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  1. so what are the odds that mitch manages a shut out with dismissal vote as the gavel hits the wood?

    but if trial does proceed, what are the odds of vote to remove?

    on the subject online:

    Removal From Office

    Is It Legal To Bet On Presidential Removal?

    It is safe and legal to wager on Trump removal odds, but you can only place such wagers at reputable offshore sportsbooks. Domestic books in states that have legalized sports betting do not offer election odds or other political odds, even though no state has specifically criminalized gambling on politics.

    That said, two states – Connecticut and Washington – have made online gambling illegal across the board, preventing players from wagering on Trump removal and enjoying other political markets over the Internet. However, these laws are historically unenforced, and gambling online remains safe in those regions. Still, we recommend that you follow all local gambling laws, and if you live in CT or WA, you wager online at your own risk.

    US Sportsbooks With Trump Removal Odds


    Trump Removal From Office Odds


    The odds on Trump being removed from office are pretty slim, but they are available at many of the top election betting sites. Right now, you can see that only BetOnline and SportsBetting have removal odds posted, with bettors favoring retention over removal.


    Will Senate vote to remove Pres. Trump from office?


    • No -5000
    • Yes +2000


  2. sturge, still having problems with the new/old phone?  couldn’t find your picture post this morning so am making do with a ‘toon or two ’til I hear from you.

    [hmmm, there’s a good country blues song somewhere in that “making do with a ‘toon  tune or two ’til I hear from you” line]


  3. craig, you talking about this?

    from the hill:

    Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on Friday said that she is working with a group of Republican senators to allow for both President Trump‘s legal team and the House managers to be able to call witnesses during the impeachment trial.

    Collins told the Bangor Daily News that she is working with a “fairly small” group of senators to ensure that an initial resolution on the trial rules allows for witnesses.

    “I am hopeful that we can reach an agreement on how to proceed with the trial that will allow the opportunity for both the House and the president’s counsel if they choose to do so,” she said.

    Collins declined to say how many Republicans she is working with, but argued that her colleagues should be “completely open to calling witnesses.”


  4. Here is a cool series of pictures. It is a time lapse series of pictures with the camera oriented on the milkyway.  You can see the earth move.


  5. Steve Kornacki was on Rachel last night.  He admitted that polling has gotten very hard to do now that most people have caller ID.  He said the best they’ve come up with concerning Iowa was that only 40% of likely caucus voters have made up their minds about which candidate they want.  While 45% are still undecided.  Methinks no one can really predict what will happen on Feb 3rd.
    Sue Collins has good reason to be nervous.  With the exception of her… the entire state of Maine has gone blue.

  6. looks to be Bernie’s turn in the barrel according to the hill:


    Earlier in the week, the Trump campaign attacked Sanders as a “wealthy, fossil fuel-guzzling millionaire” who “lectures Americans on how to live their lives while doing the exact opposite.”
    That statement also described Sanders as the “Democrats’ leading candidate for president,” highlighting the Vermont senator’s improved position in a tight race for the nomination.
    Among some Trump allies, there is a level of respect for Sanders, who they view as having built an outsider movement in the same vein as Trump despite receiving unfair treatment from the media and the national party.
    There is some overlap on policies between Trump and Sanders, particularly on trade and the insistence that the U.S. avoid costly foreign entanglements.
    And some Trump allies have debated whether Sanders would have won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and defeated Trump in 2016 if Democrats had nominated him instead of Hillary Clinton.
    Trump’s allies think Sanders could be a formidable candidate in 2020, particularly among the white working class voters who Democrats have struggled to reach.
    “If Bernie wins the nomination, it does weird things to the electoral landscape,” said one Republican with close ties to the campaign. “It shakes up the map, and we have no idea how it shakes up the map.”
    Still, the Trump campaign believes it can effectively render Sanders unelectable nationally by casting him as a far-left socialist.
    And Trump World insiders are confident they’ll uncover a treasure trove of problematic audio and video clips documenting Sanders’s decades-long political career if he becomes the nominee.
    “Imagine the crazy stuff he was saying in local radio interviews when he was mayor in Burlington, Vermont, or a congressman in late 80s and early 90s and got zero media coverage,” the Trump ally said. “So far, Republicans have just played softball with Bernie and used him as a cudgel to attack other Democrats. We don’ know how Bernie will act or how it could affect him if he had the right wing kill machine aimed at him.”


  7. jack & jamie – Those were lovely starts to the day.   It’s snowing here this morning! Beautiful, fluffy stuff.
    How will the timing of the impeachment trial impact the SOTU?   I’ll wait for the highlight reel the next day.  

  8. line from above hill article reminded me of those 19 indicted Russians who assisted bern attacks in 2016 against hillary:

    ...the Trump ally said. “So far, Republicans have just played softball with Bernie and used him as a cudgel to attack other Democrats.” 

  9. bId…  it’s snowing in Dallas???…  its 60 degrees here in NH.
    Pogo… yeah…. go figure….
    I don’t hate Bernie….  but I don’t trust him either.

  10. He’s not a Democrat. IMO he’s nothing more than a Charlatan. Should he become the Democratic candidate, I will have trouble finding my polling place.

  11. Just received a call from up-North. My last remaining sib is going into hospice. Doesn’t sound as if he’ll have a long stay. His wife seems to be coping and is gathering her kids. sheesh

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