28 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. Rhapsody In Blue always reminds me of the overture to How To Marry A Millionaire.   Cinemascope was so new, that it had this full orchestrated performance leading up to the movie based on themes about New York


  2. A great selection.  I always have this on my cell phones as a must listen too.
    Craig – great view!  City Bronc likes a good architectural view as much as Western Bronc likes a mountain or prairie view. Each is important visually.
    New habit, check the obituaries when going on line.  You know, just in case something good happened.

  3. Unrelated to anything other than my annoyance is this.  Remember Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers? Then they were called just Famous Chocolate Wafers. https://www.snackworks.com/ Has the recipe for what we called Icebox Cake. But no wafers. !  They’re at Amazon for $18.00/package! Grrrr…. 

  4. Register every eligible voter.   Revenge is best served up at the voting booth.  
    The senate is where it’s at.   I don’t blame Beto for not wanting to run against Cornyn who saw what happened to Cruz and got ready but there must be another Beto there somewhere.  What about Julian Castro?    He would be great.

  5. Craig

    Don’t know if you will have more show time, but definitely recommend Come From Away with it’s theme of the planes grounded in New Foundland following 9/11


  6. Just watched Moonstruck again : Cher !
    I think it was Cage’s best effort. Cher was even better. Danny Aiello, Oly Dukakis, and Vincent Gardenia were all at their best. 

  7. GOP doesnt get everything they want every time, but one thing they ALWAYS get is tax cuts for the rich and corporations.
    and the suckers out here just keep falling for it.

  8. ”Just watched Moonstruck again“

    “…first you got brass, which is fine, until something goes wrong…”

  9. Mr Flatus’ Spyders hammered the Yankees 8-4, and Minnesota’s beloved DC Senators beat the Rangers 6-3. It’s all going according to plan. 

  10. trump is now attacking fakes ‘news’ and juan williams.
    fakes gave trump all he needed to successfully usurp the Oval Office (the base turds) and he shows no gratitude or loyalty whatsoever. he’s headed for the exit at a rapid clip, but still not fast enough.
    Meanwhile, trump confirmed that pence will be the afterthought on the failing repub ticket. I’m pretty sure that pence is hanging in there simply to take advantage of things if trump has a stroke or heart attack. I mean the racist rapist is 73 year old, obese, eats lots of fatty foods, and has an angry attitude, so he’s a good candidate for a health crisis. Now, if only someone could talk him into smoking cigs . . . .

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