76 thoughts on “A New Frontrunner?”

  1. n is only the front runner until he isn’t — the first time people vote and he loses it is over.  I thought it would be sooner but the old white men of the Democratic party are pretty crafty.

  2. Yes, Elizabeth!!
    WTH’s wrong with Bibi Netanyahu listening to SFB?  He’s an autocratic type, but really!

  3. Well, it’s good news for the tier 2 candidates if Biden looks vulnerable.  I’m just going to pretend my fate isn’t decided by a bunch of yokels in a barn, regardless.

  4. If anyone has still help left in them, please help Amy McGrath in Ky. 
    They’ve drawn blood from McConnel and she has a shot at this.

  5. They got one poor-ass county going to see some actual jobs to be had, and the rest of the state sees Russians.
    And Moscow Mitch. 

  6. Jamie44 –  SFB has no clue what a Greenland is or where it is.  He was probably eating a green Crayon this morning and he got the idea.
    Funny of the day.  MSNBC was showing the Colorado senate race among the Dems.  First was Hick, it was his poll in the first place, second was a male with a mismatch between picture and name, neither of the men live anywhere near Colorado.  And third was Andrew Romanoff.  Things is, the numbers are bogus too.  Good going MSNBC, phony numbers and adding a man and a picture from outside of Colorado as the number two.

  7. And that’s only one point against him…..There are mote.
    the wife, the wealth, the miners, the deals….Moscow Mitch is in “Don’t Make a Wave” territory.

  8. Lizzie is doing well in Iowa. It’s hard to reconcile the two polls released in the last couple weeks. More like impossible. 
    BB, green crayon? LMFAO. ?

  9. Warren is strong and getting stronger in the polls as well as in message and voice.  I don’t like Harris as I think she is a phony (long list of reasons which I’ll pass on for now), and I am firmly with Bernie as he says everything I believe in, although I missed this fake news topic Craig mentions.  Joe Biden gets my vote if he is the candidate, no problem.  I like all the candidates except Harris…but I would damn-sure vote for her if she wins the nomination.  Hickenlooper apparently will run for Senate in Colorado as he is a big favorite there, .  I call him slightly right of center and he should beat that republican handily.  Beto has re-upped…he’s going to keep trying to ignite that fire he needs, and needs badly.  I like him a lot and do not understand why he isn’t at the top right now.  Of course, being only 99 miles from South Bend, I also want Pete Buttigieg to soar to tier one, but now it ain’t happening. I even wouldn’t mind at all if Gillibrand gets wings and flies to the top branch of the tree…Klobuchar?  I hear her, but really…is she presidential timber?  I have not a thing against her, but does she have “it” to take command?  We’ll see.  We hate Trump, for sure.  He must feel insecure, to chase New Hampshire’s 4 EC votes last night with that arena rally.  Well, time to turn the TV back on to see what’s shakin’ in Hong Kong.   “Whatever is my right as a man is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee as well as to possess.” 
    ― thomas paine, Rights of Man

  10. 1. Mr Dexter, Klobuchar has what it takes as commander, but she hasn’t the glitz of a campaigner. 
    2. Mr Bink, The Dem decision in IA will not come from yokels in a barn, but from the industrialized east and west coasts, plus Des Moines. However, the republican contest is decided in the depths of the Great Corn Forest.
    3. Messers Flatus & Pogo, Great wins for the Spiders over the Yanks and our beloved Senators over the Astros, just the way I want the playoffs to run. We hit them with avalanches of runs.

  11.  the guardian:

    Israel has announced it will allow the US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to visit family in the occupied West Bank on “humanitarian” grounds, a day after the government said it would bar her entry for a planned political trip.


    After the ban, Tlaib made the personal plea in a letter addressed to Israel’s interior minister, Aryeh Deri, which was approved on Friday morning.
    “I would like to request admittance to Israel in order to visit my relatives, and specifically my grandmother, who is in her 90s and lives in Beit Ur al-Fouqa,” Ynet, the online portal for Israel’s largest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, quoted the letter as saying.
    “This could be my last opportunity to see her. I will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit,” it added.
    Tlaib, representing Michigan, is of Palestinian descent and has family in the Palestinian territories. She would have to pass through Israeli security to access the village.

  12. Dex, a reasonable read of the field there. It’s a fine crop. Going to be hard fought but hopefully nothing like the civil war between Barack and Hillary, or Bernie and Hillary.

  13. There is another rumor that melanoma and Baron live with her parents, and that the racist russian agent, himself, has ensconced his latest mistress in the White House residence. 

  14. What I find interesting about the Tlaib story is that the Israeli interior minister apparently felt comfortable enough to give Bibi and SFB the middle finger and do the decent thing.
    Colbert was on last night.

    “Trump’s got about how long, 15 months? Fifteen months to keep the economy from collapsing before the election, so you can expect him to use every trick in the book he has never read.”

    “He’ll try every financial maneuver he knows: getting a shady loan from Russia, telling his blackjack dealers to stick on a soft 17. And if all else fails? Selling Dr. Trump’s patented anti-recession elixir. The delicious mercury makes you forget what money was.”
    “The stock market has been swinging like a tetherball in a typhoon. It’s all because of fears of an economic downturn. In fact, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers puts the odds of a recession at about 50-50. So, you can just flip a coin — no, wait, save the coin! You’re going to need it to buy potable water in the afterscape.”

    And Seth …

    “If there’s one thing Trump loves to brag about, it’s the stock market. He talks about it constantly — and by talks about it, I of course mean he lies about it, because he lies about everything.”
    “Despite major Wall Street losses yesterday and global fears of a recession, President Trump tweeted today, ‘Consumers are in the best shape ever, plenty of cash, business optimism is at an all-time high.’ And then the mayor from ‘Jaws’ tweeted, ‘Beaches open — no sharks in sight.”

  15. Back in the 1940s I leaned on the radio as Jewish patriots and survivors fought for the right to their Homeland before the nascent United Nations while continuing their lean on our government. Modern-day Israel was created, and with our support over the decades, survived. Now we have our National Asshole transforming Israel into Ancient Egypt in word and deed. For shame.

  16. Flatus, I love your perspective on the progression of Israel after WWII – and of course of the National Asshole. (And I love that as proper nouns. )

  17. ahhhh….  I can breathe again…  the Big Stink has left my state.
    Methinks once the nominee is assured, the Democrats will like up for her/him.  Well… all except for Bug-eyed Bernie.

  18. I’ve read up on the history since, but being a more or less ignorant squidgelin, didn’t note much of it at the times…..just a memory of an older friend of my brother talking about the news last night how the Israeli tanks were shown hauling ass across the desert and the Egyptians fleeing.

  19. So now Rep. Tlaib says she won’t go to Israel to visit her GM.  I’m not really sure what I think of this last move in this game.  I appreciate her response to the initial rejection (despicable move by SFB and Bibi) and I think I get where she’s coming from re: the letter she was required to sign saying she’d STFU while in Israel.    I guess I lean toward supporting her decision on the ultimate outcome. I don’t think we place restrictions on the speech of foreign dignitaries who visit the US and should not tolerate such BS from someone who is supposedly our best friend and ally on the world stage. 

  20. Of course the dynamics and personalities on all sides of the conflict are different now.  
    Never again should mean never again for everyone.

  21. You have to love the semicolon when writing your memories; a special punctuation mark for special use.
    One thought is that SFB was told that this island he should buy is almost all white.  “Don’t be concerned about the name, it really is almost all white and year around” he heard, “it is  called Greenland.”

  22. sturge, that punctuation lesson can also be illustrated by the 2 leading dem candidates; joe’s use of “period” in every speech, if not in every other sentence, and lizzie’s forever follow up “I’ve got a plan.”

  23. speaking of lizzie, according to NYTimes:

    WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Friday laid out a collection of policy proposals intended to help Native Americans, pledging to protect tribal lands and to bolster funding for programs that serve Native people.
    In releasing the proposals, Ms. Warren is drawing attention to Native American issues after months of largely refraining from doing so in the wake of a controversy over her own heritage. Ms. Warren put out the plans ahead of a scheduled appearance on Monday at a presidential forum in Sioux City, Iowa, that is dedicated to Native American issues.
    Among the proposals, Ms. Warren said she would revoke the permits for the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, two projects that have been opposed by many Native Americans. No energy project affecting tribal lands should go ahead, she said, “without the free, prior and informed consent of the Tribal Nation concerned.”
    She also called for expanding the ability of tribes to prosecute non-Indians for crimes committed on tribal land, and she proposed creating a nationwide alert system for missing indigenous women.
    “As a nation, we are failing in our legal, political, and moral obligations toward tribal governments and indigenous peoples,” Ms. Warren wrote. “That this failure is simply the latest chapter in generations of prior failures is no excuse.”
    It also draws on a wide-ranging legislative proposal that she released on Friday with Representative Deb Haaland, Democrat of New Mexico and one of the first Native American women to serve in Congress.


  24. I think the Pocahontas insult has run its course 
    I think getting other people not running to insult SFB is better

  25. Bill Maher said on his show this past spring that Warren should call trump “Brokahontus”.
    Best one I’ve heard yet…


    This one is mainly for Travis in case he drops in.   I stumbled on a long article about Australian spider and knowing how he would have reacted to the majority of the pictures, I picked the only safe one he could understand.


  27. pence should be getting a little uneasy. The only way he can get his presidential portrait done is if trump is removed before Jan 20, 2021. Mrs pence should think hard about that.

  28. if lizzie has to respond, if she’s forced in to a corner and there’s no way out but to respond to what trump and his base see and mean as a slur, then maybe her best response would be to turn it around to be a compliment and to say

    “if only it were so I would be honored to bear the name of Pocahontas,  the name of Sacagawea,  Annie Dodge Wauneka, Lyda Conley or any of the other great Native American women; but I am just plain Elizabeth born in Oklahoma City OKLA.”

  29. Laughter aside about SFB buying Greenland, there is a reason to want to be on the Danish good side.  The Chinese in their silk road enterprise, which is building infrastructure in countries around the world, are building things on Greenland and removing the NATO bindings.  SFB is working to destroy NATO.  Why he would come up with buying the territory is for psychiatrists to ponder because he is out of his mind. 
    Back in the days after WWII, when the U.S. was building our modern infrastructure, we were also doing the same around the world.  Building good will (for the most part – we were also supporting dictators and pissing people off) and places we could rely on for runways and such.

  30. bbronc,  wapo reported this little historical tidbit:

    …in 1946, President Harry Truman’s administration went even further, offering to purchase Greenland from Denmark in exchange for $100 million in gold.

  31. patd – I’ve seen that and want to know a lot more about it.  Although the Soviet part is obvious, there has to be a reason that is much deeper.  Perhaps something with the Danish legislature?  Or the post WWII political world had it loose from Danish control?  Maybe it was like Iceland, ready to be free?  If anyone knows of reference or books to know more?

  32. Mr president, with all due respect, it’s been a long time since we were in the fourth grade and a bully could make me cry by calling me names.

  33. Don’t let the enemy define the terms of battle- whomever the Dem nom. is should avoid playing Donny Dipshit’s little games.  

  34. As a severe arachnophobe, I had to laugh at that picture Jamie! I have a friend who lives in Australia and every once in awhile she can’t resist posting pictures of those things. They are like something out of a horror movie.
    Fortunately we haven’t seen any NCELMs (nasty, creepy, eight legged monstrocities, or that “s” word) in the house or garage since we got down to Arizona. I’m sure they are here somewhere. 
    We do have lizards, so that might be keeping the population down a bit.  

  35. All too cutsie and trite….if it’s going to be a sharp comeback it has to be sharp enough to bite deep

  36. She wins by keeping her cool and destroying him in public. 
    Get ready, little fat man, hell is coming to breakfast.
    i think she can and will

  37. Believe me…….they got TONS of shit they can go low on…..I just don’t think the Pocahontas bit is one of em. That has to be just nipped in the bud. Snuffed out. Whacked.
    It’s one of his favorite toys.

  38. She played attack-dog for Hillary, it’s someone else’s turn to do it for her.
    …not a Biden fan, but i still think Biden/Abrams would be one heckuva ticket.

  39. You deal with a bully by dismissing and ignoring them, not by engaging them- it’s the attention they want in the first place.

  40. Mmhhmm, Abrams would eat Pence’s lunch in a debate.

    (…ham and cheese with a Jesus-shaped mustard splotch, if you were wondering)

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