Time To Thin The Herd

PBS NEWS HOUR: Campaigns that do run out of money have one ace to play: dropping out and endorsing a former rival who can encourage their own supporters to donate and help pay off campaign debts, according to Craig Crawford. … “Waiting for a miracle doesn’t usually work. If you don’t have two percent [support in polls] after all these months [campaigning], you’ve got to quit,” said Crawford, who publishes an online political commentary website called Trail Mix. “It’s time to thin the herd for Democrats. It may be brutal, but that’s where we are.” — by Matt Lauffman


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  1. “…dropping out and endorsing a former rival who can encourage their own supporters to donate and help pay off campaign debts…”

    in some cases play a pair of aces by adding to the above by switching to run for the senate

  2. stories like this as reported in the guardian make one not worry so much about uncle joe’s gaffes:

    Donald Trump has sown confusion about Hurricane Dorian, repeatedly wrongly claiming that Alabama was set to be hit by the storm and that he had “never even heard of a category 5 storm”, despite having said the same thing at least four times previously.
    Trump’s comments came on Sunday as the Bahamas was pounded by Hurricane Dorian, with fears the “catastrophic” storm could lead to devastating damage and loss of life, and the south-east coast of the US braced for storm surges, extreme winds and heavy rainfall.
    Earlier on Sunday, Trump tweeted that Alabama would be hit by the storm, “most likely … (much) harder than anticipated”. The claim was quickly refuted by the National Weather Service office in Birmingham Alabama, which tweeted that Alabama would “NOT” see any effects from Dorian.
    Despite their clarification, Trump repeated the claim at his press conference later.


  3. Everybody, who are your top five Democrats you would like to see battle it out across the nation:

    Harris, Klobuchar, Warren, Booker, Biden

    If I wanted to narrow it down even more, I would just have three jobs in a hat and let the women pull one out for President, Vice President, and Cabinet position of their choice.



  4. I want Kasich and Harris; I won’t support Biden. Warren and Booker would make a ticket. Klobuchar is pleasant.

  5. Biden, Harris, Warren, Buttigieg, Booker.
    Flatus, I like some things about Kasich and would like to think the Repug choice won’t be SFB but I live in the real world. 

  6. Pogo, in my eyes (I do have glaucoma) Kasich is the most committed, most qualified, moderate public servant available to campaign for the job if the DNC asked him to switch.

  7. my unrealistic druthers would be for Bernie and Biden to graciously and generously pull out of the race, join Stacey Abrams in her fair fight movement to get out the vote, help senate & governor campaigns across the country and wholeheartedly endorse the nominee whomever she be.

    no country for old white men fantasy ballot-wise

  8. I wouldn’t call Kasich moderate, he very conservative. He is just not nut ball crazy, which seems to be what passes for conservative these days.  I think one of the worst things the media has foisted upon the American public is to label the Trumpistas  ” conservative”  What they are doing to this nation is not conservative. 

  9. Right now, I believe the best candidates, in terms of ability to perform in office and on the campaign tril are : Harris, Klobuchar, Warren,   Buttigieg.  All of the rest, imo, have serious flaws that eliminates them. I include Mayor Pete, not because he is highly qualified as the women are but because he brings an intelligent candor that is badly needed in this age of Bernie and Trump.

  10. I was out of town yesterday visiting with family. I got to see 2 great nieces, and their mothers who are just average nieces. The toddlers were a lot of fun. 
    A lot of good comments and ideas on yesterdays thread. 
    As to modern instruments being played by modern musicians,  it was on my mind as I listened to the piece. Each musician brings their own style, as does the conductor/music director. So what we are listening to is a collaboration with an 18 century composer and 21 century musicians. So nothing can be static because each time it is played it is a new composition. I doubt that the modern musicians or even instruments are better, just different.
    So yes it would be interesting to have a time machine….

  11. Loved yesterday’s Mozart piece!
    I’ll most likely watch the next debate…  but frankly, I can’t wait for the pack to be winnowed down to half that size.  My favorites are Harris, Klobuchar, Warren, Buttigieg, and Booker

    Kasich is not a Democrat and never will be.  He seems like a decent fellow…  but I wouldn’t personally vote for him. 

  12. Kasich  only looks good by comparison.
    He was a terrible governor.  He should have stayed a Fox News Commentator  Anti union and opposed to the right to abortion among other things. Hardly someone Democrats are likely to recruit

  13. I understand that from the religious perspective he’s got a lot in common with Pense. I think KC made that comment a while ago, that right? Haven’t we had enough of that?  
    I’m beginning to see a Biden Abrams ticket emerge. 

  14. Warren, Klobuchar, Castro, Booker, and Biden. Not necessarily in that order of preference. However, even if the nominee were from Gabbard, Yang, Bernie!, Delaney or Steyer, I’d still vote for the Dem. Straight ticket.
    My failed former congresslout, jason lewis, is attempting to rise to a higher level of incompetence and invisibility. He is campaigning for the ripper nomination in Minnesota’s US Senate race. Tina Smith was appointed to fill Al Franken’s vacant seat on Jan 3, 2018. 

  15. Warren. And Mayor Pete. Can’t think beyond them. Every time I hear Warren, she’s music to my ears. And Mayor Pete is mesmerizing.  Of course I’d vote for whomever is the candidate.  I’d vote for a guinea pig or box of rocks. 
    I was hoping that Dorian would spin right into the front door of Mar-a-Lago,  Is that wrong of me? 
    Wait. It’s not only me.
    “Former Canadian Prime Minister Apologizes After Tweeting She Hoped Hurricane Dorian Would Strike Mar-a-Lago”

  16. As trumpinocchio is always complaining about the universe being against him, from shitholes dumping their felons inside our border (unless they work for him for pennies) to daughter Tiffany being fat at him, it would be fun to see His Bitchiness stand up to the storm like Job did in the book and made-for-tv movie of the same name. I might even watch that live on pay per view !

  17. PRC “workers” at Mal à la Tête complain their underground bunkers are subject to flooding during Dewrain.

  18. Under the “ain’t life wunnerful” column
    An hour of work buys more alcohol today than any time in history.

  19. Flatus, Mal a la Tete. Love it. It will become the way I refer to the southern disaster area. How do you get the French diacritical marks?  

  20. Under the not so wonderful column, That hurricane is still setting on top of the Bahamas. Not moving anywhere,   very fast  1 mph wnw. wind speed 150 mph. Kinda like having a f-3 tornado setting on top of your house all day long. Those folks are going to need some help and a lot of it.

  21. It is time for Biden to toss in the cards and then go around telling all the less than two percenters that their efforts at some administration position is noted and to go run for the house or senate.

  22. Pogo, spell it without them, do a search on that, copy and paste the proper accented result unbolding if necessary. Easy for me to say

  23. SFB’s antics over the last month are apparently not playing well in Peoria.  He has lost 3 points in his approval ratings (RCP average) over the past month and is down to 45 at his captive poll liars – Rasmussen. 

  24. Et voici ! Mal à la Tête.
    I shall continue to use Marla’s Ego variations, but whole heartedly celebrate Mal à la Tête. Wonderful.

  25. At least 5 dead in Bahamas.

    Sweetie and I were there in ’04. Got away from the ‘boat people’ and explored places where the real people live. Nice people. Fun people. Scotch Bonnet (habanero) peppers in the food. Ouch.


  27. What a Labor Day. Smoked some ribs, cleaned up some shrub beds, planted some mums, did a little refinishing around the front door (part of a likely month long project) – now settled in to recover. 

  28. rasmussen reported trump’s worst favorability poll yet :
    45% favorable, 54% unfavorable :  -9% net

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