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  1. The Times and the Sunday Times

    Parliament was suspended amid extraordinary scenes of protest by opposition MPs.
    Members held up signs saying “Silenced” and shouted “Shame!” as a five-week prorogation began.
    The suspension ensures that an election cannot be held until late November at the earliest.

  2. also reported by NYTimes:


    But that sense of consensus, however stylized or superficial, was blown apart around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. In remarkable scenes that flustered even the sotto voce BBC commentators, opposition lawmakers threw themselves at the silk-canopied speaker’s chair, trying in vain to keep him from getting to his feet and allowing Parliament to be suspended.

    When a security team finally tore the lawmakers away, the speaker, John Bercow, remained studiously seated, causing one of the BBC commentators to marvel under her voice, “He’s not going to go.”

    And when Mr. Bercow did finally rise for the acutely formal ceremony of sending Parliament home, only Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s half of the chamber followed, with opposition lawmakers shouting, “Shame on you!” as their Conservative rivals filed out.

    It all amounted to an extraordinary breakdown of parliamentary protocol that, even in the norm-bending era of Mr. Johnson’s leadership, made longtime observers of British politics shudder. Each side of the House of Commons boycotted the rituals of the other. And as a country increasingly rapt by the Brexit debate slept, its elected body was shuttered by the prime minister in a ceremony that featured a rod, a mace and a few lines of Norman French.



  3. craig, one could assume from the poll posted that at least 4% of white women will never vote for any woman no matter what color, type or character for potus. 


  4. lesson for today:  turn the other tweet


    The Rev. Jonathan Carl glanced at Twitter and laughed out loud in disbelief.
    The president of the United States had just tweeted at him, a Baptist pastor in Kentucky who up until now hadn’t had any reason to be the subject of national attention. And President Trump was, online, in public, out of the blue, insulting him.
    The president had mixed up Jonathan Carl, the Kentucky minister with fewer than 375 Twitter followers, with Jonathan Karl, the ABC News reporter whose journalism had ruffled the feathers of the commander in chief.
    Carl’s laughter soon turned into concern. Trump had called Carl a “lightweight reporter.” And some of Trump’s ardent fans weren’t happy with Jonathan Carl — not realizing that he wasn’t Jonathan Karl.
    The “drive-by tweet” brought on “intense vitriol and hatred,” Carl said. He was suddenly experiencing what many of Trump’s intended Twitter targets go through almost daily: a barrage of infuriated tweets from Trump’s followers.
    The pastor stopped laughing. And on Monday, a week after his evening as a sudden Twitter target, he published an open letter to Trump.
    “Although I was an accidental casualty caught in the cross-fire of your ‘lightweight’ tweet, your attack was very purposeful and hurtful. Many others, whether American citizens or global citizens, feel wounded and hurt by the shrapnel and side-effects of your ongoing Twitter attacks,” Carl wrote in his letter.
    He hurled the same insult back at Trump that Trump had mistakenly leveled at him — but then turned it into a theological point. “Let’s be honest, you are a lightweight too,” Carl wrote. “We all are. God is the only heavyweight who knows it all and gets it right all the time.”
    He pleaded with the president: “Please don’t make the Twitter-universe such a dark and depressing place. It shouldn’t be a place to argue, fight, or jockey for position. We can disagree and debate without childish name-calling. You can make Twitter a better place.” 


  5. I guess he hasn’t beguiled women with his schtick.  If those numbers hold, SFB will be looking for his old office after Jan., 2021.
    SFB needs new material – gangs, drug dealers, not sending their best people – SSDD.

  6. patd, I don’t get that conclusion from the poll.  The only conclusion I see is that 4 (or 5) percent more women surveyed would vote for Biden against trump that Warren or Harris against trump.
    For some reason RCP hasn’t added the Wapo/ABC poll released today showing SFB at 38 percent approval to its  SFB approval polls.  SFB is back where he was in this poll in April.  The Dem candidate questions, particularly 8 & 10, are interesting to see.  Among those who lean Dem Biden still has an 8 point lead over Bernie! (9 over Lizzie) and among the same group has a 28 point advantage (29 against Lizzie) of having the best chance to beat SFB.

  7. All I can say is I spend a fair amount of time in Pittsburgh, and there are a lot of white women there – and in Washington, PA and all the suburbs in and around them.  

  8. The raging misogyny against Hillary particularly from Sanders and the Bernie Bros still rankles those of us who lived through it intensely.  Sanders, Bernie Bros, Chuck Todd, Tweety Mathews, Joe & Mika and the Young Turks are still high on my S list.  It doesn’t surprise me that there is still a lot of residual of that in the Biden favoritism.  While I would vote for him if nominated, it still puts me off Biden and Sanders is dead to me. 

  9. I can tell you, anecdotally, that Biden is the choice of women who don’t really follow politics very closely.  Will they feel the same after seeing more coverage of him visibly-aged and prone to gaffes?  I doubt it.

  10. … among others…
    By the way, if anyone needs help, there is a slightly used national security advisor who is probably looking for work these days. John Bolton’s been fired. We’re looking for help, but I think I’ll look somewhere else. 

  11. Bink,  notwithstanding their not following politics particularly closely, if the women you are speaking of watch national nightly TV news or watch cable news broadcasts they have seen Biden 2019.  The gaffe coverage has been pretty thorough and has even been discussed on morning TV shows (I can speak directly about the Today Show).  I’m sure that with your anecdotal observation you’re not suggesting that Biden is ONLY the choice of women who don’t really follow politics very closely.  That certainly would be an over generalization and conflict with my own anecdotal info.  
    Bolton is gone.  Wapo.

    President Trump announced Tuesday that he had fired his national security adviser, John Bolton, saying in tweets that he “disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.”
    “I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” Trump said on Twitter. “I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service.”
    Trump said he would name a replacement next week, as the latest upheaval in his administration played out.
    Bolton, a former diplomat and political commentator who came on board in April 2018, was Trump’s third national security adviser.
    Trump’s harshly worded tweet made clear that long-simmering frustration with Bolton had boiled over. Bolton immediately took issue with Trump’s assertion that he was fired, saying that he had offered his resignation.

    Job opening:  White House National Security Adviser – only sycophants need apply.

  12. pogo, Bolton said he offered his resignation first contrary to what the twit tweeted.

    word was that in addition to his ongoing disagreements with sos pomp, Bolton had leaked this weekend that pence & he were against the Taliban camp david do which upset the veep to be seen at odds with the twitus.   

  13. craig, no way unless he has pence’s promise to pardon him the minute he steps down.  otherwise, he draws the  “go to jail. go directly to jail” card. remember that unindicted conspirator in cohen case? tax frauds the AG of NY has uncovered?

  14. Speaking of  white women the following Reagan sounding Quote was from Carly Fiorina’s face book post. 
    Leading to speculation that she is thinking about a run for president
    Lets see, Weld for the country club Republicans, Sanford for the “club for growth” faction, Joe Wlsh for the nutball crazies, now Carley for the few women who will admit they are Republicans. That leaves Trump with the nut ball racists.  Is that enough for Trump to win?  These days? yeah!
    BTW I do like this quote.

    In this country, we pledge allegiance to the flag, not the president. We swear fidelity to the Constitution, not the party. Our flag is a symbol of “one nation… indivisible… with liberty and justice for all.” Our Constitution is the document that protects those liberties and delivers that justice.When we pledge allegiance, we reaffirm our citizenship in a nation founded on ideas and ideals – not ethnicity, race, religion or origin. When we swear to “protect and defend” the Constitution, we promise to uphold the rights, the laws and the institutions that define and govern our nation.When did so many Republicans decide that we should also pledge allegiance to The Party and swear fidelity to President Trump? I have been called “disloyal” because I am critical of Trump. I am not alone. Many others have been intimidated into silence or compelled to defend the indefensible.It is not a citizen’s role to be a “loyal fan” of one side or the other. We have no obligation to follow party orthodoxy, whatever it is. When we silence our voices, we relinquish our power as citizen leaders to shape the nation. We abdicate our responsibility to help create a “more perfect union.” And in this country, the citizen, not the President, is sovereign.Every elected official, including the President, is there to serve the citizenry, not the other way around. It is not a citizen’s job to “be loyal”; it is the official’s job to earn our loyalty. And when they cannot, we vote them out of office.As citizens it is both our responsibility and our right to hold elected officials accountable: for their words, their actions and the consequences of both.

  15. interesting —

    New York (CNN Business)Oil prices fell swiftly on Tuesday after President Donald Trump fired Iran hawk John Bolton as national security adviser.

    The surprise exit of Bolton prompted speculation that the tensions between the United States and Iran could ease, or at least that the chance of a military conflict had decreased.
    Bolton was a strong proponent of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran. That campaign was built on tough sanctions that caused Iran’s oil exports to plunge.
    US oil tumbled as much as 2.2% to $57.30 a barrel immediately after Trump tweeted out the firing of Bolton. Crude bounced off those lows and was recently trading around $57.75 a barrel.




  16. aaron blake at wapo:  Something is fishy about Trump’s John Bolton announcement

    … just an hour before the announcement, the White House announced that Bolton would be appearing at a 1:30 p.m. news conference alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. If Bolton was on his way out as of Monday night, why did the White House press office not seem to know about it at 11 a.m. Tuesday?
    Adding to the intrigue is Bolton’s comments. His tweets Monday night and Tuesday didn’t indicate anything had changed, and shortly after Trump’s tweets, he chimed in by saying, “I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, ‘Let’s talk about it tomorrow.’ ”
    Bolton went on to tell The Washington Post’s Robert Costa: “Let’s be clear, I resigned, having offered to do so last night.” Pressed further, he said: “I will have my say in due course. But I have given you the facts on the resignation. My sole concern is U.S. national security.”
    Bolton, who is apparently already talking to several media outlets, offered a fuller and more direct contradiction to the Daily Beast. After it quoted White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who backed up Trump’s account, Bolton responded in a text: “[White House] press secretary statement is flatly incorrect.”


  17. “I’m sure that with your anecdotal observation you’re not suggesting that Biden is ONLY the choice of women who don’t really follow politics very closely.” -pogo

    i think that’s exactly what I was suggesting? 

    Trump-fatigue made a lot of people just completely tune-out, i’ve observed.  Anecdotally.

  18. Methinks if trumpty dumpty either drops out of the race or retires due to health considerations…  he will be announcing it from a foreign country that does not do extraditions to the US.  No way does he stay in this country and faces all those indictments.  But before it happens… things will get very very ugly due to his desperation.  It’s why I’m holding onto my sense of humor very bigly.  He’s not worth all the stress.

  19. Bolton lives for these moments, it is the only time anybody notices him, look for a tell all book, ummm about this time next year? they may have to do some adjustments as there are going to be a lot of  “Trump” books next summer

  20. “Trump can’t handle losing reelection. He will drop out.“ -CC
    Trump can’t afford to not be re-elected.  He will go to jail.

    ^RR gets it, 3:01pm

  21. As long as we are doing pointless speculation……
    If Trump wants out then he needs to cut  deal with Jeb Bush, kinda Nixon / Ford style. Jeb takes the center that both parties have abandoned and Trump delivers the racist/evangelicals. Land slide Bush.

  22. wapo ran this video today by the way in addition to this quote from yesterday’s rally:

    He also drew cheers from the crowd when he joked that he would remain in office through 2026 so that he could be president when the United States co-hosts the World Cup that year.”


    given he has called most of the countries that wouldn’t extradite him “shit hole ” countries. Where does he go Russia? Russian winters are so hard on old bones……….

  24. so what happens if he declares martial law during some made up catastrophe and becomes don the dictator?  

    think Barr will bar the door to it?   

    how ’bout all those “2 million trained  volunteers” Pascale has whipped up into a frenzy?  euphemistic for the gun-totin crazy aryan army, neo-KKK and the other knuckledraggers 

  25. It’s a couple weeks old but fivethiryeight did a “Four interesting findings” from recent polls.  We can all test our anecdotal “data” against it, although the match may not be perfect.  BTW Mrs. P would be the exception that proves the Bink rule – she follows this stuff pretty closely and supports Biden – because she (like me) thinks he has the best chance to beat SFB next November.

  26. he won’t voluntarily leave without a deal that lets him keep some of his money and property and his freedom.  

  27. No Federal pardon for state offenses. No pardon for Federal offenses unless convicted – gerry fraud’s pardon of nixon not withstanding. Therefore, the pardon gambit will not smooth the trump troubles.
    That leaves death (natural or goering-style) or defection. Abkhasia (russia) is mild in the winter. Myanmar has an enormous number of golf courses. Maybe the generals would let him have a resort there. he could probably hide out in Iran, too.

  28. I think things are falling apart for trumputin. The r.n.c. may have to cancel all of their primaries.
    What if john bolton decides to run on a tough guy platform with nikki haley ? 
    I mean, how can old white Snake Eyes compete against la femme nikita ?

  29. He has NO  friends. Nobody “likes” him. If his shit turns south they’ll feed him to the sharks, and his little scumlings too.

  30. And it is turning south as we speak.
    makes you wonder what the scuzz wanted that even that peeg BOLTON couldn’t countenance.

  31. Looks like NC 9 will stay red and the uprising against SFB will have to wait for his next act of political malpractice. 

  32. Gee Sues, Mr Sturgeone, what an insult to our Porcine-American neighbors !
    Why, if Porky were alive, he’d turn over on his rotisserie. 

  33. I want trump to be the retroblican candidate. I also want a different ripper to run against him; a white Catholic “moderate,” who will get more votes and electoral votes than trump. I want to see that party utterly destroyed, as it should have been in the wake of Theo. Roosevelt smashing wm. howard taft in 1912. Of course, W. Wilson was the clear winner in that election, but it was even more clear that the USA despised taft. I want a situation like that to engulf the trumputin horde : 0 electoral votes. Let’s see how he can spin that.

  34. Actually wm. howard taft got the electoral votes from Utah and Vermont. That wasn’t quite 0 electoral votes.
    Women were not yet voters in 1912. However, if they had been able to vote, I think that taft would have lost UT and VT, also.

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