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  1. and whither, pray tell, go the storms also raging in Hong Kong, Moscow and not so Great Britain?

    revolutions, devolutions or evolutions?

  2. “it’s like being stalked by a turtle”

    from NYTimes updates on the now cat. 3 dorian:

    At 2 a.m., forecasters said the hurricane would move “dangerously close” to the Florida coast, beginning late Tuesday night and continuing through Wednesday evening. Then, it is expected to continue toward the Georgia and South Carolina coasts beginning late on Wednesday.
    Even if the hurricane’s center does not reach the Florida coast, strong winds and rain are all but certain to disrupt life in that region. Much of Florida’s eastern coast is also susceptible to dangerous storm surges, and tropical gusts up to 57 m.p.h. were expected to reach parts of South Florida overnight.
    “It’s like being stalked by a turtle,” said Ben Foster, the general manager of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in downtown West Palm Beach, in describing the long wait for Hurricane Dorian to brush the state.
    Brother Jimmy’s BBQ was the only restaurant open in the area at lunchtime on Monday, and it was bustling with about two dozen people watching the United States Open and “SportsCenter.” A group of men played a golf video game, a respite from boarded-up homes.
    Mayor Jerry Demings of Orange County, which includes Orlando, said 150 residents were staying in shelters in the county. He said the region would be hit with winds from the storm around midday on Tuesday and its effects would last through Wednesday afternoon.


  3. Craig

    I know it is dangerous, but my favorite description of Dorian is

    “It’s like being stalked by a turtle.”

  4. Where is Dr. Dean these days ..we need a 50 state strategery

    Also I think the Dems should make the squad the face of the Democratic party   they all won in 2018

    Democrats should stop trying to convince Republicans of anything
    There are way more of us then them

  5. “How many tours you spend [in Afghanistan]?”

    None.  I’ll defer to you-  worth it? Please, don’t feel obligated to defend GWB-era foreign policy. Just brought it up because no one else is.

  6. I’m trying to figure out what the “How many tours ” is saying, perhaps a more detailed explanation?  

    I can think of several things but they don’t fit in with a civilian lead type government.

    Then there is my constant default these days, “I’m just frickin’ irritated ”

    Speaking of which there is a fly buzzing around who won’t light and let me swat it.


  7. I’m following several “never Trump” Republicans on twitter

    They are kind of funny as they know they don’t any one who can win. They just keep tweeting advise to generic Democrats in the race. I think what is really happening is that they are down on their knees praying as hard as they can that the Democrats don’t screw it up. I’m kinda there with them.


  8. Coincidentally, i’ve served the same number of tours as the last 4 Presidents, the next Democratic President- if there is one (unless Gabbard wins), some of the leading architects of the U.S war in Afghanistan, like Cheney and Wolfowitz, and most of the Congresspersons who voted for it:



    (Our last 4 Presidents had the same amount of foreign policy credentials as me, before they took office, too- absolutely none. Their results speak for themselves: an unceasing regional clusterfuck.)

    Proud to say i’ve never lied to the UN Security Council to justify military intervention in said region to the American people and the world-at-large, but wiil concede i have served less than the guy that did.

    So, perhaps i’ll conclude, for the day, with a more earnest, but similarly baffling question in deference to you, once again, Mr. F, that it would likely behoove you to regard as rhetorical, also:

    “Why does the leadership of the world’s most dominant military force in history, in terms of global reach and destructive capability, continually make what seem to be absolutely terrible decisions in the deployment of that force?”

  9. I was retired long before ‘that’ war started. In any case it has not been lost. The Administration has chosen to withdraw because he has no one left to manage it. If I were one of our NATO allies who committed to the effort in Afghanistan because it was part of their treaty obligation, I would be giving SFB a massive FU. The GWB thing was going into Iraq; I was against that and openly expressed that sentiment. Going after the Taliban’s safe-harbor, wherever in the world that might be, was a post 9/11 National priority to which I fully subscribed and wrote Powell offering to return to active duty in order to help out. Learn the facts of our exit.

  10. “Learn the facts of our exit.“


    -just posted them, upthread.

    Ceding control of the occupied country to the faction that the occupiers invaded to oust is, by definition, a loss. It’s not a kinder, gentler, 21st century Taliban that controls 70% of Afghanstan, and to whom the U.S. must now make concessions- it’s the same oppressive organization it always was.

    Also, our government puts children in cages, punitively, as official state policy. Just as an aside. Have a good day, all.

  11. Flatus from what I’ve been reading, The Trump administration has been negotiating our surrender and unilateral with drawl, it ain’t pretty but that appears to be what is happening.  What is next? The Chinese Army cracks down in Hong Kong and isolates Taiwan.



  12. The Taliban are at their strongest since the U.S.-led invasion to topple their government after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, and now controls or holds sway over roughly half the country. The insurgents want all of the estimated 20,000 U.S. and NATO forces to leave Afghanistan and already portray their departure as the insurgents’ victory.


    That is a paragraph from Bink’s linked article from CBS News.  Doesn’t sound like we “won” anything to me.

  13. WE didn’t lose, Trump emasculated the combat leadership of the DoD and military services. He killed the effort. Twenty thousand people from all of NATO including us; he has more people guarding his golf courses and flying his airplanes.  Ask Mayor Pete what’s been going on.





  14. Well, Floridians should be relieved.  South Carolinians are next on the Dorian hit parade – and will get it worse than FL if the 5 day forecast is right.  Tomorrow night and Thursday should be the worst of it – winds 50-70 mph and 10-16 inches of rain in Charleston.  And anyone who’s been to Charleston when there are flooding storms knows how bad those kinds of conditions can be there.  Buckle up, hunker down, shelter in place or whatever you do to try and be safe.

  15. BREXIT and its’ chaos is making Putin very happy.  Just what he wants.


    As for SFB saying he’d never heard of a Cat 5 hurricane when he had said he did in the past = old freakin’ age!

  16. boris in eclipse : The No Deal Brexit was voted down by patriotic MPs. boris called for new elections. I hope the tories are swept away, along with the bigots who are wrecking the Labour Party.

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