Whatever Happened To tRumpCare ?

Four years ago trump promised to repeal Obamacare and start trumpCare

What happened ? Did it interfere with golf ? Or, was it just another pile of trumpshit ?

And, speaking of republican health care costs :



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  1. OTOH, wapo:
    Top Senate Republicans on Monday rejected President Trump’s call for outright dismissal of the impeachment charges against him, but continued to grapple with the shape of the Senate trial that could begin as soon as this week.
    Most Senate Republicans are eager to stage a trial that ends with Trump’s acquittal and vindication on charges that he abused the power of his office in his dealings with Ukraine and obstructed a subsequent investigation in the House. But over the weekend, Trump urged the Senate simply to dismiss the charges against him — without hearing arguments from House prosecutors or his own legal team.
    On Monday, senior Republicans said immediate dismissal could not win approval in the chamber, where Republicans hold a 53-seat majority. And even some staunch Trump allies argued that the president’s legacy would benefit from a robust trial.
    “I don’t think there’s any interest on our side of dismissing,” said Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the fourth-ranking GOP senator. “Certainly, there aren’t 51 votes for a motion to dismiss.”
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said that he wants the trial — only the third impeachment of a president in U.S. history — to follow the format used 21 years ago in the trial of President Bill Clinton. In that case, the Senate approved a resolution that would have allowed the Senate to vote to dismiss the charges.
    But senior Republicans signaled Monday that they are not inclined to include such a provision in the resolution that will kick off Trump’s trial, perhaps as soon as Thursday.
    “I think the only reason it would be in there is if there’s just some argument for consistency,” Blunt said.
    Several closely watched Republican senators said Monday that they would reject immediate dismissal of the charges against Trump, including Sens. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Mitt Romney (Utah) and Susan Collins (Maine).
    “My understanding is most Republicans wanted to have a full trial and then have a vote on acquittal or a conviction, which is at a 67-vote threshold,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.).

  2. also today at wapo:
    Russian military spies have hacked a Ukrainian gas company that is at the heart of an impeachment trial of President Trump, who sought last year to pressure Ukraine to investigate the company and its links to Joe Biden’s son, according to a cybersecurity firm.
    Beginning in early November, the Russian spy agency known as the GRU launched a cyber “phishing” campaign against Burisma Holdings to trick unsuspecting employees into giving up their email credentials so the hackers could gain access to their email accounts — once again entangling Moscow in domestic U.S. politics, according to Area 1 Security, a Redwood City, Calif., company.
    The operation’s launch coincided with a congressional impeachment inquiry into Trump and whether he abused his office by seeking to press Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into announcing a probe of Burisma and Hunter Biden — an action that conceivably would aid Trump’s reelection bid.
    “The timing of the GRU’s campaign in relation to the 2020 U.S. elections raises the specter that this is an early warning of what we have anticipated since the successful cyberattacks undertaken during the 2016 U.S. elections,” Falkowitz said.
    Area 1 discovered the breach on New Year’s Eve, he said. It was not known what material the GRU gained access to, and if any of it will be released. The GRU also targeted a media organization founded by Zelensky, the firm said. Area 1’s discovery was first reported by the New York Times.


  3. this should spice up the upcoming debate

    “Among the topics that came up was what would happen if Democrats nominated a female candidate. I thought a woman could win; he disagreed,” she said. “I have no interest in discussing this private meeting any further because Bernie and I have far more in common than our differences on punditry.” She added that she and Mr. Sanders were “friends and allies” and said she believed they would continue to work together to beat Mr. Trump.
    Internally, the Sanders campaign was roiled by Ms. Warren’s statement, which seemed to catch several staff members off guard.
    Her statement represents a startling break in the Warren-Sanders relationship, which has largely been cordial and mutually beneficial. The two are both leading candidates in Iowa, where they are fighting for a similar voter slice, and the back-and-forth will most likely animate not only Tuesday night’s debate but the jockeying among the liberal groups and activists who are aligned behind either candidate.
    Ms. Warren’s advisers insisted that she had no intention of making this private meeting a public spectacle. However, after Mr. Sanders’s team forcefully denied the reports, some advisers said they believed she had no choice but to offer her account firsthand.
    The people familiar with the 2018 meeting, who were briefed on it shortly after it took place but were not authorized to speak publicly, said Mr. Sanders offered the comment while giving his assessment of the coming race. In relaying to Ms. Warren the challenges he thought her campaign would face, he said not only that President Trump would weaponize sexism, but also that such attacks would preclude a woman from being elected, according to the private accounts.
    The existence of the meeting has been public since shortly after it happened in December 2018. The New York Times reported shortly after the meeting took place that Ms. Warren had sought it “as a courtesy,” and that neither party had tried to gain the other’s support or discourage the other from running. But the two senators were the only people in the room, and all reports of what was said had been secondhand.
    Asked last March whether Mr. Sanders had urged her not to run, Ms. Warren said, “Bernie and I had a private dinner, and my view is that dinner stays private.”
    Over the weekend, Politico reported on a script distributed to volunteers for the Sanders campaign that suggested telling backers of Ms. Warren to support Mr. Sanders instead. “The people who support her are highly educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what,” the script said. “She’s bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”
    Responding to the leaked script,
    Ms. Warren said that Mr. Sanders had been “sending his volunteers out to trash me.”
    She urged against repeating the “factionalism” seen among Democrats during the 2016 primary, in which Mr. Sanders faced off against Mrs. Clinton. “We can’t have a repeat of that,” she said. “Democrats need to unite our party and that means pulling in all parts of the Democratic coalition.”
    Mr. Sanders said that he had never personally attacked Ms. Warren, and that both campaigns had hundreds of employees, who “sometimes say things that they shouldn’t.”

  4. Congrats to Joe and the Tigers (LSU that is). Good game if you follow college football.

    ok, after a bit of reflection I’m not buying the meme from Lizzie’s camp about Bernie!’s comment about a woman not being able to win in 2020. He lost to Hillary in 2016 and it doesn’t make sense to me that he would make such a statement. AS to the campaign volunteer script – I think it’s been documented to be true, and it’s characteristic for Bernie! bros.

  5. XR, asking about tRumpcare is like asking “Whatever happened to the unicorns (or mermaids or Superman)?”  It’s a question of asking about mythical things that only exist or ever existed in the telling.

  6. xrep….   what??? tRumpcare would mean that tRump would have to care…   silly man.

    Yeah…  I don’t believe that Bernie said that either.  But now it’s been reported in every major news source and going around the internet.   If he can’t fight it…  he’s not ready to take on tRump.



  7. If Bernie did say that, guess he was referring to the general election. Whatever, the better attack on Bernie is the $60 trillion his proposals would cost over 10 years, doubling overall federal spending.

  8. Of course Bernie said it.

    and it is a legitimate point about the American voter,  especially after what happened to Clinton.

    I guess it must be part of the new “woke” movement,  but this silly tit for tat has to be the stupidest exchange I’ve ever seen. It disqualifies them both, imo.


  9. Bernie and Liz in a discussion over who is the most working class, lol. What next, an argument on which one makes the best taco? They are both East Coast, New England elites, the attack ads make themselves.


  10. This Sanders-Warren gender squabble reminds of something Tim Russert once said privately in Obama-Clinton fight: that Iowans are not racist but do resist voting for women, pointing to their thin record of electing women to state office. Wonder if even now that explains Liz slide there.

  11. So GRU (aka Russian Military Intelligence) is doing SFB’s dirty work…again. Who could have predicted that?  Wait, I know. Mueller did.

  12. Liz can put that to rest tonight.  If he didn’t say that to her (which would be a stupid thing to do), she has the opportunity to say so.   However, if his team is campaigning with dirty tricks (and he’s only said he has a lot of folks working for him), then maybe she won’t say it.   Maybe he needs to keep a shorter leash on his crew.
    It’s not just the so-called tRUMPcare that’s gone missing.   It SNAP money and Medicaid that’s been reduced.   Any Dem working on the stability of Medicare/social security ?     The DNC needs to stop playing games.   That’s what screwed it up last time.   Yang should be on that stage tonight, too.

  13.  ”They are both East Coast, New England elites, the attack ads make themselves.“-jack

    What’s “elite” about Warren, and why is that an insult?  Also, she’s from Oklahoma, originally.

  14. So what’s with all the vapors about a few political elbows, if these idiots can’t handle a little rough and tumble  they need to be sent down to the minors.

    Ha, how’s that for mixed sports metaphors. Three in one sentence without even trying.


  15. well as much as i like jack i reject his characterizations of Warren.  saying something in a folksy-colloquial manner doesn’t make it true.

  16. “What’s “elite” about Warren”

    Bink, that is the waters she swims in, something about being a college professor disconnects you from the real world.  I run into it all the time, we love them, we need them, but they can be very frustrating with their inability to live in the real world.

    As to it being an ” insult” that is your word not mine.



  17. you use “elite” as a pejorative and nothing about what you said about “college professors” is supportable or true.  You want the dumbest, least educated candidate instead?

    we have that, now. all because of this bullshit “elitism” charge.

  18. Bink, she’ll never wash the dust of Oklahoma off her feet and she’ll never wash the ~~stink of being a professor of Harvard ~~~ off herself. Neither is disqualifying in my opinion, but in politics Harvard has a cache that can be of help or can harm your candidacy.  One thing I find interesting about her background considering who is in the WH is that she was a prof at U.Penn School of Law.  Kinda puts her on a plane above SFB’s Bachelor’s in Econ  from Wharton IMHO.  I find her background as interesting and something that would cause me to vote for rather than against her.  I’ve said in the past that I would support Lizzie if she’s the nominee and I still hold that position.


    BiD – if the NYT article is correct, he said it and it’s put to rest.

  19. Bink, it makes no difference what I want. It is politics 101.

    You want an example. Just look at the 1988 election. Both candidates from New England and the one who was truly east coast elite started chewing the fuck out of pork rinds and left the clueless Democrat in the dust.

    Your candidate has not shown any political ability ( this is not new, Per 538, she under performs in Mass. elections) as a result she is fading.

    Where as Bernie like Trump understands his base and is playing it for all it is worth hoping that is enough for him to get the nomination. Biden is much like Bernie in that respect but he is just hoping that his base is just a bit bigger than Bernies and he comes out on top.


  20. if only some righteous Democratic candidate would exploit your vast wealth of political wisdom, jack.

    The two-term incumbent Senator that is raising $20 million a fiscal-quarter in a Presidential primary “hasn’t shown any political ability”.  lololol

  21. Personal attacks eh,

    Well Bink, I  guess that means you surrendered again.

    Till next time.


  22. Trumps “graduation” from Wharton is a little less impressive that his description of it.


  23. ”Personal attacks eh,“

    -your words, not mine.  it was a high-compliment!

    i think your characterizations of Warren on a public forum are unfair and unsubstantiated, and as i believe she is both sincere and capable of restoring the Rule of Law to the executive branch, i also believe said characterizations are worthy of challenge.

    We will find out if she is electable in a couple months, no sagacity required.

    Who are you supporting, and why?

  24. about time dots be connected to the stock market and his buddies.

    CNBC via msn:

    Presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., sent a letter to two financial regulators this week demanding a federal investigation into whether President Donald Trump provided advance notice of the Jan. 3 strike against Iranian General Qasem Soleimani to stock traders who may have profited illegally based on the tip.



    The letter, dated Monday and sent to the chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, follows a Jan. 4 report in The Daily Beast, citing three unnamed sources, which said that Trump had told guests of his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago in the days before the strike to expect a “big” response to Iran that would happen “soon.”

    “If this report is true, it raises a number of troubling national security questions regarding President Trump’s handling of classified and other sensitive national security information,” Warren wrote in the letter, which was also signed by Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., the ranking member of the Senate subcommittee that oversees securities and investments.

    The senators wrote that the president’s resort guests may have obtained “confidential market-moving information and had the opportunity to trade defense industry stocks or commodities or make other trades based on this information.”

    Read more: Defense stocks double the S&P 500′s return six months after Middle East turmoil, history shows

    The senators noted that defense stocks rose precipitously between the announcement of the attack and the close of trade on Jan. 3. They cited a 5% rise in Northrop Grumman, a 3.6% rise in Lockheed Martin, and a 1.5% rise in Raytheon.

    “We have no way of knowing which individuals received information from President Trump in advance of the attack, what precise information they received and when they received it, or whether they may have made any securities or commodities trades based on that information,” the senators wrote.

    Federal law bars trading stocks based on material, nonpublic information. The senators asked the two agencies to provide a briefing on the matter by Feb. 13 in addition to conducting an investigation.



  25. Jamie, according to SFB’s Wiki profile he got a Bachelor’s in Econ from the Wharton School. That is the UG degree granted by Wharton according to its Wiki page. I by no means intended to suggest that he did anything great by getting that degree. I was just reporting that. I hold UPenn and Harvard Law profs in high esteem generally. No schlep lawyer like myself need apply.

  26. Jack, it’s pretty funny when you say their kerfuffle has disqualified bernie! and Warren in your opinion. Your opinion had disqualified them last summer, because you don’t like ‘progressives,’ Easterners, Ivies, and big britches. You’ve made all that quite clear any number of times. Personally, I think you’ve been mistaking Warren and bernie! for Bloomberg.

    And, your opinion is as good as anyone else’s around here.

  27. Every spring trump tells the gawking media that he’ll be rolling out tRumpCare any day now. When is some smart news grouch going to say to his face,

    “Mr ‘President,’ we’ve heard your pre-healthcare-announcement announcements repeatedly since 2016. So, shit or get off the pot.”

  28. One of my cousins went to grad school at Wharton. He did well. I think he retired as a career asst sec’y of commerce or some such thing. The undergrad school is big–something like 2500 people from all over the world. I received an excellent education at USF. I recommend the school at every opportunity.

  29. mr C-


    Can u embed a youtube feed in the “new thread” main post plz?

    nevermind, you can’t because it’s on cnn, but can be watched free, without login on cnn.com (they read my criticisms last time obviously)

  30. TX Gov, Greg Abbott, says TX will not participate in the federal, immigrant resettlement program…because it will take away from Texans.   Yeah, right.   It’s a right-to-work state/low wages/crappy healthcare.

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