Well Bred

More like ill-bred and inbred. No, not the people who voted for Mitch; though an argument could be made for that.
Behold Bu and a lineage enviable of a Tolstoy novel according to her genomes identified by the scientists at Embark:
23.2% Beagle
14.2% Siberian Husky
13.8% Labrador Retriever
12.8% Golden Retriever
8.8% Cocker Spaniel
8.3% Rottweiler
7.4% Australian Cattle Dog
11.5% Supermutt

Supermutt? Who coulda guessed.
Bu, the quintessence of doggie diversity.


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  1. The Honorable Supermutt according to Embark

    Supermutt, a result of heavy breed mixture over the course of many generations, makes a somewhat common appearance in our mixed-breed dogs, with 38.4% of mixed breed Embark dogs having “Supermutt” as part of their breed mix.  While the amount of Supermutt ancestry in a given dog is often quite low, we get a pretty high volume of Supermutt-oriented questions.  To that end, I’ve further broken down our stats for you below.  Also, this way I get to include a picture of a dog in a cape.

    Across all of our Embark dogs, we see an average Supemutt percentage of 4.2%.  Note that 71.62% of our dogs have no Supermutt ancestry at all.  In the majority (70%) of the remaining dogs, Supermutt accounts for less than 20% of the dog’s total ancestry…

    [also as an aside on Bu’s Certificate of Breed, they noted trace breeds of chow chow, bohemian shepherd and boxer – why not the kitchen sink too?]

  2. I have been wondering where SFB is going with his “buying” Greenland.  This morning I happened to think of a small Caribbean country which had the misfortune of being in another president’s sights.  A president with diminishing mental issues too.  Little Grenada was invaded by Reagan.  SFB might be planning on invading Greenland to get rid of socialism and keeping the return troops from Afghanistan there.

  3. I have a kind of soft spot in my heart for Spam from having to eat so much of it when I was a squid in the early to mid-fifties. Fried spam for supper. 
    Then Elvis came onto TV from the waist up in 56 and changed EVERYTHING. 

  4. I bought a can of spam a few years back to maybe somehow rekindle the flame, but it was just not the same.  It tasted like sole d’loafer, and then just turned green in the Frigidaire.

  5. I ain’t too good for Spam, i’d eat it right now if i had some.
    Your post confuses the hell out of me, patd. What?

    …ah, so “Embark” is a dog dna testing service, which my vet told me was a waste of money and typically just returns that your dog is a bunch of indeterminable breeds, if you’re even able to get an uncontaminated saliva sample, which is difficult to do with an animal that tends to eat poop (and such).

  6. We would have it during the War. We did not bemoan the fact if it meant that our troops would have something fresher/better/tastier.

  7. Never had Spam while stationed overseas. Military rations, whether dehydrated or canned, were nutritious and, with some imagination, could be made tasty.

  8. patd…  a mutt is a mutt is a mutt.  However…  they are usually healthier than purebreds.
    They serve a Spamburger at McDonalds in Hawaii….   nope…  didn’t try it.

  9. Spam is a staple because it is long lived.  When all else goes bad, opening a can of Spam can make a meal.  I like to dice up some in the blue box Mac & Cheese.  A slice or two with fried eggs is good too.  And then there is the wonderful Spam musubi.  Life is good.

  10. Bu, the super Supermutt as a pup

    bink,  Embark is a bit more than a flea by night snakeoil scam.  they do other stuff than the DNA gig.

    here’s a bit from their site:

    Adam’s lab has also uncovered the genetic basis for many dog diseases and traits. While they have enjoyed working in remote corners of the world and in the lab, Adam and Ryan have always wanted to share their work and improve the lives of pet dogs everywhere. Partnering with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the leading veterinary school in the country, and Spencer Wells, a pioneer in consumer genetics, they founded Embark to bring cutting-edge science and insights directly onto your phone and desktop.


    renee, yep, better to bet on a mutt any day to avoid going bankrupt with vet bills.  

    getting a dna test was a birthday present and I was more curious about bu’s than mine. 

  11. fried spam –  brings back childhood memories.  just doesn’t taste as good as I remembered.  they (or FDA regs) must have messed it up somewhere along the way.

  12. speaking of DNAs this from 

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, speaking at a presidential forum on Native American issues on Monday, offered a direct, public apology for the “harm” that she caused and pledged to uplift Native people as president.
    Ms. Warren was met with a standing ovation when she took the stage, and she began by addressing the controversy over her past claims of Native American ancestry.
    “Like anyone who’s being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistakes,” Ms. Warren said. “I am sorry for harm I have caused. I have listened and I have learned a lot, and I am grateful for the many conversations that we’ve had together.”
    She continued, “It is a great honor to be able to partner with Indian Country, and that’s what I’ve tried to do as a senator, and that’s what I promise I will do as president of the United States of America.”
    Ms. Warren, in keeping with her reputation as the presidential candidate with an enormous collection of detailed plans, has made a concerted effort to develop a policy agenda that would help Native Americans.

    But her appearance at the forum, held at a theater in Sioux City, was closely watched because of the long-running controversy over the ancestry claims, an issue that is certain to be used against her if she is the Democratic nominee. Ms. Warren faced criticism from some Native Americans last year after she released the results of a DNA test that provided evidence she had a Native American ancestor. After entering the presidential race, she apologized for the DNA test and for identifying herself as Native American during her career as a law professor.


  13. the hill:

    Fox News host Steve Hilton is blasting National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre, calling him “an odious little grifter” who needs to be shown the door.


    “For years, Wayne has taken NRA members’ money to live the life of a king, but he’s not a king. He’s the head of a nonprofit trusted by millions to use its funds to secure constitutional rights,” Hilton, the host of “The Next Revolution,” said during his “Swamp Watch” segment Sunday. “He’s an odious little grifter and it’s time for him to go.”

    [continues with details of lil Wayne’s extravagances] 

  14. Warren’s native American claim doesn’t bother me at all.  If you are from Oklahoma, someone will make the claim that you have “indians in the family”.  I know I heard it from infancy on as my mother and her brothers and sisters were all born there.  The eldest was even born in what was still “Indian Territory” that after statehood became Rowe, OK.  So You can imagine how stunned I was by the DNA test showed nothing, zilch, nada.  Not a Cherokee in sight.

    It took ages for me to track the source of the story to a great uncle who had married a woman with two sons who were appealing a decision that they belonged on the rolls and had tribal membership.  

    So yes we had “indians” in the family, just none on a direct line to me.  It was probably much the same for Elizabeth and I’m sure both she and ever member of her family believed it until proven differently. 


    On the other hand, we are related to Daniel Boone.

  15. jamie44 – The big problem with the American Indian “History”is all that is known is what was seen on fifties teevee and Hollywood.  Every Indian is Cherokee, Blackfoot, Last of the Mohicans or some other easy to remember story.  My little story would never pass the Dawes Roll test.  They come from the Chesapeake and Lake Superior.  But I am proud to know I have a story.

  16. Sweetie is alleged to have a Micmac ancestor. Highly unlikely. 
    I claim descent from Seth, who was apparently either monoecious or who married a very similar great ape. On my mother’s side one branch is said to go back to an ancient king whose earliest recorded ancestor claimed descent from Odin. So, I have it all covered, from monkeys to gods. Supermutt am I. woof 

  17. Bronc

    Ours was definitely Cherokee courtesy of the Trail of Tears.  I’ve enjoyed doing the genealogy. 

    For XR on the DNA scheme of things, my group belined out of Asia and Africa as fast as the snow melted heading north as rapidly as possible, hit Scandanavia and did a U-Turn to plop down in the UK mainly in what became Scotland where we sat and bleached for several thousand years. I probably have one of the most boring heritages possible. 


  18. I did some research……I go back to an Ancient Greek named Mediocrates, We’re all middling proud of him.

  19. She should have never apologized,  The big up roar isn’t about her as much as it is about her use of  genetic test. 
    To understand you have to understand what makes you an Indian, at least according to the federal government.  For Oklahoma Indians that is enrollment on the Dawes rolls. The rolls that Oklahoma reservation Indians signed up for when the Oklahoma reservations  were broken up and each Indian received a plot of land.  The last year was 1914. At that time My grandmother was a grown woman with a child. So it wasn’t that long ago.. Second there were a lot of enrolled Cherokees with mixed ancestry as well as a lot of equally mixed Cherokees that had moved on either to the city or better land and had integrated into white society. Now this didn’t make any difference for some time but in the last 60 years or so there have been a number of laws that were intended to give the impoverished reservations an economic lift up. But If  you qualify as an Indian, (granddad signed up for that land plot) even if you live in New York City you can claim these benefits. So now there is money involved and everybody is wondering how they can take grandads claim that his mother was a Cherokee to the bank.  So did you notice the Oklahoma Indians didn’t get all upset  until Warren did the genetic test.  

  20. They told him after the battle of Marathon to run to Athens with the good news, but he told them he had bone spurs and so they sent some other guy. 

  21. My DNA is boring, Almost all English/welsh with a bit of Irish.. Which given what I know of our family history I’m not surprised. My fathers line started in VA and basically followed the frontier until they reached  MO in the 1830’s
    My mothers line started in New England and ended up in western New York. Given what I understand about migration. Pioneers wrote back to let family and neighbors know how great it was, “come on out” then a lot of neighbors marrying neighbors, cousins to cousins.  I think the only variety came from my Maternal grandmother, I think that is where the Irish came from.
    Mrs Jack had the fun DNA, she had about as much African Bantu dna as Warren has native American.

  22. Speaking of indigenous Americans, can we make it illegal for Republicans to eat Mexican food plzzzzzzzz

    (Taco Bell and Tex-Mex included)

    Not kidding. You put a people in cages, you don’t deserve their cuisine. Actually just ban all Mexican food in the United States, none of us deserve it.

  23. Hack western movie of the week:
    Night of the Grizzly, 1969
    Keenan Wynn is hilarious as the well-dressed unscrupulous rich asshole. 
    Jack Elam is hilarious as drunken good guy sidekick.  
    “Jane Hathaway”  hilarious as lovesick shopkeeper much in the vein of Mr Drysdale’s Jane Hathaway.
    Clint Walker is a good Cheyenne Brody. Ex-lawman turned family rancher.
    It’s not a comedy, more like a western “Jaws” . 
    Jack Elam is what elevates it to movie of the week status. Looks like an audition for his part in “Support Your Local Sheriff”

  24. I’m a mutt – mostly from Great Britain I’d guess – but I’m guessing.  gotten as far back as Virginia and North Carolina in various strains of my lineage, but stopped short of actually tracing it to someone who crossed the pond.  In what little ancestry.com research I diI was informed  my last name is a modern variant of chauvin – better known in Olde England (ironically) as bald guy, BUT, Chauvin is also a common French surname, so who the hell knows? I’m bald and I suck at French despite two years of it in college, so I’m betting on option A.
    Bink, I think Mexicans would be offended to think that Taco Bell is considered Mexican food.  Get beyond taco (in form if not substance) Rice, and refried beans and there’s damned little Mexican about anything that comes from Taco Hell.  And PLEASE don’t suggest banning Mexican food here just because we don’t deserve it – I love it so.

  25. There is a big difference between blasphemy and libel, Mr Bink. Seth could sue you for your eyetooth bridge, if only he were alive. 

  26. Honestly, we don’t deserve the culture of a people we abuse.
    Dovetailing that with canine-dna testing, i remember looking into it for my pet, and read the instructions online, and it said that one had to isolate their dog in a sterile cage for one hour before taking a saliva sample, while ensuring the swab was sterile, also.

    Now, i thought it ridiculous to wipe down every surface of her kennel with alcohol just so that i could imprison her in it, for a time, to determine her “lineage” or “breed”, which is completely irrelevant to how wonderful a companion she is to me.  

    Point being, my government treats Mexican people worse than i treat my dog.

    (Edit: …and Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans. Brown-skinned people with Spanish names- we treat them worse than we treat animals.)

  27. Therefore the government shouldn’t enjoy the oppressed peoples’ culture. 
    But I don’t oppress them, so I can enjoy corvina as prepared at Juanita’s in Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico. YUM.

  28. And, Mr Bing, I happily concede that you treat your dog better than our government treats Mexicans, and others. I’m sure your dog is a very lucky dog.

  29. Good heavens, I haven’t washed my hands of it. I just want to eat Juanita’s corvina. I support those who work to overturn our government’s horrid behavior. 
    Please, add Haiti and Puerto Rico to your list. And, New Orleans. 

  30. Ok, i’m disgusted by us all.  Have a pleasant evening!

    (Edit: …enjoying everyone’s comments, but posting “lol” or “good post” after every one would make for a terrible forum, so keep it up, people!)

    (Edit 2: i’m posting all of this from a hammock made in Honduras. It’s very comfortable and i enjoy spending my summers in it. It’s really neat that people in another hemisphere can improve my personal standard of living, so thank you, people of Honduras- NOW STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY)

  31. …the hammock is right up there with the shoe, refrigeration, the printing press, and indoor plumbing, but no, you can’t share my society, because i’m white and rich, and you’re not and poor, fuck you very much.

  32. I always thought Honduras was a Central American country in the Western Hemisphere. Mexico, Canada and the United  States are North American countries, also in the Western Hemisphere. I don’t know where or what Bink is.

  33. Ah, good point.  If it’s north of Ecuador, it’s the northern hemisphere, right?  Well, as an American, i’m more concerned with skin-color than geography, but thank you for the correction.

  34. x-R,  woof to you too.  we’re supermutts all.

    raise a toast to our mother in common.  to lucy wherever you are and were

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