‘Utter Ruin’

FREEPORT, Bahamas (AP) — Relief officials reported scenes of utter ruin Tuesday in parts of the Bahamas and rushed to deal with an unfolding humanitarian crisis in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful storm on record ever to hit the islands. At least seven deaths were reported, with the full scope of the disaster still unknown.

Aerial footage shows total devastation in Abaco, Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

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  1. utterly rue-ing other ruins of their own making:

    climate change deniers, anybody but Hillary voters, brexiteers…

  2. The neat thing about the Brexit crisis and the UK parliamentary system’s attempts to manage it, is that their system has a “mechanism” (if you will, it’s early) to prevent reckless administrative policies, even if those policies are aligned with popular will (and likely detrimental to that population’s welfare), as evidenced by the results of the most recent election.
    Why doesn’t this country have more robust procedures to prevent catastrophic administrative policies from destroying us?  We are content to watch Trump and his inept and vicious administration impose state-sponsored human-rights abuses and drive this country off a cliff, with the rationale that we can wait until NEXT November to possibly(?) stop it???

    It’s collective insanity.  300 million absolutely mad ************s
    Have a good day.  Your tax-dollars pay for the cages your government locks innocent children into, with those monies being funneled to for-profit prison companies.

  3. If Brexit confuses you-

    -UK citizens voted to leave EU

    -Government attempted to implement the “will of the people” and negotiate a deal with the EU to leave

    -Theresa May, acting as Prime Minister, negotiated 3 deals with EU administrators- Parliament rejected them all 

    -Theresa May ousted as PM after No-Confidence vote, Boris Johnson named PM 

    -Boris Johnson tries to shut down Parliament to attempt to hit the deadline for EU withdrawal without a deal with EU administrators, fails

    -Johnson (yesterday) and his “Leave EU” loyalists attempt to pass legislation forcing an exit from EU without a deal, fails

    -Johnson (yesterday) calls for new popular elections for Members of Parliament, which would serve as another referendum on “Brexit”, the rationale being that voters have the opportunity to stack Parliament with conservative hard-liners that would push Brexit through, likely to fail (needs 2/3 majority to force new elections.)

    … that’s my cursory understanding of it, anyway.  Please, feel free to correct or elaborate!  Bye. 

    Parliament Live-Stream:

  4. bink, 60.2 percent of eligible voters voted in 2016 u.s. election. and 49 percent in 2018 resulting in this country’s current gov’t having been selected by only 1/3 or less of the electorate.    when knowledgeable folk like you (who if i’m not mistaken declared the other day on this very blog that you won’t be voting) deign not to turn out then this is the gov’t you and they have selected by default. 


    iow, GOTV

  5. from the week:

    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) may no longer be part of the 2020 Democratic primary race, but his 10-year climate plan is still in the running.
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday announced that she is embracing and expanding on Inslee’s plan for 100 percent clean energy. Inslee, who exited the race on Aug. 21, made climate change his top priority, and in a post on Medium, Warren said he “didn’t merely sound the alarm or make vague promises. He provided bold, thoughtful, and detailed ideas for how to get us where we need to go, both by raising standards to address pollution and investing in the future of the American economy.” She is fully embracing his 10-year plan to decarbonize electricity, cars, and buildings, and is “challenging every other candidate for president to do the same.”
    Warren said her $3 trillion proposal would create millions of jobs, and subsidize the economic transition to clean and renewable electricity and zero emission vehicles. “The climate crisis will leave no one untouched,” she said.


    Warren will attend the climate crisis town hall hosted by CNN on Wednesday, along with nine other 2020 Democratic candidates. To read her full plan on how to enact 100 percent clean energy, visit Medium.

  6. So far the fatalities are only for Abaco Island.  They haven’t even begun to count Grand Bahama.  It is going to be a huge number.  

  7. Won’t vote you say? When I was elected and served on one of the only pure commission governments in Florida. I knew who had registered and who had voted and who came to city hall complaining or offering suggestions or volunteering to serve on committees. We were blessed with many Pats, Jamies, Renees, et alia.

  8. I would say they are too busy helping the living to worry about counting the dead.  If this  hurricane had stalled out 100 miles west that video would have been southern Florida. This stalling out of the hurricanes as they approach the mainland does seem to be a new phenomenon. So we can expect more.  As to where, just the luck of  the draw.

  9. Flatus, wait until it starts clouding up good, Then see if you are fast enough to finish before it starts pouring rain. It is like an Olympic contest.

  10. Bink
    I haven’t noticed that GB is any better t dealing with their nativist backlash than we are. 
    They have much the same problem as we do, both the Tories and Labor have a sizable group of nativist they have to appease. 
    As to the children in cages that is what you get when you let nativists run things. I suspect it would continue if the Democratic nativist were in charge.  At this time that would be Bernie, But Warren is courting them. It is my biggest problem with her. 

  11. The pictures coming from Abaco are heart wrenching.  I do hope this country will do something to help the Bahamas.
    Flatus…  wait until the first fat raindrop…  then make like an Olympian sprinter as Jack suggests.
    Bink…  I’ve been reading about Brexit in The Economist…  yes it’s very effed up.  Unfortunately, it will affect the world economy.

  12. Good Queen Liz:  haha, twist and turn you little tinpot jerks in parliament. Whatever happens I’m still the Queen of England. 

  13. I think they have ALL realized by now that they have to somehow negate that vote to exit, but are totally at sea as to how to do it.
    Thry’re in a very hard corner, no doubt.

  14. …make no mistake, the Brexit hard-liners want out, consequences be damned.
    Steve Bullock just did an impressive 30 min interview on some NPR show, seems like a viable candidate and might deserve more exposure.

  15. I say…   we say….   often and loudly…
    He’s Moscow Mitch…
    He’s Putin’s Bitch!

  16. Well if you put it that way  I guess Massacre Mitch can wait until the next mass murder

  17. What a few days, eh?  BoJo seems to be determined to prove to the world that when it comes to stupidity as a “leader” of one of the world’s important nations, Trump may have met his match.  Between the two of them it would be hard to put one functioning brain together.And Dana Milbank’s piece in today’s Post is just brilliant. Sorry to be absent but busy isn’t descriptive enough.  

  18. I don’t see nativism in Bernie! or Warren. I hear a hectoring negativity in Bernie! much like my own. And I don’t think I should be president either ! The Warren I hear has toned down her negativity and become more like the woman in the We Can Do It poster. Neither of them seem open to taking orders from saudi Arabia, netanyahu, king kim or putin, and I think that’s the kind of focused xenophobia with which we could thrive.


    So we have a President who will lie to cover up an error in a way that could endanger citizens.

  20. Cut the grass at the house and at the front of the habitat and rolled a scared neighbor’s trash cart from the street to where it belongs. Before I take my first sip of brandy, it is now after 1700-hours, anybody else need something done?

  21. Interesting opportunity tonight to evaluate the Democratic candidates on CNN as they one by one do 40 minutes or so about climate change.

    Also, Biden is on Colbert tonight.

    Time to make a decision folks. Once Iowa votes Feb. 3 this thing will be over in a few weeks.

  22. Democratic National Committee has front-loaded this process to ensure an early nominee by Super Tuesday March 3d, when some 1300 delegates will be picked for the roughly 1800 needed to win. No time left for indecision.

  23. “No time left for indecision.“

    What, do we get a cookie for declaring?  March 3 is six months away, chill out.

  24. Craig….  exactly… it’s 5 months.  I have plenty of time to have a few glasses of wine, put my feet up, read a good book or 2 and contemplate my navel.  I will make up my mind once the field is winnowed down to the last 3 or 4.  Until then… I’ll watch debates and read up on the candidates.

  25. the guardian:

    Boris Johnson’s bid to trigger a general election next month has been blocked by MPs following a string of heavy defeats for the government in both houses of parliament.
    The prime minister was thwarted three times in the House of Commons: an attempt by opposition parties and Tory rebels to block a no-deal Brexit easily cleared its second and third readings, and Johnson later failed in his attempt to force a snap general election.
    Immediately afterwards, the prime minister called Jeremy Corbyn, “the first leader of the opposition in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election”.
    But an early poll seemed increasingly likely after the Labour leader signalled that he would back Johnson’s call for a snap poll, but only once the bill opposing a no-deal Brexit bill has passed.


    But Corbyn made clear explicitly that Labour is ready to support a similar motion, once Hilary Benn’s backbench bill to block a no-deal Brexit has received royal assent, which could happen early next week if it is not scuppered by Tory peers.
    Corbyn told MPs, “we want an election, because we look forward to turfing this government out.” But he claimed Johnson’s proposal for a 15 October poll was, “a bit like the offer of an apple to Snow White by the wicked queen”.
    Speaking after the Commons had rushed through Benn’s bill, which Tory peers are now seeking to block in the House of Lords, the Labour leader said, “let this bill pass, and gain royal assent: then we will back a general election.”
    The Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, said her MPs would not back an election until after article 50 has been extended. “We do relish the opportunity to fight an election, and we are confident that we would make significant gains. Yet stopping no deal is the priority and in the best national interest,” she said.


  26. wapo:

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Tuesday declaring the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” and urging the city to examine its financial relationships with companies that do business with the group.
    The sharply worded declaration noted recent acts of gun violence, including the July shooting that killed three people, all younger than 26, at a food festival in Gilroy, Calif., south of San Francisco.
    “The National Rifle Association musters its considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence,” it read. “The National Rifle Association spreads propaganda that misinforms and aims to deceive the public about the dangers of gun violence, and … the leadership of National Rifle Association promotes extremist positions, in defiance of the views of a majority of its membership and the public, and undermine the general welfare.”


    It also said the city would assess its financial and contractual relationships with vendors that do business with the NRA.
    “The City and County of San Francisco should take every reasonable step to limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization,” it noted.


  27. To get actual gun control legislation we’ll need a couple of suicidal anti-heroes to visit pussypinchers clubs in FL and NJ with ar-15s or m-16s, with their 30 round clips taped back to back. After those clubs have been horrifically perforated, gun control should be a ripper thing. If not, maybe a couple of snooty DC & Manhattan clubs, too. THEN !

  28. Craig,

    It’s her chief drawback, but I decidedly like her total command of virtually every single issue and ability to cite specifics.  It is such a relief from the arrogant, ignorance of Donald Trump.


  29. Oh and if you really must smoke, please don’t use filtered cigarettes.  They don’t decompose for ten years and mama birds feed them to their chicks.  


  30. Hum, on March 3  about a third of the delegates will be allocated. There are no winner take all states. So why should we expect this to all be over.  Looks to me like  it would be Biden with 30% Warren with 30%, Harris 20, Bernie 10% and the rest spread out how ever. Given that California is on super tuesday and a lot of Southern states with heavy black vote it could be  three way split. with Bernie getting his 10% and the rest grabbing scraps.
    I don’t have to worry until march 10th.

  31. Jack

    I agree.  Too many people/media are in a great big hurry to put a thumb on the scale.  March 3 is Super Tuesday and Washington’s primary will be March 10, so I have plenty of time to watch and wait.


  32. I’m talking about all the bandwagons right now.  Just feel as if Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Harris are being shoved down our throats.   At least let’s get past the October & November debates before having a coronation. 


  33. 1. Smoke filled room Convention ?
    2. Klobuchar’s family came from the Iron Ranger (pronounced, Darn Wrench). Everyone from da Wrench is monotone, ‘cept Bob Dylan, and you can catch a lotta Wrencher dialect monotone in his early recordings. The tone of Wrench is a mix of mostly Polish, Serbo-Croat, Albanian, and Czech. The dialect also boasts a little Italian and Finnish, just to confuse the diction.
    3. Daykumsouth, ‘cuz howya gunna kippem uponda Wrench after dave seen Duluht ? (All said without accents)

  34. More than 70 percent of the delegates needed to win will be picked on Super Tuesday March 3. The front loading of the DNC calendar is unprecedented for either party. Seems to me this makes it impossible for anyone below the top tier to go anywhere.

  35. Ms Jamie, I think the media are shoving them down our throats, too. None of the rest of the candidates have caught the Dems imagination or money, so it may be a good thing. I don’t want a bland and weak candidate going up against the greatest gangster in US history. 
    As to the networsts, alas, the candidates who can’t excite even us ‘thinky’ people, can’t draw the ears and eyes of the public to the advertising. For networsts, programming is just that crap that gets stuffed between the advertisements. Gone are the days when a squeaky-voiced midget like James Madison, or a squeaky voiced giant like Lincoln could thrill the electorate with the brainy and elegant printed words. Of course, PBS and NPR, G!D bless them, still don’t succumb to the ‘needs’ of craven advertising execs. But, they still attend to the candidates that the industrial news giants promote.  sigh.

  36. I’ll give Biden sincerity, but he often sounds whiny and the constant “The Fact of the Matter is” verbal crutch is wearing on the ears.


  37. I’m with you, except, I don’t want to see a coronation until the convention. I want them to run ‘hungry.’ ‘Hungry’ should keep pomposity out of their pronouncements.
    Let the rapist act like a conceited fatcat. I don’t want my gal doing that, whichever one she turns out to be.

  38. I think the media has bent over backwards to recognize and elevate candidates who don’t have enough support to justify attention. There just comes a time folks you have to thin the herd.

  39. Everyone complains there are too many candidates in the debates and then complains that the media is not covering enough candidates. What are they supposed to do?

  40. So far Biden and Sanders came off as too elderly for the job.  Warren is doing better, but still not as specific and energetic as I want for this fight.



  41. Agreed, Jamie. Climate change not Warren’s strength but she did a good job pivoting every question to her familiar attacks on corporate elites. And did a good job distancing herself from Bernie’s plan for the government takeover of utility companies.

  42. Warren finished really strong.  

    Like I said before, just put the Pres, VP, Cabinet in a hat and let the ladies pick one, then go clean up the mess Donald has made.

  43. She did Jamie, so interesting to watch her work her way through an issue that is not at the top of her list and basically survive. She’s got the right stuff to reach orbit.

  44. “CNN just gave 40 minutes each to 10 Democratic candidates tonight. Some who really didn’t deserve it. “
    They could put on 40 minutes of cheese and it would be better than their regular programming- same for Fox and the rest.   How you people watch that trash is beyond me, it’s like elective torture for your eyes and ears.

    “I think the media has bent over backwards to recognize and elevate candidates who don’t have enough support to justify attention. “.

    It’s their job- their product is news, they’re not doing anybody any favors, they’re trying to sell ads. That’s all they’re doing.

  45. BS Bink, they are sacrificing revenue tonight to spotlight these Democrats talking about climate change instead of focusing on hurricane coverage and gun shootings. They deserve respect for that. Give them some credit for this. It was a stupid business decision for the good of the country. Surely you don’t think it was a ratings winner to feature hours of Democrats talking about climate change.

  46. Seriously, CNN spent 7 or 8 hours tonight giving Democratic candidates an opportunity to talk about and take questions on climate change. I’m sure it was a ratings disaster they expected, and they made no money from it. Give them some credit for this.

  47. Just heard Warren on climate.  Can’t beat her for understanding all the aspects of it!
    Boris Johnson is just about gone.
    Candidates talking in terms of BILLIONS of dollars doesn’t mean anything to most of us including me. Soon it’ll be TRILLIONS, however much that is. They should use some frame of reference.
    I heard someone, I forget who, on Morning Joe. He talked about having coding jobs in West Virginia!!! Excellent!!  “Stars” and high profile folks keep talking about setting up programs in Africa and elsewhere which is fine. But that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone even mention jobs in WV or Appalachia.  The terrain is difficult.  Teaching coding is so doable.

  48. Whaddabuncha bullshit.   From WaPo:

    On Wednesday, it appears the White House attempted to retroactively justify a tweet that President Trump issued over the weekend in which he warned, erroneously, that Alabama would be affected by Hurricane Dorian.
    In a White House video released Wednesday, Trump displays a modified National Hurricane Center “cone of uncertainty” forecast, dated from 11 a.m. on Aug. 29, indicating Alabama would in fact be affected. The graphic appears to have been altered with a Sharpie to indicate a risk the storm would move into Alabama from Florida.
    [story continues]  

    A fuhchrissake Sharpie? What an absolutely fucking moron. 

  49. Rather be hopefully naive than a  uninformed cynic Bink. Have been watching CNN since they began spotlighting these candidates without commercials starting at 5pm. Beto on now.

  50. Craig, I saw Warren,  Mayor Pete, and now Beto. Warren’s the best of those 3, IMO.  But IMO is redundant since I just said it, eh?

  51. Tiptoe, I didn’t catch that segment, but I did do a Ziprecruiter search connected with a case recently for programming jobs in North Central WV and in the first week I got hit with over 125 jobs between Charleston and Morgantown. Until I shut the damn search down I’d get at least 3-4 notifications a day after the initial tidal wave. Now I don’t know from coding in the IT world but in the healthcare world we were continually looking to find coders for billing. There were always medical coding jobs available and unfilled. Not a lot of folks in these parts who have those skills or have the initiative to learn them. And really, who from out of here wants to come here for those jobs?

  52. …tried to find a free live-stream of this generous public service CNN is providing- there isn’t one.  Clicked through a bunch of ads to find that out, though.  $$$

  53. Pogo, you live there, don’t you?  So I defer to you. But given a decent salary seems like folks would at least stay there.  Maybe the idea needs to be pushed in high schools with community college courses coming after that? 
    I lived in the panhandle as a kid and have thought about jobs in WV as an adult. I can’t think of anything better than the coding thing, help desks, etc.  With satellites. terrain shouldn’t be a problem…or snow…or dive to work.

  54. As I made clear, I share Bink’s concern about the televised opinion industry. While CNN may occasionally yield to the journalist’s desire to inform the public, and run a low revenue info program such as we saw today, over a year the edifying feature is subordinated to selling ads.
    I don’t think CNN is awful, as Mr Bink does, but I it often disappoints me, as it has today, harping on trump’s claim that Dorian will attack AL. The AL claim was/is just another of the rapist’s diversions. After saying, This is just another of Mr trump’s lies, distracting from rapism, racism, russianism, and kids in cages, they should have gone right on to actual news : rapism, racism, russianism, and kids in cages.

    My opinion, so I’ll take some of that cat o’ nine tails with Mr Bink.

    Now you guys, please play nice. We’re all in this miserable sinking lifeboat together.

  55. Tiptoe, yes, I live 30 miles from Morgantown, and I agree with your thoughts on the issue. 15 years ago when I was in healthcare jobs in IT and medical coding paid $50k and up and we couldn’t find enough people to fill them. It’s apparently the same situation now. 
    Btw, which panhandle? Northern or Eastern?  I love the Eastern Panhandle- almost moved to the Martinsburg area 20 years ago but the opportunity fell through at the last minute. 

  56. I thought  Warren was doing a Beto imitation, dancing around with gyrating arms akimbo. It was energetic, but Whoaaaaaaa ! 

  57. I love all you guys. Don’t let the grumpies get you. We’ll muddle through, some fughing way. In the meantime, keep courage and high spirits. Organize and vote. And drag your ‘non-political’ pals to the polls, even if you have to threaten to set the Jehovah’s Witnesses on them.

  58. craig, lizzie earlier in the week made a point of adopting Inslee’s enviro-plan (and unusual for a pol actually gave the guy attribution instead of claiming credit herself).

    warren & booker good ticket intellectually & empathetically –  except for the mutt & jeff optics with him so tall

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