Such a question. I have my own feelings that I will share later on, but let me make this observation. So far as I'm aware he has presided over the Senate as required by our Constitution. Is there any other duty currently required of him?

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  1. whence pence?

    flatus, thanks for the tread on this overlooked obstacle in the road ahead. 

    a penny for our thoughts phrase is in order. according to

    The first known use of it is by Sir Thomas More in A Treatyce upon the last thynges, circa 1535:

    In such wise yt not wtoute som note & reproch of suche vagaraunte mind, other folk sodainly say to them: a peny for your thought.
    (A rough paraphrase of the above is “when people notice that someone appears disengaged and wish them to rejoin the conversation they ask ‘a penny for your thoughts’.”)

    our fellow citizenry are surely “vagaraunte” at the moment.  hopefully, we’ll all wake to what new horrors may stand before us in the form of a seemingly sensible soul  but really the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  2. the guardian:

    The New York Times is facing criticism over its decision to publish revealing details about the whistleblower whose explosive complaint, which raised concerns about Donald Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president and the White House’s apparent attempts to cover it up, was made public on Thursday.

    Readers, including those who work with or within the intelligence community, national security experts and advocates for whistleblower protection, expressed concern that the decision compromised the individual’s safety.
    The newspaper reported the whistleblower’s employer and expertise, citing three unnamed people familiar with the individual’s identity. Since the article’s publication online on Thursday, the newspaper has added the context that the White House already knew where the whistleblower was employed.
    Identifying information published in the paper “recklessly narrows that universe of suspected whistleblowers to a very few people,” said Jesselyn Radack, the director of national security and human rights at the Whistleblower and Source Protection Program. “This has a very chilling effect on anyone who is even thinking of blowing the whistle and thinking of doing so through the proper channels.”
    The individual is especially at risk given that Trump lashed out at those who informed the whistleblower, comparing them to spies, and alluded to retaliation. In audio obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Trump can be heard asking: “Who’s the person that gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s close to a spy. You know what we used to do in the old days, when we were smart, right? The spies and treason? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”


  3. back to the rear end of TrumPence according to wapo :

    Even as Pence distanced himself from the impeachment saga playing out in Washington, his penchant for sidestepping the Trump administration’s most controversial episodes is perhaps facing its greatest test thus far. Congress is preparing to mount an aggressive probe into allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 elections and that the White House sought to cover it up — and Pence’s dealings with Ukraine have already become part of the focus.
    Pence did not participate in a controversial July 25 phone call in which Trump pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son, according to a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.
    But Pence’s name has emerged in several other contexts — including as a potential successor should Trump be ousted from office — since Democrats announced this week that they were launching a formal impeachment inquiry.
    The whistleblower complaint, released Thursday, said Pence canceled a planned trip to Ukraine at the direction of Trump, who was seeking to pressure the Ukrainians to help him politically.


    Trump himself reminded reporters Wednesday that Pence has had extensive conversations with Ukrainian officials during the same time period covered in the whistleblower complaint.
    “And I think you should ask for VP Pence’s conversation, because he had a couple conversations also,” Trump told reporters Wednesday as he faced questions about the July 25 phone call. “They’re all perfect.”



    “perfect” what? one should ask –  perfect examples of extortion? of stupidity? of perfidy?

  4. at 8:40 minutes on above Colbert vid is beginning of when trump threw pence in front of the impeachment bus.

  5. I suspect that the convo between SFB and Zelensky was code word MORON. 

    Nancy coming up shortly on MoJo. 

    Pat, they talked funny in 1563, didn’t they?  Sort of like people from down east these days. 

  6. Fascinating word “perfect”.   I suspect the meaning changes from outside the White House fence to inside the fence.  The same with the word “beautiful”.  Just as SFB states that people he hates are “dirty” or “corrupt”, he means the opposite, and it eats at his little hands that he is dirty and corrupt.
    I was in the military during the Watergate hearings and the final stupid wave as Tricky Dick went under the waves and left the WH.  We would watch the hearings on television and be stunned by what was going on.  The many times we wondered what was going on with Mo Dean, sitting, watching John Dean, her husband, testify.  We also were concerned about what Nixon might do. Right now I feel for our military as we have no clue what a stressed SFB might do.

  7. pogo, poor zelensky. you can imagine the anxiety, fear and threat he was under. his words would mean the acquiring or not acquiring of life/death aid for his country, his home, his family.

  8. bbronc, fearful of what the twit will do?  yes, but even more fearful of what some in his crazy base will do in response to his not-so-veiled threat about shooting “spies” within WH.

  9. patd – agree.  We already have seen what a few lone wolves can do, it is the thought of several of them deciding to shoot up something that is chilling.
    About bobble head.  As much as I detest SFB, at least I know he is not stable and is living in an alternative world.  The b-h is just horrible.  He knows and plans his attacks on LGBTQ people.  He was so bad that the good conservative citizens of Indiana were going to toss him out when he was put on the ticket with SFB.  With him looking at the bus tires ready to run him over it is time to consider what he will do in prison orange.  Hopefully he will bunk with that “Big Bone” guy who is always ready to initiate new cellmates into his lifestyle.

  10. Oh, and I forgot to mention in my prior comment – a pence may be a little much for Pence’s thoughts. I mean if his heritage lent itself to thoughtfulness or intelligence or something other that low level commerce, wouldn’t he be Mike Pense?

    John Wagner of WaPo has a summary of the more salient happenings since last night, including Nancy’s MoJo appearance.

    8 a.m.: Pelosi says she prays for Trump, asks that ‘God will illuminate him’
    During a morning television appearance, Pelosi said she is praying for Trump and accused Barr of have “gone rogue” in his handling of the fallout from Trump’s call with Zelensky.
    In the midst of a discussion about her decision to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump, Pelosi said, “I pray that God will illuminate him to see right from wrong. It’s very problematic.”
    At other points during her appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Pelosi also accused Trump of “being disloyal to the oath of his office” and having used taxpayer dollars to “shake down” Zelensky.
    Pelosi was referring to the fact that Trump had suspended military aid to Ukraine at the time of the call to Zelensky where he pressed forr an investigation of the Bidens.

    Trump has said repeatedly that there was “no quid pro quo.”
    During the interview, Pelosi was also highly critical of Barr’s handling of the episode.
    Barr’s Justice Department played a central role in holding up the disclosure of the whistleblower complaint to Congress.
    As Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testified Thursday, he consulted the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which overruled the inspector general’s determination that the complaint was of “urgent concern,” a legal threshold that would have required disclosure to Congress within seven days.
    “He’s gone rogue,” Pelosi said of Barr, adding: “I think where they’re going is a cover-up of the cover-up.”

    Smart lady.

  11. Reading Twitter in the early AM can make you feel as if SFB in addition to not knowing the difference between an apostrophe and a dash actually misspelled “Liddle” as well.  With a little alteration on the name, we can follow Alice Liddell down the rabbit hole for tea time with the Mad Hatter.


  12. Pence, at least to my eyes, has been an enigmatic public figure. I had to go back to an October 2017 New Yorker article by Jane Mayer to get a much larger understanding of the man. I am not comfited by her biographic study.
    I am left with the impression that he is a conniver who has studied the experiences of his sixty-years forming them into well-planned stepping stones to his very conservative presidency. His phony ‘I luv you’ glances of adoration to SFB fit into the profile she has drawn.
    Woe is us(a)

  13. in re that “Pelosi for president!”

    craig, at what point in the proceedings (assuming there is only one TrumPence impeachment or pence’s if 2 are required) will she have to recuse herself due to conflict of interest?  

  14. Pat, I don’t believe that she should do anything beyond passing the gavel when/if her integrity as Speaker is being challenged from the floor. After the issue is ‘litigated’ by her stand-in, she reclaims the gavel.

  15. I’ve been writing ‘pence first’ since inauguration day, if not earlier. Remove both.
    Ms Pelosi can save her reputation from republican smears by stepping aside and letting Schumer become president. He’s not as good, but he’s as different from pence as is necessary.

  16. I believe ms pence is calling all the ripping senators’ wives, and the pence kids are calling all the senators’ kids. 
    A pence presidency means an all male White House staff. We wouldn’t want the president to pass any female alone in the hallways. 

  17. Flatus…  thanks for this posting.  The problem with Pence is that he’s much smarter than trumpty dumpty.  Methinks if he gets ahold of the presidency, he will know how to use his new found power to advance very conservative causes.  Then we will see rats like Bill Kristol and George Will flock to his side.  
    I don’t trust these conservative “never trumpers” pundits.  To me they are just as much opportunists as Pence.

    100 years ago there was the Black Hand extortion gang. Today there is the Tiny Hand extortion ring.

  19. Pence has a long hisory of bad decisions and he is only where he is today because the other choice was the fat ass loser from NJ –ugh

  20. if he ever was an artist of the deal, now is the time to start painting and sculpting a way out with a plea to immediately go quietly; turn over all the keys; return all profits made during presidency; pay all those municipal, state & fed taxes he hadn’t paid based on fraud; deed over all property (except maybe NJ golf course where he wants to be buried) to the US; and to name names of his aiders and abettors. 

    i’d even toss in giving him a free ride on the ‘copter and a one-way ticket good at the nearest int’l airport.

  21. A free ride to the Gitmo International Airport. Give him barr and miller for company in 3 little steel playpens, supplied with foil sheets and open biffies. 

  22. Are diapers too much of a luxury ? I mean, with flush commodes they might try to drown themselves.

  23. Don’t you all wonder if Steve Bannon is thanking his lucky stars that he’s no longer a part of this administration right now….
    just a thought…

  24. If he did actually resign, he would keep all his Presidential goodies such as Secret Service and retirement package.  It would not protect him against NY State charges, but there might be a pardon agreement of some sort in exchange for that resignation.


  25. No protection from state charges with a federal pardon.  He would have to get Cuomo and that is pretty unlikely

  26. Trump stink is permanent – you cannot get away from it.  All the president’s people are cooked politically.

  27. His best chance now is to cash in any assets he might have, board AF1 and fly to a place that doesn’t have extradition. But, he’ll need to put everything into currency to hand, to avoid frozen bank accounts.
    barr, pompeo, miller, julie annie, mulvaney, ross, and mnuchin will just have to fend for themselves. I assume (for no good reason) that perry and carson are safe from prosecution. And, only those two nitwits.

  28. Question 
    Does anyone think Hillary Clinton would have gotten herself into an impeachment mess only 70% of the way through her first term ?  Please respond.

    Anywhat, I do. I think the ripper House would have impeached her for pissing off snotty Arabia and Big Oil. 

  29. Don’t need a pardon to get rid of him.
    Withdrawal of Sec Serv protection, Marine 1, food delivery and water service should do the trick. 

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