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  1. It’s a long haul, but there are 10 of them.  That’s only 18 min each, including all question time, cross talk etc.  If you were to trim it down to only five candidates which ones would you pick:

    Biden, Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, Booker

    And that still leaves out ones I like:  O’Rourke, Buttiegieg, Castro


  2. You are probably right.  I don’t want either one, but I would vote for them while gritting my teeth.


  3. Oh I’ve now got Klobuchar in the possible VP group or President of the Senate.  I’m more in line with Booker or Harris as the campaign currently stands.



  4.  Somebody get a blood pressure cuff to check on Bernie.
    Joe was underwhelming…and it sounds Big Pharma will love him.
    Elizabeth wins the opening.

  5. Good line Amy

    “Bernie wrote the bill.  I read the bill.”

    She’s going for the Bismark form of universal healthcare used by most of Europe.


  6. No, Amy.  If you just put up a public option, doctors & hospitals won’t accept it.  Just like with the worthless ACA policies.     

  7. Regardless of who you support, there’s three women, two African-Americans, one Asian, one Latino, an openly gay veteran, a child of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, a Jewish guy, a vegan, and even a couple of straight, white guys on that stage. Like it or not, this is America.

    Ana Navarro-Cardenas

  8. Don’t feel bad about tearing down Democrats on this forum, the candidates are doing a fine job of that themselves, in this debate.

  9. Poobah, l agree. Harris started strong. Bernie is sounding worse than I thought he would. Biden is not doing badly, which is all I think he needs to do to keep his supporters. Castro is not doing himself any good. 

  10. Now if we could only get Trump to shut down the for profit kids concentration camps.  Send me a child, I could use the $750 a day until a relative is located.  

  11. “$750 a day “
    That’s what those contractors get paid per child?!  A nice hotel room is under $200!

  12. I think Harris won the first round, but I don’t think it will lift her to the top tier. Regardless of who ultimately rises to the top, if it isn’t Harris I’d choose her as VP – at least I’d do so if that happened tonight. 

  13. …he’s charismatic, and just had the headline quote of the night:

    ”Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s”

  14. Michael Smerconish:

    Observation re

    – there wont be a debate where she has a bad night. no need for her supporters to hold their breath like other partisans. her delivery is crisp. she’s a natural in this environment. you can disagree about what she says, but not how she says it

  15. Btw CC, ABC is live streaming this for free and running PSAs instead of commercials, allowing me to watch

    (i’m old enough to be amazed that i’m watching a debate on my phone)

  16. I’m watching on line because ABC doesn’t stream in the Seattle market and the cable TV is upstairs.  My Fire TV is down with my computer.  

  17. One person’s review so far.  How does it shape up for all of you.

    Having a great night: Klobuchar, Booker Having a good night: Biden, Beto Having an OK night: Warren, Harris Having a bad night: Bernie, Castro Barely getting any airtime: Buttigieg, Yang

    Mine would be

    Having a great night: Warren, Booker Having a good night: Harris, Beto Having an OK night: Klobuchar, Biden Having a bad night: Bernie, Castro Barely getting any airtime: Buttigieg, Yang


  18. I agree with your take, Jamie, except i think Castro is in “good night” category

    Oh, pete doing well also

  19. The single digit candidates are fine folks, many Cabinet potentials, but they’re over and done. Let’s get this down to Biden versus Warren and get this over with. Thin the herd. Sanders is freaking joke.

  20. Warren Booker Harris Klobuchar
    The rest can go home with our thanks. Grow and cultivate Dem voters and even more thanks.

  21. Joe is toast.   If theDNC pushes him on us, you-know-who will get a second term.  
    Klobuchar is done, too.   

  22. If a kid can sleep in the desert half-way across the world to defend my freedom, i can hang in there for another 30 mins

  23. 3 hrs is good, lets see if the old folks can take it.  
    The only people watching now(present company excluded) are to looking for clips for their twitter feed.

  24. Agree- electability aside, a lot of good candidates.  Warren wins.  Yang is starting to scare me.

    Ok, this live-chat doesn’t count as commenting, was never here ✌️

  25. Consensus on MSNBC and LATimes was that Castro shot himself in the foot by swinging below the belt and that Biden went the distance. Beto had a good night and the 1%ers didn’t do anything that will give them viability. 

  26. No one Democratic candidate for President “won” last night.  The polls won’t show any discernible changes in their rankings.  But, there was one major “winner.”   Democrats.  Together, the candidates showed America the richness of diversity.  And, each in their own way contributed to a party platform that will help define whichever candidate emerges after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Have at it folks!  

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