Picture This

In Memorium, Dr. Dave—Drummer, Partner, Friend.

Alias Dr. Rhino, Blacknuts the Pirate, Rack-Rack, Anwar Sedate

On the job training
Taos, NM, with sombrero
On the porch in Nashville
Dave, Johnny. Mike, Humble Self.
The final incarnation.

Dave and Porter, at Porter’s Store

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  1. another day, another scandal

    Since April, the House Oversight Committee has been investigating why the crew on the C-17 military transport plane made the unusual stay — both en route to the Middle East and on the way back — at the luxury waterside resort, according to several people familiar with the incident. But they have yet to receive any answers from the Pentagon.
    The inquiry is part of a broader, previously unreported probe into U.S. military expenditures at and around the Trump property in Scotland. According to a letter the panel sent to the Pentagon in June, the military has spent $11 million on fuel at the Prestwick Airport — the closest airport to Trump Turnberry — since October 2017, fuel that would be cheaper if purchased at a U.S. military base. The letter also cites a Guardian report that the airport provided cut-rate rooms and free rounds of golf at Turnberry for U.S. military members.
    Taken together, the incidents raise the possibility that the military has helped keep Trump’s Turnberry resort afloat — the property lost $4.5 million in 2017, but revenue went up $3 million in 2018.


  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-to-know-about-new-hampshires-first-2020-democratic-presidential-cattle-call/

    Nineteen presidential candidates are traveling to the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention for the state’s first cattle call before the 2020 primaries. Here are some things to know and some things to look for during the convention speeches Saturday.


    NUTS & BOLTS: Each of the candidates is getting about 7-10 minutes at the podium starting at 9 a.m. 


    GOP TROLLING: As Democrats enter the arena for Saturday’s convention, they’ll be greeted by digital billboards touting “Keep America Great” and New Hampshire approval ratings for popular Republican Governor Chris Sununu, paid for by the Republican National Committee and New Hampshire GOP. The party has also purchased digital ads on Google and Facebook, redirecting viewers to a mock “Error 404 Page not found” website, taking aim at Democratic candidates for governor Andru Volinsky and Dan Feltes. Those inside the arena will see geolocated Snapchat filters on their phones, featuring a clown graphic and “Welcome to the 2020 Democratic Circus” banner, paid for by the Trump campaign.


  3. Will fill in a bit when we get underway back to the south land.
    on the job training—-barn dance c. 2015
    in Taos—-c  1982, on the road outa Nashville
    the porch in Nashville—-c  1980
    Dave, Johnny, Mike, Self—-The Cavallaro Orchestra at The Cavallaro Restaurant, Charleston. Band was unusual as we had no guitarist.  We liked that. c  1995
    Dave and Porter—-Wadmalaw Island, c  1978

  4. Due to all of this Brexit coverage, I’ve become a big John Bercow fan.  The only people with whom i could possibly share my affinity for said person with any likelihood of mutual appreciation of him are you people, so here you go:

  5. “Porter’s Store” is a great title for an album, and the picture, above, would make an equally amazing cover for that album.

  6. MPs seem to be exceedingly creative in their methods of compensation for the visual perception of those witnessing the proceedings of that chamber of the effects that the phenomenon of male pattern baldness has on its members.

    (my poor but reverent attempt of saying that “there are lot of bad haircuts in Parliament”, in Bercovian)

    Have a good day, all.
    (Please, pardon my paucity of perspicacity)

  7. Sturg…  nice pics.
    patd…. you can tell someone from the Gop wrote that thing about Gov. Sununu.  Our entire legislature (except for governor) is now Dems.  We almost always give a governor 2 terms as they only serve 2 yrs (unlike the usual 4 yr term).  
    and BTW…  I’m not at the SNHU Arena.  I’ve been to enough of these things over my lifetime.  The older one gets the more peace and quiet one seeks (at least I do).

  8. Craig

    Yes I have her on.  She is so darn good.  When it comes to facts and policies she runs circles around the rest (including Warren).  Wish she was just a little more sparkly.  🙂


    Oh and she needs a joke writer and drilling on delivery.

  9. Party official speaking after Bernie asks crowd, “Are we paying attention? Are we awake?” It was questionable. Thought Bernie was a dud. Elizabeth coming up.

  10. This was sent to me by a British friend who, in spite of being entertained as we are by Bercow, doesn’t trust the man.

    “As a young activist, John Bercow was a member of the right-wing Conservative Monday Club. He stood as a candidate for the club’s national executive in 1981 with a manifesto calling for a program of “assisted repatriation” of immigrants, and became secretary of its immigration and repatriation committee.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_Monday_Club

  11. Expecting C-Span will distill re-air tonight at 8p ET of New Hampshire Democratic Convention to just the candidate speeches. This was an instructive broadcast for evaluating their stump speeches. Highly recommend watching if you’re still trying to decide.

  12. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he would be “strongly opposed” to US President Donald Trump addressing the Houses of Parliament during his state visit to the UK. Mr Bercow told MPs “opposition to racism and sexism” were “hugely important considerations”. He was applauded by SNP MPs after his comments

  13. the above video by bbc in 2017.

    I enjoyed at the end when the MP stood and yelled “well done, mr. speaker, well done” as the rest applauded heartedly

  14. Only problem with a Warren/Booker ticket is both are east coasters.





    Need the geographic diversity.


  15. Useful information Mortonie

    We do have a wide range of experience and information in here.  Twitter should be so lucky.  lol


  16. Jamie, didn’t hurt bill and al being from neighboring states

    add to that their lack of racial, ethnic, gender and political diversity. 2 tall white guys about same age same elite education.

  17. Try to plug the VP slot with a person not seeking actively seeking POTUS and you might find the right combo, Jamie.
    I can’t see any of those names you mentioned on the ticket, at this point, besides Warren and Booker, and I can’t imagine those two on the same ticket together, either.

    Oh, and if the people want a Warren/Sanders ticket, just let them have it. Berniecrats are too enthusiastic to alienate this time around, Dems need as many as of them as possible.

  18. It was a no brainer Pat. Pick the order, but it’s Warren and Booker catching fire.

    Elizabeth Warren Stands Out at New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention (NYT)

  19. Since I think all Bernie bros should be strangled in their cribs, a suggestion of him on the ticket would guarantee a whole lot of women sitting on their hands. I would need a hefty bribe and a barf bag to cast that vote. 

    Warren would need a POC to balance the tickets unless you just want to write off all black and hispanic voters. 

    Two white saviors this time around just won’t fly.

  20. craig, there were some great shots of her running in the street with a crowd and stopping along the way to hug some supporters on the sidelines.

    can’t see don john the con walking fast let alone running like that

  21. “Warren would need a POC to balance the tickets unless you just want to write off all black and hispanic voters. “ -Jamie
    I think you’re overestimating how much those voters care about that stuff.  Take out the issue of “racial equality” and large segments of those groups are very conservative, and they see right through efforts to pander to them.

    “I would need a hefty bribe and a barf bag to cast that vote. “

    I held my nose and pulled the lever for HRC, maybe it’s your turn. You’ll vote for the ticket most likely to achieve Progressive policy goals, if you genuinely care, and i know you do.

    Booker seems too dynamic to be VP selection (he might outshine the nominee) and would buck the tradition of a milque-toast lieutenant in that role, but maybe…

    Yeah, Sanders would accept 2nd-billing, patd.

    Booker really needs to start polling better if you want to see him on the ticket.

  22. …heard on BBC some guy saying that foreign diplomatic offices have already figured out the likely cabinets of the top Democratic nominees (based on those candidates’ associations), in order to prepare for diplomacy with a possible new American regime, so maybe we should ask them who the VP selection will be.

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