Sunday Jazz and Meditation

Today I give you a twofers, some good reading and some good jazz

With Jazz on the Turntable and a Drink in His Hand,

an essay by Francis Wilkinson is the inspiration for todays selection. A great “father/son and it gets complicated here” piece. A great bit of reading to take your mind off of current events. Todays selection is from Mr. Wilkinson’s father’s favorite Jazz album, Ellington Indigos, for more information the wiki page

I tried to find a bit of the essay to give you a taste but in reality it needs to be read all in one piece. Also as I listened to todays selection and reread the essay the music adds to the enjoyment and the depth.

So put the music on the turntable, click on link above and enjoy, Jack


40 thoughts on “Sunday Jazz and Meditation”

  1. Jack…  magnificent!
    Craig…  I took one Sunday off from politics about 5 years ago….  haven’t done politics on a Sunday since.  One of the best decisions I’ve made.

  2. another day another poll, but this one is not about politics and NASA wants your input to name new rover according to this article at

    The nine finalists (submission name, grade level, student name and state) are:

    Endurance, K-4, Oliver Jacobs of Virginia
    Tenacity, K-4, Eamon Reilly of Pennsylvania
    Promise, K-4, Amira Shanshiry of Massachusetts
    Perseverance, 5-8, Alexander Mather of Virginia
    Vision, 5-8, Hadley Green of Mississippi
    Clarity, 5-8, Nora Benitez of California
    Ingenuity, 9-12, Vaneeza Rupani of Alabama
    Fortitude, 9-12, Anthony Yoon of Oklahoma
    Courage, 9-12, Tori Gray of Louisiana

    The poll opens online today and will remain open through Jan. 27 until 9 p.m. PST (midnight EST). The results of the poll will be a consideration in the final naming selection. For the poll, visit:

  3. Ya know this song sounds totally different on a Sunday morning than it did on a Saturday evening when I posted it. Way more optimistic this morning.
    It may be because I am munching on a good breakfast. I’m lucky we still have a small market that sells their own Polish sausage, Peter Mays, since 1920. Still family run. Chopped a bit of it up with onion and spinach and made an omelet. home made biscuits with orange marmalade. Now as I listen to the music the last cup of coffee with a little brandy. Life is good.

  4. Pat
    Those are boring predictable names. Bet the teachers played a large part in the selections. Also since all are obvious, I wonder how they selected out of the  multiples.  I’m nominating my own choice. In memory of Robert Heinlein’s over the top AI. Gay Deceiver.

  5. Curious.  I did not enter the sentence about Ellington playing at a club down the street – now a flower shop.  Except when I was in college I never lived anywhere near a club and no cub I know of ever became a flower shop.  And I never saw Ellington play live.

  6. How about Mars Rover 2? Boring and predictable – but descriptive (unlike the others, except possibly Vision and Ingenuity).

  7. ”Curious.” -pogo (or possibly Russian Pseudo-Pogo)
    Someone stole your handle and is misrepresenting themselves as you.  
    It’s not me, by the way- i got my hands full with this shitty persona.

  8. oh no, you mean our trail friend pogo has been abducted by trolls and body snatchers are posting in his stead!!! 

  9. Who are you really? An amazing lecture given by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker.
    Speech extract from “Does it do you, or do you do it” by Alan Watts, courtesy of

  10. After much consideration, i both submit and vote for “Steve, the Mars Rover”.

    Honestly, “Heinlein” would be a decent name, and as he was a Naval Academy grad, and considering his influence on American culture and humanity’s reach for the stars, it wouldn’t be inappropriate🤷‍♂️

  11. let the girls join the club this time and name her roverella.

    rovette?  roverina?  rovie the riveted…

  12. Don’t send out the cops – I got free.  And the first 2 sentences were mine – posted without a gun to my head.  The last sentence – by some virtual interloper.  

  13. 1. Reiver. 2. Sakakawea 3. Meriwether 4. Woody Guthrie 5. Router 6. K9 7. Moon Dog 8. Moon Pig 9. Rovie McRoveface. 10. Hot Wheels

    From sublime to ridicuous

  14. Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant died today in a helicopter crash outside of Calabasas CA, along with 4 others. Reports are muddled about whether any of his family was with him on the helicopter, but it’s possible that his 13 year old daughter was with him and was also killed.

    Update: The helicopter was taking Kobe, his 13 year old daughter, and another player and parent to a youth basketball game. They were all killed along with the pilot. So sad.

  15. That was bizzare Pogo, no idea how that happened. Trying again..

    Hard to beat Sir Duke for orchestral jazz. Great choice. Back in the day, Ellington played often at a small club at the end of our block, now a flower shop.

  16. Very sorry to hear the Kobe Bryant was killed in a chopper accident.  The timing is particularly ironic and sad. 
    Jennifer Rubin put a bunch of questions together to be asked of the defense, arranged in 5 categories. It’s at Wapo – subscribe if you haven’t.  It’s worth $10 per month.  The last 2 categories are my favorites:

    4. Questions that expose the logical inconsistencies in the defense case: and 

    5. Questions that go to “Holy cow, we cannot leave this guy in office!”
    My politics is done for the day.

  17. Poobah, the comment is typed in was “Hard to beat Sir Duke for orchestral jazz. Great choice.”  It was, on both counts.  

  18. Seemed weird to me.  Led to unfounded rumors of abduction,  Pogo impersonation, whole damn thing.  
    I really am sorry to hear of Kobe’s death.  I asked Mrs. P if she would like to do a helicopter tour of NYC on one of our trips to visit LP and she said that she would not even consider flying in a chopper – too dangerous for her tastes. I wonder if SFB … never mind.  
    Ann Telnaes has a great collection of her cartoons from the impeachment trial so far.  The next to last two are classic.

    Of course you noticed that the defense never claimed that he didn’t do it.
    Rather, they claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence, which goes to the obstruction charge. Doesn’t it ? Of course, it does.
    So, he did it, as the White House Counsel cedes, and the defense for that is,
    Having an active criminal in the White House is great, ‘cuz we all do it.
    It’s hard to beat such logic.

  20. Maybe if someone slipped some LSD+coke+meth into his majesty’s hamburger just before a campaign rally, the delivery would be very  different. But, maybe the rant would just last longer. It could be worth trying.
    Maybe a bit of SP-117 in trump’s water would make his rants more authentic.

  21. XR, the shadow Pogo is mine – never know when I might need it. 

    Does anyone think we’d even notice that SFB took LSD?  He clearly hallucinates now. 

  22. ”XR, the shadow Pogo is mine – never know when I might need it. “

    -✌️real pogo ✌️
    This whole thread makes me feel like i’m on acid.

  23. …nothing like a shocking celebrity death to demonstrate how thoroughly prevalent mental-illness is among the general population.

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