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  1. Just finished a lengthy “autopsy” with our server company, Network Solutions, and yes we were hacked. But kudos to their technicians for preserving our site. We’ve installed security measures to guard against this happening again. Meanwhile they’re investigating where the hack came from, but preliminary results indicate a domestic source, not foreign. They assure me your user accounts are firewalled and were safe from this attack, which is why the site immediately shut down when breached. That prevented any permanent damage. To be safe we backed up the site to Tuesday, hence losing yesterday’s threads.

  2. I vote for Adam Schiff to get the best line of the day award.  When informed that SFB was tweeting that Schiff had no credibility as he was addressing the press after the morning session with McGuire, he said, and I paraphrase – I take it as a compliment whenever I’m criticized by someone of tRump’s character.

  3. Yep KGC, although I have long prevented search engines from crawling our site it appears that is how the perpetrators got to us. Through Google. We we have now installed barriers to Google getting any access. That was the culprit for those who recall many years ago when we were shut down. Google is a menace.

  4. You conveniently “lost the thread” that you regretted posting?  That was a good conversation you started!  I’ll have to re-make all the points i made in it.  Stand by.

  5. So, once upon time, Mr. Crawford made a post that was simply two pictures of a scantily-clad First Lady of the United States, taken during her modeling career.  Some users expressed regret at what they perceived was a degeneration of discourse in a forum they esteem for having a higher standard.  Personally, i thought it led to a good discussion, until, ultimately, i pondered whether our First Lady is the first openly-bisexual official resident of the White House!  How relevant that revelation would be in our contemporary political climate!

  6. Gonna have to impeach and remove barr, too. 
    20 something % of polled repubs strongly favor trump impeachment already, if he did as it appears he did. Another 10% sorta favor it. 
    What did the vice usurper know and when did he know it ?

  7. Is Mr. F buying editorial influence now?  Interesting.  It’s like our own little Trump administration.

  8. Got a report from server company, the IP addresses of hackers are anonymous sourced, no surprise. We’ve blacklisted them but of course they will use different ones if they try again. Network Solutions has put our site on high alert for any suspicious activity, which means we will shut down immediately if anything happens. Although annoying that means we’re all protected.

  9. This was what is called a denial-of-service attack. Perpetrators did not access the site but simply pounded us with thousands of pings that shut us down. In other words I want you to be assured that none of your accounts or the content of our site was actually accessed.

  10. Our strategy going forward is that if this occurs again the site will immediately shut down until the threat subsides. OK enough of this, let’s get back to doing what we do best.

  11. Do you have a screenshot from your communications with your service-provider that confirms you were hacked?

  12. No Bink, only phone conversations. My earlier use of the term hacked was not correct as it turns out. They did not get into the site but instead pounded us with pings that shut us down temporarily.

  13. Bink, Craig operates this site through the generous use of his personal resources supplemented by voluntary stipends from committed regulars. When unanticipated glitches requiring external support arise, it is only fair that we help-out.

  14. Yeah, the “i got hacked” defense is usually the first approach after people make posts they regret, heard it before.  Cool story.

  15. …it’s a microcosmic example of the exact type of shit in which the Trump administration engages, as well as a fascinating sociological case-study!  Carry on, it’s highly entertaining.

    There was nothing wrong with your Melania post, btw.

  16. Well, it was the conversation that was the thing, but ok, i believe in owning-up to internet-mistakes, as that’s how growth is cultivated, so maybe that’s important to re-post.  Whatever.

  17. Bink, your suggestions aside, this was an illegitimate attack on our site that I have spent the last 24 hours wrestling with, and thankfully it’s done and fixed.

  18. it’s frat time on the trail.

    next toga! toga! toga!  while smashing brewskis to the brows.  the hot weather must be getting to you boys.


  19. frat time is an anagram of emit fart.
    Just so’s we all know what we’re talkin’ about here. 

  20. the twit’s performance yesterday was rambling more than usual with little if any emotion or life in what seemed a very tired voice.  a hint of a respiratory/ pulmonary problem,  a cold coming on maybe or not enough sleep.

    no country for old men

  21. any bets on twit in a snit not signing it?


    The Senate passed a stopgap spending bill Thursday to keep the government open through Nov. 21, punting tough decisions about President Trump’s border wall and other funding disputes until just before Thanksgiving.
    The 82-15 vote came days before the Sept. 30 deadline when government funding would expire if Congress didn’t act. The House passed the same measure last week, so the Senate’s passage of the short-term spending bill means it will now go to Trump for his signature. He is expected to sign it.

  22. One day we’ll look back and laugh.  Sincerely, the last few days on the trail have been more entertaining than an HBO serial, but more relevant to contemporary politics and interpersonal dynamics.  
    Seriously, though, it’s not a big deal.  I’m not outraged- i’m fascinated!  My aim is to encourage discussion, not to stifle it!  “Road to hell…”, and all that.
    Thanks again, have a good day.

    (i owe you a gift, CC, for all the bullshit i’ve given you over the years. i already know what it will be, i just have to figure out how to make it, which will take months. i’m excited, though, it will be really cool.)

  23. All this business about dirting-up Biden could bring him a sympathy wave. In fact, I think it will.

  24. White House waived executive privilege in impeachment proceedings by releasing phone transcript and whistleblower complaint. Why Pelosi pulled trigger before they did that. Trump a criminal and an idiot.

  25. Looks like there’ll be a bunch of White House/trump lawyers losing their licenses, headed by barr, mulvaney, and julie annie.
    Parenthetically, barr will look humongous in prison orange. In fact, he’ll loom larger on the horizon than the harvest moon. 

  26. misRepresentative nunes attacked the whistleblower today, but didn’t defend trump. What was that about ?

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