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  1. Jamie, please give lizzie another chance and hear others out on how she actively helped dem nominees Hillary and Barak when the time came (unlike that crazy ole coot we will not mention for fear of incoming flak that shuts down trail).

    and i’m with craig on need for Amy to stay in the senate.  she would be an ideal speaker in more ways than one.  really able to explain legislative stuff to the nation, to work well with other sides and to garner respect for the process.  

  2. After sleeping on it, i have to admit, the best person for the job might be Klobuchar, although i’m totally fine with Warren.
    If the worst thing people can say about Klobuchar is that she is a demanding boss, that’s not a liability.   She comes off as “nerdy”, but that’s a nice contrast to the idiot that is “Trump”, and if she has electability issues, a quick look at the polls shows that Warren does, also. 
    That said, i fully support a Warren presidency if that’s whom the Democratic primary voters choose.

    (You were right, Jamie. I’m surprised how much you’ve learned in the last 7 years.)

  3. and, Jamie,  her beef was not with Barak but with his banker-friendly lieutenants.  like Hillary, she wanted to rescue the over-mortgaged suffering out there first.  administration turned deaf ear to Lizzie just as voters did to  Hillary on the subject.. 

  4. Dan Balz has these takes on the two candidates who have a realistic shot at the nomination.

    With all the leading Democratic candidates on the same stage for the first time this year, former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday delivered the kind of performance his supporters have been waiting for — combative when needed and in the thick of the action throughout.

    Biden did not dominate from start to finish and did not make it through the evening mistake free. But on balance this was the kind of evening he needed, after two previous debates in which he drew mixed to negative reviews, and after uneven performances at Democratic gatherings and along the campaign trail.

    In the first two debates, Biden became the target of attacks from those running against him. On Thursday, he didn’t wait for that to happen. He got the first question and used it to go on the offensive against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), challenging them on the cost and complexity of their proposals to replace the current health-care system with Medicare-for-all.

    * * *

    Warren has been an attention-getter over the summer and the only one of the top three candidates to show upward movement in the polls. She has risen to a position that threatens Sanders’s standing and has caused Biden loyalists and other Democrats to take notice. In the analysis of many Democrats, she has been the most consistent candidate in the field and one who has set a pace, particularly on policy, that has forced others to follow along.

    In the first two debates, Warren drew positive reviews for the consistency and clarity of her message and for the discipline she showed in knowing when to engage and when not to engage. On Thursday, she was effective again in making her case against a system she believes has been corrupted by big corporations, lobbyists and the richest individuals in the country.

    But at times she also disappeared from the conversation, even with her hand up seeking recognition from the moderators from ABC and Univision. Her evening was generally free of mistakes, but those who thought Warren might take down Biden or deliver a major blow were overly optimistic.

    Biden was aided as much by the fact that neither Warren nor Sanders was the dominant force on Thursday as by his own performance. There was one moment that caused Twitter to go into overdrive, which was when he referred to listening to “a record player” in their homes, something that has echoes of households of decades ago.

    It was both a reminder of why some Democrats worry about Biden as an effective long-distance runner and why the Biden campaign believes political insiders are detached from the real-world priorities of everyday Americans.

    If Thursday’s debate was good for Biden’s candidacy, it fell far short of settling anything. There are serious differences between Biden and the two senators who are currently his principal rivals, and the field of candidates is big enough, diverse enough and talented enough for things to change in the months ahead.

    Biden offers one direction, Warren and Sanders another, and the rest of the candidates are looking to stake their claim as the best fit for that electoral matrix. Thursday’s debate provided hints of the battle to come.

    I think Dan has it right, but with the caveat that I agree with Craig, pat and Bink that Bernie isn’t in the equation as the nominee.

  5. Oh, i think Bernie is a legitimate candidate, and i think it’s a mistake for Democrats to undermine him, right now.  I’m not a fan, but people seem to like him for some reason, and i’ll hold my nose and vote for him if i have to against Trump.

  6. I’m with Elizabeth.  I’d take Bernie, but I think she is the one who can take Trump more easily.   
    No to Joe.  His ideas are old and he’ll never handle Donald in a debate.
    Booker would be a great VP…and someday, Prez.   
    Elizabeth has this!

  7. to the moon, alice.  here’s to a mini-moon, micro-moon or harvest moon.  take your pick.

    from livescience:

    A full moon on Friday the 13th is spooky enough, but hold on to your black cats. September’s full moon will also be a “micromoon.” 
    Skywatchers in Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones will get a view of the full moon tonight (Sept. 13) at 11:32 p.m., 10:32 p.m. and 9:32 p.m., respectively, while East Coasters will see the moon at its fullest at 12:32 a.m. on the 14th. Regardless of time zone, the moon will appear just a bit dimmer than usual (eerie!), because it will be at apogee, or its farthest distance from Earth. 
    That means that the moon will appear about 14% smaller and 30% dimmer than when it is at its closest point to Earth, which is known as perigee. 


    Though a dimmer-than-usual full moon could make Friday the 13th feel a little creepier, don’t expect werewolves and mayhem. Full moons have occurred on Friday the 13ths before to no ill effect, and lots of research finds that humans are not affected by the moon’s cycles. Contrary to popular myth, you’re not more likely to go into labor, have seizures or go mad in the face of a full moon. 
    It’s possible, though, that this month’s superstitiously timed moon could act as a public relations boost for the micromoon. Perhaps, because bigger is better, micro- or minimoons haven’t gotten the same attention as supermoons.


  8. NYTimes “best of late night”:

    The third Democratic debate was held in Houston on Thursday night. Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah all went live afterward.

    “Unlike previous debates, where all you needed to make it onstage was a permission slip from your mom, this one had a higher threshold for entry. So only the top 10 candidates made the cut, all right. Eleven if you include Marianne Williamson debating from the dimension of the mind.” — TREVOR NOAH

    “It was exciting, you know? Watching the candidates tackle these issues is as close as we get to having football on ABC anymore. Reminds me of the old days.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “They hit the candidates with all the tough questions, like, ‘If elected, how do we know you won’t lie about everything all the time and draw on weather maps with a Sharpie?’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “There were three women onstage. And of course, if any of these women are elected, it would be historic. And if Bernie or Biden were to win, it would be prehistoric.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “I actually think a woman has a better chance against Trump, especially in a debate. Women are much better at handling babies than men. It’s just a biological fact.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “I don’t know who won the debate, but watching candidates discuss the issues intelligently, using real facts, I’d forgotten what it was like. It was like walking out of North Korea and into a Costco.” — JIMMY KIMMEL


  9. more from above cited NYTimes:

    “Some of the candidates went after Joe Biden, like he was some kind of deadbeat dad on the Maury Povich show. Julián Castro in particular. It was almost elder abuse. There was one moment when Castro lashed out at Biden for forgetting something — which he didn’t forget, by the way — and Bernie appeared to lean over and help Joe out. It was kind of endearing. It made me hopeful for a reboot of ‘Grumpy Old Men.’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “He mentioned Obama. For those playing at home, time to take a drink.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “When Obama is being praised, Biden jumps into the picture with him. But then when Obama is being criticized, Biden is like, ‘Look, man, I was the vice president. I didn’t do [expletive]. The vice president doesn’t do [expletive]. Yeah, they didn’t even give me keys to the White House. You have to wait for someone to come unlock it for you.’” — TREVOR NOAH

    “Elizabeth Warren is the candidate most Democrats say they’d like to vote for, but the majority of Democrats think Joe Biden is the guy the country would vote for. But I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a great idea to try to guess what other people want. That’s how you wind up eating at Golden Corral.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

  10. BiD,  I like warren booker too, but Jamie might be right that we need to think of both coasts being represented on the ticket which leads us to warren harris.   nice thing about the warren harris ticket is a possible brand logo WH which also stands for white house.  

  11. when Warren wins, joe kennedy can then run for her vacated senate seat rather than against ed markey now.

  12. My only issue with Warren (OK, there are two)?  First, in head to head polls in some of of the handful of battleground states where Biden has an advantage over SFB, Warren is ether tied (NV NC -OK, NC is at +1), or is behind (NH, AZ), and in the ABC poll, she’s tied with SFB nationally where Biden holds an 8 point advantage.  Given the structural EC advantage in SFB’s favor, a close race is a loss unless PA, MI and WI go blue.  The second issue is whether she can sell her health care plan to middle income voters who have employer provided plans.  I haven’t heard a clear explanation of how the transition from SQ to a dead private healthcare insurance industry (which with the right plan I fully favor) would be accomplished or paid for, taken down to the family level.  But I’m all ears.
    OK, Aaron Blake had a different take (catchy, isn’t it?) on the night than Dan Balz.  He had Harris and Buttigieg as the winner candidates and Harris, Castro (at least his attack on Biden), and Yang as the losing candidates (along with the prosecutor candidates Harris and Klobuchar).  I agree to an extent with him although I thought Klobuchar came across well.

  13. “..she’s a demanding boss..” cries for clarification. I loved working for demanding bosses; invariably they left me alone.

  14. In spite of the staged mud wrestling matches, which pretty much are created for entertainment not information, I hold my hopes on Klobuchar and Harris.  What I read on the Twitter is not so much as words to help decide which Dem should be president, but blow by blow reports from ringside.
    And, Biden needs to sit back in the recliner and be supportive of the Dems.  I do not want anyone my age, or older, running for president.  That include Warren.

  15. I’m barely pre-war. Intellectually, I’m beyond my prime and declining steadily. I think it is folly to seriously consider putting a septuagenarian in the most critical constitutional office of our country for at least four, and  potentially eight years. It’s not like asking grandma or grandpa for advice in choosing which mutual fund is best for your life savings, this is important.

  16. My take is that we really didn’t learn anything new from this debate….  well except that Castro can be an asshole to members of his own party.  Talking about differences in policy is fine…  taking cheap shots is not, IMO.

    If the next debate isn’t winnowed down to at least 6…  don’t think I’ll bother to watch.

  17. Forget Bernie.  His base is the young and gullible all lofty ideals and no real understanding about how politics actually works.  Making that sausage takes major effort.

    I understand the Biden appeal even if I don’t share it.  He really does seem too old for the office at this critical time in global upheaval.  Warren has the same age problem, but seems sharper and more energetic.  I also have doubts about her ability to win nationwide.  Of the three elders, she is the most impressive and well worth a vote.

    Harris, Booker, Beto, Buttiegieg, and Klobuchar are the most impressive of the under 70 crowd.

    Castro and Yang just don’t cut it in this race.


  18. I thought Julian Castro did very well.   Too bad Joe can’t remember what he said two minutes before

  19. I called for Senators Warren, Harris, and Klobuchar a long time ago, and since nothing has really changed, I’m still with them.  May de force be wittum.
    i figured today would be debate stuff so I didn’t throw in one of my stoopit pitchers.

  20. KGC… both NBC and Wapo proved that the person who was wrong in that exchange was Castro….  both showed videos that totally backed Biden.  Once again… I’m not voting for Biden.  But after a president that does nothing but lie…  the truth is refreshing.

  21. Repost from last thread:
    No one Democratic candidate for President “won” last night.  The polls won’t show any discernible changes in their rankings.  But, there was one major “winner.”   Democrats.  Together, the candidates showed America the richness of diversity.  And, each in their own way contributed to a party platform that will help define whichever candidate emerges after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Have at it folks!  

  22. RR
    The Biden plan does require you to opt-in  Castro was right.

    I don’t know what Biden said two minutes before but Castro is right about who has to opt-in

    I guess people don’t like to see the elderly put on the apot

  23. So, never mind the %1’ers, any mid-tier debate participant that doesn’t get a bump in poll numbers after last night should consider dropping out, if they genuinely support a Democratic victory for POTUS.

    Mayor Pete just might be the first openly-gay POTUS, in about 9-13 years.  He should try for Indiana governor.
    Harris can start angling for AG by keeping up the focused criticisms of Trump.

    Staying in the race, at this point, with low poll numbers, diverts campaign contributions to a losing cause, and Dems will need all the $$$ they can get running against the vicious and unscrupulous Republicans.

  24. I don’t know what Biden said two minutes before
    There’s your problem right there.  If you are interested in finding out why Wapo, NBC, ABC, CNN, the Daily Beast….  just to name a few…  are calling Castro’s exchange a losing one…  google it.

  25. To answer your demands, Mr. F, there was a hit-piece against Klobuchar a few months, ago, but I don’t really feel like promoting it or linking it.  

    “Let the GOP-scum do their own research” is my attitude, henceforth.

  26. Biden did say Buy In and then corrected to opt in.  His answer was decidedly muddled.  That was the point that made me pay attention to the age charges in addition to portions where he seemed to lose his temper.  The Media is covering the correction not the original statement.  Castro got too hot and lost the advantage in a way that could bounce him totally out of the race.

    Biden: “you automatically can buy into this”

    : “Obama’s vision was not to leave 10 million people uncovered” Biden: “they do not have to buy in” The VP changed his position on stage. This is a major health care policy difference.


  27. The whole thing is a media blow-up anyway.  I have looked and they are dumping on Castro  but admitting he was right about the opt-in part which was the point of the argument.
    But he was toooooooooo mean to poor old Joe.
    Reminds me of the kerfuffle over the alleged Dean Scream
    as usual the media sucks

  28. Oh, patD – That’s great!  Love it!
    Warren Harris to the White House!
    Do you think America is ready for a two-woman ticket?  (Maybe some won’t pay attention and they’ll think  it’s a Mr. Warren Harris running for prez.  Ha!)
    I thought maybe Castro was trying to get on her good side by going after Joe.
    I would like to see Mayor Pete debate Pious Pence, but I don’t think he’d be on her short list for veep.

  29. Honestly, in an age where Trump and Russia successfully used the internet against the American people, I don’t understand how people can support a guy that advised us to “leave our record players on at night”.  

    You gotta drop-out, Uncle Joe.

  30. This guy gets it:
    “…whether Biden or indeed other Democrats are prepared for the massive onslaught of absolutely brutal and distortive attacks that Trump and his propaganda apparatus will wage on this particular front — attacks that you can be certain will include all sorts of shamelessly propagandistic media manipulation and outright disinformation tactics.”


  31. Stephanie Rule’s next job will be at Fox

    Theyhave on some dumb digital reporter saying she thinks the Dems should be campaigning on judges — her analysis is slipshod and shallow

  32. I get so weary of the ‘how are you going to pay for it’ slam at liberals. Where were those questions about the Afghan war, the Iraq war and all the stupid spending/tax cuts conservatives push?

  33. Well when your candidate is wanting to totally reconstruct the healthcare system, “How are you going to pay for it” is a legitimate question. How are you going to pay for this war is too? but Democrats don’t ever ask.

  34. It is looking more and more as if the 2 parties are forcing us to choose between Democratic socialism or  rightwing racist populism and mega government graft.  Given that the only time the American people choose Democratic socialism the unemployment rate 25% , I don’t hold out much hope.
    BTW they have chosen rightwing racist populism, mega government graft more times then I like to think about

  35. “2 parties are forcing us to choose“ -Jack

    …media coverage is given to candidates that poll the highest among prospective voters.  Your fellow Democrats and liberals might be forcing you to choose, but how are Warren and Biden “Democratic Socialists”?
    …and don’t tell me you’re not a liberal- you are, own it.

  36. sturge, hate to tell you this but today is Friday – Friday 13th – and your pitchers (not stoopit at all) are due tomorrow.  so enjoy the extra day.

    liked your “May de force be wittum”  but suggest an amendment “may de force be wimmen”

  37. Yes, you have to choose- that’s how it works. You’re not seriously going to vote for the Party of Arms-Dealers, Child-Cagers, and Embezzlers, are you?

    If not, i humbly and respectfully request you stop tearing-down candidates in the best position to defeat this autocratic and draconian regime.  GOP trolls are and will be doing plenty of that, don’t help them.

    I definitely think you have an incredibly valuable centrist perspective, btw, and think you’d make a great campaign advisor in that regard, just don’t let the pessimism get to you, good Sir.

  38. Warren / Harris or Kamala / Klobuchar  are both fine with me.  The men have been running things for over 200 years.  Let’s send in the women to clean house.  That’s what many men think we are good for.  Might as well prove it.  

  39. it’s not clear how the proposed medicare-for-all plans can wipe out the supplemental insurance business to cover non-basic care or care determined by cmc to be non-essential. 

    offering insurance for purely elective and vanity surgeries imo will always be around. 

  40. Bink,
    When Warren went full in for Bernie’s definition of Medicare for All  that mostly nailed it. IMO.
    And no I’m not liberal. At least not from the latest cafeteria selections liberalism/progressivism has to offer.


  41. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/appeals-court-revives-lawsuit-against-trump-over-his-businesses-n1054231

    WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court Friday breathed new life into a lawsuit claiming that President Donald Trump’s profiting from restaurants and hotels patronized by government officials violates the Constitution.
    In late 2017, a judge threw the case out, concluding that the groups behind the lawsuit did not have a legal right to bring the challenge over a violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause, which forbids a president to receive financial benefits from foreign or domestic governments.
    But by a 2-1 vote, a panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said the judge was wrong to dismiss the case and sent it back with instructions to continue with the lawsuit. It was brought by a group of restaurant and hotel owners who say that both foreign and state government officials patronize Trump hotels and restaurants to curry favor from the president, putting them at a competitive disadvantage and hurting their businesses.
    “The president’s establishments offer government patrons something that the plaintiffs cannot: the opportunity, by enriching the president, to obtain favorable governmental treatment from the president and the executive branch,” the appeals court said.
    In dissent, Judge John Walker said the courts have never clearly defined the Constitution’s emoluments clauses. He called the lawsuit deeply political. “President Trump was democratically elected by the American people — and he was elected with his business holdings and brand prominence in full view.”


  42. Jamie it goes back to what you pointed out yesterday. Women have a 5 point disadvantage. That is the difference between a landslide victory and losing.  Few elections have that spread.

  43. meanwhile, there’s a big black hole out there getting bigger

    the guardian:

    Unseeable and inescapable, black holes already rank among the more sinister phenomena out in the cosmos. So it may come as disconcerting news that the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way appears to be growing hungrier.
    Astronomers monitoring the colossal object, called Sagittarius A*, found that in the past year it appears to have consumed nearby matter at an unprecedented rate.
    “We have never seen anything like this in the 24 years we have studied the supermassive black hole,” said Andrea Ghez, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a senior author of the research. “It’s usually a pretty quiet, wimpy black hole on a diet. We don’t know what is driving this big feast.”


  44. “Let’s send in the women to clean house.  That’s what many men think we are good for.  Might as well prove it.” -Jamie

    …if that fit on a T-shirt, i’d wear it

  45. also from the guardian:

    This may well be the most terrifying thing you read on this Friday the 13th. Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, told a group of donors last month that she got her moral compass from her father.

  46. On a more positive note, today’s full moon marks Harvest Day in Korea. Because of vagaries in time zones, it lands smack on Friday the 13th. It is a major holiday and really does mark the completion of the harvest.

  47. Damn shame a people like us have to “save our democracy”. What a pain in the ass.
    All because of a bunch of Uber-rich assholes.

  48. It wasn’t the uber rich assholes that done it, it was those few thousand retired union workers who felt they were rich enough to vote Republican.  And that after Obama and the Democrats took political hits to save their pensions.
    They will do it again too.

  49. Bink, I’d like to associate myself with your 2:35 comment. 
    So the previous buzz was that some candidates who did not make the cut for yesterday’ Debate could qualify for the next one. What a terrific prospect. 

  50. There was no knockout. last night. I thought Biden did okay, and that makes him a winner. Warren also won, and right now she looks like the nominee. Harris and Booker did well. O’Rourke and Buttigieg were okay, although Beto seemed a little manic at times. 
    If name recognition is still the main objective, Yang and Castro did alright. Otherwise, Yang looked like another crazy billionaire gameshow host, and Castro like another mean-spirited thug. I was very disappointed in Castro, because I’ve been thing of him as a perfect VP candidate. Looks like I may have to search elsewhere.
    Klobuchar did well until the question came up about the “dozens of black men” killed by police while she was the County Attorney. It was a lie wrapped in a question. The number was fewer than a half dozen, still too high, but in these cases you can’t blame the PA for the grand jury failing to indict. You might be able to indict a ham sandwich, but only if the police testify against that ham sandwich. If the police testify for the ham sandwich, the ham sandwich walks.
    The clear losers was Bernie, the anti-Klobuchar, with his annoying accusatory shouting and windmilling. Even if he’s right, who wants to hear that ranting for four years ?  Warren was right to stick close to him, because as he fades, she’ll inherit his followers. 

  51. Alls I have right now is my business email…..I’ll try to set one up tomorrow….
    do I need to resend the pics ?
    The copy was 
    My neighbor, Ben, gets a present for his 90th birthday. 

  52. Take nothing for granted. It’s all still up in the air. midge mcconnell could get the n.r.a. or BigPharma to kill the fatass. That would lance the abscess that is killing the republiklan party, but maybe not in time to win the WH in 2020. Dems will have to work like hell to get every last voter to the polls no matter what.

  53. So, healthcare comes out of your taxes instead of paying premiums an co-pays.  If it means actually being covered and not dealing with out-of-network, high deductible BS, I think folks will like it.
    What doesn’t work is if there is just a public option.  Docs and hospitals won’t sign on.  That’s what happened with ACA in many states, not just TX.  Then, many employers will do away with private policies as a benefit, which means folks will be, essentially, stuck with no healthcare; you won’t be able to find a doc who’ll take it.
    It’s not about insurance, it’s about care.

  54. Jamie, the same argument could be made regarding sane versus insane, or radical versus centrist, and that he should stay in. Taking race, he’s got more support from black voters than any other Dem in most if not all polls – and I find it condescending to suggest black voters’ support somehow means less than the perception of his debate performance on the issue on 9/12/19 by one black pundit.  And did I forget to mention he was chosen as Vice President by the first black president of the US?

    Joe’s not dropping out – he leads every other Dem candidate in every national poll except one where he’s tied with Warren and in most polls in states Dems must win to oust SFB. Plus he does better against SFB than any other Dem in head to head polls. WHY in the name of god would any Dem who wants to win in 2020 call for him to leave?

  55. He’s trending down, Pogo.  The more people see of him, the less they’re impressed by him.  He lost 2% in one night, according to that 538 poll.  Extrapolate that for the five months or so before Iowa.

    “chosen as Vice President by the first black president of the US?”

    -for obvious cynical reasons to balance out a black candidate with a running-mate that appealed to old-school post-war boomers with ingrained racist attitudes… voters who now have an even more appealing candidate to their sensibilities in Trump.

    You’re in a good geographic position to honestly estimate how much former Blue-Collar Dems-turned-Trump-Nationalists would realistically support Biden. Do you really think they will?

  56. I agree with Ms Dallas regarding public option vs Medicare for All. However, I want to see private insurance for things that Medicare for All likely won’t cover, such as single rooms when wards are available, cosmetic surgery, etc.

  57. Bink, nice sophistry, but no Dem candidate will get the WV out of work coal miner vote. If you think they would gravitate towards a Lizzie or Bernie!, I want some of whatever you’re smoking. Remember, the only remaining statewide  Dem pol in WV is Joe Manchin. Of all the top Dem candidates Joe would fare best here – he’s the least left of the bunch. This is not the benchmark state. PA, MI & WI are the ones to look at.  And the 2 point drop extrapolated over months argument only works if there aren’t ups and downs in the numbers, and there are, in spades. He’s where he was 2 months ago, before the rise of Lizzie. In the end he may not be the nominee, but drop out of the race?  Not going to happen unless he’s in free fall. McCain?  He got creamed because of his competition and his running mate. The Dem nominee won’t have similar challenges. Trump is no Obama and there’s no Palin among the Dems to drag the nominee down. 

  58. 1. Biden has no reason to drop out. If Jamil Smith is correct, the IA, NH, SC, and NV Dems will make the correction. In the meantime, the party should drop any candidate with less than 10%. 
    2. (less seriously) Let’s nominate Marla Maples for VP. That’ll make trump melt down. She could comment on the hair and lipstick color trump chooses to wear at his rallies. She could advise male voters to vote for the guy “you can trust with your wife and daughter”. Even joking about nominating Marla might make him dissolve into a puddle of strobing protoplasm.  

  59. If anyone is looking for a slightly used MOAA administrator, Neil Jacobs should be available soon. Per WaPo,

    Neil Jacobs, the acting head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, sent an all-staff email Friday afternoon in an apparent effort to repair damage from an unusual Sept. 6 statement that sided with President Trump rather than agency weather forecasters.
    In the email to staff released Friday, with the subject line “Keeping NOAA’s Mission in Focus,” Jacobs showered praise on forecasters for their efforts during Dorian — specifically highlighting the efforts of the Birmingham office.
    “During hurricane Dorian, our Weather Forecast Offices, including Birmingham and the National Hurricane Center, did their utmost to produce accurate and timely weather forecasts to inform the general public and ensure public safety,” Jacobs wrote.
    Jacobs had also lauded the Birmingham office in a speech at the National Weather Association annual conference in Huntsville on Tuesday.
    “We understand and fully support the good intent of the Birmingham weather office, which was to calm fears and support public safety,” he said.

    i wonder how long it will take for Ross to fire him?

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