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  1. One thing no one in media has asked a question about the rules for the Senate trial in relation to the Chief Justice.  It can’t even start until about 1:00 pm dail becaue Justice Roberts has a rather heavy duty job to attend to every morning.  The last time I checked the judge has to stay in the room during a trial.  Is McConnell planning on keeping Roberts up until the wee hours?  Wouldn’t he has something to say about the schedule?


  2. For the mid sixties music lovers, you might want to catch “Echo In The Canyon” on Netflix.  Saw it last night and it was a nice flashback.  I didn’t spend any time in the canyon until early 70s, but it was still an interesting time.

    If you don’t have Netflix, it is available for rent or sale on Amazon.  Here’s the trailer:



  3. His sign makes no sense…but his penmanship is mediocre.  That’s probably the nicest thing anyone can say about him.
    I’m still smiling at Biden being called” Obama’s grandpa” on SNL, which popped into my mind after seeing the elevator video.   I still like a Warren and Yang (Amy is starting to grow on me), but if Biden is what it takes to dump SFB, so be it.  

  4. Everybody appreciates what you do, here, patd, and if you strayed from popular standards of attribution, you didn’t do it for personal benefit but for the promise of a just society, for all of us.
    Journalists have to eat, so as long as you’re driving traffic to the sources you appreciate, you’re helping them, and you should want to give the reader a reason to visit their pages.
    i almost never use other people’s content, but by the same token, am not driving any traffic or subscriptions to media-outlets that need revenue to survive.
    …anyway, thank you, patd❤️

  5. yeah patd…   don’t feel guilty.  The Washington Post is my major source of news too.  But because of nonsubscribers I don’t bother to link to the paper.
    yeah…  sure….   ~~~~~ I can see how anyone having an automatic weapon being taken from them feels like a lynching~~~

  6. looks like mitch’s new campaign theme song will be “Moscow nights”


    The hashtag #MidnightMoscowMitch took off on Twitter on Tuesday after Democrats began criticizing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) resolution setting rules for the impeachment trial of President Trump that is set to begin on Tuesday.


    #MidnightMoscowMitch had been tweeted over 7,000 times by early Tuesday morning.


  7. Hillary will be getting a bunch of flak for this, but she’s right. I’ve heard senators and staff privately say similar things. Truth is he couldn’t get anything passed even if he became president:

    “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done… It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” — HRC, Hollywood Reporter

  8. Pete Williams, NBC

    No fast-track for Obamacare. No Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare this term. It remains on the books for at least another year.

    Whoever enters office next year can work on the problem again, but at least for now those it protects still have their healthcare.


  9. FWIW I subscribe to the Times, Post, Journal, my local, the Economist, Business Week, Fortune, and a couple more. Only the Times and WaPo are on-line subscriptions–I have more magazines than shelf space and I am three days behind in leafing through the WSJ and the State. I tremendously appreciate Pat’s, and others’ bringing forward the articles from the publications I buy but seldom read because of arthritis and diminishing eyesight.

  10. Last week was a testament to Bernie!’s approach.  I’m sure that there are some folks in the Senate who would disagree with Hillary, but I doubt there are more than a few.  I didn’t like him in 2016 and I like him less now.  While Lizzie is not my first choice for the nomination, she didn’t deserve his dismissive treatment in the last debate and Joe certainly didn’t deserve our of context quotes making his mocking comments about Paul Ryan appear to be his opinion in concert with Ryan.  Hillary’s comments on him are consistent with my impressions.

  11. Craig, David Remnick’s piece in January 20th New Yorker talks the subject. (Yeah, I subscribe to it, too.)
    Ten Years After “The New Jim Crow”

  12. bink, renee & flatus, thanks for the kind words. 

    meanwhile at davos, greta “our house is still on fire – what will you tell your children”

    Greta Thunberg told a World Economic Forum panel on climate that activists were demanding an end to all investment in fossil fuel exploration and extraction, calling for a drastic reduction of emissions to zero. She dismissed some of the measures mooted by governments and companies, such as planting billions of trees to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Her comments came after Donald Trump announced the US joined the global 1 trillion tree initiative
    Davos 2020: Greta Thunberg says ‘world is on fire’ and blasts leaders’ climate inaction – live

  13. Why do I get the feeling that aliens will discover Greta’s speech one day to find out what happened to all of the Earthlings?    Subsidize green energy and get folks re-trained.   Oh, the fossil fuel industry will clutch its wallet  until there’s no air to left to breathe. AOC likes Bernie.  The young folks like Bernie.  It’s not like his shouting turns everyone away.   I do wish he’d give it a rest, though.   The fight he’s started between his camp and Warren’s camp may benefit someone like Bloomberg…and, eventually, SFB.   I wish Warren’s plans for everything were a little less general.  I wish Yang would get more traction.    Who would Joe pick for a running mate?   Clearly, MMM aka Yertle, is going to fast-track this thing in Putin’s, um, Trumpsky’s favor.  It’s up to the voters to up-chuck the orange one.   Purging the voter rolls in Wisconsin, in case folks figure out SFB didn’t help them and want to ditch him the next election.   Meanwhile, TX is turning purple.  

  14. Looks to me like Bernie and his bunch are busy shooting themselves in the foot. Running crap out there and having to back track it. Liz has managed to remind all HRC supporters just what they hate about Bernie. Will it help her? maybe a little. Right now it is Amy we need to watch. 

  15. Klobuchar just got more endorsements in Iowa.  “Once in love with Amy, always in love with Amy”???  

  16. Senate impeachment pre-trial motions being broadcast on NPR now fyi
    Republicans obfuscating out of the gate

  17. Unless the Soldier wannabes somehow think they are disadvantaged by laws that restrict their ability to own guns I don’t get it either, poobah. 

  18. Mitch caves on rules, Trump firewall melting down. Schiff masterfully leveraged power from a position of weakness. Trump lawyers never addressed actual charges, would lose summary judgment in a normal case. 

  19. Wapo’s live feed just went down.
    By “Mitch caves” what are you referring to. Poobah?  I saw a graphic that said 24 hours – 3 days – was that a concession to Roberts?  Trump firewall melting down – other than his lawyers lying only when their lips are moving , what are you referring to?  (Full disclosure – I can’t just sit and watch it.  Mrs. P might fire me – oh, wait, that may not be such a bad idea.)

  20. I see Moscow midge hasn’t spent much time in court rooms, watching actual lawyers making great reputations.   

  21. Are we even sure that sign guy is actually a guy ? Speaking of dressed to kill, he/she/it’s more articulate in a sartorial sense than in a linguistic one.
    Before you fault me as a paleolithic genderist, please note that the words written on the sign are all spelled correctly. That’s the key to mi confusion.

  22. …that’s 53 Republican Senators on-record as being complicit in a cover-up.  Thanks for that motion to table, Mitch!

  23. pogo, mitch caved (or traded votes to get his table motion passed – portman & Collins mentioned) and extended argument days from 2 to 3, allowed house evidence to be admitted up front (changed resolution “may” to “will”) and some 3rd thingy which I can’t recall.

  24. patd,  I got the 2 days stretched to 3, and I suspect that in addition to Collins he got a call from the office of Justice Roberts asking just what the hell he thought he was doing and threatening no bathroom breaks.  Amber Phillips at Wapo reported that Mitch’s rule re: the House evidence gathered during the investigation was:

    Another contention point was that senators would have to vote on whether to allow evidence House Democrats uncovered in their months-long impeachment investigation to be introduced to senators. But from pushback from Collins, McConnell changed this rule to allow evidence to be admitted unless a senator objects.

    What’re the odds that a senator will object?  1 chance out of 53?

  25. Ha,   I thought the title of this thread was in honor of the House attempt.  LOL
    The angry woman presenting now is such a conflict,  One simple point that she made, oh again….  All about the 2016 election following the known interference.  Nothing about 2020.  
    Thank you Adam and the others for helping to get Trump 4 MORE YEARS !!  Your sloppy job and rush to get here is such a JOKE….
    Oh Rachel interview of someone who admits NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE.  This group should have gone to Stetson Law School to have learned appropriate rules.

  26. Ping, if you think the stonewalling of the senate repugs will sway anyone but SFB dead-enders I’ve got some prime waterfront property in Death Valley I’d like to sell you.  When 69% of the public thinks the senate should allow additional evidence and witnesses and 51% think SFB should be removed from office I don’t think crowing about guaranteeing SFB a second term makes much sense. Happy you are taking the Americans are too stupid to understand what the senate repugs are doing approach.  That should play well.  Can’t wait for the SFB interviews from Davos.  I love every chance I get to confirm what an idiot we have for president.

  27. Val Demings put it well.

    “President Trump did not take these extreme steps to hide evidence of his innocence or to protect the institution of the presidency,” she said. “As a career law enforcement officer, I have never seen anyone take such extreme steps to hide evidence allegedly proving his innocence, and I do not find that here today. The president is engaged in this coverup because he is guilty and he knows it.”

    Funny that no repug can see that.  I wager that the public can.

  28. Billy Crudup isn’t making much sense, should stick to acting.

    (edit: sry my feed was 2 hrs behind; my point remains)

    (edit 2: it’s “pat philbin”)

  29. At this time I am watching a YouTube video of a mechanic and his helper reassemble a John Deere 955 tractor which he tore apart to repair the transmission.  It is more useful and entertaining than anything Moscowmitch can devise.
    At some point America will either dump greedy old perverts or we become russians under Putin rule.

  30. Adam Schiff is carving out a place in American history with his reasoned and passionate defense of the Constitution.

  31. Republican Senators have sullied the reputation of that chamber so much, i’m beginning to resent the Roman Senate.

  32. ill take back anything bad i’ve ever said about Schumer if he introduces another amendment

    plz plz plz🙏

  33. I gather that Ping believes trump incapable of winning w/o Schiff’s “and others” (he must mean russians) help. 
    I don’t think trump can win without civil war in the Dem Party. So, what out for saboteurs. 

  34. I always resent the roman senate. I think the world would have been a better place if Carthage had won. 

  35. Just saw a clip of Trudy telling Laura Ingrahsm that no, he didn’t order surveillance of Maria Yovanovitch, she ordered surveillance of him and no one’s investigating that. Well, no, until now no one had ever heard such BULLSHIT. I sincerely hope there’s a truck out there with judy’s limo’s name on it. Stupid. Fucker. 

  36. It’s near time to close the store. cipillone takes the award for the most impressively idiotic dolt, barging past Moscow midge himself. 

  37. craig,  looks like you may have missed XR’s draft “a contest proposal” which he submitted Monday. it doesn’t show up on dashboard until one clicks further to “posts” list.  this had happened before to one of sturge’s and one of mine.  in those cases did we leave out a special step to cause them not to show up?  

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