Sunday Jazz

Mary Lou Williams, why do we never hear about the women? A Jazz great that worked along side, playing , composing and arranging music for men whose names roll off of our tongues. Names like Benny Goodman , Duke Ellington, Charley Parker . Maybe she was known to those who are jazz enthusiast but to the ordinary person………?

Any way good for a quiet Sunday morning, enjoy


NPR has done series of articles in the last few weeks, just google – Mary Lou Williams, NPR and they will pop up. at least they did for me.

Her wiki page


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  1. jack, thanks.  love that “ain’t necessarily so” song no matter the arrangement, musician or genre.

  2. “Mike Pence says Triple Crown winner American Pharoah bit him during visit to Kentucky farm”

    jamie, now that’s what i call real horse sense. 

    hope it was a butt bite followed by a nose nudging over the fence. 

  3. NY Times review of ken burns’ newest production on PBS: 

    Tell a lie long enough and it begins to smell like the truth. Tell it even longer and it becomes part of history.
    Throughout “Country Music,” the new omnibus genre documentary from Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, there are moments of tension between the stories Nashville likes to tell about itself — some true, some less so — and the way things actually were.
    And while from a distance, this doggedly thorough eight-part, 16-hour series — which begins Sunday on PBS — hews to the genre’s party line, viewed up close it reveals the ruptures laid out in plain sight.
    Anxiety about race has been a country music constant for decades, right up through this year’s Lil Nas X kerfuffle. In positioning country music as, essentially, the music of the white rural working class, Nashville streamlined — make that steamrollered — the genre’s roots, and the ways it has always been engaged in wide-ranging cultural dialogue.
    But right at the beginning of “Country Music” is an acknowledgment that slave songs formed part of early country’s raw material. And then a reminder that the banjo has its roots in West African stringed gourd instruments. The series covers how A.P. Carter, a founder of the Carter Family, traveled with Lesley Riddle, a black man, to find and write down songs throughout Appalachia. And it explores how Hank Williams’s mentor was Rufus Payne, a black blues musician.
    It goes on and on, tracing an inconvenient history for a genre that has generally been inhospitable to black performers, regardless of the successes of Charley Pride, Darius Rucker or DeFord Bailey, the first black performer on the Grand Ole Opry. Over and again, “Country Music” lays bare what is too often overlooked: that country music never evolved in isolation.


  4. Thank you Jack.  She was a great musician and anything from Porgy and Bess is always a treat.  Sorry for the film quality on this, but Sammy Davis, Jr with a Porgy medley


  5. BTW, here’s that USAtoday horse bite story as reported in Lv courier-journal:

    American Pharoah has it all these days. By becoming the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years in 2015, the horse secured a life of pampering and mating at Coolmore’s Ashford Stud Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. 
    He also enjoys visits from figures such as Vice President Mike Pence, who visited the horse on the farm in March 2018 while campaigning for Garland “Andy” Barr, (R-Kentucky). Except apparently Pharoah’s interaction with the former governor of Indiana didn’t go so well, at least in Pence’s version of the events, per multiple reports
    On Friday at a policy retreat for House Republicans in Baltimore, Pence claimed he was bitten so hard on the arm by American Pharoah that he nearly collapsed. The point of the story was to offer a metaphor for Republicans’ hopes of retaking the House next year. 
    “In our line of work, you’re going to get bit sometimes, but you keep fighting forward,” Pence said.
    Pence said he was invited to grab Pharoah’s reins, and that’s when the bite happened. But farm manager Dermot Ryan said that type of behavior from Pharoah is not typical. 
    “If he gave someone a nasty bite, I’d know it,” Ryan told McClatchy DC
    Barr spokeswoman Jodi Whitaker told McClatchy the congressman did not see a biting incident but was on Air Force Two when the vice president showed off a bruise. 
    American Pharoah was in the news earlier this week, aside from his encounter with the veep, because a filly yearling of his sold for a record $8.2 million Wednesday. 

  6. For those on Twitter as part of the promotion for the Ken Burns documentary, people, including some name artists, are posting their favorite country songs with the hashtag #FavoriteCountrySong and inviting others to post their choices.  You can either do yours and include the hashtag or go direct to this link to see what everyone else is choosing.  #FavoriteCountrySong




  7. (CNN)Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden committed to publicly releasing his medical records before the Iowa caucuses after questions of whether the 76-year-old former vice president is fit for the rigors of the presidency and to take on President Donald Trump, aged 73, in a grueling 2020 campaign.

    In Houston on Friday, a day after the third presidential debate, the Democratic frontrunner was asked by a reporter if he will be disclosing his medical records to address worries about his age.

    “Yes,” Biden said, then with a quip, “What health concerns man? You want to wrestle?”
    Asked about the timing, Biden said he’ll release his medical records “when I get the next physical” exam and “before there’s the first vote.”
    A Biden spokesman confirmed to CNN that meant before the Iowa caucuses in February 2020.


    At 78, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is older than Biden. While Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is 70. Together with Biden, the three septuagenarians have been dominating the field of their younger Democratic rivals.
    Warren also plans to release her medical records before the Iowa caucuses, Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for the Warren campaign, confirmed to CNN. And a senior adviser to the Sanders campaign confirmed that the Vermont senator will release his medical records before the first votes are cast. NBC first reported Sanders’ pledge.


  8. There was a story going round back then (80 or so) that after Charlie Pride had a couple of hits he bought a house down in Texas in an upscale neighborhood, and went out with his riding mower to cut the grass.  His new neighbor, not knowing who Charlie was, came over and asked him what he would charge to cut his lawn next.  Charlie told him $50 and went over and cut the next lawn too. It was only later that the neighbor realized just who it was who’d cut his grass.    

  9. Pharaoh apparently has plenty of horse sense. I didn’t realize that thoroughbreds were inclined to bite horses’ asses. 
    Great selection Jack. 
    Well summer’s here for another 10 days. Starting to look like fall but will be 80s & up to 90 until the 26th. Fun stuff. ?

  10.  Nice work Jack  glad to see you are getting something from the Nice Polite Republicans (NPR)
    You are doing a stellar job at keeping the appreciation of music going!

  11. Do songs from Oklahoma rate as country ? I mean, if Porgy and Bess tunes make the grade . . . .
    Ave Maria, Oh, Mein Papa and Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen are Old Country.
    What creep banned the Jew’s harp, kordeen and tuba from country music ? 
    My fave (subject to turn on a dime) : Ford Econoline, Nancy Griffith

  12. Ms Pat, and what about RAY CHARLES ?!? 
    Hey, Good Lookin’, Born to Lose, Georgia, I Love You So Much (it hurts me) and Busted.
    Got a cow that won’t milk and a hen that won’t lay,
    A big stack of bill that gets bigger each day;
    County’s gonna haul my belongins away. And, I’m busted.
    If Busted ain’t country, they ain’t no such athing as country a-tall . . . no ma’am.

  13. I forgot : The Big Rock Candy Mountain, performed by just about anyone, Tiny Tim, Luciano Pavarotti and the Dixie Cups included. I draw the line at Mrs Miller.

  14. such as a probable mixture of the above


    to se

    Derived from the traditional folk song “The Unfortunate Rake“, the song has become a folk music standard, and as such has been performed, recorded and adapted numerous times, with many variations. The title refers to the city of Laredo, Texas.

    The old-time cowboy Frank H. Maynard (1853–1926) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, claimed authorship of the revised Cowboy’s Lament…



  15. And, yodeling (except among black female note bending romantics) gone too. Bill Staines was the last of the male yodelers. Montana Slim and Jimmie Rodgers yodeled in my wasted youth.

  16. Almost everything by Hank Williams Sr.  Throw in some Buck Owens, Charlie Rich and few from the Dixie Chicks.  And so much by Patsy Cline. Oh, and I can’t remember their names anymore, but most played in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

  17. Yuh, “The Unfortunate Rake” was English, I think. So was Barbry Allen, who may have been the same disease vector. I wonder why the spirochete didn’t kill her (them?) too. Or, was England just soaked in vd – and so the growth of the vd music genre ?

  18. meanwhile, another brouhaha brewing according to the guardian:

    Donald Trump came storming to the defence of Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday, after the publication of new allegations about the supreme court justice’s behaviour while he was a student at Yale led to renewed calls for his impeachment.

    Kamala Harris and Julían Castro were among Democrats leading the charge. Harris said Kavanaugh “lied to the US Senate and most importantly to the American people”.


    On Saturday, former Obama housing secretary and Democratic presidential candidate Julían Castro tweeted: “It’s more clear than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be impeached. And Congress should review the failure of the Department of Justice to properly investigate the matter.”


    On Sunday, Harris, a California senator, a member of the judiciary committee and a top-five contender for the nomination, wrote: “I sat through those hearings. Brett Kavanaugh lied to the US Senate and most importantly to the American people. He was put on the court through a sham process and his place on the court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached.”


    Another candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, was less direct.


    “I strongly oppose him,” she told ABC’s This Week, “based on his views on the executive power which will continue to haunt our country, as well as how he behaved, including the allegations that we are hearing more about today. My concern here is that the process was a sham.”


    The impeachment of supreme court justices works in the same way as that of a president: a majority of the House must approve and a two-thirds majority of the Senate must convict.


    Lower judges have been removed but only one impeachment of a supreme court justice been attempted. It was of Samuel Chase, appointed by George Washington, in 1804. He survived.


  19. also today in the guardian:

    A new generation of autonomous weapons or “killer robots” could accidentally start a war or cause mass atrocities, a former top Google software engineer has warned.
    Laura Nolan, who resigned from Google last year in protest at being sent to work on a project to dramatically enhance US military drone technology, has called for all AI killing machines not operated by humans to be banned.
    Nolan said killer robots not guided by human remote control should be outlawed by the same type of international treaty that bans chemical weapons.
    Unlike drones, which are controlled by military teams often thousands of miles away from where the flying weapon is being deployed, Nolan said killer robots have the potential to do “calamitous things that they were not originally programmed for”.


    Nolan, who has joined the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and has briefed UN diplomats in New York and Geneva over the dangers posed by autonomous weapons, said: “The likelihood of a disaster is in proportion to how many of these machines will be in a particular area at once. What you are looking at are possible atrocities and unlawful killings even under laws of warfare, especially if hundreds or thousands of these machines are deployed.
    “There could be large-scale accidents because these things will start to behave in unexpected ways. Which is why any advanced weapons systems should be subject to meaningful human control, otherwise they have to be banned because they are far too unpredictable and dangerous.”


  20. Tiptoe, saw your comment about difficulty getting into WaPo. I’ve got a digital subscription and couldn’t read or post comments last week from my pc. Called the help desk, did everything they suggested, and I got in – for 10 minutes. They said they had a lot of issues with that. I’ll check tomorrow and see if it’s corrected. Funny, but I had no problem accessing and commenting from my phone. Go figure. 

  21. Tex Ritter. The Carter Family. Pete Seeger. Josh White. The Blind Boys. The Weavers. Otis Redding. Malvina Reynolds. Woody Guthrie. Bonnie Rait. Linda Ronstadt. Roy Orbison.
    Strangely, I wouldn’t include the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, although they do a stately Shenandoah.

  22. As to country music, I have to pick?
    Well, Just one, Hank Williams song that defines a major bout of depression. 

  23. of course then there is Bob Wills, San Antonio Rose,  or Merle Haggard, Working Man Blues,  or Uncle Pen by damn near anybody. Then there is when Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline came together. He writing and she singing.  Then there is The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. Johnny Cash, my favorite is where he and June sing Jackson.

  24. Well it is an eight part documentary starting tonight.  I’m pretty sure the majority of the artists mentioned above will get mentioned along the line.  

    Now as to something unusual, Bruce Springsteens newest album is all Western.  


  25. KGC
    Thanks but it has been easy, there is such great music to draw from. Even when I limit my Sunday selections  to  good music that won’t upset a hang over. For me at least it has been educational. Also, easy, it just seems to show up. Either I will read something or in todays selection here it as I’m driving and listening to the radio. 
    We do live in a great time for music.

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