in the works to respective bar ethics committees about their presentations – MIS representations that is.

  9. Bolton should title his book Koo-Koo-Ka-Chew…or end his testimony with it, if he’s allowed to speak.    Now that Trumpsky seems to have set aside “executive privilege” with his tweet, there is no reason to block Bolton from speaking.    If the GOoPervz don’t want witnesses, be prepared for more straight-Dem ballots than you can imagine this November.  Surely,  more and more of the Repugz must be getting sick of the garbage that Trumpsky and the rest of Putin’s lackeys  have been putting this country through.   I wanna know about the deep Russian ties of Devil Nunes and Moscow Mitch.    I wanna know if Trumpsky has something on Lindsey to elicit his behavior, or, if he is just a “pilot fish” as the story linked here last week suggested.   

  10. Mr Sturgeone and Ms Renee raise good points regarding my posts last night. 
    It is true that trumposity doesn’t end just because the creepy perv guy disappears. For instance, steve king may abide. A hat tip to you, Mr S.
    And yes, Ms Renee, the Russians probably wouldn’t pay much for an ousted buffoon/rapist/saboteur. However, they have been known to keep high level used moles on small pensions. kim philby and guy burgess come to mind in that regard. I tip my hat to you, Ms R.

  11. Scariest news of the day from the LA Times.

    JAN. 28, 2020
    4:27 AM


    Sen. Bernie Sanders, consolidating support from voters on the left, has taken a clear lead in the race for California’s huge trove of Democratic convention delegates as the presidential campaign moves toward a critical month of primary contests.
    Sanders has been propelled to the top in California by growing support from voters who label themselves “very liberal” — a shift that has come largely at the expense of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. That very liberal group makes up about one in three Democratic primary voters in the state.

    Along with strong backing among Latinos and young voters, backing on the left is enough to give the Vermont senator support from 26% of voters likely to take part in the state’s March 3 Democratic primary, according to the latest UC Berkeley Institute for Governmental Studies poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times. His gains in the state come as several polls in Iowa and New Hampshire — the states with the first contests of the primary season — also show Sanders gaining ground.

    When the poll last surveyed California voters, in late November, Sanders and Warren were bunched tightly together. Since then, however, he has gained and she has continued to lose ground. The Massachusetts senator now has the support of 20% of likely voters, down from 22% in November and 29% in September.


    God help us.

  12. GOP floating deal for Dems to get Bolton in exchange for a pro-Trump witness, and Hunter is their choice? That’s admitting they have no witness who can defend Trump against the actual charges.

  13. They know that anyone they bring in to refute the abuse of power or obstruction charges will do nothing but establish that his behavior was just that.  They are now raising the volume on the “Look, squirrel” desperation. 
    On a more general note, what we’re seeing from the Repugns is Profiles in Cowardice. 

  14. Poobah,  the only reason the Dems should even consider making any concessions to get Bolton’s testimony would be on the condition that if there was such an agreement that no claims of executive privilege would be considered to prevent him testifying.  Much greater legal minds than mine have said SFB has waived that claim by refuting Bolton’s reported assertions in his manuscript, but I’d want it in writing, and would want an agreement to submit any such claim to Roberts with a waiver by the Repugns of any  vote to prevent the testimony if Roberts ruled that teh privilege assertion is not available to prevent him from testifying fully and completely on the issue of the conversations with SFB.

  15. Do they realize that Biden is not on trial here?   Why would they possibly call Hunter as a witness? Joe isn’t even going to be the Dem candidate, if this is about November.

  16. Back from up-North. The two affairs we attended were very nice and Brother was eulogized by many respected people. His spouse will be well-taken care of  by her children and grands. Sue and I departed with feelings of sadness coupled with confidence in that side of my family’s future.
    Music: I could care less about the Grammies. I’m much more interested in my new Cello that arrived about ten-days ago. Bach and Mozart, you’re in my sights!

  17. 2 State Solution w/E. Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital 
    That’ll mean resettling all those heavily armed settlers. bibi won’t be any safer than Rabin was.
    If the proposed solution doesn’t include a state of Gaza, it won’t work, even if the settlers become cool-headed and passive. fat chance

  18. Hi, Mr Flatus ! We all made sure that nothing comment-worthy happened in your absence. It was like a hundred kids with their fingers in the dike, but we staved off all the action until the helicopter crashed. Then we sank into Global Mourning.
    I always figured you for a cello man. Cellos demand musicians who aren’t afraid of hard work. 

  19. it’s easy to see why Dershowitz is an effective criminal defense attorney, but this isn’t a criminal trial, and the standard isn’t “proof beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt”, it’s “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors”.

  20. Flatus – That’s a headline every news organization will wish it had written.  Welcome back.

  21. Now all the gooper moroons in the senate will pretend to be constitutional authorities

  22. Although most don’t realize it, a primary reason that officers and senior NCOs carry sidearms on the battlefield is to administer summary justice should an individual exhibit misconduct/cowardice before the enemy. Fuck Trump.

  23. lol, Philbin, anyone who’s seen “Law & Order” or “Legally Blonde” is familiar with the concept of “mens rea”, but you go ahead and ignore it.

  24. These chumps got nuthin’ ‘cause they know they don’t need anything in the face of 53 cowardly Senators.

  25. Oooh, nice, Trump achieved peace in the Middle East!  i wouldn’t have known if Sekulow hadn’t just told me.

  26. Souless, sputtering Sekulow  is pounding the table in a falsetto voice.  Everyone knows what that means.

  27. Sekulow, “Danger, danger, danger!”  Will Robinson, Trump will get ya, Trump will get ya!

  28. Ah, now i get Bolton’s “drug deal” comment:
    Drug dealers give you a “little taste” to get you hooked.  You know, meth, smack, javelins…

  29. Tonight, there’s  a Trumpsky rally in Wildwood, NJ.  I wonder how many times he’ll say something to implicate himself v how many times he’ll lie?

  30. Good to read you again, Ms Cracker. But, do these dopes, except for Dershowitz’ special case, really, really rise to mediocrity ? 
    Dershowitz put on a great performance. He was way off base on several points, but still, it was a wonderful dramatic reading of bullshit.

  31. XR, I’m with you.  Biblical literalists don’t really do religious metaphor do they?  Why would they need to?  And really, isn’t it a bit attenuated that André Gagné says Nigerian evangelist D.K. Olukoya says in a book that he’s read used similar terms and concluded that must be what she was doing, too?  White didn’t say that.  Now that said, i know nothing about Paula White or her church or her beliefs, whether they are biblical literalists or see the Bible as a bunch of metaphors.  All I know is that I don’t buy a goddam thing anyone says about White being SFB’s spiritual advisor – he’s a Presbyterian for chrissake – he don’t need no spiritual advisor.  Knowing SFB’s proclivities I’m thinking he’s more interested in other aspects of Rev. White, much like I don’t believe he gives a crap about Pam Bondi’s (meager) legal skills.

  32. In its Impeachment trial live updates, WaPo reports that McConnell tells GOP senators he does not have the votes to block witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial.  There is no story giving any more details than that below that headline. Correction:

    “BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) indicated in a closed-door meeting with Senate Republicans that he did not yet have enough votes to defeat an effort, expected later this week, to call additional witnesses and evidence in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

    “His remarks were confirmed by people familiar with them who spoke anonymously to discuss a private meeting. At least four Republicans would have to vote with all Democrats in the key vote later this week to allow witnesses. The vote will be on whether witnesses should be called. Votes on specific witnesses would come later.”

  33. Good thing deficits don’t matter. Thanks to President bankruptcy, the US is deficit will go past $1 trillion this year. Gotta love them tax cuts.

  34. X-R
    I thought Dershowitz was terrible — way too much about himself and all the innuendo that he didn’t vote for SFB
    He sucked and he was wrong

  35. Ms Cracker, 
    I was fascinated by the Dershowitz presentation until he stomped all over his message to  defend himself against his imaginary enemies. He spoke long, smoothly, confidently, and built up a convincing, if specious, attack on the impeachment power invested by the Constitution in the Legislative Branch. 
    I agree with you wholeheartedly that he drained his power,to go off message, and make himself the central concern of his dissertation.
    18 USCode  s201(b). Lock them ALL up

  36. Mr Jack, 
    Do those stern warnings mean that the ripper senators need to watch their sterns ? 

  37. It looks like the repug caucus may have figured out that Moscow mitch is a (precocious) lame duck, who can only punish renegades for a few months.

    Also known as ‘dead mitch walking’ syndrome.

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