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  1. RR

    If anyone here still remembers the wars of 2016, I have no problem hating Bernie and I’m definitely in the #NeverBernie crowd no matter how many times the MSNBC fan club tries to shove him down our throats.

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s only slightly lower on the food chain than Trump.  Only difference, he seems to be sane despite being a lazy, of no use to anyone, Communist, Russia loving conman and fraud.  We currently have the insane variety.  We don’t need the Junior Varsity variety..


  2. So, I’m wondering, if Bernie really is surging and wins Iowa & NH could Bloomberg’s tens of millions upset the field on Super Tuesday a month later. Lots of Democrats around the country will resist Bernie. It’s a scenario that would blow up the early state dominance, which might not be a bad thing.

  3. I firmly believe the caucus should be illegal or at the very least should never be first.  I’ve been to two Presidential caucuses and the last here in Washington was so out of line that they can now only be used for state offices.  Only the primary counts towards the Presidential numbers.

    The big problem is that a cult following such as the Bernie Brats can drown out other candidates who might be more representative of the general population.  


  4. some talking head opined when the iowa nh polls came out that Bernie’s support is a stable 20+% but like trump’s base is both a floor and a ceiling.

  5. My thought on Bernie, if you want to be an independent then run as one. Also, if the Demcrats are stupid enough to nominate Bernie then they get what they deserve.  As I told my nieces and nephews at Christmas, What ever happens, it is their problem. 

  6. Flatus
    You have my support and good thoughts are  sent your way.
    My niece (age 22) is in a similar situation with her father.  She is having to make the decision as to remove him from life support. He has been on life support for the last couple of weeks and she just found out about it in the last few days. She and her mother are stopping by and spending the night. I’m getting ready to cook a nice supper for them both. 

  7. I’ve got a few old bottles and fruit jars but like Craig said it is easy to get too many of them. Mrs Jack tended to collect interesting labels, it was the artist/graphic designer in her. We drank a lot of bad wine with fun labels. 

  8. Steyer’s money hasn’t helped him.   He’s at the bottom with Tulsi-the Terrible. Warren is still at the top of my list, and I also like Yang (who doesn’t have a chance this time), but Bernie has the energy.    Bloomberg has been inundating the airwaves here.  The DNC will do its best to keep the spotlight off of him, since he’s actually a Repug.   I’ll vote for whomever the Dem candidate is, even if it’s Joe.     

  9. Hmmm, branding/trademarking the name Sussex Royal.  Yep, financial independence by trading on the royal connection.   

  10. Captain Grumpy, down the street, he’s got the bottle collection…..I’ll snag a pic of some next I go by.  Meanwhile, here’s the refrigerator. 

  11. Mr Flatus, I am sorry about your brother. I’ll nag G!D on his behalf and yours. Maybe it’ll help.

  12. My collection now given up was coffee mugs.  Rules:  Had to be a naval ship or a State of the Union.  None could be one of those “I Heart Whatever” things but something unique.  Some of them are quite lovely, but just got out of hand.  Besides, the owls have now taken over shelf space.  I’ve called a cessation on them as well.


  13. BiD don’t get stuck in IA and NH. I don’t support Steyer, but he’s ahead of Pete in SC and NV in the most recent polls. I don’t think he’ll do shit in the end but it’s simply not true that his ad buys haven’t gotten him anything. 

    Flatus, sorry to hear about your brother. Mrs. P & I send you our best. 

    And I don’t have a problem with people trading on their names to sell books, particularly when they’ve been trashed in the press because of their names – so long as the sales aren’t a result of RNC buy ups. 

  14. Warren launched a torpedo at Bloomberg’s Showboat : free the women from your non-disclosure agreements.
    NDAs have a really bad connotation w/all the women whom I know. This could be a direct hit on Bloomberg’s engine, maybe even his powder magazine.

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