Harry Leads The Way

Kudos to “Prince” Harry for rejecting anachronistic royalism. Monarchy has no legitimate place in today’s world, be it in England, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else. Be gone!

BS on the meme his wife engineered this. The guy knows what he’s doing and he is correct.

Let Elizabeth finish her reign. Then Prince Charles, who should be ashamed to take the throne, ought to shut down this charade.


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  1. meanwhile, consider this excerpt from wapo op ed by jim webb titled 

    When did it become acceptable to kill a top leader of a country we aren’t even at war with?
    … last April the State Department unilaterally designated the Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist entity. Although more than 60 organizations are listed in this category, this is the only time our government has ever identified an element of a nation-state as a terrorist organization. And the designation was by many accounts made despite the opposition of the CIA and the Defense Department.
    Which leads us to Soleimani.
    The assassination of the most well-known military commander of a country with which we are not formally at war during his visit to a third country that had not opposed his presence invites a lax moral justification for a plethora of retaliatory measures — and not only from Iran. It also holds the possibility of more deeply entrenching the U.S. military in a region that most Americans would very much prefer to deal with from a more maneuverable distance.
    No thinking American would support Soleimani’s conduct. But it is also indisputable that his activities were carried out as part of his military duties. His harm to American military units was through his role as an enabler and adviser to third-country forces. This, frankly, is a reality of war.
    This is not a failure of the executive branch alone; it is the result of a breakdown in our entire foreign policy establishment, from the executive branch to the legislative branch and even to many of our once-revered think tanks. If partisanship in foreign policy should end at the water’s edge, then such policies should be forged through respectful, bipartisan debate.
    The first such debate should focus on the administration’s unilateral decision to label an entire element of a foreign government an international terrorist organization. If Congress wishes to hold Iran to such a standard, it should then formally authorize the use of force against Iran’s government. The failure of congressional leadership to make these kinds of decisions is an example of why our foreign policy has become so militarized, and of how weak and even irrelevant Congress has allowed itself to become in the eyes of our citizens.

  2. Craig,

    For once I will agree with you.  Harry spent all that time working in Africa and he loved every second away from all the pomp and circumstance.  He married a woman who was being battered by the prejudiced press and gossip.  His position in line for the throne was already down to sixth place.  Why stay where you aren’t wanted or needed?  

    Diana always said Charles wouldn’t come to the throne. At his age he could die or just cede the throne to Wills. At that point, all of the WW II generation will be gone and it would be a good time to shut down the family firm.

  3. Hey, that’s kinda neat that as England begins dissolving its own monarchy, we are in the process of establishing one here, in America!

  4. anybody find it strange at a time when congress has just impeached a president and is about to hold trial on his removal,

    is finally facing up to and voting on taking back from the executive its constitutionally granted war powers,

    and hopefully is about to address the security of elections and future of the democracy,

    that we are talking about harry & megan?

  5. not to mention either that there are still children being imprisoned by us for seeking refuge or that the planet is on fire.

  6. patd

    I’m trying not to think about fire.  I got in contact with our Australian contingent.  Bill and his wife Lynn are okay in Canberra if breathing way more smoke than is good for anyone.  I asked about the mob of kangaroos that he always saw on his morning jog and I fear the worst.  A billion animals wiped out many of which were already close to extinction thanks to human beings destroying habitat, drinking oil, and opposed to windmills. 



  7. We do a pretty good job staying on topic.
    Must Trump infect every thought and waking moment of my life?

  8. Perhaps the Brits will end up with a Netherlands style monarchy.  Nice to have around but not ostentatious.
    From what I have read the escape from grandmother and the others around the table has a lot to do with the racism of the Brits.  I too remember running away from my grandmother, but she was not as nice and not as rich as QE.  Oh she was also off her rocker and thought I was a dog.  I can’t imagine QE thinking her grand children as dogs though.

  9. geez…  Craig…   for someone who claims he can’t stand the royals, you seemed obsessed with them whenever they make news 🙂
    Jamie…  I’m thinking about that fire and the animals too.  The thought of it sickens me.

  10. There is nothing like royals chat – interesting and fun – and I really don’t give a crap.  My opinion about Harry is that he never struck me as much of a royal – more of a privileged kid with a keen sense of duty to his country, a heart for the underprivileged and a wild streak.  And like so many of us, he said and did stupid things as a young man.  If any royal (other than Randy Andy – and really, who knew what that nickname would end up foretelling?) was going to step back from his official duties, my money would have been on Harry.

  11. Ha RR, you got me. I am obsessed with royals despite hating the institution. Mark Twain got me on that track. 

    Jamie, good news for your gal. Veteran Iowa journalist David Yepsen just predicted on MSNBC she’s surging there. 

  12. Let the monarchy be–we totally severed from it following the War of 1812. Feel the angst of Liz as she worries for Harry, Archie and, yes, Meghan. My memories of that brave, totally committed, woman go back to WW-2 and to her inheritance of the realm while on her honeymoon in Africa. Let Charles and his sons sort through things once his mom is gone. They don’t need our help in that process.

  13. Back when Prince Harry was in the military on active duty, I seem to remember media pondering if he would chuck the royal life and be a lifer in the army.  That he was on active duty ten years says a lot too.  Not in it for the medals or the sashes. 
    If you can find it there is video of SFB staggering around.  It looks like the connection between the part of the brain that has him walking and his legs is not very good.

  14. Elizabeth 2 may have single-handedly saved the Royal House of Windsor. Gotta dig a broad like dat. 

  15. Insert the obligatory “Think of all the good you could do”.
    But, nonetheless
    I trust Chuck.  He’s got my vote.

  16. So Megs will need a green card in Canada if she wants to resume acting there – but she could commute to the US and resume her acting career in US productions to pick up some cash without needing that (Did she forfeit her US citizenship or is she dual now? – I’m guessing her box office appeal would be higher now, being a Prince’s consort or whatever a non-royal spouse to a prince is called.  She should definitely write a book or books about being a Princess ain’t everything Hallmark cracks it up to be (no need to get technical about her title – it would just confuse folks outside of countries with monarchs anyway).  And Harry’s a  shoo-in for gigs in movies – particularly about princes, and if that doesn’t pan out there’s always a chopper pilot gig out there for him – I bet that pays well.  And if all else fails, he could write a book or books about being a Prince ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I think between all that and whatever little bit Harry has in a bank account here or there, I think they will manage to squeak by.

  17. I’m not sure what’s going on with the royals.  I don’t see how moving to Canada will stop the paparazzi.  Those people seem like sharks and should be ashamed of themselves. 

  18. There are places to hide in Canada. The escaped governor of Alaska could see them from her moose blind in the sky. Anywhat, I can’t see paparazzi chasing the ducal pair around suburban Flin Flon, through downtown Iniuktiuk*, or across the frozen desolation of Devon Island, roiling with starving polar bears.

    *x’s version of Inuitish for River City.

  19. LOL xrep!  But these folks don’t seem like they actually want to squirrel themselves away from civilization, do they?  

  20. Yoko Markle is destroying the monarchy. Craig, Maybe you should send her a thank you card.  Some women can make men think something is their idea, not hers; she’s one of those women.     This has nothing to do with escaping the paparazzi.   She’s an actress.  She wanted attention.  She wanted fame.    This is her way of staying relevant and pulling focus.     We all know women like her.  She’s just playing the game at the highest level.  Let’s see how private they stay.  Financial independence will consist of paid speeches, books, etc.  This is a long-con publicity stunt engineered by the Mrs.
    By the way, Marianne Williamson has just suspended her campaign so she “wouldn’t be a distraction.”  She was still running?  Nobody was paying any attention to her and now she gets a blip of attention.  She is playing the game as well, but at a much lower level.  

  21. Susan Collins is full of shit — she’s talking about witnesses – she means Hunter and Joe Biden
    “we must be fair to both parties ” she said
    This is a woman who wants to be like Lucy in Peanuts.  Needy and a liar.

  22. tiptoe – It was a beautiful wedding.  I love all of the pomp and circumstance.   The tiara she chose to wear (on loan from HRH EII)  was magnificent.  What would England do if it ever lost its version of Disneyland?  

  23. crackers – You sure have Susan Collins’ number.  She always does this, doesn’t she?  Lucy and the football paints a perfect picture of her behavior.   

  24. “No throne exists that has a right to exist, and no symbol of it, flying from any flagstaff, is righteously entitled to wear any device but the skull and crossbones of that kindred industry which differs from royalty only businesswise-merely as retail differs from wholesale.” – – Mark Twain

  25. What’s their identity without the monarchy?  It’s their history?  Tourism aside, that rich, old family is the hub. 
    Will the impeachment trial last through the SOFU?   

  26. Des Moines Register

    Sanders: 20% (+5)

    Warren: 17% (+1)

    Buttigieg: 16% (-9)

    Biden: 15% (-)

    Klobuchar: 6% (-)

    Yang: 5% (+2)

    Booker: 3% (-)

    Steyer: 2% (-1)

    Gabbard: 2% (-1) 

    Bloomberg: 1% (-1)

    Not sure: 11% (+6)

  27. Canadians are an honest people. In the early ’50s I accidentally dropped a toy soldier (Britains Ltd Coldstream Guard Officer) out the window of the family’s ’52 Chev as we were rolling through Fort William (or Port Arthur) Ontario. Canadians are so honest that I’ll bet my soldier is still where I dropped him. 

  28. There is a very active film industry outpost in Toronto.  Many Americans work and film there, so Meghan wouldn’t have trouble working.  The British press particularly Old Murdoch’s Sun has been absolutely vicious to Harry and Meghan in a way that makes the National Enquirer look like The New Yorker.  One described their baby as a “Little Monkey” and that one was gentle.  

  29. Looks like Buttigieg and Klobuchar have carved some chunks off of Biden in IA. 
    ‘Undecided’ is still in the top 5. These undecided folks will be the ‘king-makers,’ unless they decide to be the queen-makers. All this whoopdeedoo and hullaballou in IA is just to woo old ‘Undecided.’ It’s always about ‘Undecided.’ Very clever that old ‘Undecided’ is, to get all this attention every four years.

  30. murdoch was a 90 day wonder American citizen. When he discovered he had to be a US citizen to get tv stations, he jettisoned his Ozzie patriotism, and with the help of president reagan, scooted to the head of the citizenship line. Sworn in, murdoch promptly bought a string of tv stations that supported ronald reagan, the bush crime family, and the saudi royals, who took a big position in Faux Newz & Amuze, the propaganda and unreality network. Fairly Unbalanced

  31. The ayatollah finally found a use for those missiles reagan and ali north sold him. Oh yeah, that was unintentional, too. That was to raise money so the contras could rape and murder nuns. 

  32. That there DMR poll looks a WHOLE lot like the Iowa State poll done a month ago., but Pete has slipped 8 points since then.  While I was pleased to see the CNN poll that ended last week I have to admit being skeptical. It’s Iowa after all. We’ll know the numbers in a month. 

    Yoko Markle. Funny. Dumb, but funny. I bet Harry’s had his eye on the Exit sign for a while, and marrying a mixed race American could have been the means to an end. He’s a pretty smart guy from what I can tell. And Charles has said he wants to streamline the monarchy when he takes the throne. Win-win. 

  33. Britain needs a really fun monarch like Edward I, who fed his hounds on the leader of Parliament.
    Wouldn’t boris look great in a dog dish ?
    With gravy, of course.

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