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  1. Hey Craig,  This is the basis for a sitcom with the construct of the 4th estate as the supporting actors, all a joke!

  2. Hmm?  What did Iran do with the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars?  Did they help their people?  NO
    They murdered 100 of thousands… But that question will not be asked tonight

  3. ”…BILLIONS of dollars?  Did they help their people?  NOThey murdered 100 of thousands“-pong
    when did they murder ”100 of thousands”?

  4. Hey Amy..  Sorry – you are wrong along with your supporting cast .  The Euro’s are moving to join Trump and they are calling Iran to task.  The agreement that was done did allow a path to a bomb

  5. Ping

    It was their money.  It was their money when it was on deposit here in the US and it was their money when sent back.  I don’t like the way the US spends its money but I don’t want another country telling us what to do with it.  We have no business telling the Iranians what to do with their money. 

  6. Bink,  You have a good point.  Only 600 Americans not counting those that have been wounded.  Not sure about those in their own country of Iran and Syria.  Maybe under 100K…  Does that make it better?
    UPDATE – HEY Elizabeth, .. China is signing … WAKE UP

  7. thanks for your numbers down by a factor of over 100, ping.  dare i ask where you get your “600” number?

  8. Take my gun that is protection, but give our enemy money to kill / murder others.
    Sorry guys but we need better from the Dem’s.  They are not raising the bar.

  9. Craig,
    Hope you are well and thank you for allowing me to join in.
    I am going to go back and join the energy from the event in Wisconsin.  Otherwise I will be falling asleep.
    4 more years is on the way for Trump

  10. ”I am going to go back and join the energy from the event in Wisconsin. “
    lol that groovy Nazi-esque energy

  11. Bernie is agravating

    Warren is doing well.

    Biden is duller than dirt, but dependable.

    Still really like Amy

    Mayor Pete and Steyer just aren’t doing anything for me.

  12. pretend yang is there by making the answer to every single question “universal basic income” in your head

  13. Good question Poobah. I’ve got a question, why are these candidates for president of United States raising their hand like school kids trying to be called on?

  14. Medicare uses insurance companies.  Non Profit doesn’t mean the people who push the paper don’t get paid any more than civil servants go to work without getting a paycheck.  

  15. Lizzie is out of her mind. The government is not going to start manufacturing generic alternatives to brand name drugs. 

  16. It’s like these folks have forgotten there’s a lunatic in the White House. Enough wonkery about governing, tell us how you’re going to beat his ass and win the right to govern.

  17. Did CNN decide that 2 minutes is the gold standard for answers to 30 second questions?  I’m sorry, too few seconds in the answers to convey information. 
    So Parnas was working on surveilling Yovanovitch while SFB was saying she’d go through things and was seeking a declaration from Yelenski that he’d investigate looking for dirt on Biden while SFB was shaking Yelensky down for dirt on Biden. Coincidence? GMAFB. 

  18. I’ve decided, I’m going to vote for Buttigieg…in 2028 (or 2024 if Joe steps down after one term.) Seriously, he’s done a great job of presenting himself to the dem voter. He just ain’t got the support yet. If Amy runs in either of those it will make it a VERY hard decision for me. 

  19. Blink, I’m too old to join a movement. Well, grey panthers (do they include males?) maybe. I’m debating when to start drawing Social Security fuhchrissakes. 

  20. ok i agree with bernie- it was a good debate.  i like that they didn’t attack each other, and there were no big losers.

  21. Poobah, consensus is that he did just that. Warren gets the overall award maybe. 3 weeks from now no one will remember. 

  22. Overall seems like Liz got back in the game, might regain some Iowa momentum against Bernie, and Pete-Amy didn’t rise. So it’s advantage Biden despite a weak night. Progressives and his moderate challengers all split, he stays on top. 

  23. Bink, i read it. Inspiration and grass roots idealism are wonderful if you’re not dealing with bodies and joints going to shit and you’re planning to scale shit back. I’m kidding (a little) but grass roots idealism is not for old men. Pick up the mantle whippersnapper. Us old farts will vote; we won’t organize with the energy of youth.

  24. Ping conveniently forgot that reagan delivered missiles to the ayatollah. It was that republican administration that criminally armed Iranian terrorists, to get money for the nun-raping and murdering contras, another criminal activity. 

    He ignores trump giving the green light to the Iranian nuclear weapons program, and trump’s desire to give nuclear weapons to the batshitcrazy terrorist saudi state. trump can’t justify arming the murderous saudis (‘who are nice people; they buy condos from me’) with nukes until Iran has them.

    Lock them ALL up.

  25. I must disagree with our gracious host. I thought Biden’s delivery was alarmingly unsteady. bernie! is driving me crazy : his wild gestures seem to be getting ever wilder. Buttigieg’s puffery annoys me, too. Nice delivery, though. 
    All of them : too much “I” and “my”. Too much wonkiness and not enough soul. Gimme soul, happy confidence, uplifting message, and “we.”  These are the qualities that trump lacks entirely. Using them t0 the fullest would be the campaign equivalent of Sun Tzu’s dictum, “Strike into emptiness.” trump would find himself  completely out-maneuvered. 

  26. Xrepub I said Biden was weak in the debate but despite that the night didn’t shake out individual challengers from the Bernie-Liz progressive rivalry and the Pete-Amy moderate contest, leaving Joe still the one to beat, especially since no one laid a hand on him. 

  27. Mr Crawford, indeed you did call Biden weak. You were sooooo right. I thought he looked like a confused doddering has-been. It saddened me and I hate it, but that was my impression. For the first time I sort of agree w/Ms Cracker about Biden. I expect that he can still beat the crud out of trump in November – more likely trump’s misdeeds are going to destroy him – but I don’t think Biden has what it takes to be a good president. 

  28. giuliani is getting close to prison. He had Ambassador Yovanovich’s computer and phone hacked, and set ripper congressional candidate & hoodlum bob hyde stalk her, while alleging that he is working s trump’s personal attorney.  I’m guessing that in a couple days trump will say, “giuliani ? I don’t think I ever met him.” This is really major and dangerous stuff. 

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