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  1. PBS newshour judy woodruff interviewed Pete last night.  click link for transcript. 

    interestingly for first time, I think, a dem candidate was asked about running against pence.  here’s that segment:

    • Judy Woodruff:


      Right now, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, says, if the House votes to impeach, the Senate — there are not the votes in the Senate to convict.

      But my question to you is, if there were — if the president were removed from office, why would you be the best Democrat to go up against your fellow Indianian Mike Pence, who would step up and be the president?

    • Pete Buttigieg:

      Well, I know a thing or two about the vice president, a fellow Hoosier is the term we prefer here in Indiana.

      And I have got to say that his far-right, extreme social ideology doesn’t reflect this country, and it doesn’t even reflect this state. When he tried to push this ideology on our state, it wasn’t just Democrats, it was a lot of Republicans of conscience who came together.

      We all stepped up, and we all pushed back on that. And as somebody who has now come on board with a presidency that is an affront, not only to our values, but to his own professed values, I’m certainly prepared for that debate and would look forward to the opportunity to lay out the contrasts and show Americans a different kind of solution coming out of Indiana.

  2. also from that pbs transcript, re lizzies and his different plans on health care:

    Pete Buttigieg:

    • Well, there is a lot of aggressive math in there about cutting the military, assuming that immigration reform happens, and getting about a trillion out of that, and some other areas that are controversial among the economists.

      The point I’m making is that we don’t need to spend tens of trillions of dollars in order to address this problem. The idea of my proposal, Medicare for all who want it, is that we take a version of Medicare and make it available to anybody who wants in on it, without commanding people to adopt it, if they would prefer their private plan.

      It has the advantage of trusting Americans to make their own decisions, but it also has the major advantage of costing $1.5 trillion, which, of course, is still an awful lot of money. But it is fully paid for, it is fundable, without having to go into the more challenging and controversial math being used to explain a plan that is $20 trillion or $30 trillion or more, depending who you ask.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      There are critics on the left, though, who are saying it sounds all well and good, but what if doesn’t do is, it doesn’t provide coverage for everybody.

    • Pete Buttigieg:

      It is certainly set up to make sure that everybody has coverage. It is designed so that nobody falls through the cracks.

      And if you are not covered, you — covered at all, you can actually retroactively be added on our plan. What it does mean is that not everybody is on the public plan.

      Look, I think that the Medicare-like public plan we’re going to create is going to be the best option for most Americans. And if I am I’m right about that, then most Americans will choose it, until, eventually, it is the single-payer. It will be the glide path to Medicare for all.

      But, crucially, if it is the case that, for some Americans, the private plans they have are better, we’re going to be really glad we didn’t force them off of those private plans.

      And, in particular, I have been talking lately to a lot of union members who are happy with the private plans that they negotiated for, fought for, sometimes gave wage concessions in order to gain. Why kick them off of those plans, when we can let people choose?

  3. I don’t believe this is Mayor Pete’s year, but stand back and watch what happens for him. His time will come. 

  4. NYTimes best of late night:

    Kentucky Blues
    President Trump campaigned for Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky, ahead of Tuesday’s vote. As of Wednesday night, Bevin was down 5,000 votes but refused to concede to his Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear. The result in Kentucky mirrored races across the country, in which Democrats made strides in typically red areas.


    “He was ahead by five points in the polls last week. Then Trump showed up to support him and he lost, which was embarrassing.” — JIMMY KIMMEL
    “Team Trump was in full spin mode today. His campaign said he just about dragged Bevin across the finish line, and Trump himself tweeted multiple times that he almost helped the Republican win the governor’s race. This is like the Astros bragging they almost won the World Series: ‘We won three out of the seven games!’” — JIMMY KIMMEL
    “Democrats just picked up a governorship in a state as red as Trump’s face when he heard about this.” — SAMANTHA BEE
    “This is Trump’s worst nightmare come true. I mean, his second-worst nightmare, after the one where he’s chased by stairs and salads.” — SAMANTHA BEE
    “Bevin lost by about 5,000 votes, and as of this morning, he refused to concede defeat. Yeah. He will not, proving once again that Republicans are the party of men who won’t go away after you say no.” — STEPHEN COLBERT
    “It was a really humiliating result for Trump. He endorsed the losing Republican candidate. Or, as Trump puts it, ‘No, I didn’t.’” — JAMES CORDEN

  5. Sanders’s 11% most likely will go to Warren.
    Klobuchar’s 9% probably go to Biden.
    The moderates do not have the momentum. 

  6. so is this the veep of choice no matter who is the dem nominee?  joe has as much as said so, lizzie actively worked for her in her gov campaign and pete really really will need help from the AA community.

    After losing the race for Georgia governor in 2018, Stacey Abrams will lead a nationwide voting rights campaign. Her goal is to export lessons she learned fighting voter suppression in Georgia, and to mobilize a base of progressives and marginalized communities to help Democrats win the White House in 2020

  7. stacey wrote this in 2017 on facebook about her dad.  between the lines, it says a lot about her too:

    My father, the incredible Rev. Robert Abrams, is the first feminist I ever knew. He raised his four daughters and two sons to believe in our capacity to do anything – to be anything – we wanted. Gender, like race, were never going to be permanent obstacles for us. The world, he warned us, would not always see us or believe in us, but he did. Even has he labored as a shipyard worker, he imagined great futures for his children, never doubting they’d come to pass.

    Dad’s faith was hard won. He grew up in Mississippi, in the segregated South, with undiagnosed dyslexia. Unable to read at grade level, he memorized his way through school, determined to learn and defy the odds. Despite being dismissed by his teachers and mocked by his peers, my dad not only finished high school; he became the first man in his family to go to college. Later, at the age of 40, he received a Masters of Divinity from Emory University.

    With my mother, my dad lives a life committed to uplifting those around him. I’ve seen him serve hundreds of homeless men and women in the soup kitchen at St. Mark United Methodist Church. Or mentor a troubled young man whose own father was nowhere to be found. Whether through his dedication to prison ministry or his protests to guarantee a living wage for hourly workers, my father is committed to doing right by others. Every day.

    To all the fathers reading this, thank you for your example. And to my dad, thank you for being an incredible example.

  8. Looking at those poll numbers and probabilities for the first four primary/caucus events, I think I’ll dream really, really big:  Harris/Klobuchar or vice versa.


  9. Thanks to all of you who read the website.  One of my campaign managers always told me to not read the press releases about me.  The first one I read I realized that I never had to worry about getting my feet wet anymore, walking on water was for gods, I was above them.  Also, my website and campaign literature were translated into various languages common in Aurora, a city of over one hundred languages.
    I am enjoying the various post election analysis by various pundits, talking heads and political types.  The funniest are from republicans, I am skipping the greedy old perverts views, because they are afraid to say outright that SFB is out of his gourd.  Win back the suburbs was the common theme.  Everything they and SFB have done was directly aimed at suburbs, even while thinking they were attacking Dems in the urban areas.  If they bothered to read any studies they would have seen the migrations back to cities by those from the suburbs.  They would have noticed the move from urban areas to the suburbs.  They would have even seen that old white males are the minority of America, and that Millennials are of voting age and do not appreciate making less then the Boomers.  Gen X and Y and Z are middle aged or approaching and the Boomer generation is being reduced by thousands each day.

  10. Klobuchar Keeps It Casual in Derry Campaign Stop

    “We are dealing with a president who is constantly pushing at the limits of our democracy, who does not respect our laws or our constitution,” Klobuchar said during her 17th visit to the Granite State. “To be able to file the day after the country pushed back and said ‘No, you are not a king—’” She smiled and nodded her head.


    I know it would be a major long shot, but I believe Sanders and Biden will definitely go down.  Buttiegege is not really ready for prime time in the big job.  That leaves Warren and M4A plan is hurting her with the general population.  

    That pretty well leaves:  Harris, Klobuchar, Booker and Castro to reach the broadest range of demographics.  The men have been messing things up for over 240 years.  Those suburban women just might be convinced that now is the time to let the ladies clean up.  lol


  11. I’ve always liked Pete even though he’d a tad conservative, but the pres never does what they say on the stump.  Elizabeth is still my man/WOman!

  12. craig, in case you missed seeing it, in the wee small hours of this morning, x-r left a message for you about a bun cooking in the oven.    

  13. Michelle Obama and the other When We All Vote co-chairs are squading up to make sure every single eligible voter is registered and ready to vote for the 2020 elections. But they need your help, too!

    excerpt about the above from the hill:
    The 55-year-old former first lady originally kicked off the get-out-the-vote push in July of last year, ahead of the midterm elections. When it launched, organizers said the initiative from the nonpartisan nonprofit was to “start a conversation on the responsibilities that we all have in shaping our country’s future through the ballot box.”
    With this year’s effort, When We All Vote said in a news release, the group “is calling on Americans to organize their own squads, volunteer groups aimed at getting friends, family, classmates and community registered and ready to vote.”
    In the latest video, Rapinoe tells viewers, “It’s up to you to change the game.”
    “Because when we squad up,” actress Kerry Washington says, “we can change the world.”

  14. newsweek:

    George Conway, an attorney and the husband of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, on Wednesday afternoon asserted that Rudy Giuliani’s tweet alone proves that President Donald Trump “committed an impeachable offense,” shortly after Giuliani announced that he has hired a new legal team to address the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry.
    In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Giuliani confirmed he conducted an investigation “concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption” and revealed that he hired his own personal counsel as he faces increased backlash amid the impeachment inquiry.
    “The investigation I conducted concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption, was done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false charges, that kept changing as one after another were disproven,” the president’s attorney tweeted. “The evidence, when revealed fully, will show that this present farce is as much a frame-up and hoax as Russian collusion, maybe worse, and will prove the President is innocent.”
    Guiliani added that he is now being “represented and assisted by Robert Costello and the Pierce Bainbridge firm in particular, Eric Creizman and Melissa Madrigal.”
    In response, Conway said that Giuliani’s “tweet by itself establishes that [Trump] committed an impeachable offense.”
    “To say that Giuliani’s and Trump’s pursuit of ‘Ukrainian… corruption’ was ‘done solely’ to protect Trump’s interests establishes that Trump was not acting for the country,” he added.


  15. I hope those folks promoting voting also have a lot of lawyers to keep the Republicans from throwing legally registered voters off the role  which is what they did in huge number in 2016 and seem to be doing it again especially in Wisconsin.

  16. Kris Kobach is not going to be governor of Kansas  He got his ass kicked by a woman     
    The more I learn about the elections this week the more I think this is a chance to push the goopers into oblivion

    Darn this is from last year. I hate when people post things and don’t include the date

  17. WADR Blue, your prognostications are wishful thinking.  Since July only 2 candidates have shown any significant movement nationally – Warren – who’s gained about 8 points and Harris – who’s lost about the same.  Bernie and Biden have been virtually flat, as has Mayor Pete despite all the buzz about him (except in Iowa where he’s been surging).  Klobuchar isn’t showing anything like 9% nationally or in Iowa – 9% think she could beat SFB.  That’s not a support number.  Her support is at 5%. It won’t be Amy’s year unless lightning strikes, and I am not at all convinced that the center of the party has moved nearly as far left as you seem to believe.

    With less than 3 months until the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic race for president in Iowa is wide open, as the top 4 candidates are in a close contest, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University poll released today. Senator Elizabeth Warren receives 20 percent support among Iowa likely Democratic caucus- goers, with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg getting 19 percent, Sen. Bernie Sanders at 17 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden at 15 percent.

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar gets 5 percent, Sen. Kamala Harris is at 4 percent, and businessman Tom Steyer, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and businessman Andrew Yang are each at 3 percent. No other candidate tops 1 percent.

    Those who consider themselves “very liberal,” who make up 24 percent of likely caucus-goers, are divided in their top choice with Sanders getting 32 percent and Warren at 30 percent. Those who identify as “somewhat liberal,” who make up 24 percent of likely caucus-goers, are split in their top choice between Buttigieg and Warren, with Warren at 29 percent and Buttigieg at 24 percent. Among “moderates and conservatives,” who constitute 50 percent of likely caucus-goers, it’s a close race for the top spot between Buttigieg and Biden, with Buttigieg at 19 percent and Biden at 18 percent.


  18. Methinks that poll reflects where most Democratic voters are…  kinda in one camp…  but that could change…   let’s see how the next debate goes…   haven’t decided yet.

  19. Warren should tell people that there is going to be a tax hike on the monied classes because Trump’s tx policy is bankrupting us
    She should also point out the profits of the insurance companies and the savings.  People are asking the wrong question but she should be giving the right answer.   Medicare for all will be cheaper  everyone will benefitl
    And if it is like universal healthcare in other countries people who want to can opt-out and have private insurance or get themselves a concierge doc

  20. KGC, just in case we get stuck with pete as a nominee, how ’bout pronouncing his surname “buddha judge” and not giving the gopers more ammunition to belittle him and the party?  it has a more presidential (or vice pres’l) ring to it than bootygoogoo.

    every election dems seem to do during the primaries most of the gopers dirty work for their nasty ads come the general.

  21. Mayor Pete would fit the trend of electing inexperienced people to the presidency.  Maybe if i run for town dog-catcher, now, i can be POTUS in 8 years.

  22. BiD, your “gaaag” comment seems spot on.  here’s daily beast headline:

    Donald Trump Jr. Went on ‘The View’ and It Was a Total Shitshow

    Don Jr. whined, Kimberly Guilfoyle flailed, Meghan McCain nearly cried. Who thought this was a good idea?


  23. Conservatives stand for the way things were done ‘in the good old days,’ when men were MEN, and women were appliances. Back in those days, kings bought and sold countries, like Greenland and Syria. Also in those good old days, pharmacy was the purview of doctors or herbalists (witches). Surgery was done in the street by barbers, using dirty knives and spoons (until the dirty fork was invented) and filthy hands. Chiropraxis was done in special clinics called dungeons, using  squashing boxes, mechanical stretching beds, and blacksmiths equipment. Of course treatments were reserved for those very special people that the king or clergy calculated would be helped the most.
    The question arises in our no longer new post-modern age, what shall we do with people who can’t access health care through the venues the rest of us use. The Conservative answer is as always, to do things as they were done in Ye gude oulde Daies, when men (well, ur . . . white men) were MEN, and women were appliances. 

  24. xrep – I gotta doctor/barber story for ya.   My great-grandpa took my great-uncle to the barber to get rid of a wart on his hand.    The barber put a metal washer around the wart, filled the middle with gunpowder and lit it.   It did more harm than good but…no more wart.

  25. Thanks, Ms Blue,
    Another use for gunpowder and washers. Not just for causing shrapnel wounds any more. 
    I’ll bet your great uncle had the black spot for the rest of his life. 

  26. IDK about the scar, as he died a decade or so before I was born.  I heard the story from his brothers.
    I wish I could remember all of the stories.    Especially, my grandpa’s youngest brother who I knew best; he was a gunner’s mate on a merchant marine ship & also served after WWII. 

  27. Barbers were like docs in the olden days, for minor things.
    Don’t you remember “Theodoric of York” on SNL?

  28. Bloomberg will either quickly get his rich a$$ handed to him, or, he will give Trumpsky a second term.  I hope it’s the the former.

  29. Haha….reminds me of the end of the Kirk Douglas/Henry Fonda movie where Douglas reaches into the hole and pulls out ALL the stolen gold an then a stray rattlesnake bites him and Fonda picks up the money and goes to Mexico.

  30. Willard is prepared to step in for a run on the Repug side if Trumpsky actually gets the old heave-ho. 

  31. I’ve already lost my doctor and now have a nurse practitioner.  Won’t be surprised when my healthcare provider tells me to just go to the barber.

  32. Gee, big-money-Mickey trying to buy the Dem nomination.   He doesn’t realize the country is moving the left.  Not just the party, but the entire country.  And, why?  Because of 1%-er’s like Bloomberg who have too much financial power.  

  33. Oh, Bink.  That’s really funny, except that it’s such serious business.   
    The new ACA is Supercuts

  34. This new ACA is the pro-lifers answer to the overpopulation problem. Well, that and abortion-inducing industrial pollution.

  35. That schmuck that wrote that horrid “On Golden Pond” they shoulda keel-hauled him before he ever got near a pencil
    Oh…..it’s called WALDEN.

  36. Bink

    I get excellent care from my Nurse Practitioner.  Her education actually adds up to what a med degree used to be.  All of outlets around the state also have a supervising MD for each clinic.  The way our community care works is that they handle all of the testing and well care for anything chronic, then she has an army of Multicare specialists at her disposal for anything serious enough to require a referral.  For instance I have a regular relationship with my cardiologist to keep an eye on my a couple of times a year.  It keeps people out of emergency rooms, catches the early diagnosis, and for majority of patients fees are based on income.  


    As to going to your barber, I got my flu shot this year at Safeway and it came with a 10% discount on my next round of grocery shopping.

  37. Yep, ““buddha judge” – finally, an easy guide to pronouncing his name. Thanks Pat”  A lot of good comments today!

  38. There are more than a few resident grammar-Americans, here, whose charge i occasionally assume, proudly, when fancy strikes me, such as now, for instance.  

  39. i’ll admit: the use of a phone to participate, in this forum, has had a deleterious effect on the quality of my submissions to it, such as this one, for example.  Sorry. 

  40. GAG!  “White House adviser Stephen Miller got engaged over the weekend to Katie Waldman, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, Bloomberg reports.”

  41. Tiptoe, her loss I’d wager. If not, Jesus H. I honestly cannot imagine a life with a void that could be filled with Steven Miller.

  42. tiptoe,  as I recall flatus is of the Buddhism persuasion or at least a respecter thereof;  therefore, he capitalizes the figurehead of same persuasion out of respect.


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