Sunday ??? something

Mid 20th century high brow music (jazz or orchestra) seemed to forget that music has always encouraged folks to dance. But you can’t dance to Bebop or to todays selection. I think that is a reason Rock and Roll was able to dominate as it has.

I enjoyed todays selection, I found the percussion of the piece to be interesting but it is nothing that I would want to listen to all day. It is a bit like pickles, imo, you can enjoy them but you don’t make a meal of them. I will admit that after listening to the whole twenty minutes of this piece, I was ready for a break.

When you click on the youtube link they have provided information about the piece and the musicians.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, thanks for the musical adventure.


    tiptoe, thank you too for spotting that maher piece on goper personality change.  hope his point about the double standard (what’s a super bad no-no for dems is okay for gopers to commit) and all the recent goper losses get more coverage.

  2. Jack,

    Thank you for our Sunday musical interlude.  The piece today is definitely interesting.  I really like the mix of percussive instruments, but you are right that it does have a time limit.


  3. twittering away the presidency

    NYTimes does some good research on the twit’s tweets.  graphs and analysis galore like the following: 

    No. of tweets …



    attacked someone or something


    praised someone or something


    attacked Democrats


    attacked investigations


    praised President Trump


    promoted conspiracies


    attacked news organizations


    attacked minority groups


    praised or promoted Fox News and other conservative media


    attacked immigrants


    attacked previous presidential administrations


    conducted presidential business on Twitter


    attacked Hillary Clinton


    attacked ally nations


    bragged about crowd size and applause


    praised dictators


    referred to a Trump business


    promoted voter fraud conspiracies


    called the news media the “enemy of the people”


    referred to himself as everyone’s “favorite” president


    Tweets from Jan. 20, 2017 to Oct. 15, 2019.


  4. another day, another poll.

    wapo excerpt:

    [ story on most recent Washington Post-ABC News poll ]

    Among Democratic-leaning registered voters, 28 percent would support Biden if their state’s primary or caucus were held today, while 23 percent support Warren and 17 percent support Sanders. Biden’s edge over Warren is smaller than the poll’s margin of sampling error. Buttigieg stands at 9 percent and is the only other candidate with greater than 2 percent support.
    On the question of which of five leading Democrats “has the sharpest mental ability,” Biden was mentioned by 21 percent, falling narrowly between Warren at 24 percent and Sanders at 17 percent. Buttigieg was named by 15 percent as the most mentally sharp candidate, while 7 percent mentioned Harris.

  5. wonder how they defined “sharpest mental ability” –  glibness?  profundity? substantive accuracy or just a way with words and nifty sound bites?

  6. IDK, but last night’s SNL cold opener with Warren was great.   Mentions of Harris, Biden & Mayor Pete,  but it was the Warren show.    

  7. Nice piece Jack. Funky percussion. Kinda like Blue man group meets avant grade violin.

    That WaPoll confirms that Joe & Lizzie hold the edge now and Bernie!’s support is weakening. Mayor Pete is breathing, but barely, however his vitals are stable and improving. And really, IQ tests – even just perception – for presidents aren’t used to rank candidates – except as a parlor game. It’s a threshold question at best. And 2000 demonstrated it’s not even used head to head in the final contest. 

  8. Jack…  I think you honor Jace every Sunday with your selections.
    Bink…  I’m not looking up every Dem candidate’s education…  but I’d bet Mayor Pete is the most highly educated.  He went to Harvard where he majored in history and literature.  Then he went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and studied philosophy, politics, and economics.  Course… that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be president yet.

  9. No need to bother with an election.  The media has erased every person of color and elected Warren.  You can all just stay home now.


  10. From the WaPo article on the WaPo/ABC poll:

    Democrats see former vice president Joe Biden as the strongest leader among the top candidates and also say he has the best chance of defeating President Trump. But he holds no advantage on five other attributes, including policy issues, bringing needed change and being mentally sharp. He remains atop the field, with Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) trailing, Warren within the margin of error.

    Meanwhile, the poll finds significant concerns about Sanders’s fitness in the wake of his heart attack last month, with more than 4 in 10 Democrats saying he is not in good enough health to serve as president.

    Joe’s still the strongest candidate and Bernies fading.  Pete isn’t going to do it. 

  11. Mayor Pete is well rounded.  Military valor, well spoken, photogenic, egghead education, informed liberal outlook… or later his time will come.

  12. At Critical Iowa Dinner, Buttigieg and Harris Deliver A Punch 

    While few politicians could equal the former president’s unique political skills, the two candidates who did the most to help themselves were South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and US Senator Kamala Harris of California.

    He gets almost wall to wall coverage across all networks.  She got a seven second clip on AM Joy. It is an excellent article laying out the differences between them.


  13. They just showed the new ballot system voting & scanning machines.  Anyone in Dallas county can vote at any of the 468 polling places; ballots are English or Spanish; free rides to the polling places and back if you show your voter registration.    

  14. Chris Redd does a great Corey Booker on SNL.   I think Colin Jost did a pretty good Mayor Pete, but yep, Kate does a great Warren. Maya Rudolph does a great Faunt Kamala, too.

  15. Jack…  I think you honor Jace every Sunday with your selections.  RR
    Lovely sentiment and so true.  As I started to read the post I thought of Jace.

  16. I have to admit that most of my exposure to high culture comes from watching looney tunes. As a result I believe that music soothes the savage beast not breast. You all are making me blush with your compliments.  I enjoy music and coming of age in the rocknroll era and living in a country music/ grand ole opry household my music has always been varied. As I get older it just gets more so. Trying to carry on Jace’s tradition has been an interesting project. I always worry about the next time but so far something pops up that is worthy of sharing.

  17. Qualifiers for the December debate:

    Biden, Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Harris

    The others who still haven’t fully qualified though Klobuchar is almost there.

    Amy Klobuchar:  3/4  polls 

    Tulsi Gabbard:  2/4 polls needs donors

    Andrew Yang:  1/4 polls

    Tom Steyer:  1/4 polls needs donors

    Castro & Booker:  0/4 polls needs donors


  18. Jack, I really enjoyed today’s selection–it’s the  first time I’ve heard/watched a percussionist of this style. The music itself is reminiscent of the first movement of Stravinsky’s l’Histoire du soldat.

  19. Results from 3 (!) national polls today: (NBC+WSJ / ABC+WaPo / Fox)
    Biden: 27% / 27% / 31%
    Warren: 23% / 21% / 21%
    Sanders: 19% / 19% / 19%
    Buttigieg: 6% / 7% / 7%
    Klobuchar: 5% / 1% / 2%
    Harris: 4% / 2% / 3%

    Now if Sanders will just get out of the way, you have the five most viable candidates the the race.

  20. Always check in on Sundays to see what music offerings are coming our way.  Yes, Jace’s selections were wonderful. Personally, I like almost any genre of music, so I’m easily satisfied.  Glad you’ve taken the lead role for Sundays.  Jack, your selections are a statement of who you are in the same way Jace’s selections were a statement of who he was, too.  It’s all good! 

  21. dems can’t feel comfortable until THE IT candidate reaches at least 40% which meets and beats trumpian (even if he shoots someone) base who will drag themselves from dying beds to vote.   so far the undecideds (plus angry and anarchic  Bernie bros who will be broken hearted when he’s not nominated) keep that % from ever happening.

  22. the guardian:

    A lawyer for the whistleblower who raised alarms about Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine said on Sunday his client is willing to answer written questions submitted by House Republicans.
    The surprise offer, made to Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House intelligence committee, would allow Republicans to ask questions of the whistleblower, who spurred the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry, without having to go through committee chairman Adam Schiff.
    Attorney Mark Zaid tweeted that the whistleblower would answer questions directly from Republican members “in writing, under oath & penalty of perjury”, as part of an attempt to stem efforts by Trump and his GOP allies to unmask the person’s identity.
    Only queries seeking the person’s identity would not be answered, Zaid said.
    “Being a whistleblower is not a partisan job nor is impeachment an objective. That is not our role,” Zaid tweeted. “So we have offered to Devin Nunes.”
    “We will ensure timely answers,” he said.
    Nunes’ office did not have immediate comment.
    US whistleblower laws exist to protect the identity and careers of people who bring forward accusations of wrongdoing by government officials. Lawmakers in both parties have historically backed those protections.

  23. Thanks patd.  Sorry I’m so sporadic  here but it’s the time thang.  The thing I did like about FB was that there were threads by person so it was like a conversation. Also, if there were a Like button here, I’d like a bunch of posts.

  24. i’m ascertaining that Jace is no longer with us- figured as much but wasn’t sure. Condolences to all.

  25. Yeah, so, if you didn’t see: i time-travelled, last night.  “No”, i didn’t kill Hitler and, “yes”, it is as jarring to the psyche as they say.
    If i could have picked to what time i travelled, i would have chosen sometime before the advent of social-media.

  26. All she has to say is “if you like your insurance, you can keep it”, and she wins- she doesn’t even have to mean it.  i respect her integrity.

  27. Patd, so long as the top 4 remain in the race I’ll wager that no one’s going to make 40%. 
    BiD. Maya’s Kamala is inspired, but she’s an alum. Larry David’s Bernie!, the same, but he’s a guest. 

  28. Craig, the thing is, most of the campaign promises, say by Warren, have to be approved by ….say, congress?  They can promise free everything. That doesn’t mean anything will be free. 

  29. Yo Soy Horsedooty (Lee Cunningham?), Unlikely Burrito, the never-tactful yet underappreciated (imo and by his own design) Brian

  30. Since we just had the Day of the Dead, I really love the premise of Coco that everyone lives as long as there is someone to remember them.  The theme song actually deserved that Oscar.


  31. I prefer Twitter, but Facebook is the easy access to my Great Grands.  I may just have Brandy start emailing them.  It’s getting to be too aggravating.


  32. Good friends gone.  Never forgotten though. I’d like to think we might approach a standard they would approve of at least at times. 

  33. You must invoke them, by name.
    I’ll pour some liquor out, later.  Not too much, though- i need it more than them.

  34. The problem with FB is it is the only way to get in touch with people around the world in a way of having multiple people in on the conversation.  There is no other platform available that is accessible anywhere on Earth in that manner.  Twitter can function for a short message.
     After last Thursday storm,  we were checking on the path of the hit, probably a micro-burst, and the only way other than door to door, was FB on our community group.  It worked, we confirmed no one was injured but the path of the hit was very evident.
    I have friends who do not use FB.  Trying to keep them informed is difficult.
    All that aside, I avoid FB and only use it as a last resort message system.

  35. Craig, methinks anything a Dem candidate says will be vulnerable this election cycle because the repubes are so mean and vicious.  Benghaz!

  36. Twitter is TOO, too much. I don’t need that much involvement or confusion.  Instagram is good for pics of all kinds of things and not as cluttered as Twitter. But it’s good that Twitter has stopped political ads!

  37. I suspect we can put Susan (sjwny) on that list as her last post indicated she was very ill.   
    That is the problem with online friends and acquaintances. One day they are just gone.

  38. For me facebook  lost out when it got taken over by single issue posters. People back in the usenet days we called net kooks. Some of them very nice people except for the mild perversion.  Both on the family version and Whskyjack’s,  It just got boring. Once in a while I will check it out but most rational folks seem to have fled. 

  39. I try to use twitter as a cheap way to keep the info bubble at bay. But that isn’t easy these days.

  40. Warren has an energy that Joe doesn’t have anymore.   Actual Bernie supporters (not the bots) will be on team Warren in a way they/we were never going to be for Hillary.    
    I did like what Yang had to say this morning, but he is probably too forward-thinking for this country.
    One thing he made clear, tech is the new oil/gas, so that’s where he plans to get money for his basic income payout.
    What I haven’t heard from any of them (and I thought Corey Booker might say it) is that chronic disease is largely a creation of the processed “food” and beverage industry and their advertising teams.    Couple that with food deserts which are now growing because of things like grocery deliveries to those who can afford it (we lost  the only grocery store in my neighborhood last year), and folks will be eating even less real, fresh, whole food.
    Availability, affordability, and (sad to say it) education about what to eat to stay healthy would probably save a lot of healthcare dollars, plus, increase worker productivity.    Of course, the medical industry and big pharma don’t want that, either.  

  41. I still follow 9/11’s daughter on Facebook.  She posts regularly and is a truly interesting person.  For those who would like to friend her:  Arabella Luna Friedland


  42. Ok, liquor poured-out for all invoked in this thread, plus i threw in a shout-out to Mama Crawford, Kumcho, Crystal, and Mrs. Jack.  Let’s live for them, henceforth, and please, don’t die- liquor is expensive.  Thanks in advance.
    (apologies to anyone i missed)

  43. they’re still with us, mixer friends.  we just can’t see or hear or read them now.  we live in this great recycle universe, whether it be recycling of the energy, the spirit or the molecular, we’re made up of all that went before and will be.

    sparkle on.

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