Sanders Embraces Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Lie

Sinking in the polls and obviously desperate to blame others, Bernie Sanders and his team are now trafficking in conspiracy theories about the media. Never thought they’d steal a page from Trump’s playbook.


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  1. XR – The Cooch is so off the edge of the world screwed up that even the Virginia republicans would not keep him around.  He was tossed out of politics and was an oyster farmer.  SFB must have been going through a file of most screwed up hate mongers in Virginia to pull him out of the trash can.

  2. Bernie! Is past his sell by date and his message is being delivered by a n appealing candidate who delivers it without histrionics and wild gesticulations. You know, someone who doesn’t come across as a nut. Yet he’s still among the 3 or 4 candidates with a shot at the nomination, but his star has lost its luster as Lizzie’s has begun to shine. 
    XR, I somehow missed the Sherpa Auto Company ad. Sounds brilliant. 

  3. Anyone who is surprised by Bernie’s currrent fake news talking points while crying foul must have slept through the previous campaign.  Bernie & his cult of bros spread every Russian and GOP meme available against Hillary and any of her followers not to mention the constant name calling and insults.  They had no qualms about stealing email addresses and the actions at the Convention had even stalwart left leaner such as Sarah Silverman screaming at them to shut up for being so stupid.

    I’m not surprised by his slippage in the polls, just that it is taking so long.  That is proof that the majority of his followers really don’t pay attention to his actions and only listen to his words and slogans.  He is a rude and misogynistic ass and doesn’t deserve his Senate seat much less the Presidency.  

    In case anyone is still in doubt, I really, reallly don’t like Bernie Sanders.




  4. Jamie, but vlad does

    or at least did enough to help him out in 2016 according to Mueller’s indictment of the 13 Russians who also helped jill and her buddy donald 

  5. a bit of an awkward moment for mayor pete yesterday reported by fox news via msn:


    The Democrat was campaigning at the Iowa State Fair when a woman approached him and said she met Kennedy in 1968, according to a tweet from a CNN producer.

    “I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968,” the woman told him.

    Buttigieg responded: “So you’re good luck?”

    “Not really— he was shot a month later,” the woman said.

  6. In the “Move along folks, nothing to see here” column –

    Both guards assigned to watch him fell asleep at the same time and failed to check him for three hours.

    The two staff members who were guarding the jail unit where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours, then falsified records to cover up their mistake, according to several law enforcement and prison officials with knowledge of the matter. more …


  7. New Hampshirestate law provides for semi-closedprimaries, meaning that a voter generally must be registered as a party member in order to participate in that party’sprimary. A previously unaffiliated voter can participate in the primary of his or her choice.

    So many dirty tricks get involved anywhere near Bernie.  Possible crossover registrants from the Trump camp since they won’t be needed in the GOP contest?


  8. Trump is the oldest President at time of election (70).  Reagan was 69.  Harrison was 68.  Buchannan was 65.  Four Presidents were 64 and Jackson was 61.  All others were under 60.

    Current ages of Contenders

    Elderly contenders:  Bernie Sanders – 79; Joe Biden – 78; Weld – 75; Warren – 71; Inslee – 69; Williamson, Hickenlooper, Sestak – all 68, Steyer – 63

    Youngsters:  Klobuchar – 60; de Blasio – 59; Delaney – 57; Harris & Bennet – 56; Gillibrand & Bullock – 54; Booker – 51; O’Rourke – 48; Ryan – 47; Castro & Yang – 46; Buttigiege & Gabbard – 39.

    Using the need for some semblance of youth and generational transition that would make Harris with Beto a good ticket with the best balance:  Female/Male; POC/White; Coast + Texas.  


    Booker with Klobuchar would have the same sort of balance but less likely to be nominated.

  9.  That is proof that the majority of his followers really don’t pay attention to his actions and only listen to his words and slogans.  
    Gee….  what current member of the WH does that sound like…. hmmmm…
    Remember…  NH tends to favor the candidates that come from neighboring states.  Last time I looked Vermont shares a border.  

  10. This might explain, paritally at least, the NH poll by Gravis

    Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random survey of 505 individuals in New Hampshire (250 Democratic primary voters). The poll was conducted from August 2nd through the 6th and has a margin of error of 4.4% (6.2% for the Democratic primary question). The survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users. The results are weighted by the voting demographics. The poll was paid for by GMI.

    On its face the results are within the margin of error.  Only half of the participants are Democratic primary voters and the MOE for the Dem question is 6.2%, but according to the charts in the uploaded results, 34% of respondents were Republican (versus 32% Dem – go figure out how that squares up with the above paragraph).  Plus, the Biden-Sanders numbers from the dem primary question doesn’t seem to add up when you look at the other questions involving those 2 candidates.

  11. Medicare D  covers the shingles shot and you can just go to a pharmacy and get it if you want to avoid a co-pay for a doctor’s visit.     Even though it may not prevent you from getting shingles – your case will be waaaaay less severe and without many of the lingering side effects.   If you had chickenpox you are eligible and while the majority of cases are over the age of 50 anyone who had chicken pox can get it.    I’m going to get one.
    Thanks Jack.

  12. These are the SFB enablers who are up for re-election in 2020 –Let’s get them!

    Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)
    Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia)
    Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana)
    Susan Collins (R-Maine)
    John Cornyn (R-Texas)
    Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas)
    Steve Daines (R-Montana)
    Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming)
    Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)
    Cory Gardner (R-Colorado)
    Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
    Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi) — Hyde-Smith was appointed by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Thad Cochran who resigned due to health issues. She competed in the 2018 special election to fill the term. CNN projects the race will go to a runoff. Hyde-Smith will compete against Democratic challenger Mike Espy since no candidate received 50% of the vote total. The contest will take place on Tuesday, November 27. A full six-year term election will be held in 2020.
    James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma)
    Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) — It is expected that there will be an open special election in 2020 for the seat because Kyl has said he will not run in 2020. A full six-year term election will take place in 2022.
    Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)
    David Perdue (R-GA)
    Jim Risch (R-Idaho)
    Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)
    Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota)
    Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska)
    Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska)
    Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina)

  13. Tom Cotton would be a good start.  He has lied for Trump and I am sure would do so again.  He is a martinet and while appearing bright on the surface is deeply stupid because of the rigid (and wrong) beliefs he promotes.  He must go!

  14. KGC, you go girl. Beto should run against Cornyn. And Hickenloopper should run against Gardner in Colorado. The presidential thing ain’t happening for either of them.

  15.  Apparently the idea of a Hickenlooper candidacy doesn’t appeal to the people already in that race but what the heck the more people in the race talking about Cory Gardner the better.
    Boy Cornyn is the text book example of the Peter Principle

  16. What Poobah said.
    Well, the SFB economy is showing a trend toward recession.  Per WaPo:

    U.S. stocks plummeted Wednesday after the inverted yield curve, one of the most reliable indicators of a recession, sparked a new wave of investor fears.
    For the first time since 2007, the yields on short-term U.S. bonds eclipsed those of long-term bonds. This phenomenon, which suggests investors’ faith in the economy is faltering, has preceded every recession in the past 50 years. It isn’t a sure thing, but it’s one of the more reliable signs that something is amiss in the economy. Recessions typically come within 18 to 24 months after an extended yield curve inversion, according to research from Credit Suisse.

    I can just hear it now …” fake news…blah blah blah…”
    One comment from that WaPo piece that is bound to be a great bumper sticker:

    Vote Recession. Vote Republican.


  17. Craig, KGC says he’s a ‘martinet’. We must be rules oriented; all discussion of ‘martinets’ should be on Sundays

  18. Tom Cotton is a martinet every day of the week.  No wonder he did well in the military -slavish adherence to rules even when they make no sense yeah that’s the ticket

    Kind of funny Flatus.

  19. “Biggest drop ever folks…I am the biggest ever”
    President SFB  making America the worst ever

  20. Vote Recession, Vote Republican – Mr Pogo
    I suggest this as one of a family of bumper stickers.
    Vote Racist, Vote Republican
    Vote Russia, Vote Republican
    Vote Rapist, Vote Republican
    Of course, rippers will have bumber stickers, too :
    Vote Dems & Depression

  21. OMG….   Iowa Dems give the nod to Bernie in 2016 and the Repubs keep electing Steve King.  I know that every state has it’s crazies including my own…  but how fucked up is Iowa.

  22. Joanie Earnst was the first woman elected statewide in Iowa.   Kind of like electing Phyllis Schafely

  23. RR, I gave up fighting the Iowa presidential phenomenon long ago. It’s a fact they pick presidents. New Hampshire a close second. But take comfort. Your state and Iowa get more federal spending per capita than any other. Not a coincidence.

  24. ken cuccinelli Channels Capone, Luciano, Genovese, Sacco and Venzetti
    Proposes a Different Set of Laws for Italians

  25. If the 2020 Election Were Held Today, Dems Would Carry EVERY State HRC Took In 2016, PLUS
    1. FL 2. GA 3. NC 4. PA 5. OH 6. MI 7. WI 8. IA 9. TX 10. AZ and 11. UT !
    trump & the other 4IFs :
    1. If trump is in trouble in TX, he could also be in trouble in OK. 2. If he is in trouble in FL and GA, he could be in trouble in AL. 3. If trump loses TX, FL, GA, NC, and VA, the 180 year old Solid South is shattered. 4. If trump loses TX, CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV, and CA, the post ’64 myth of the red South West evaporates. 

  26. I wouldn’t get too lathered about the IA poll.  It’s an outlier with more Rs than Ds in the sample and even then it’s a difference that is within the margin of error.  RCP has Biden up by 1.5 over Bernie! on average in NH and the Boston Globe/Suffolk poll two days before had Biden 4 points ahead of Bernie! there.  My gut told me that Lizzie would be creeping up on Biden & Bernie but her numbers in NH have slipped about 5 points since mid July.  
    XR, where’d those numbers come from?  I’m skeptical about the Ohio number you reported.  The stupid is very strong in Ohio when it comes to SFB.  I know a few otherwise smart folks who ignore the facts in front of them and think he’s doing a great job. Most of the state level numbers at RCP that seem to approximate what you’ve posted (at least in a head to head with Biden) are from June and before, so I don’t put much stok in them.

  27. Like Shirley Valentine, I talk to the wall.  Before I came back here I was yelling at the wall. There’s gonna be a Recession. It’s gonna be a BIG RECESSION.  Bigger than Bush and Rummy’s Recession or near Depression that Obama pulled us from the brink of without a drop of help by the repubes who said NO to everything Obama tried to do.. . and yet he prevailed. WE didn’t have a recession.
    The repubes are THE spenders not the Dems.  And SFB is throwing the world into a decline because he doesn’t understand that his SFB Tweets are followed by some.  SAD!!!
    As for the enables who are up for reelection,  it’s gonna be a blue tsunami…in spite of Russia!

  28. “Is a 1565 point drop in the Dow in 3 weeks a bad run in the market“ -pogo

    -not really.  “Points” don’t mean anything- it’s a 3% drop.

  29. Remember last week when SFB said he was going to tariff the hell out of China and there was a drop.  That drop was covered up with other stuff but recovered a little of the loss.  Well, that was a warning to those who are liquid to sell the stocks and buy the bonds.  Tah Dah.  That is what happened and you see the results today.
    What is possible in the next week is some recovery, but with all the stupid stuff SFB has done, along with his cult members, I would expect the recession earlier than eighteen to twenty-four months later.  Even though the traders support republican, they are not stupid.  They will protect their winnings and the rest of us go suck eggs.

  30. At this point it apparently no longer matters whether the syphilitic parasite promises to either raise or lower tariffs. Wall Street is now scared to death of their racist, pollution-spewing, gun-nutter messiah. 

  31. Pro-tip to the lurkers:  people who post financial analysis on message boards don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about, because if they did, they wouldn’t be posting it on message boards- they’d be making money.

  32. Bink, yep to everything, advice is worth what you pay for it and  market is up 14% year to date. At least according to  a financial character I follow on twitter. He keeps posting  the YTD number every time we get  drop like today. Mostly just to troll the chicken littles.  But as he point out it all depends on where you start. 
    I’m a firm believer everybody needs to do their own thing.  Last fall  with everything going on in my life I started feeling really risk adverse. I pulled most of our money out of the stock market and put it in a CD at a bit over inflation. There was enough there for us  to live comfortably but it wouldn’t be enough if I lose 50% to a market down turn as has happened more than once. 
    So the starting point I’m paying attention to is back in November and right now it is flat, up about 10pts on the S&P. Interesting thing , in December I looked like a genius, in feb. an idiot and today back to where I was in November. Wondering wtf do I do….?

  33. This mass shooting in Phillie would not have occurred if someone with a gun there had been there. – w. loppy-airhead, national russia association spokesliar.
    We need guns to prevent a police state. – moscow mitch mcconnell, Senate Muscovite Leader.
    Philadelphia is fulla rats; it’s a shithole. – deripaska “the john” trump, sr., Defector-in-Chief

  34. Bink, and it is 300 points above where it was 1 year ago and 1136 points below where it was in Jan. 2018. In the past 19 months it has lost over 1100 points. SFB enjoyed 11 months of growth, based largely on the echoes of Obama’s economic policies. Not a single economic policy of SFB went into effect before January 2018.   Since then – the SFB tax cut took effect. The net effect?  To date an 1100 point loss. How’s that 401k enjoying the ride?  
    That’s history. Fun and interesting. History also says we’re staring a recession in the face in the next year or so. Not quite as much fun. 

  35. Hey, in the dark corners of my heart i want a little bit of an economic downturn just to punish Republicans politically, too, but that’s an irrational and spiteful sentiment.  

  36. I see what you mean about Democrats, Jack:

    ”Hey, let’s hammer the President over the economy in a historically-high economy!”

    Great strategy!

  37. Mr Bink,
    I certainly don’t want a financial downturn. Except for $72.50 in cash at my broker, about $40.00 in my pocket, and roughly $100.00 in my personal checking account, I am FULLY invested. However, even if I were not, I would take no more pleasure from the collapse of the markets today than I did in 2007-2009. There is no schadenfreude for me if the rest of the US is collateral damage. 
    However, a simultaneous tidal wave over Marla’sEgo, workers strikes at the other trump resorts, 10,000 softball sized meteorites falling on trump tower, and Twitter banning the pussypinching perv for life would probably bring a smile to my phyz. 
    That said, the erratic up and down jerking in oil, precious metals, stocks, and bonds are looking like topping formations following upside blowoffs. Not saying that’s what they are, but I’ll bet that the top 1% of the top 1% are long on cash and short on middle class ‘luxuries’. Just a guess.

  38. “History is more or less bunk.” – henry ford (1916) The financial supporter of both lenin and hitler was also the founder of a history museum about himself in 1929. Bunk indeed.

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