Why Not Rick Perry?

Somebody in the Republican party, and preferably in the Trump Cabinet, should stand up and say Enough! Rick Perry is a possibility. The former Texas governor is among the few on Trump’s Cabinet who haven’t embarrassed themselves with humiliating scandal. He’s got street cred with at least the religious right elements of Trump’s base. Not saying I would support him for president but why not make the Republican nomination a race?

Republicans who give a damn about preserving their party ought to be thinking about such things.

And of course it wouldn’t hurt Democrats to see a civil war within Trump’s base.


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  1. “He’s got street cred with at least the religious right elements of Trump’s base.”

    craig, so has pence and rumors abound anyway that he’ll be displaced by nikki among others.

    other rumors that he & she are planning a run of their own 2020 according to some rw rags last year

  2. remember this from politico in 2017:

    Dems prep for Pence, Kasich, Haley to run in 2020

    The party is doing opposition research on Mike Pence, John Kasich, Nikki Haley and others.


  3. Con don & looney bin…I like it!
    (P)rick Perry?  Who wanted to eliminate commerce, education and one he couldn’t remember?  Oh, yeah, energy…now he’s the head of it? 
    (P)rick Perry ======NO! Ya don’t hear from him because he’s a moron like Carson in urban development and Clarence Thomas, SCOTUS.  “CLARENCE THOMAS HADN’T asked a question from the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court in 10 years , not until late February after the death of his colleague Antonin Scalia. ”  He said he speaks Gullah. News Week, 2016.
    But YES if (P)rick Perry facilitates the looney bin!

  4. Craig, IMO, Haley can stand on her record in SC and at the U.N. with pride and without embellishment. Same with Kasich in Ohio. It would make the current breed of ‘Republicans’ crazy.

  5. this story sparked a question about who now guards that trove of homemade videos/tapes/photos/journals from the raid on epstein’s mansion. methinks barr is our new j edgar capable of threatening exposure to a bunch of people.

    from today’s  NY Times:

    The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People

    Almost exactly a year ago, on Aug. 16, 2018, I visited Jeffrey Epstein at his cavernous Manhattan mansion.

    The overriding impression I took away from our roughly 90-minute conversation was that Mr. Epstein knew an astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people, and had photos to prove it. He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing, including details about their supposed sexual proclivities and recreational drug use.

    So one of my first thoughts on hearing of Mr. Epstein’s suicide was that many prominent men and at least a few women must be breathing sighs of relief that whatever Mr. Epstein knew, he has taken it with him.

    During our conversation, Mr. Epstein made no secret of his own scandalous past — he’d pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution from underage girls and was a registered sex offender — and acknowledged to me that he was a pariah in polite society. At the same time, he seemed unapologetic.


    When I contacted Mr. Epstein, he readily agreed to an interview. The caveat was that the conversation would be “on background,” which meant I could use the information as long as I didn’t attribute it directly to him. (I consider that condition to have lapsed with his death.)


    Before we left the room he took me to a wall covered with framed photographs. He pointed to a full-length shot of a man in traditional Arab dress. “That’s M.B.S.,” he said, referring to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The crown prince had visited him many times, and they spoke often, Mr. Epstein said.

    He led me to a large room at the rear of the house. There was an expansive table with about 20 chairs. Mr. Epstein took a seat at the head, and I sat to his left. He had a computer, a small blackboard and a phone to his right. He said he was doing some foreign-currency trading.

    Behind him was a table covered with more photographs. I noticed one of Mr. Epstein with former President Bill Clinton, and another of him with the director Woody Allen. Displaying photos of celebrities who had been caught up in sex scandals of their own also struck me as odd.


    Mr. Epstein then meandered into a discussion of other prominent names in technology circles. He said people in Silicon Valley had a reputation for being geeky workaholics, but that was far from the truth: They were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs. He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind).


    About a week after that interview, Mr. Epstein called and asked if I’d like to have dinner that Saturday with him and Woody Allen. I said I’d be out of town. A few weeks after that, he asked me to join him for dinner with the author Michael Wolff and Donald J. Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon. I declined. (I don’t know if these dinners actually happened. Mr. Bannon has said he didn’t attend. Mr. Wolff and a spokeswoman for Mr. Allen didn’t respond to requests for comment on Monday.)

    Several months passed. Then early this year Mr. Epstein called to ask if I’d be interested in writing his biography. He sounded almost plaintive. I sensed that what he really wanted was companionship. As his biographer, I’d have no choice but to spend hours listening to his saga. Already leery of any further ties to him, I was relieved I could say that I was already busy with another book.

    That was the last I heard from him. After his arrest and suicide, I’m left to wonder: What might he have told me?

  6. patd, thanks for posting the NYT story. I don’t belong and sometimes can’t read what’s there.

  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/politics/campaign-ads-2020/julian-castro-for-president-ya-basta–campaign-2020/2019/08/13/2c91637d-ef7b-4557-bc49-429728554189_video.html

    Julián Castro, a Democratic candidate for president, plans to release a television ad Wednesday directly addressing President Trump and faulting his incendiary rhetoric for the massacre in El Paso that left 22 dead and dozens more injured.


    The ad, which the campaign will also promote on social media, is targeted specifically at the president. The campaign bought several television spots — a small buy of just $2,775 — throughout the day Wednesday on Fox News in Bedminster, N.J., where Trump is spending the week at his private golf club.


    The ad will also appear in the Bedminster area that morning during “Fox & Friends,” a show the president frequently watches. 


    Castro — the former mayor of San Antonio and secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama — is the only Latino candidate in the 2020 Democratic field.

    In the ad, set at an empty Iowa warehouse, he directly addresses the president.


    “President Trump: You referred to countries as shitholes,” Castro says, wearing a blue suit and white shirt, with no tie. “You urged American Congresswomen to ‘go back’ to where they came from. You called immigrants rapists.”


    Turning to the recent mass shooting in El Paso, where authorities believe the alleged gunman wrote a document that echoed much of Trump’s language on immigrants and warned of a “Hispanic invasion,” Castro squarely blamed the president.


    “As we saw in El Paso, Americans were killed because you stoked the fire of racists,” Castro says. “Innocent people were shot down because they look different from you. Because they look like me. They look like my family.”


    Castro concludes by invoking the ad’s Spanish title, “Ya Basta,” which roughly translates into “Enough!” “Words have consequences,” he says. “¡Ya Basta!”


  8. Chances very slim for Nikki to take the nom, but almost certain she’d lose the big one if and because she did. The basest of the bases would not come out for her.

  9. daydreaming a kumbaya fantasy:  warren announcing nikki as her choice for sec of state and other respected moderate gopers and indies in her cabinet-to-be.  

    big bold bi-partisan gesture of some sort to begin an era of comity, civility, compassion and constructivists. 

  10. Where would any challenger come from? What is his base?
    The anti abortion evangelicals? They are in Trump’s pocket. NRA followers, same. Club for growth? Not with Elizabeth Warren being the face of the Democratic party.  He’s got the racist wing of the party fully behind him. So who is left? A few socially liberal, club for growth, country club republicans. 
    From what I can see they have given up on the Republican party under Trump and are praying the Democrats nominate some0ne semi-sane that they can timidly vote for.

  11. Hey…  the republican side hasn’t even started yet.  Give Bill Weld a chance.  If trump actually agrees to debate…  Weld will run circles around him.  And if trump doesn’t want to do debates…  I hope Weld does them anyways with an empty lectern at his side.  But I do agree it’d be nice to see more republican challengers.

  12. Ugh  I don’t know which is worse  Rick Perry or Sanford who is a dilettante and an asshole

  13. As far as Pat’s Kumbaya idea, any one who served in the trump administration is automatically suspect no matter how well they cleaned themselves of Trump stink. 

  14. As to yesterdays thread about Warren—
    She is still an East Coast , Mass. liberal which makes her suspect to 90% of any voter outside of New England. Un fortunately for her she has inherited a ton of Kennedy stink which is a bonus in the democratic primary but totally fatal in the General election.
    Her lefty credentials are secure, let Bernie have his 15%.
    She needs to expand her base toward the center. Right now she is a one trick pony. She needs to come up with a plan for Iowa farmers and a trade policy that helps them. Her problem is, she is still stuck in the 1960’s liberal nativist mode. 

  15. The Dems should focus on the senate and the white house will follow
    Oh and Jack — I think E Warren has a plan for Iowa farmers.  You shouldn’t read the rightwing press for information about Warren

  16. jack, lizzie was born & raised right in the middle of the good ole western mid-west OKLA,

    she married her HS sweetie & moved to TEX where she got her BS

    only later did she pick up the east coast “stink” as you put it

    she still talks and thinks okie philosophy [imh(okie)o] like the grapes of wrath folk –  just with better grammar, a less socialistic & more capitalistic taint to it

  17. “The land fell into fewer hands, the number of the dispossessed increased, and every effort of the great owners was directed at repression. The money was spent for arms, for gas to protect the great holdings, and spies were sent to catch the murmuring of revolt so that it might be stamped out. The changing economy was ignored, plans for the change ignored; and only means to destroy revolt were considered, while the causes of revolt went on.”
    John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

  18. BTW…  I think trump will be the republican nominee even if he’s in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket.  I’m just hoping a primary/caucus challenger will damage him a bit.

    Yup… Warren is from Oklahoma and a former republican…   but in politics perception is everything…  and she is perceived as an East Coast Harvard liberal.  But she is smart and one hell of a political fighter.

  19. Craig
    That isn’t a plan that is a platitude. 
    It is her one trick pony performing for the farm folk. 
    name your audience, name the local corporate villain, “break them up”
    She used it for banking, the internet, and now Iowa farmers. 

  20. Yes Pat, she is stuck in the “grapes of wrath” era. It is time to come into the 21st century. Get rid of the mules and get your GPS controlled planter. 

  21. Renee
    I’m not even sure she is a tough political fighter, she has underperformed in all of her senate election wins. 
    And that info comes from 538.

  22. I don’t see Warren as Eastern elite.  She doesn’t come off that way.    Why I think she could be from Ohio.
    I’d like to associate myself with RR’s remarks on a Gooper challenger to SFB.    Too bad Mittens isn’t available or appropriate.    William Weld is good and won’t make rookie mistakes.   I think he is as good as you are going to get.   Sanford (ick) who won’t repudiate Trump or call him out for racism is worthless in terms of doing damage to SFB.   Sanford should just take a hike.    Talk about a narcissist.

    I don’t think Rick Perry would do that. Why would he? If he keeps his mouth shut and stays out of sight he will be rewarded post presidency — he’s in the energy business.

  23. BTW
    If you haven’t got your shingles shot do so. I procrastinated and have been dealing with the shingles for the last 6 weeks. A lot of daily pain from damaged nerves.  I thought it was just a bad rash, stupid me. 

  24. Jack, your “one trick pony” observation might be correct, but Warren is gradually convincing Iowa Dems she’s the authentic change agent. Upsetting Biden there would end him, especially if she follows up with a New Hampshire win.

  25. Warren built her reputation on protecting people from predatory banks I don’t think most people are going to care that she now lives in Mass. and used to teach at Harvard.  Pretty good for an Okie (can you still say that).

  26. Craig
    She may win Iowa after all Bernie did. Which says more about the state of the Democratic party in Iowa.  then it does about Iowa in general. To win against Trump she is going to need  to win more than the college towns. She needs to rebrand herself and get out of the Democratic enclaves. That is if she is as strong a candidate as you believe. 
    KGC, she spouts liberal dogma, she is a Harvard professor, and a senator from Massachusetts. The only thing that could make her more East coast elitist is for her to move to New York City

  27. Democrats only get to choose among declared candidates, Jack.  Warren’s the most qualified besides Biden (but a hell of a lot brighter), and her policy positions are moderate compared to the rest of the Democratic field.  Her weakness in the GE is her  lack of media-savvy, but with a career and a list of accomplishments like hers, it’s absurd to call her a “one-trick pony”.

    If your central premise is that Americans are too dumb to vote for the best candidate, then i’m sorry to say i agree. Fact is, we would be lucky to have someone as qualified, educated, and compassionate as Warren for President.

  28. jack, sorry to hear about your shingles attack.  bummer.  will take that into consideration when weighing the tenor of your argument. 

    have to laugh tho’ if you think eastern elites are the only ones who are liberal, Harvard connected and ride one trick ponies.   1 or 2 such creatures can even be found here in KY and I once came across one in OK believe it or not 🙂

  29. Qualified? Really?
    Not that being qualified matters when it comes to being president after all look at the last 4. All of her life is in academia except for her stint as a jr level senator.  Mayor Pete is more qualified at least he has executive experience. But qualified matters little. But reaching out to the groups that will get you elected matters. That currently is her failing. As she is now she is unelectable. Trump has already stolen one of her core groups, the working class, union nativists. And so far she has done nothing to reach out to the main group that put the house in democratic hands, the suburban Republican. 
    Maybe it can be done but that is cutting it thin.

  30. Jack, you are correct Liz has work to do after Iowa if she wins there to gain wider appeal. Super Tuesday four weeks later is almost a national primary. California, Texas, Virginia and many others. That’ll be her proving ground.

  31. Lol u want her to campaign to Republicans in the primary?  Who is better, then?

    …and Mayor Pete is not more qualified. We all love you, but that’s ridiculous. Help her out with those demos in Missouri and Kansas.

  32. Pat , my shingles or other personal problems have little to do with my irritation at the current state of the Democratic party and the list they are offering up for the rest of us to choose from explains 99% of my irritation.

  33. Your Lordship, That is my fricking irritation.
    Everyone seems to be trusting in the ham sandwich effect. 
    And how did that work last time?
    As to Warren courting the Republican vote. If she wants to win the primary she needs to do something to prove to the Biden centrists that she can win the general election. So far she has been busy stealing votes from Bernie by proving how leftist she is. Well she doesn’t need to defend her leftist credentials, They are solid.  But that still leaves her a distant second with a fast primary season. Used to be you could wait until after NH primary to start expanding the base. But not this year.  She can steal the center but she is going to have to move right and soon. 

  34. Honestly, Jack, she might do fine against the good-pal of a sex-trafficking pedophile when all is said and done, whomever that turns out to be. ?‍♂️

  35. jack, I didn’t mean to make fun about a really serious medical problem. 

    hope you got early treatment and are taking care. post shingles problems can linger like phantom pain. also months later can affect eye sight and balance to say nothing of driving one batty in the short term.    not to say you’re batty of course.  

  36. As to Mayor Pete, In what matters as president?  Absolutely. He has had to make a decision and accept the political consequences.
    Warren has mostly lived in the world of academic theory, academia is a whole different world from what the rest of us live in. Not that we don’t need those folks but we do need to understand they have limitations. Just like a good brick layer. 

  37. Turnout is the key. I’ve been an advocate in the past of Democrats reaching centrist voters, but I’m rethinking that strategy in today’s polarized world. Enthusing your base with emotional appeals seems to be the new paradigm.

  38. some academic!  hell, she’s a law professor.  as a class, they’re not known for hi-falootin’ esoterica. just meanness usually.  probably not in her case.   on top of that, jack, she’s had to survive a few years in the u.s. senate among some real whang-doodles.    

  39. Uh, nothing you’re saying is grounded in reality, good Sir, therefore i’ll resist the urge to refute any more of it- you’re being irrationally contrarian for the sake of it.

    i’ll just conclude by saying that what independents know now about Trump is a      lot worse than what they knew in 2016.  Democrats may not need the perfect candidate that doesn’t exist.
    ok, sry, just trying to keep it 100.

  40. Okay, I’m spurred and my hobby horse is saddled up. 
    1. The candidate gets turnout by exciting the base. This is accomplished by energetically addressing the policy concerns of the base. They know what they want, and after a few years of a moldy turd like trump, the Dems can be easily excited by doses of content, followed by the defiant shout, “It’s time for a change !”. The argument-clinching question for the base is, ‘Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago ?”
    2. The middle-of-the-roaders, also called ‘Independents’, or ignorami, have no interest or knowledge of politics or policy. They are moved entirely by fashion or style; ‘I like her outfits’, ‘he has a soothing voice I could listen to for four years’, ‘I want a Buddhist in there’, ‘she drives a red Sherpa like mine !’.  Marketing to the clueless is also, ‘It’s time for a change,’ but the clinching question is ‘Are you HAPPIER now than you were four years ago ?’ After years of trump’s incessant whining, threatening, blaming, and bullying, the ‘Indies’ should ripe for a ‘happy warrior’ who has an upbeat style-message.
    3. Regional, industrial, gender, and ethnic variations can be important in elections. That is one reason why trump is already losing this election. He, a macho boaster and bully, has insulted the largest demographic in the US – women. He, a perfumed and lipsticked city slicker in Gucci shoes, has insulted the largest population centers in the US – cities. Even accepting the crooked effects of the Electoral College, Los Angeles still outweighs Wyoming plus Arkansas in this election. No incumbent since herbert hoover, (perhaps even Andrew Johnson) has made himself so odious to so many, and so vulnerable to defeat.
     End Of Rant. We now return to our regular lambasting.

  41. First off – Rick (what departments?) Perry should run.  He might draw off the semi-intelligent who have some (tiny) moral compass.
    Second – Warren has the potential to be a very good if not great president.  She has too much baggage that will be dragging her down.  I like her, for more read her autobiography.
    Third – Biden is still “uncle Joe”.  He is old.  He is gaffe prone which gives the media a lot to attack. If he was thirty years younger, perhaps, but he needs to step aside.
    Fourth – Harris can do it.  But, she has to be ready for the absolute crazy of the crazy SFB cult members attacks.

  42. Ugh  I don’t know which is worse  Rick Perry or Sanford who is a dilettante and an asshole

    KC, what a choice….
    Jack, Mrs. P tells me I had a shingles attack at some point during the last 26 years and tells me I was miserable.  I have only the vaguest recollection of it, but I’m sure it exacerbates any irritation you’ve got for anything.  Take an oatmeal bath and have some bourbon or something that helps you calm down.  You’re irascible enough without help from the chickenpox you had when you were a kid.
    patd, you went to law school?  Who knew.  There are certainly those profs who seem to relish doing mental gymnastics with relatively unprepared law students, but I’m betting that Lizzie wasn’t that kind.  I’m guessing she was pretty well engaged in relatively high falootin’  esoterica given her background with consumer protection and what all her plans are for this that and the other issues.

  43. It’s getting harder for me to see Harris winning the nomination, no thanks to gabbard. 
    I’m beginning to wonder if Team Joe didn’t put gabbard up to it to prevent another Harris attack on the old guy. She may have made a deal in return for a promise that she’d be the VP candidate. 
    I must that gabbard strikes me as being as personally and nakedly ambitious as gillibrand, steyer, yang, and delaney. 

  44. Bink,  I hope you’re right that “independents know now about Trump is a lot worse than what they knew in 2016” and that they react like rational humans and say something like No Fucking Way am I going to make that mistake again – at least I hope about a couple hundred thousand in WI, MI and PA do.

  45. Folks, please, pasting raw web site code into your comments creates a bloody mess, especially on cell phones. I know it’s annoying but if you simply paste that code into a plain text platform such as Notebook and paste from there to here the rest of us can read it. This is increasingly a problem as news websites add more and more complicated code to their pages.

  46. XR, “‘she drives a red Sherpa like mine !’???  LOL – I wasn’t aware anyone drove Sherpas.



    Learn to pronounce



    a member of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.

    a civil servant or diplomat who undertakes preparatory work prior to a summit conference. (Google)

    Sherpa is one of the ethnic groups native to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas. The term sherpa or sherwa derives from the Sherpa language words Shyar and Pa, which refer to their geographical origin of eastern Nepal. (Wiki)


    Would that be a new model of a SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW or Chang’an?

  47. I had shingles in 1980. It was on my hip and thigh, which made it murder to put my trousers on in the morning. MURDER ! My work required trousers, but heaven only know why. Maybe fig leaves didn’t come in the company colors. Anywhat, I covered the shrieking area with duct tape. That helped a goodish amount by preventing the moving fabric of the trous from tearing all the nerves out of my body, and electrocuting them as white phosphorus ate through the affected limb. With the duct tape in place, I was then able to go to work without frightening the city to death. 

  48. XR, mine were (according to Mrs. P) in the traditional place – left side around the bottom of the ribcage.  Now I didn’t have problems wearing pants and didn’t need to duct tape the stuff against what must have felt like my sandpaper tee shirts, but since I typically sleep on my left side I suspect is was downright uncomfortable and grouchy (I wonder if anyone even noticed – but I digress).  Having become something of an old fart who doesn’t enjoy pain and discomfort like I did in my youth, I get the shingles shot  along with the flu and pneumonia shots my MD recommends for something of old farts such as myself.

  49. Pogo, when copying and pasting directly from web sites to our threads we add a tremendous amount of code that our site sometimes can’t process. I also worry about copyright violations but so far no one has complained.

  50. I’d prefer brief excerpts from a cited and linked source with a comment on why it’s important. That is the spirit of the fair use exception in copyright law.

  51. craig,  sorry, guess i’m one of the worse offenders code-wise.

    i’ll try to do as you suggest by copying and then recopying only headlines and leaving it up to mixers to gather the nuggets within.  the articles themselves however  from such sources as wall st journal & others requiring subscriptions can’t be accessed by some on the trail.   sure gonna miss sharing the quotes verbatim… so much gets lost and misconstrued in recapping.

    are the cartoons also a problem?


  52. I thought I had shingles and it turned out to be poison oak.
    Stress can be a factor in a shingles outbreak.   
    A couple of people I know have used an arnica salve and it provided some relief

  53. ‘twill be a challenge, but I will try …
    btw re Hong Kong SFB tweets (WTF else would he do? But I digress)… “I hope it works out for everybody.”  I’m sorry, but WHAT A STUPID FUCK
    And with that, au revoir for a bit. 

  54. Mr Pogo, 
    Sorry, for the confusion. It was a reference to a long lamented public radio morning show that entertained with bogus advertisements. One set off ads was for their sponsor the Sherpa Auto Company, whose top-of-the line was the Intimida SUV, a vehicle that could squash Hummers and some medium tanks. 

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