“Just one more cow”

Words first heard nationwide courtesy of an interview by Don Imus with our fearless leader.. Some of us only discovered the Trail via that and his other early morning discussions with Craig.

Thank you for that, Imus. May you rest in peace.


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  1. while waiting for sturge to illuminate us pictorially, let us muse awhile about those moments with Don and Craig.

  2. Craig and the trail came to me courtesy of Keith Olberman and MSNBC.The only time I heard Imus was when Craig was on.   I did love it when Imus would talk about Craig’s parents.  It was always a good interview.  He was not a perfect person. Who is?  He used his notoriety to help sick kids and wounded veterans, so there was a lot of good him, too.    RIP I-man

  3. I was initially an unwilling listener to Imus due to working at an FM Country radio station whose men all listened to Imus in the morning to escape the constant hits we were programming>  Love Garth Brooks but you can only listen to him in doses.  

    What won me over was the work for his kids ranch and the political interviews with Craig.  My sympathies to the I’Man’s family.  May he RIP


  4. Imus, RIP, was my route to the Trail through an interview of Craig.  BB, I’m really sorry he did you wrong. And now it’s too late for him to work to make things right.

  5. I missed him when he went off the air and I miss him now, and Fred; that’s the way it is with friends, they may think a lot of crap you think is bullshit, but they’re your friends, so whaddya gonna do…..
    I came up glued to the radio for the DJ’s and all their different attention-seeking schticks…..Imus was the last DJ.

  6. sturge, he was alerting me by copy on it in case your thread sunbmission wasn’t fixed/resubmitted by showtime.  here’s what it said:

    Sturg, your Pic url not working so I held off posting – – Craig


  7. I know his ranch was for kids with cancer…   any kid…  no matter their color, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc.  Imus was a shock jock…   and he didn’t understand that times had changed.
    May he rest in peace.
    patd… not one of my scarves… but very pretty.

  8. Anyhoo just for the halibut here’s the pic
    A silkscreen poster/proof for the t-shirts for one of our weirder gigs.

  9. …sure does seem that charity was a scam so Imus could live on a luxury ranch for free and get sick kids to do free labor on it.  Notice it closed because he couldn’t live there, anymore.
    i suppose i should take that back if we hear from many past attendees, today, on how beneficial the experience was.

  10. I’m second from right….it was just an old generic band pic we used for the thing.
    Everything about imus was geared towards making imus money.  The ranch never bothered me, I figured at least he was doing something as opposed to doing nothing, c’est la vie

  11. He must have had one of those Scarlet O’Hara epiphanies at some point in his life…..”As god is my witness…..I’ll never be hungry again!”

  12. Sturg, the link to your pic was broken on the post or would have been pleased to put it up. Get yourself a working email mister.

    Ah, Imus. What can I say? Seems so long ago. He sent a nice when Mom died, last time we communicated. I ran across many recovering alcoholics who told me he was their daily AA meeting, kept them going. 

  13. “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both & there you have the facts of life.”  
    An apt song lyric for today…and most days. 

  14. Blame Pogo. Page One below the fold in yesterday’s Journal: “Concert-Ticket Prices Rose 55% in a Decade

  15. Like bid, I found Craig through Keith Olberman and MSNBC. What happened to Keith? I followed his podcasts, “The Resistance” . And poof he was gone.
    From yesterday, I usually stay home, but I’m goin’ out for New Years. In my old age and being the consumate introvert, I’ve taken up dancing.  Ya just nevah know.

  16. well his life wasn’t a complete waste even if all he did was make a cancer-sick kid happy for a week or two, kept a booze hound off the sauce and brought some of us to the trail.   better than the twit’s legacy… ‘course that’s not saying much.

  17. I have to say Olbermann.
    I didn’t care for either Imus or matthews. But, those two improved greatly whenever Mr Crawford was on with them. 

  18. Flatus, what’d I do to drive up concert ticket prices other than buy some?  I’m innocent I tell ya. 

    I’m not going to be too harsh about Imus. I enjoyed his show- thought the ranch probably did some good for kids who went there. He was over the edge often but mostly just asshole comedic. Bernie McGuirk was by all appearances a racist prick. Everyone else on the show was ok by me, although Charles McCord was out of place as an elite easterner among a group of crazy guys (and Robin). 

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