Hurricaning in Central Carolina

Yesterday morning I commented on the weather conditions here in Columbia--dismal but certainly not threatening to life or limb. I wrote that late in the morning. In the predawn, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal messaged saying, in effect, don't expect today's Journal. With the cautions over the past 36-hours I really didn't expect our local newspaper, The State, published in downtown Columbia either. Why print newspapers that might end-up as a sodden mass? Surprise, surprise, both newspapers were in their normal places yesterday morning predawn.

A while later, around four o'clock yesterday afternoon, it was becoming more blustery around here. My walking stick and I exited the house to peer at the sky and to double-check that Old Glory was still secure on Her pole perch. Everything was fine. As I was about to return to the shelter of our home, I heard the familiar sound of the letter carrier's truck. He stopped at the driveway handing me this week's New Yorker magazine. We then recited, together, the mail carrier's creed, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," after which we shook hands and I expressed my pride in having him as my carrier.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these happenings, or ones like them, were the norm throughout the hurricane affected areas of our Country to include The Great State of Alabama.    

Author: Flatus

Just an Ohlfahrt getting older--80ish widower living in northeast Columbia, SC adjacent to a beautiful nature preserve. Mind my own business--never go out nor entertain outsiders.

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  1. and he wailed as he wandered the halls of that great white house: “A sharpie! A sharpie! My kingdom for a sharpie!”

  2. concluding paragraphs of NYTimes editorial board’s editorial yesterday titled ‘Not a Good Start, Boris’ :

    How or whether Britain parts with the European Union remains as uncertain as ever. But the country’s elected representatives have shown that they will not surrender democracy to populist ploys. There is little question that Britain will face another election before long, but the members of Parliament who voted against Mr. Johnson were right to demand that a no-deal Brexit be taken off the table first.
    No matter how frustrating and chaotic the political stalemate over Brexit, it is a reflection of a deeply polarized society, and not necessarily of a dysfunctional system. Mr. Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, was widely criticized for her failure to achieve a workable exit from the European Union. Yet she dutifully negotiated what may well be the only possible agreement, which Parliament rejected, and her integrity and motives were never questioned.
    Mr. Johnson, by contrast, has built his career on exaggeration, showmanship and outright lies, presenting himself as whatever sells best at the moment. All that may be an inalienable part of modern politics, but the politicians who have risen up to block Mr. Johnson, including his own brother, suggest that in Britain, at least, it is not the whole of politics. In Britain’s excruciating struggle over Brexit, and over its own future, this much is reassuring.

  3. Although there are questions about who drew on the weather map, I tend to think it was a minion because SFB has no clue where Alabama is on a map.

  4. bbronc,  according to the hill:

    President Trump was the one who doctored a projection of Hurricane Dorian’s path before the map was displayed during a White House meeting between Trump and acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, according to a White House official.
    An unnamed official told The Washington Post that Trump himself edited the map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to include a projection that included the state of Alabama.
    “No one else writes like that on a map with a black Sharpie,” the official told the news outlet.
    Multiple news reports have pointed out that the map displayed by Trump during the meeting appeared to be altered and contain days-old information that was out of date following Hurricane Dorian’s northward turn towards the Carolinas after making landfall in the Bahamas.


  5. No matter what the nay-sayers may  neigh, the post office is yet another example of a well- run government agency.   Our mailman whilst I was a tadpole was Mr Simmons, neighbor and family friend.

  6. Craig, Emil Bossard was our local carrier when I was growing-up. He and the others in his cohort were a special breed. PAT, our Trail Boss gets full credit for finding the photo.

  7. Flatus…   thanks for that laugh at the end of your post!  Glad to know you’ve made it through ok.
    Craig…  I’ve always thought that our democracy was better off with 2 strong parties.  But at this point, the Republican Party is a joke.  How the hell does one look their constituents in the eye and say you believe in democracy, but you are suspending the democratic process by which we nominate candidates for the presidency….   maroons!

  8. ACHTUNG !

    The rnc wants to cancel caucuses and primaries. Apparently republicans can’t be trusted with the vote. Besides, voting violates the fuehrer principle.

  9. rippers are eager to claim that Dems dumped their primaries and caucuses in ’96 and ’12, but that’s typical repub guile. Dems didn’t have challengers in those years, but trump is up against Weld and Walsh in 2020. 

  10. They’re really astoundingly stupid.
    if they just had the primaries, the challengers would lose and they’d be outa heah. 
    but, noooooooo

  11. After looking at the comments at Wapo I did a little research.
    The last time any map posted by CNN had anything related to Alabama from Dorian was on 8/29 – there was one that showed a 0-20% chance of TS level winds within 5 days in the extreme SE corner of the state and one of the spaghetti models had one string that stopped in the FL panhandle short of the FL-AL border – that’s the closest I could find on CNN’s running coverage. Hardly a prediction of heavy damage to AL.  By 8/30 there were no projections related to AL.  SFB’s “forecast” was 2 days later.  BTW, the altered track confidence map was from 8/29 or 8/30 – and without the sharpie enhancement.

  12. Their juggernaut is about to run aground way the hell up Schitt’s Creek.  As we all know, Schitt’s Creek simply is not large enough to accommodate large ocean going garbage scows.

  13. Pogo – considering all the strange and weird things SFB says and does, it is quite possible that in his universe Alabama was in trouble.  Maybe he never listened to a briefing after the Wednesday and that he was told something about the odds of the greedy old perverts losing Alabama in 2020.  His little blender ground all that together and that is what spewed out of his hole like a green smoothy.

  14. the hill:

    Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), who is challenging President Trump for the GOP’s 2020 presidential nomination, is fundraising off the brewing controversy surrounding the president’s use of a map of Hurricane Dorian’s projected path that was edited with a Sharpie to include Alabama.
    Walsh, calling Trump a “pathological liar,” said donors who give his campaign $25 or more can get a Sharpie with the words “DON’T LIE” written on the side.


    Despite all the criticism Trump has been receiving because of the Sharpiegate fiasco — or perhaps because of it — Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is encouraging supporters to buy Trump-branded sharpies, which are selling for $15 on the campaign’s website. Friday on Twitter, Parscale urged supporters to “buy the official Trump marker” because it is “different than every other marker on the market” and “has the special ability to drive @CNN and the rest of the fake news crazy.”

  15. I think the media should not cover the president at all unless they are able to confirm what he says is true

  16. I texted my sister and my best friend, both of whom live in Alabama, and gave them my idea for a get rich quick scheme: Design and print “I survived Dorian” t-shirts with a large graphic of SFB’s boob map on it.  Told them do two series – one in Crimson and White (for all the ‘bama fans) and one in Blue and Orange (for the Auburn fans) .,  I think they’d make a killing.
    BTW, who (other than SFB) draws boobs on NWS hurricane route prediction maps?  5th grade boys?  No – not even them.

  17. ”We then recited, together, the mail carrier’s creed”  

    Did you help him deliver the mail?

  18. …that is to say, i also appreciate THE U.S. Postal Service and all the hard-work THEY do in getting the peoples’ mail and parcels delivered promptly and in good-condition, although i have nothing to do with those efforts beyond creating demand for and paying for the service THEY provide.
    See?  I’m trainable, if not a little slow-on-the-uptake.
    All jokes aside, the USPS has never lost a parcel or piece of mail that i’ve sent with them, and although people have claimed to me in the past that something i was expecting to receive must have been “lost in the mail”, i don’t believe them and realize that just means they never sent me anything.

  19. I haven’t lost anything in the mail since Clinton entered the White House. I am not implying that Clinton cured the problem; I’m just trying to put a date on the last incident.

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