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  1. here’s a ticket I would happily back:  Booker Buttigieg, compassionate civility personified

    the hill about the above:

    A super PAC supporting Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) will reportedly air a new advertisement in Iowa comparing him to South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D).

    The ad, paid for by the group United We Win, begins by showing images of Buttigieg with the narration “He’s a Rhodes Scholar, a successful mayor, a uniter.”

    “No, not that guy,” the ad continues. “It’s Cory Booker.” 

    It then touted accomplishments by Booker while serving a mayor of Newark, N.J., and later as a senator. 

    “This Rhodes Scholar mayor has what it takes to beat Donald Trump,” the narrator concluded. 

    CNN reported Friday that the advertisement will begin airing on Tuesday in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. 

    Booker told the news network in an interview that he was unaware of the ad until he was shown a clip of it. 

    When asked whether he was running against “that guy,” Booker said: “I’m running for the soul of our country.”

    “We need to be a Democratic party that can unify and come together, so I celebrate the people that are in the race and my campaign is not about tearing anybody down,” he added. 

    Booker has previously disavowed super PAC funding, as the groups do not have to legally disclose their donors publicly. Another pro-Booker super PAC, Dream United, shut down Wednesday after struggling to raise money and falling drastically short of its $10 million goal. 

    Buttigieg’s campaign has seen momentum in Iowa in recent weeks. Polling aggregation website Real Clear Politics has him in first place in the state.

    Both men are among more than a dozen candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

  2. just realized there would be no 1st or 2nd lady in a cory-pete or pete-cory WH.    however, there would be a 1st/2nd laddie keeping intact the FLOTUS/slotus designations (that first laddie joke attributable that the big dawg told when Hillary looked likely to win) . 

  3. Sturges, get out that P-Bass and you should be able to get any tone you want from that amp. Let me know if you need a Peavey badge for it
    On Thanksgiving plus 2 I’m planning to have no turkey, except the turkey that’s in the chili that the pogo family will be having for “tailgate” before the iron bowl. The chili, by the way, turned out nicely. Mrs. P, no fan of turkey, said it tastes like chicken.
    XR, Good luck to the gophers today against the badgers.

  4. good comment by booker in that hill article – very welcome and the antithesis of trumpism:

    “We need to be a Democratic party that can unify and come together, so I celebrate the people that are in the race and my campaign is not about tearing anybody down”

  5. I think today will be a good day to go turkey hunting in the grocery store.
    Someone has to be compiling the ramblings of an insane creature for publication.  Undecipherable, idiotic, and howling at the moon mad it would be a good door stop.  Or the starting point for hundreds of years of graduate thesis.

  6. I wish i had a good turkey leftover recipe for you fine people, bit in actuality, i just ate it cold out of the tupperware like a savage, and was thankful for it.

  7. it’s not vibrating…
    It looks like Rick and I are in the jackpot range for the upcoming northeaster…  will be doing a bit of grocery shopping (along with everyone else) before it hits.

  8. i feel there may be some F-stop issues with it, also.
    All jokes aside, i do appreciate the esteemed Mr. S sharing this obviously legitimate, although in hindsight possibly misguided, collaboration between respected sound-industry manufacturers and a car dealership.  A rare model, indeed.

  9. Watching a bit of the Clemson – South Carolina game, and I do not understand Muschamp’s play calling. Does he really believe that they can run into the middle of the line against Clemson?

  10. 1. Wishing you a happy healthy game against Auburn, Mr Pogo. Roll Tide.
    2. I’m rooting for the underdogs, in the top 10, ‘cept for Ohio State/Mi, Bama/Auburn. I see my Gophers are underdogs at home to the Badgers. That seems kinda odd to me.  
    3. Why don’t any of these teams use the Turkeys as their totems ? It wouldn’t be as funny as the Santa Clauses, Sandcrabs, or Spiders.
    4. The Horseflies would be a have to be a mean as hell, swarmy sort of team.

  11. My guess for Mr Sturgeone’s picture is that the item is actually a safe disguised as a scuffed-up old speaker. 

  12. Must be post turkey delirium. Craig, I too don’t know what’s wrong with that picture.  Or what it’s a pic of.  Or what all y’all are talking about. :^) 

  13. I too am a Roads Scholar.
    1.  It’s fuzzy, yep. No f-stops, just iPad.
    2.  It’s false appetizing, as Would-be Rockabilly rising star Earl McCowan used to say, because there is no Peavey sign in sight. 

  14. Glad it was not to fuzzy to catch the truck sign…..came off my old 4-door doolie with the Granny gear.

  15. Tip…..it’s a scuffed up old Peavey Amp (which cost an ounce of pot) with a 15” Black Widow speaker which goes to 13 and quite often did.

  16. Imagine, if you will, people, all the tasty licks that have flown from that cone, through that tweed, past those badges, and into ears and ether.

  17. Is Michael “Mike” Bloomberg bombarding your parts of the country with ads?   I’ll bet I’ve seen at least two dozen since he announced.    

  18. Just saw an interesting tweet (and failed to keep it) about following the dots – SFB not golfing for several weeks, emergency run to Walter Reed (in vehicle not in hellofacopter), absolute hate of going overseas to military bases, absolute hate of going to a combat zone, and actually going to a combat zone to do a rambling campaign speech.  On top of all that, he is rapidly deteriorating into a lower level of mental distress, perhaps dementia or even Alzheimer’s.  He thinks Obama ran in 2016.  He announces surprises all the time, the Chinese are negotiating trade deals and that the Taliban is ready to negotiate some sort of peace. Which surprised both as neither action was taking place.
    He is in some alternate universe in which others are not allowed.  The WH staff is doing tweets to cover him being out of it, really out of it.  I am waiting for the fun time when he is talking and is looking at some place in his alternate universe and decides to walk to the next green.  Which ends when he walks off the stage into the orchestra pit.

  19. Falele got hurt and left the game. Bad news for the gophers. The good news is the score. 7 – 0 Gophers w/the 1st qtr winding down. 

  20. The refs are beating the Gophers . . . .  And for the Gophers losing Falele is worse than The Tide losing Tua. sigh.
    The Gopher moniker goes back to the 1880s, when Midwestern farmers had to contend with the mighty army group of 13-Lined Ground Squirrels (popularly known as gophers) that ruled the high grass the prairie. The gophers often beat the farmers until effective rodent poisons were developed.  

  21. Despite his great achievements at Ohio State, Hayes’s coaching career ended ignominiously when he was dismissed from his position as head coach after punching Clemson nose guard Charlie Bauman for intercepting an Ohio State pass with two minutes left on the clock in the 1978 Gator Bowl.     Obviously not his first time of sports rage
    I think people at OSU prefer to think of Urban Meyer as their current football hero.

  22. Sturgeone, thanks for the info.
    Blue, Bloomberg ads, yep hundreds.  That’s why I said he should do something useful with his billions!
    Flatus, 3 yards and  a cloud of dust. KGC, depending on what antics Woody was doing, we were reluctant to say we went to OSU.

  23. Yup, Ms Cracker, your Badgers beat the hell out of my Gophers – with a lot of help from the refs. Even without the refs, your Badgers still would have beaten the hell out of my Gophers. Now they’d better whup Ohio State, or it will all have been for naught.

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