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  1. even if lev is a liar and useless witness-wise, the documents should not be ignored. 


    House Democrats released new documents Friday evening showing extensive contact between an associate of President Trump’s personal attorney and an aide to the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee regarding the effort to obtain material from Ukrainian prosecutors that would be damaging to former vice president Joe Biden.
    The text messages between Lev Parnas, who functioned as Rudolph W. Giuliani’s emissary to Ukrainian officials, and Derek Harvey, an aide to Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, indicate Nunes’s office was aware of the operation at the heart of impeachment proceedings against the president — and sought to use the information Parnas was gathering.
    The newly released texts show that Parnas was working last spring to set up calls for Harvey with the Ukrainian prosecutors who were feeding Giuliani information about Biden.
    “Also do you want to interview the general prosecutor who got [ditched] by Biden ? Also the anti corruption prosecutor ? Let me know,” Parnas wrote on April 19.
    “Does tomorrow work?” Harvey responded.
    The messages also show that Harvey met with Parnas and Giuliani at the Trump hotel in Washington.
    Harvey and a spokesman for Nunes did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
    The text messages corroborate Parnas’s previous claims that he arranged conversations with the Ukrainian prosecutors for the Nunes aide. And they deepen questions about how much Nunes knew about the pressure campaign — even as he served as one of Trump’s most vociferous defenders during the House impeachment hearings.
    In April, Harvey sent Parnas contact information for the congressman, the messages show. And Harvey set up several in-person meetings, including with key individuals around Giuliani who were most involved in the Biden effort.
    “We are at trump with Rudy and John Solomon and joe in private room,” Parnas wrote the Nunes aide on May 7, apparently inviting him to the Trump International Hotel to meet with Giuliani, as well as Solomon and Joe DiGenova, a lawyer working with Giuliani.
    “Can you come now,” Parnas continued.
    “Yes,” Harvey responded.
    The texts also indicate that Parnas passed a copy of one of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s résumés in English to Harvey. Parnas also seemed to have sent him a copy of the Ukrainian passport of the tycoon who owns the gas company that placed Biden’s son Hunter on its board. How the copy of the passport was obtained, and what Harvey was planning to do with it, if anything, is unclear.


  2. sturge, same gigantic pic among others on display in Louisville.  big doings there for his birthday yesterday.

  3. Here’s Dad on his porch doing what David calls his “Hollywood veteran movie star look”. Full recovery from latest pneumonia bout, heading back to DC, at least a 30 degree drop in temperature, ugh.

  4. … the Greatest….
    I didn’t give a shit what the armchair patriots said about Ali. He was the greatest. 

    I hope the House Ethics Committee hands lying prick Nunes his ass. 

  5. Shove it. Love it.  Ted Lieu makes my Christmas card list. 

    The politicians’ dueling played out, as it almost always does these days, largely on Twitter and cable TV.

    Rep. Ted Lieu (D) alleged in December that fellow California Rep. Devin Nunes (R) conspired with Lev Parnas, a former associate of President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, to undermine the United States. Parnas has pleaded not guilty to violating campaign finance laws.

    Then a lawyer for Nunes, who is the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, sent a multi-page missive threatening to sue for damage to Nunes’s reputation, Lieu tweeted. The Democratic congressman replied with a letter of his own and posted a photo of the document online.
    “I welcome any lawsuit from your client and look forward to taking discovery of Congressman Nunes,”he wrote. “Or, you can take your letter and shove it.”

    Lieu’s comment is much more restrained and polite than mine would have been. 

  6. so how will they punish miscreants?  old fashioned puritan wallop aside the head? nuns slapping hands with  rulers?   denying use of cloakroom privileges? 
    cnn on the sound of silence in the senate:

    To start, lawmakers used to giving lengthy speeches on the Senate floor to weigh in on the issues of the day will instead have to be quiet. Official decorum guidelines for the trial released by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s offices say that senators must refrain from speaking while the case is being presented.
    “That’s going to suck,” Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida told CNN when asked about the no-talking rule. “I guarantee you it’s going to be hard,” he said, adding sarcastically, “but I think we’ll survive.”
    “It’s going to be devastating for some,” Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana said with a smile about the fact that senators won’t be able to talk.
    But Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii said the no-talking requirement “shouldn’t be that difficult.”
    “The rules are there for a reason. We spend the lion’s share of every day yammering. The least we can do in order to respect this process is abide by the requirement that we sit there and keep our mouths shut,” Schatz said.
    In addition to the mandatory silence, the official decorum guidelines say that electronic devices, including cell phones, are not permitted in the Senate chamber during the trial.
    Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas commented that it will “be a new experience for a lot of my colleagues (to) not be able to talk and not be able to consult our email or text messages. But we’ll live through it, it’ll be alright,” adding, “it’s obviously a very serious and grave matter so we should be paying attention.”
    Cornyn predicted, however, that “frustration will build,” especially since the proceedings will limit the ability to get anything else done, and called the ban on electronics “the coup de grace.”
    Sen. Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said that Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer warned lawmakers weeks ago that electronics won’t be allowed.
    Schumer “basically said, just be aware that you won’t have your devices, and it’ll just be a totally different environment,” Casey said, adding, “The rule is no devices on the floor generally, but it will be strictly enforced.”
    Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky joked that, in light of the no-talking, no-devices rules, he may have to come up with an alternative way to communicate with the outside world.
    “I’m thinking about blinking to someone in the audience to transmit my messages out because I want to make sure that I’m communicating live. Don’t tell anyone though,” he said jokingly. “We can’t divulge all the secrets, but just know that we’re looking into it.”
    Some busy senators are actually looking forward to the mandatory time to disconnect and unplug.
    Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland called the no-devices restriction “a real plus.”
    “I think it’s refreshing,” he said, “I don’t have to be bothered by the phone every five minutes.”
    Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, praised the ban on phones as “beautifully old fashion.”
    “I’m glad that we can put these devices down, I’m glad we will be sitting in our chairs, I’m glad that we are going to be focused on what’s in front of us at that time. I think it’s important, it’s beautifully old fashion, and I think we should stick to it,” she said.
    Tester said that not having access to a cell phone will be similar to when he’s at home on his farm in Montana.
    “It’s not going to be hard for me. It’s going to be like being on the farm where I don’t have cell service anyway,” the Democratic senator said. “I’m used to spending 16 hours a day and not talking to anybody sitting on a tractor.”
    Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, argued the no-electronics rule will keep senators from getting distracted.
    “That’s fine with me,” he said. “If they let electronics in, if we have cell phones or anything electronic, we’d be all there paying attention to that and not paying attention to what’s going on, just like the kids do.”
    Senators are also expecting to work on Saturdays during the trial, which will be a change of pace for lawmakers typically able to leave Washington at the end of the week, sometimes as early as Thursday afternoon, to get back to their home states for the weekends.
    Any work that gets done on Saturdays, though, will likely mean the trial speeds along quicker than it would if the Senate kept to its usual work week schedule.

  7. bring back the Tithingman to maintain order in senate during trial of IMpotus.

    from newenglandhistoricalsociety:

    The job of the tithingman, which dates back to the earliest days of the New England colonies, went beyond policing people who were supposed to be in church. A key responsibility was keeping order in church during the long (and sometimes tedious) services.

    To assist him in his duties, many tithingmen were given a long staff. One end was rounded or sharp and on the other a soft implement was attached, such as a feathery deer tail or rabbit’s foot. When the tithingman spotted an unruly child acting up, he would get a rap on the head with the hard end. Similarly, a man nodding off during the service might would get a pop on the head to wake him.

    Getting Poked

    Women who dozed off got a tickle with the other end of the pole and a harder poke if that failed to wake them. Women often got away with a little nap during church because the bonnets or hats they sometimes wore blocked the tithingman’s view of their faces.

    Alice Morse Earle, in her book The Sabbath in Puritan New England, tells how most ministers encouraged the tithingman to be vigilant, as they disliked seeing people sleeping in the pews.

  8. That picture reminds me of the sample ballot in my neighborhood paper.  There is a father (R) and son (D) on the presidential primary ballot in TX.  Both use the first name “Rocky.”   One uses the family name de la Fuente and one is de la Guerra Fuente, although I’m not sure which is which, nor why they bothered getting on the ballot.  

  9. the hyde guy who spied on ambassador any relation to dr. jekyll?  sure ain’t kin to james bond, but there is a slight resemblance to  Maxwell smart in the mental area.

  10. Maybe the former HRH’s would like to open a charity for wayward eagles.  Last year was too much drama for me.
    With a child’s game played for big dollars by adults under siege for “cheating” by stealing signals it is time to sit back and think of other ways baseball is destroying itself.  Late night games instead of afternoon games come to mind as one way.  Getting rid of minor league teams is another.  “Stealing” signals is a time honored method of getting the edge.  Using technology to do so is keeping up with the times.  Throwing all perps out is stupid.  About the same mentality as throwing out all the minor league teams.  No more development squads, no more places to return an injured shortstop to top form.
    And the lack of afternoon games and making playoff games at night means losing the kids who might become players, or at least followers and fans of the game.  MLBB or whatever it wants to label itself needs to clean off decades of trying to be something it is not.  It is not an adult game, it is a child’s game with adults playing it.

  11. Our new ballpark will have a retractable roof.   No more rain delays.  I liked watching them put the tarp on the field and hanging around to see if the game could be completed, or at least squeeze in another inning or two before they called it. 

  12. the guardian:

    The Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a member of Donald Trump’s team for his impeachment trial, has said he will not vote for the president in November and that Trump’s acquittal by the Senate “would produce results that make me unhappy as an individual”.
    But Dershowitz said acting “for the survival of the constitution” was more important than “the short-term partisan advantage of getting my person elected to be president”.
    Dershowitz spoke to the BBC’s Today programme on Saturday, broadcast while the US east coast lay in darkness.
    On Fox and elsewhere, Dershowitz has argued that abuse of power is not an impeachable offence. On CNN on Saturday morning, he said obstruction of Congress was “made up”.
    He also said that in the Senate trial he would be “only arguing on behalf of the constitution”. He would answer questions from senators, he said, but would have a “limited role”, as agreed with Trump.
    In a fiery exchange on the same network on Friday night, the legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin charged his old teacher with “pretending to be some sort of neutral observer, rather than Donald Trump’s lawyer”.
    “For some reason you don’t want to admit that,” Toobin said, “and that’s up to you. But … I think straightforwardly that abuse of power, the framers recognised it, that’s what’s the issue in this case and the senators are perfectly capable of determining whether what the president did is a violation of his oath.”
    Dershowitz answered: “Let me perfectly clear, I am an advocate … against impeachment. But I’m politically neutral, that is I would make the same argument whether it was a Democrat or a Republican. I don’t let my political preferences interfere with my constitutional analysis.”
    “I think the country is helped,” he added, “when they hear from someone like me who is a liberal Democrat, who has always voted Democrat.”
    But, he said: “I want the impeachment to fail.”

  13. And, just like the 🦅 Justice has gone missing.
    Dershowitz claim that he’s just doing a job for like, an hour, but really won’t be on Trumpsky’s team is laughable.   Kind of like when SFB says he doesn’t really know someone well, when they stop doing his bidding.  He’s a weasel.

  14. Flate……damn nice video of old Evlis…..he had the original sun records gang with him……a sight for sore memory

  15. I’m reminded that I personally read the then latest column of Wm F. Buckley wherein he boldly proclaimed that Mr Elvis Presley was THE voice of the 20th Century.   Or something like that.

  16. …House has sole power of impeachment, “abuse of power” was an agreed-upon (by vote of duly-elected representatives) “high crime and misdemeanor”, the investigation of which eventually resulted in the “obstruction of justice” charge,  which was necessary, as Jerry Nadler argued from the dais, and with which i agree, for if the Congress isn’t able to hold the President accountable, there is no legislative check on Presidential power, which would undermine the Constitution, itself.  
    So how is impeachment unconstitutional, according to Dershowitz, exactly?   i suppose i’ll have to wait for trial to find out?

  17. In 68 when we was squids in the navy/guard and stationed in Memphis for Electronics school sometimes we’d get some beer and head out in Kohler’s Ford Fairlane across town and ride by Graceland.  You could tell it was just a joint, but those gates—they meant Elvis. 

  18. Even the dumbass goober assholes remember how he helped get that damned football player off the murder rap.

  19. Sturg, the young folk in Korea with me back during the Cuba and Berlin crises were incredibly proud of Elvis for answering the call. Regardless of race, the dozen soldiers in my squad held out that Clay was less than a man for not answering his country’s call. They thought his use of religion to be a manipulative ruse.

  20. I, on the other hand, did the wrong thing…lol…..I skirted the issue, blithely passing thru,  untried and unscathed. It’s one of the crosses I bear.

  21. “No,” said Vlad, the Impaler, “The stake is a pain in the ass, the cross is but  child’s play.”

  22. Once again:  The President was “duly-elected”, right?
    So were all the representatives that impeached him.

  23. once more, with feeling:

    Warning: genuine, modern country (none of that “i think you’re tractor’s sexy” bullshit) that for some reason is classified as “indie”, these days.”, with nothing inappropriate in in the video. Be advised.

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