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  1. repeating for emphasis underscoring *great minds think alike*  my comment at 3:39  pm 

    her best response would be to turn it around to be a compliment and to say “if only it were so I would be honored to bear the name of Pocahontas,  the name of Sacagawea,  Annie Dodge Wauneka, Lyda Conley or any of the other great Native American women; but I am just plain Elizabeth born in Oklahoma City OKLA.”

    and a better said one by jack at 7:38: pm

    All she has to do is say she is proud of her Native American heritage and the fact that so many laugh at Donald Trumps ignorant and racist joke, shows what Native Americans  face everyday.
    Say it quietly, say it with force and say it often.


    *however from the phrase finder*

    Thomas Paine, the English-born revolutionary who became one of the founding fathers of the USA, like many today, had a different response to the idea that ‘great minds think alike’, that is, “No, they don’t”. He expressed that opinion in the 1792 political pamphlet The Rights of Man, edition 2 :


    I do not believe that any two men, on what are called doctrinal points, think alike who think at all. It is only those who have not thought that appear to agree.

  2. craig, apologies for that code overload above; but couldn’t resist poking the bear,  flea-bitten and tattered as that bear be.

  3. I am starting to think that SFB is transgender.  As much effort he is putting in to destroy our lives it reminds me of the greedy old perverts who run for office and when in create legislation heavily discriminating against gay men.  A few years later, or it could be days, he is found in a very public manner, to have a boyfriend on the side.  “if I make a law so onerous that will keep me straight” is the apparent thinking of these gay men.  For some reason or other I keep looking at the bobble head veep thinking one of these days. . .
    NBC News.

  4. Sugar shack or sweet shop around here just meant beer joint. I think in the old days and other places may have had to do with cocaine….

  5. My neighbors have been gone the last six weeks and finally returned.  Not happy about the seven am heat and humidity.  I told them today was much lower heat and humidity, it was only in the upper seventies with about fifty percent humidity.  The last several days have been in the upper seventies and humidity in the seventy percent plus zone.  It has been like Mississippi where the day temps are in the nineties and the humidity the same with a heat index of one hundred fifty-two or so.  This is why some legislators leave D.C. and go elsewhere (not home of course).

  6. query:   why is Rep. Tlaib, a Palestinian-American,  referred to as a person of color but Gov. Sununu, also a Palestinian-American, is not?    and why aren’t any of the other politicians who are Israeli-, Syrian-, Jordanian,  and Arabic-American considered persons of color since she is?  How is that descriptive determined –  by the individual? by the media?  

    or are designations like that based on shading like a version of the old paper bag test reportedly used in new orleans society? 

  7. Also: there was a good movie called “The Warriors” about a street gang in nyc trying to fight their way out of manhattan back to their home turf that is said by some to have been based on ANABASIS

  8. No maple syrup in de house….but all the Bud you can handle, and a pint of bootleg hooch if ya gotta mind to.

  9. Robert Moore, a freelance reporter from El Paso has a very moving story in the Washington post.. I follow him on twitter and found him to be very informative bout the border situation.
    Read the whole story here

    EL PASO — Antonio Basco, overwhelmed by loneliness and grief after his wife, Margie Reckard, was slain in a mass shooting on Aug. 3, invited the El Paso community to attend her prayer service Friday night. The response shocked Basco, but probably not most El Pasoans.
    “Thank you, thank you,” Basco said softly as he arrived at the La Paz funeral home, clearly taken aback by the thousands of people who lined up for several blocks to pay their respects.People in line repeatedly said they came to show Basco and the world something important about the Texas border


  10. For those of you who donated to the Reading Room project we finally got it built and will make  nice gathering spot in our park.  The next Phase is to design and build a shade structure and add chess tables. 
    We have funding  for a  nice playground that will go in the area between  the swings and the Reading Room.  We keep moving along, it is frustratingly slow but that is the way the parks department moves. 

  11. Every now and then I hear something about the SFB non-existent “man of the year award”.  On a chunk of floating news is the possible source, but not a verified story yet.  A few years ago at a banquet in Michigan for the greedy old perverts, SFB was the key note speaker.  The story is the low intelligence, possible transgender, meat head gave a long and rambling “speech”.  The typical things were given to the idiot for being the speaker, including a framed copy of the Gettysburg Address.  The republican said he was told by SFB a couple years ago that he was thankful for the “man of the year award”.  Thus is the possible reason stupid thinks he got an award that does not exist.  Now to wash my keyboard with bleach.

  12. Greenland is just a diversion from race, rape, russia, and relatives. Nothing more. There is no there there. 
    Pass it on.

  13. Buy Bermuda. Buy the Falklands. Buy Siberia*. Buy Sinkiang & Tibet*. Buy Kashmir*. Buy the Amazon*. Buy the Sahara. Buy Chechnya*. Buy the Empty Quarter*. Buy no Korea.* Even, buy Antarctica. But Greenland is just a tiny Antarctica that already has people.
    *To set them free or to otherwise protect them from their present oppressors. 

  14. 56 Leonard Street. Probably the most architecturally interesting condo building in New York. Not cheap, though. A 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath. 1668 sq. Ft. Condo was on the market for $5 million. Toney digs. 

  15. …neighbor kids ding dong ditched me so i warriors come out to played ‘em.  Guarantee they were scared shitless.

  16. I agree, Mr Pogo. $3,000/sq. ft. is definitely not cheap.
    Any affordable low income units in the building ? (snicker)

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