32 thoughts on “Do You Think Trump Is Tearing The Country Apart?”

  1. It is seventy-nine degrees F outside, and the humidity is like we are in the South sitting on the banks of the Tombigbee, deaf from the billions of mosquitoes flying around looking for a four am meal.
    Looks like the Dems have found a name for Moscow Mitch.  If Speaker Pelosi goes there it must be a sign that people are looking at MM as a traitor now.  Impeach forty-five.

  2. If you have Windows 10 update immediately.  There is a serious bug that needs to be fixed.  If Microsoft comes out and states what the bug is about then it must be serious.

  3. query on disapprove/approve polls:  are people interpreting the question (no matter how it’s worded) as “disapprove of him as a person” or “disapprove of the job he’s doing”?

    it’s conceivable that some that say they approve can’t stand the man but like the results they perceive he has accomplished.  and then there are others who bask in his brash misbehavior.

  4. Every now and then (daily) I see some piece of the reason I do not watch television.  I have to wonder about the brain cells of Americans.

    The Chrisleys are the stars of “Chrisley Knows Best,” a USA Network reality series, which follows their family’s over-the-top lifestyle and activities.

    I have no idea who these people are, nor do I have a clue as to who would watch these people, other than someone in a stupid red baseball cap made in China.  If you have not heard, they are in jail on tax evasion charges.  Sheesh, America.

  5. trump can tear us apart only if we allow it…
    patd…  hell no!  I gave up on going to political rallies a few yrs ago.  I’ve had my normal Thursday…  meet friends for breakfast at a 40s diner car a couple of town over…  then do our weekly grocery shopping.

  6. BB
    that was one of the issues with him getting in the race — a number of good candidates already in the race
    I guess he is the Joe Biden of this race because he polls well in fact number !
    But I know what you mean.

  7. President Clinton has one thing to say about all this: “…it’s the economy stupid….”  Pres. Trump is a chaotic person and has and always will be.  His chaotic behavior will matter not unless the economy crashes.

  8.  Israel recently welcomed a visit by rand paul who less than a year ago was blocking aid and military funding to them but now won’t allow Rashida tlaib in to see her relatives in occupied territory based on her call for a measly  boycott.   

    is this just another shiny object trump, with bibi’s help, has come up with to distract media from his tariff terrorism?    or his idea of fun jerking around the dem presidential candidates who now have to answer stupid irrelevant questions?



  9. renee, yep, why waste a good Thursday.  BTW,  what’s your opinion on lewandowski’s chances against shaheen? 

  10. bbronc, George Conway today is agreeing with you on SFB sanity question according to his latest call for “full battery of tests for deteriorating mental capacity” and tweeting that trump suffers from “personality disorders” and is a “pathological narcissist”

    heartening to see the above sentiments were quoted by fox news earlier today.

  11. X-R, thanks.  my bad.  grabbed wrong name but fixed it.  love that edit button.

    renee, good people in NH

  12. Oh, i have to concede i had the wrong take on the Epstein death- broken bones= conspiracy-theorize away!

    Never before have you had such license to make up whatever bullshit you want, so hit us with it, internet wahoos!
    Here, i’ll start:
    WHAT IF:  He really did kill himself, and administration cronies falsified the autopsy to create an appearance of conspiracy, thereby creating a conspiracy???

  13. Plod ahead with blinders afixed as you will.  No reply to the economy business I mentioned.  President Clinton recognized it and created a great economy.  All the Dems talk about is dumping the POTUS; nothing about the economy.  Stay on this path and losing looms.  Do I have a solution for the Dems; no, the economy is booming, “stupid.”

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