A Trillion Here, a Trillion There… Before Long You’re Talking Real Money. (Apologies to the Hon. Everett Dirksen)

Citing the CBO’s forecast of the Federal Deficit (and at these reates it deserves to be capitalized) , WaPo reports that the Deficit will increase by $80o Billion MORE than expected over the next 10 years.

The United States’ annual deficit will come close to hitting $1 trillion in 2019, an unusually high number during a period of economic growth, the CBO added. Driving that number is spending as well a large tax cut in corporate and individual income taxes passed by Republicans in 2017.

“We all know we are already on a troubling fiscal path, but today’s CBO report shows us that our leaders [and by leaders he has to be talking about the Orange one’s White House and Moscow Mitch’s Republican Congress that passed the tax cuts that have led to the increased deficit numbers] are making things considerably worse,” said Michael A. Peterson, chief executive of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which advocates for lower deficits.

It figures that somehow the government under the Orange Clown’s leadership (where can I get one of those baby blimps by the way?) has gotten into a deficit fix that precludes SFB finally doing something that would benefit working folks – reducing or eliminating the payroll tax.


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  1. amazon of course, pogo, and  help support the trail.  cheapest one I saw was $6.99.   also can get them at Walmart and Ebay among other places.

  2. Washington examiner:

    The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled 2-1 in favor of “faithless electors,” individuals who cast Electoral College votes for a candidate that is not chosen by the majority of the voters in their state.
    “Unlike the president’s right to remove subordinate officers under his executive power and duty to take care that the laws and Constitution are faithfully executed, the states have no authority over the electors’ performance of their federal function to select the president and vice president of the United States,” Judge Carolyn McHugh stated in the court’s opinion.
    The case, based out of Colorado, goes back to the 2016 presidential election, when three Democratic Party electors, Micheal Baca, Polly Baca, and Robert Nemanich, were mandated by state law to vote for Hillary Clinton after voters in the state voted for her.
    However, in a coordinated national failed attempt to keep President Trump from collecting the necessary 270 electoral votes to win the presidency, the three voted for former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich.
    The Democratic electors claimed they were concerned Trump won the election because of foreign interference in the 2016 election.
    According to the Colorado Independent, the electors called themselves the “Hamilton Electors,” naming themselves after Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who referenced the Electoral College in Federalist Paper No. 68.


  3. from raw story:

    George Conway, husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, is making his outspoken criticisms of President Trump known again, this time telling White House staffers that they should have their boss mentally committed.
    Responding to Trump’s recent exchange with reporters on the South Lawn of the White House where he referred to himself as the “chosen one” and doubled down on his recent assertion that Jews who vote against him are “disloyal,” Conway fired off a tweet directed at White House staff, telling them that their boss is in dire need of medical attention.
    “Seriously, its time to call these guys,” Conway tweeted a page from Walter Reed’s website citing the “Benefits of Behavioral Health Care.”
    “Time to get him in the chopper up to Bethesda,” he added.
    As Mediaite points out, Conway has called for Trump to be whisked off to Walter Reed before. In June, Conway reacted to a rambling interview Trump gave to Fox Business and implored White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to have the President committed.
    “Mick, you need to take him to Walter Reed right away,” Conway tweeted on June 26.
    Questions about Trump’s mental fitness are not just hyperbole. Late last month, a group of psychiatrists wanted Congress to ask former Special Counsel Robert Mueller if he would ever consider requesting an evaluation of Trump’s mental stability.
    “What was really alarming to us is the president did not meet any of the criteria for mental capacity and the level of incapacity was beyond our expectation,” Yale University professor and mental health expert Bandy Lee told The Washington Post

  4. In not so many months after the game show host, Donald J. Trump, and his toady, Steven Miller, are FIRED, they will be featured on DWTS (Dancing with the Stars).  It’ll be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It will not be pretty. They’ll be FIRED, again.

  5. tiptoe, dancing a tango together

    Stephen miller in the rita moreno role and the twit is the dummy of course

  6. mediaite:

    According to newly released poll results by the Associated Press, nearly two out of three Americans surveyed do not approve of the job that President Donald Trump is doing.
    AP reports that their most recent AP-NORC poll shows that “Thirty-six percent approve of Trump’s handing of his job and 62% disapprove. There continues to be large differences between the views of Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are much more likely to approve of how Trump is handling the issues.”
    36% is not the lowest approval rating that Trump has polled since taking office as he an two other occasions clocked in at 35%. The trending of mid-30’s approval, however, raises serious concerns about re-election efforts, though the General Election is still more than a year away.

    Other polls still show Trump’s approval in the low 40’s, as FiveThirtyEight shows his aggregate polling comes in at 41.6%.

  7. Rita Moreno is still going strong as the grandmother in the new One Day At A Time on Netflix and as a potential mother in law character role in the recently ended Jane The Virgin.


  8. Several states are trying to totally bypass the Electoral College by binding their electors to the National vote winner.  As of last month, this was operational in 15 states and the District of Columbia.



  9. gee…  who couldn’t see this coming from a mile away.  trump bankrupts his businesses and people actually thought that he could handle an entire nation’s economy….    hmmmmm…

  10. The dems are the only ones who attempt to “balance the budget” or reduce the national debt. The gop engineers recessions so they can buy everybody’s stuff for pennies on the dollar, bust unions, cut wages, try and gut any safety nets, and then say “Pity the Po folks!” over Sunday dinner.

  11. renee, putin was betting on trump’s talent for bankrupting and messing up everything he touches.  if what they had in mind when they invested in his campaign coffers (via NRA and other laundry mats) was to wreck and weaken the u.s., their investment sure paid off bigly.

  12. wapo:

    Fox News has hired former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders as a contributor, adding another loyalist to President Trump to its lineup of pundits and hosts.
    Sanders served as Trump’s press secretary from July 2017 until late June, when she resigned, saying she was moving back to her native Arkansas. She is widely considered to be eyeing a run for governor of the state, but has not announced.
    The network said Sanders will make her debut as a contributor on “Fox & Friends” on Sept. 6 and would provide commentary on other Fox programs and networks, including Fox Business Network, Fox Nation and its radio division. She will be based in Little Rock when she’s on the air, Fox said.

  13. sturge, glad I’m not wearing a white shirt today…
    And Suckabee on Faux – who coulda guessed that would happen?

  14. patd, yes, Stephen Miller as Rita Morena!  LOL…perfect.
    Funny op ed by Alexandra Petri in WaPo today, “Oh, good. Donald Trump is God now.” 
    “The Amazon is burning. Darkness covers São Paulo at noon. The economy is wilting. The Federal Reserve chair dreamed of seven lean oxen, and when he awakened, all his yield curves had inverted. Sean Spicer is on “Dancing With The Stars.” Do not think that these are signs that we drift, alone, through an indifferent universe, where everything is absurd and nothing is funny. Do not mistake these omens. All has been revealed.
    *stone tablets containing decades of laws crash down from on high and shatter*
    Glorious news, everyone! Donald Trump is God! Everything makes sense now, and the final purpose of all things is at last clear. Donald Trump on Wednesday proudly quoted a messenger who said he was “the second coming of God,” and he described himself as “the chosen one,” looking up at the sky. As I said, wonderful, good, normal news!

    *Donald Trump’s entire staff transforms into snakes*
    [Dana Milbank: Trump claims he’s the messiah. Maybe he should quit while he’s ahead.]
    How did we not recognize it before? He can multiply crowds at a wish. He can make the night day and the day night. He can make Melania Trump appear in a window where she is not. He can make friends enemies and enemies, friends. He can stare unblinkingly into the sun (at an eclipse, no less), for the sun shall not strike him by day. He turned Chris Christie into a pillar of salt; his arrival was heralded by a burned-out Bush. With Trump, all things are possible. Don’t give him a baby to cut in half; he’ll do it.
    *water across the nation transforms into Trump-branded wine*
    Hearken, nonbelievers! Of course Donald Trump is the Chosen One — all relevant tropes apply. He arrived on the scene with no particular expertise, and suddenly, he was in charge of everything, even though there was a woman right there who had been preparing for the same thing for decades. He just stepped into office, and suddenly he could do anything he set his mind to. He can wield nuclear power, melt ice that has been there for decades, and he almost bought Greenland.
    *Donald Trump vanishes into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights; he is golfing*
    Also, he is the King of Israel. Great! And he brought Christmas back. Even better! That was just the first sign of many signs that he would perform. He made the lion lie down with the lamb, and then he stood with the lion after the resulting incident. He healed the nation’s wounds (or will, once he gets a magic and only somewhat habit-forming spray from Johnson and Johnson), and you should see what he can do with the jawbone of an ass! And he suffered the little children to come unto him. At any rate, they suffered.
    *Trump smites a rock with his rod, and lead-tainted water starts pouring from it*
    No wonder evangelical voters have stuck with him so much. He is literally the Messiah! Which is great! Just great, just absolutely wonderful, and a HIGHLY normal thing for a president to say! Definitely not Fake News, definitely the Good News.
    Just super, absolutely, terrifically, the most reassuring news ever! I for one am EXTREMELY REASSURED.”
    *a great beast with 10 horns and seven heads emerges from the abyss*



  15. *head spinning* Besides saying he’s “the chose one” in that video clip,  he says that China is ripping off the US making  $500B  AND that it’s the worst year they’ve had in 27 years or 52 or 54 years!!! 
    This is why I just don’t pay attention to the SFB.   I’m still pondering wny anyone would vote for a game show host in the first place…even though I’ve read everyone’s explanations of that phenom.  He blew sunshine up their arses!  Really.

  16. long but worthwhile read  matt taibbi  rolling stone article “Trump 2020: Be Very Afraid”

    America is the first country to ever elect a Mad King, and the way things are going, we may be dumb enough to do it twice.


    Royal lunacy is traditionally a secret, but in Twitter-age America it’s a shared national experience. We are all somersaulting down and out the sanity chute. The astonishing thing about Trump is that he wasn’t foisted on us by a council of Bourbons, or by succession law. We elected the man, and are poised to do it again.
    History will judge us harshly for this, and will look with particular venom at Trump’s political opponents in both parties, who over the years were unable to win popularity contests against a man most people would not leave alone with a decent wristwatch, let alone their children.

    [continues with his nifty take on a trump rally]


  17. Pogo you can wear the white shirt freely, as you fall in under the Not a Bigot Piggy loophole.  Unless I’m mistaken, you can also starch it.
    Doesnt anyone up there around him even know that for the Jewish it would be the “first coming”?

  18. Poobah, you may want to read this Princeton paper on the economy under Dem & Rep presidents.  It confirms what you asked above.  Here’s the abstract:

    The U.S. economy has performed better when the President of the United States is a Democrat rather than a Republican, almost regardless of how one measures performance. For many measures, including real GDP growth (on which we focus), the performance gap is large and significant. This paper asks why. The answer is not found in technical time series matters nor in systematically more expansionary monetary or fiscal policy under Democrats. Rather, it appears that the Democratic edge stems mainly from more benign oil shocks, superior TFP performance, and perhaps greater defense spending and faster growth abroad.

    Or something like it.

  19. Sturge – thanks – oh, and yes, it would be the first coming of the son of god, but God came first in that first week, right? Made a bunch of stuff then took a nap. 

  20. And according to the etchings, the son of god was somehow also god, I think; and the holy spook as well. Busy busy god.

  21. But still, if I were talking to the Jews I’d leave the second coming out of it…..they had a hard enough time from the first one, and refer to it as Fake News.

  22. OMG, i am getting the most heinous ads in my web-browser featuring the dumb faces of evil Republicans after clicking on patd’s “Washington Examiner” article.  
    I support your efforts to repost articles in full from conservative trash-news sites, patd, so my PC doesn’t get corrupted.  Thank you.

  23. Moses?  I thought it was Charlton Heston – until he flipped from a civil rights supporter to become a Nixonian and ultimately did that NRA gig, then I knew I was wrong  and it was some lapsed angel guy Dante wrote about who was pulling his strings.

  24. King donald ? We already had Don King. 
    This is all wrong. fred sr was the father, fred jr was the son, and don is wholly boast.

    So, If don is King of Israel, is melanoma really jezebel ?

  25. Who will the murdochracy can to make room for huckster-slanders ? Or, does faux deficit spend also ? 
    One thing’s for certain, they won’t have HER behind a coffee table in a mini dress with a plunging neckline. 
    Aiieee ! The thought has scarred my occipital lobe !

  26. A Mea$ely $TR!LL!ON !?! 
    Wait ’til you $ee the trump’$ next Defen$e reque$t !  There’ll be several $B!LL!ON$ to rai$e Marla’$ Ego 50 feet to protect it from the Democrat-caused ocean rise.
    Add $100 B!LL!ON$ for hi$ maje$ty’s National $ecurity golden pyramid tomb – “By far the bigge$t pyramid in hi$tory. And, I de$erve it, believe me !” 

  27. Actually, I was mocking flakes ‘news’. There is absolutely nothing wrong with huckster-slanders below her eyebrows and above her sagittal crest. flakes ‘news’ on the other grab, substitutes leg ‘n’ cleavage for truth.  

  28. If by ‘soul’ you mean mind, yes, her soul needs mending withal. 
    huckster-slanders may deserve derision, but I don’t deserve to become a sexist pig . . . . again. Been there, done that, thank you very much. 

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