Barack Obama: “We should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments; leaders who demonize those who don’t look like us or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as sub-human, or imply that America belongs to just one certain type of people.


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  1. deadbeats & demigods should pay up or shut up

    texas tribune:

    President Donald Trump publicly pledged “all the support of the federal government” on Saturday after 22 people were shot to death in an El Paso Walmart this weekend.


    But his statements are prompting charges of hypocrisy because the city claims the president’s political campaign owes an outstanding debt from a February campaign rally — specifically, more than half a million dollars.


    On Monday, an El Paso city official said Trump has yet to pay.


    According to Laura Cruz-Acosta, communications manager for the El Paso city manager’s office, the president has an outstanding bill of $569,204.63 for police and public safety services associated with a February campaign rally.


    Local officials have repeatedly harangued Trump for not covering the costs associated with his visit to the border city, with some contrasting his actions with those of Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who visited his hometown for a rally on the same day and has since paid his dues.


    The El Paso Times previously reported that the city sent a letter to the Trump campaign in late May requesting he pay his outstanding debt. An invoice from that month stated that he owed six city departments money — with amounts ranging from $528 to $381,000.


    “We are contacting you regarding the invoice(s) listed above,” the May letter reads. “We realize this may be an oversight on your part; however, your account with the City of El Paso is extremely past due.

    “Your obligation to pay the invoice listed will remain on the City’s books indefinitely until the debt is paid in full. Furthermore, the City may choose to not enter into a contract with an individual that is indebted to the City for more than $100.00.”


    A spokesman for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on when, if at all, it planned to pay the city back. Later this week, Trump is expected to visit El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, where another gunman killed nine people in the city’s entertainment district. The Associated Press reported Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration has issued advisories of VIP travel to both cities for Wednesday.


    In the second quarter of 2019, Trump reported a whopping campaign haul of $26.5 million.


  2. I was listening to the SFB address about rejecting hate. TelePrompTer Don somehow bears no resemblance to Twitter Don. I agree with Mika – reading a speech that bears no relation to his words for the past 3 years means nothing. 

  3. yesterday, domestic disorder caused by deadbeat dictator-wanna-be

    today, global disorder

    the guardian: China accuses US of ‘deliberately destroying’ world order

    A day after Washington branded China a currency manipulator in a rapidly escalating trade dispute, China’s central bank said it “deeply regretted” the move by the US and said such behaviour “seriously undermined international rules” and damaged the global economy.


    In a strongly worded editorial in the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist party, China accused the US of “deliberately destroying the international order” and holding its own citizens hostage.

    Without mentioning Donald Trump or Washington’s accusations of currency manipulation, it said: “Today some in America are obsessed with American privilege to the point of destroying international rules and the international system … These Americans need to wake up!”


    “The responsibility of big countries is to provide the world with stability and certainty while creating conditions and opportunities for the common development of all countries,” according to the editorial.

    “But some people in the United States do just the opposite,” it said.


    Beijing later said it would stop buying US agricultural products and would “not rule out import tariffs on newly purchased US agricultural products”.


    In another editorial on Tuesday, the People’s Daily blamed the US for creating new obstacles in trade talks: “A drowning man will clutch at a straw, but he should never blame the others for his own awkward situation.”


    Washington’s currency manipulation claim will inflame a year-long trade war with China . Trump has already attacked Beijing for reneging on what he claims was a promise to buy more agricultural goods from the US, a claim Chinese authorities dispute.


    Also on Tuesday, Beijing also warned that all “counter measures” were “on the table” if the US placed intermediate-range ground missiles in the region. The US defence secretary, Mark Esper, said on Saturday that he was in favour of putting such missiles in Asia soon.


    Fu Cong, of China’s foreign ministry, warned China’s neighbours, including Japan, South Korea and Australia, not to allow the US deployment in their territory. Fu said: “If the US deploys missiles in this part of the world, at the doorstep of China, China will be forced to take countermeasures.”

  4. NYTimes Best of Late Night last night

    After the nation’s latest mass shootings, in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio, late-night hosts on Monday excoriated Congress for inaction on gun control, devoting significant portions of their monologues to the issue. They found ways to inject humor into the subject, though — thanks in large part to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who has blocked legislation that would require background checks for gun buyers.

    “Over the weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tripped at his house and broke his shoulder. On the bright side, it’ll be harder for him to shrug off gun control.” — JIMMY FALLON

    “Now, there are two bipartisan background check bills that have passed the House but are being blocked by Senate majority leader and this month’s centerfold of Corruption Monthly, Mitch McConnell.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “You can’t put a price on human life, but it doesn’t stop Mitch from trying.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “We’re not going to solve America’s gun problems in half an hour, but we’ll probably do more than Congress.” — TREVOR NOAH

    “It’s all well and good to offer thoughts and prayers, but sometimes you need shouts and swears.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    In his speech about the shootings on Monday, President Trump suggested that violent video games were partly to blame.

    “If video games were so influential, they should make one about Congress called ‘[Expletive] Do Something.’” — SETH MEYERS

    “On the surface, that sounds like a pretty good argument. America has always had guns, America has always had evil, but mass shootings have only taken off over the past, what, 20 years? And what has been new in the past 20 years? Violent video games. Although, by that logic, anything that’s been invented in the last 20 years could have contributed to mass shootings, like Crocs were invented over the last 20 years, and I know they inspire anger in me.” — TREVOR NOAH

    “I know it’s crazy to take Trump’s words seriously, but some people do. In fact, as we’ve learned, the mass shooter in El Paso left behind a manifesto that included the same phrases Trump uses every day — ‘fake news,’ ‘immigrant invasions.’ In fact, the only reason you know it wasn’t written by Trump is because the grammar was correct.” — TREVOR NOAH

    Trump’s speech also included a call to condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.

    “I try my best every night, but you’re still in office.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    Other countries have led the way.  We know what to do.  OUr leaders just don’t have the guts to do it.

  6. When you look at what’s driving suburban voters, especially women, away from GOP candidates add to the list their failure to do anything significant about guns. It was lurking in there behind health care, Trump disgust in the last midterm exit polls, but it was there. More so now, I’m sure.

  7. Just catching up…  I was gone all day yesterday.
    I’m very saddened by what happened this weekend….   and sick of it too.
    I really miss “No Drama Obama”….   sigh…

  8. OK, I’ve rechecked the numbers, and here are the mass shooting numbers from GHWB to SFB:

    President      Incidents    Deaths   Deaths/month
    GHWB                9                   76                1.58
    Clinton              18                 112               1.16
    Bush                   13                 125              1.30
    Obama               38                 314              3.27
    SFB                     30                 251             8.10

    By comparison, during the 10 years of the assault weapons ban the numbers were
    AWB                   17                 101              0.84

    The assault weapons ban apparently had an impact, with average deaths per month  lowest over that 10 year period than any other period over that and the numbers began rising after its expiration.  The rate of shootings per month (on average) rose after 1993.  The most dramatic change id the number of mass shootings each year which has become evident since SFB’s inauguration – 10 in 2017*, 12 in 2018, and 7 so far in 2019.  Before then there were never more than 7 mass shooting events in any year.
    *There were 11 shootings in 2017, but one was before SFB’s inauguration.

  9. Craig
    The gun issue is a civilized behavior issue. The suburban folks are big on civilized behavior. The problem is that certain groups on the left turn them off too. That is why  the Republicans keep pointing out the Antifa movement.
    That is why all the extreme crap coming out of the left negates much of what is coming out of the right. So who ever becomes the Democratic candidate, at some point they are going to have to distance themselves from the left because the center right suburbs are the key to winning in the next election. To beat Trump they will have to do like Clinton and have a Sista soldja moment.
    I’m sure there will be a lot of idiots on the left step up and volunteer to be the victim. 

  10. KGC
    Did you edit your 9:53 comment?
    I remember reading “fund” instead of “find”
    Funding a solution seemed like a brilliant counter point as we know the solution but nobody wants to put the money where their mouths are. 

  11. I did edit it and I did think twice about it because funding is an issue but I changed it anyway

  12. One thing that is probably kicking a lot of urban and suburban mother’s is the school systems doing active shooter drills, with the little ones coming home talking about being killed.  They may be “gun families” going in but they are living with the truth that any school anywhere can be a target.  Any venue, anywhere where young people gather can be a target.  The parents see they cannot be protective all the time anywhere.  Slowly they are putting the connection of an AK-47/M-16/M-4 blowing their little ones into pieces with some restrictions on who can have one.  Maybe we might see a revival of the assault weapons ban – but we need to take the Congress and the WH in 2020 first.

  13. BB
    Urban moms have been attuned to this problem for some time, it is just dawning on the suburban mom the “shit it could happen here”
    Jack, an urban guy who is reading about 2 homicide victims in a church parking lot just 5 blocks away.

  14. Poobah,  why would we expect the deadbeat to change his tune and stop welching on his debts just because he has other people’s money to pay them now?

  15. Trump leaves town owing money, yeah that is news, lol NOT!!!
    What a grifter, make a good movie if wasn’t for the fact we all end up paying the bill.

  16. for those who can’t get to the tex trib link and want to see the deadbeat’s el paso bill particulars, see my 8:02 a.m. comment above 

  17. Anyone watch Biden on CNN with Cooper last night? Interested in your opinions. But only if you watch it. Must be a link somewhere but I am in the middle of an Internet ordeal upgrading our service to Verizon FiOS and although it’s not being installed until Thursday they shut everything down, land line and dsl, three days earlier than I was told. So I am stuck trying to use my phone for everything, and it is very annoying.

  18. too bad they can’t also sue trump for inciting the carnage

    vox via msn:

    “We consider this an act of terrorism against the Mexican-American community and Mexican nationals in the United States,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Sunday at a press conference. “Mexico is outraged. But we aren’t proposing to meet hate with hate. We will act with reason and according to the law and with firmness.”

    Mexico has said it will increase protections for its citizens in the United States and has also threatened to take legal action — including potentially filing s lawsuit against the seller of the assault weapon used in the attack and possibly seeking the extradition of the 21-year-old suspected shooter on terrorism charges.

    Experts I spoke to say it’s unlikely Mexico would triumph if it chose to pursue extradition. But as mounting evidence suggests this was a racially motivated attack, the Mexican government may have reason to at least attempt it and put even a little pressure on the United States.


    Foreign Minister Ebrand also said that Mexico would consider filing suit against the seller of the weapon used in the El Paso massacre, including investigating whether all the laws were followed or if any red flags were ignored.


  19. Fucking video games?  No, it’s the fucking guns, man.  That’s what’s killing people.  Jesus Christ.

  20. …ban violent video games and then you’ll have millions of bored little psychopaths with no way to relieve their frustrations.  I’d rather they be glued to a screen.

    These shooter-types tend to exchange their ideas, find sympathetic audiences, and hone their plans on social media, while other kids are getting bullied, pressured, and influenced on those same types of channels, but politicians need those networks to promote themselves, ergo “video games”.

  21. craig, you mean this part of the biden interview or all of it?

     excerpt from business insider:  Joe Biden says he would institute a national buyback program and reinstate the assault weapons ban to ‘get them off the street’

    Following two mass shootings that took over 30 lives this past weekend, 2020 presidential frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden said that assault weapons “should be illegal. Period.”

    In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Biden said he was determined to get assault weapons off the streets by reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban, a measure that he ushered through Congress as part of the controversial 1994 crime bit that “sunsetted” in 2004 under the Bush administration.

    “The second amendment doesn’t say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people own,” Biden said. “You can’t buy a bazooka or a flamethrower.”

    When asked by Cooper if “a Biden administration means they will come for my guns,” he simply responded, “Bingo,” adding, “You’re right if you have an assault weapon.”

    Biden then clarified that he doesn’t have the intention to confiscate previously-owned assault weapons, however, he does plan on establishing a national buyback program to “get them off the street.”

    “That’s not walking into their home, walking through their door and going through the gun cabinets, etc.,” Biden said. “Right now, there is no legal way to deny them the right if they legally purchased them, but we can in fact make a major effort to get them off the street and out of the possession of people.”


    Biden continues to echo the same message now during his own presidential campaign bid, asking if it made any sense that “someone is able to walk into a gun store” and “buy an assault weapon that has multiple rounds,” putting “more of them on the street.”

    Biden told CNN that, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, former President Obama asked him to put together a series of initiatives regarding gun legislation reform including extensive background checks. The initiatives were eventually issued by executive orders signed by Obama that were later “wiped out” by Congress during the Trump administration, Biden said.

    Although those initiatives weren’t passed during the Obama administration, the 2020 presidential candidate believes they are likely to pass under his administration “because the world has changed.” 


  22. The 2nd amendment doesn’t afford citizens the right to buy and sell “arms”, just to “bear” them.  That infamous comma is irrelevant if you read it that way.

  23. Your lordship, if it were caused by video games then Japan and South Korea would be the most violent countries.
    But they aren’t and it is not.
    Sad fact it is culture and guns. Changing culture is long and hard getting rid of the guns is easier.

  24. Why I’m supporting my Hispanic neighbors….
    I sold one of my rental houses and carried the note. They just stopped by to make the monthly payment. In addition to the money, mom sent some tamales she had made.

  25. Fun aside- my jumpy, Republican, female neighbor just bought a gun (legally, of course, because only a profiteer would give this jittery broad a gun) to shoot some imagined boogeyman coming to rape and murder her.  Most likely to get shot by that gun?  Her husband coming home late from work, or me.  
    Needles to say, i’m done doing little neighborly gestures for her, like bringing in her garbage cans or checking her gate so their dog doesn’t get out.  Fuck that dog, i ain’t trying to get shot.

  26. Scrabble and Crosswords are destroying trump’s spelling,
    Monopoly cause his many bankruptcies,
    while Pac Man and Candyland account for his obesity.

  27. Ms Cracker, I liked them all. Inspector Morse was particularly haunting. I was smitten with his Saint-Exupery, too.

  28. Ms Pat, ‘Walmartyred’ seems ghastly enough, and is sympathetic to us targets.
    ‘Going Wally-Wild’ seems a bit frivolous, and too much like having fun.
    What about, “People now prefer to shop online, rather than go to the Shooting Mall ” ? 

  29. XR, SFB’s world of games wasn’t video games (but you might be right about Pac Man)- I wish he’d never found out about cell phones and internet social media sites.  We probably wouldn’t be talking about him today.
    And here’s a great catch I saw at WaPo from a commentor nicked littletingod:

    Yeah, no, not so much. He said, “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy…”  That is NOT saying, “I condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy!”  The nation has already condemned racism, bigotry and white supremacy.  Trump HIMSELF has NOT!!

    Didn’t really occur to me, but yeah, he’s right.

  30. I’ve been watching 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s western movies for couple months now. 
    Those things are all extremely violent.

  31. Obama -= GOOD!!  Trump’s words = hollow
    El Paso doesn’t want him there!  I don’t want him anywhere.
    Schools in Texas have active shooter drills (run, hide, fight),  shelter in place = hide, and lock out = don’t come in.
    Trump is notorious for never paying…for anything.  He’ll probably sue the city.
    Craig, Verizon strikes again. Monopolies.
    Bink, I laughed out loud at video games.  There was an article in WaPo this morning about all the things the repubes try to come up, video games, mental illness, etc. rather than GUNS!
    There’s this thing about video games. I saw & heard it once. The gamers can talk with each other through the video game.  It was creepy.  Is this what the radical right shooters are doing & will do after 8 chan stops them there?
    I like this. institute a national buyback program and reinstate the assault weapons ban to ‘get them off the street’
    2nd Amendment refers to a time of muskets which I approve of. Buy back the armaments and give them each one musket, I say. They can shoot a turkey with it, too. :^)
    Will Walmart lose business? Nationwide?
    Twitter rampages = Donorrhea

  32. Rachel just raised the question:  can people injured by white nationalists, etc. bankrupt those organizations via law suits?  Decapitate them financially. shut ’em down.

  33. Yeah, why shouldn’t all those victims, their heirs and assigns, since 2015, sue the trump election campaign for $everal B!LL!ON$ for repeatedly inciting violence ??? 

  34. Donorrhea. I LOVE that term. I’m gonna use it at WaPo and NYT. It’ll be a huge hit. Pair it with Melanoma and ya have a terrific representation of the plague in the White House. 

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