Bloomberg TV Watch: Florida?

Florida’s presidential primary is not until March 17, long after the early states and Super Tuesday likely settle the Democratic race, but watching Bloomberg ads here in Orlando I am astounded by his spending on local TV. Sometimes as many as four in a single half-hour news cast. And all different ads, well made and hitting the correct targets: personal bios, policy stands, his record as mayor and pointed claims about his superiority as a businessman.

I realize he’s worth something like $68 billion and this is like dropping a few dimes for him, but why is he doing this? Does he think the race will still be competitive and he’ll be viable by late March?

Is he so confident of winning the nomination he’s shoring up for Florida’s crucial role in the general election?

Or it could be he’s gunning for polls to soon show him besting the Democratic field to beat Trump in Florida, and boost his nomination bid before the state’s primary.


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  1. Bloomberg is saturating everything.  With careful planning and avoiding anything that carries advertising, such as anything commercial like television, cable, radio, internet and generally everything, I do not have to see his advertising.  The problem is that I do have to wade into all those areas during daily life.  But, I am fast on the mute button or the off button having practiced a lot during the Bush, the village idiot, administration.
    What fits with Sanders, fits with Bloomberg, I vote Democratic, not for billionaires without a party.

  2. Bloomberg’s pronouncement/promise to foot the bill for 500 foot soldiers to work the dem general  election even if he is not the nominee should be applauded.  all the other contenders especially and in particular Bernie should be questioned about their specific plan Bs in case someone other than them is nominated.  

  3. Sitting in WA watching for the upcoming first four states is like Chinese water torture.  The people in the lead simply shouldn’t be in the office and I’m including Biden unless he has a much younger VP running mate such as Harris or some other POC for the demographics.

  4. I’m seeing a few Bloomberg ads here in NH…  but it’s Tom Steyer who is saturating the airwaves here.
    Though I do think that Steyer is sincere in his candidacy….  I can’t vote for anyone trying to buy their way to the nomination.
    ps…  I agree with patd about applauding someone who will work hard for the eventual nominee.

  5. renne, both Bloomberg and Steyer seem sincere in their feelings about IMpotus and put their money where their mouth is about him.  they are doing the other candidates a service with well produced attacks against him, hopefully causing cracks here and there in the goper phalanx. 

  6. I do think Bloomberg deserves credit for his anticipated largess to unseat SFB even if (when) he is not the nominee.  While I have a distaste for such huge sums of money coming from the wealthiest among us to “buy” elections, you have to be willing to play the game by the rules in place now if you want to compete.
    Jamie, unless Mayor Pete (and Lizzie at 9% for that matter) somehow convinces black voters that their lack of support for him is misguided, he will never take enough votes in states with significant black populations to win the nomination, so in a very real sense we are down to 2 candidates – and no one here has to guess which of those two I’d support. 
    And for a bit of ironic (even if somewhat snarky) humor from Phil Bump about SFB’s announcement of the first snow of January in DC,

    Tuesday, it snowed in Washington.

    This isn’t really newsworthy, by itself. It’s January in the District, a month in which more than five inches of snow will fall on average. In any number of years, some of that snow has fallen on the seventh day of the month. By mid-January last year, the city had already seen more than a foot of snow since the beginning of winter.

    What makes last week’s snowfall newsworthy was the point at which the White House decided to share the news about it: on Sunday, a day when the temperature in Washington hit a high of 70 degrees. More importantly, the low was 49 degrees — too warm for snow and a temperature reached only after the White House’s tweet.

    [Continues in similar, hilarious, fashion]

    What the White House tweet did — no doubt unintentionally — is highlight how warm it was in Washington on Sunday. The normal high in Washington on Jan. 12 is 43 degrees, putting Sunday’s temperature 27 degrees above normal. That is no more proof that the climate is warming than a cold day is proof that it isn’t, but a warmer-than-usual winter day is certainly more suggestive of something abnormal happening than a winter day that’s cold.

    [Continues in similar, hilarious, fashion]

    And so it goes.

  7. That’s what I’ve been saying!  Every channel I watch, there a Bloomberg ad. He doesn’t have to be on the debate stage.  He can by an ad to run while the debaters take a pee break.  

  8. All you people who spend every day reading and talking about politics while simultaneously asserting that you don’t care or won’t vote are being silly.

  9. Oh, and if Nancy Pelosi took the attitude that she’s “too old to make a difference” or “too old for policies to effect her personally” then our nation of 350 million people would have exactly zero people capable of standing up to Trumpublicans competently.

  10. Understood, Jamie.  I will vote Bernie if he is the Democratic nominee, with the understanding that he’s not a Democrat and without the  understanding of how he is permitted to run for the Democratic nomination.

  11. Maybe Rudy’s buddy can get rid of Trumpsky.   How do Dem candidates stack up against Pious Pence?  

  12. Bink, I’m the opposite – I care every day but I take days off from following the stuff from time to time.  

  13. I wish a Democratic pac would run some hard hitting ads like this. It is from the Lincoln project a bunch of stray Republican conservatives.

  14. In the General election I would vote for Bernie but only because he would cause less damage than Trump and because Democrats don’t march in lock step. I still have faith  the Will Rodgers quote “I don’t belong to any organized party, I’m a Democrat!”

  15. A huge backlash?  Do you remember the Dem convention and the outrage that he wasn’t the nominee?    Bloomberg might be appealing to Repugz who don’t like Trumpsky.   Any open primaries…

  16. Craig, when it comes to super Tuesday how much does the billionaire vanity runs pull from the Bernie backlash and by dividing it make it irrelevant, Bloomberg is saturating our local market. Back to back ads in yesterday’s Chiefs game.

  17. You might think a liberal would be driving us into the ditch opposite of the one Trumpsky has driven us into, but sometimes you have to overcorrect just to get back on the road.   I’m still with Warren, but I really do like Yang, too.

  18. Bid, the ditch is the ditch, doesn’t matter which side of the road it is. 
    And as folks were learning yesterday on the icy roads, over correcting just puts you into a skid.

  19. jack, wow, you’re right. good ad. kudos to the Lincoln gang.  really liked this part:

    “tough people built our great state and they’ve always fought for what’s right.

    the only thing you fought for is trump. you’re just another Trump servant.”


  20. the hill:

    A watchdog group is asking the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over his pledge to not be impartial during the upcoming impeachment trial. 

    Public Citizen filed a complaint with the committee on Monday, questioning if the GOP leader has violated both the U.S Constitution and the Senate’s rules.

    “The public declarations by Senator McConnell that his role in the impeachment process is to coordinate with the White House and thereby make a mockery of the trial directly contradict his oath of impartiality,” Robert Weissman, the president of Public Citizen, said in a statement. 

    McConnell has come under criticism for his public statements about coordinating with the White House on impeachment trial strategy. He also told reporters during a press conference that he is not an “impartial juror” in the upcoming trial. 

    The outside group, in its letter to the Ethics Committee, argued that McConnell’s comments are “contrary to this oath of impartiality.” 

    “McConnell’s comment appears to directly contradict the Senate rules oath – not because he recognizes that impeachment is a political process or because he enters the process believing President Trump should be acquitted, but by his direct statement that he will not be impartial,” the letter reads. 

    The group is asking the Ethics Committee to investigate if McConnell violated either the Constitution or the Senate rules “and, if that is found to be the case, take appropriate remedial actions through recusal from the impeachment proceedings.”


  21. have they no shame 🙂

    now using poor Baily to shill campaign merch in latest fundraising email from lizzie.   

  22. RR – shouldn’t that headline have said “… win again?” Oh, wait – he means the election,not the nomination.

  23. I will vote for bernie! if he is the nominee. With Booker out, bernie! rises a notch on my preference list. Right now he’s just above Bloomberg, Steyer and gabbard, but still below Bennett and Yang.
    I’d much prefer one of the two women, even knowing that all the ripper ads will be painting her to look like HRC.  

  24. I’ll bet that trump won’t debate if Warren or Klobuchar are the candidates. Warren projects Instant Wonk recall, and she would cut trump off at the knees with a fact check, whenever he tries to change the subject to a campaign meme. Klobuchar radiates court room drama gravity, and the contrast would make trump look flighty.
    If I’m wrong, someone has to count all the lies that trump blurts during the event. 

  25. I heard the Oscar’s nominees were announced this morning. Although of minor interest, nah, no interest at all.  The hype is similar to the Russians doing similar work for certain politicians.  At some time in the future, people of color, gender other than male, and comedy movies will be nominated and win. 

  26. Well that was the thrust of it ….the ladies could hammer him on it…..fraidy-cat…kick him in his Balzac.

  27. Following up on the media trying to destroy Dems and re-elect SFB threads.  Besides the usual rants about the NY Times, I offer up HuffPost.  If you relied on that site for you news all you know is that the Dems are killing each other and Sanders is the next god.  Or is it Warren is the next god?  Whatever.  (and to think I used to submit articles to them)

  28. so, the boomers used to say, “oh, why don’t they make music like [60’s-era classic artist]?”
    well, it’s finally come around, again.

    Warning: static black-and-white image of three males of undefined age and race with super-imposed lyrics in English and en Espanol.

  29. LSU made a fine comeback win, joining NoDak as the two unbeaten Champions.
    No questions about #1 this year.

    But wait’l next year

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