Joe Go

He’s old, he’s verbose, awkward and sometimes confusing. But dammit he’s also honest, experienced, and full of heart. I’m sticking with Uncle Joe for at least one term. No one in the race could more quickly clean up Trump’s filthy dump on our culture, institutions and allies.


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  1. So I reply to jack here?  Hey jack!  Long time.  Yep!  It’s wonderful that “Moscow Mitch” gets under Moscow Mitch’s skin so. He deserves it. Taking big bucks from an oligarch with the promise of building that plant in his district right before the election. *blah*

  2. It’s been fun folks.  Nice having you around again TipToe.  Please make it a habit.

    Night night


  3. SNL labeled Joe as “ Obama’s Grandpa.”  He may put his foot in his mouth on a regular basis, but a far sight less than the idiot we have now.  He knows his stuff and he can get the rust belt away from Drumpf.   And then Marianne Williamson can sage the OO before Joe moves in.
    She speaks the truth, but what place is there for that in politics?

  4. Harris speaks the truth about predators. If it’s a woman dem at the end, I hope to God that he’s NOT allowed to circle her like he did Hillary. That was the beginning of hideous! The stage should have fence to divide it in half. Can’t trust him to stay on his side, even if he’s told. That was a predator! 

  5. Hey, tiptoe!    Yes.   Yang has spoken on a few shows about the same.  I like him.  He seems a little to logical to be in politics. 

  6. Ya know I think it is time for Warren to quit participating in the debates. She doesn’t need them and they don’t help.  She needs to grab one of the centrist dwarfs and do a barnstorming Lincoln/Douglas style debate with each laying out their vision for the future.  It would get them more local positive attention which is what is needed to win the primaries. With luck she will give the centrist D enough attention that he splits the vote with Biden putting Warren in the drivers seat.

  7. I’m not sure anyone landed a glove on Joe tonight. Listening to the commentators Joe is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. AC gets it right. Let’s see how this shakes out. Biden or Lizzie? They IMHO are 1-2 and I’m not sure there’s a 3. 

  8. Joe was outstanding for Joe. He didn’t lose his train of thought which is huge. His one blunder was addressing someone as Mr. President
    Harris was combative tonight which won’t help her one bit. 

  9. Well, don’t just stand there and let him circle you.  Look him in his beady, little eyes and tell him to back off.     
    Actually, just mock Drumpf in the debate way he mocks everyone else.  Ooooh, I’m Drumpf, and I’m a giant, lying, orange turd.  Nobody has ever been a bigger liar, or a bigger turd, and, I’m the orangest.  
    It’s not grownup behavior, but we’re dealing with a 280 pound toddler here.  And although everyone is smarter than Drumpf, he needs someone who can give him a verbal spanking.    She’s not my favorite candidate, but Kamala Harris could smack him down hard.  

  10. joe & lizzie ticket? 

    at least with trump being 73 (74 by time of election), their ages (76 & 70) aren’t likely to be attacked except by whoever (amash? steyer?) goes 3rd party .

  11. the guardian:  ‘Go to Joe 30330’: Biden tells confused debate viewers to visit phone number

    Delivering what must have been one of the most cryptic gaffes of his career, Joe Biden managed to spark mass confusion during the final moment of the latest Democratic debate, after he urged viewers to visit a website that doesn’t exist.


    Delivering his final remarks after the nine other candidates, Biden laid out his 2020 vision before telling those watching: “If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330” – referring to a phone number.


    Just before the debate started, he also raised eyebrows, after leaning in to Kamala Harris and saying “go easy on me, kid”, referencing her blistering attack on him during the first round of debates last month.


    After the debate got under way, he also said the government should “cherry pick from the best of other cultures” when it came to immigration, and favor those with PhDs. This was slammed by Cory Booker, who said: “That’s playing into what the Republicans want, to pit some immigrants against other immigrants. Some are from shithole countries and some are from working countries.”


    If this wasn’t bad enough for Biden already, his “30330” comment at the very last moment made him the target of mockery across social media.


    At first people were mostly confused

    This was confirmed by the Biden campaign, which tweeted what the former vice-president should have said in big letters soon after the debate finished:




    I just got off the stage where I shared my bold vision for our future built on uniting our country. Because I know if we work together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

    Let’s keep our momentum going. If you liked what you heard tonight, text JOE to 30330 and let’s get to work.

    This didn’t stop people making fun of Biden, however. “We’re LIVE with full debate coverage on Comedy Central at 30330pm!” tweeted The Daily Show. And tellingly, the Biden campaign, clearly in firefighting mode, took time to respond to it:


    Despite its best efforts, Biden’s campaign couldn’t contain the gaffe, with Stephen Colbert and others quickly picking it apart:




    “Go to Joe 30330. Send an evite to Scranton Joe 1942 at . Then ring up Pennsylvania-6500 and ask for Lulu, she’ll show you a grand old time.” #DemDebate2 #LateShowLIVE


    Biden is currently leading the Democratic field for 2020, with a recent poll putting him eight points ahead of his closest rival, Elizabeth Warren. However, after a bruising debate, many will be paying close to his campaign’s momentum over the following days.

  12. I did not watch the debates, as I needed to get caught up on sleep. Besides, my re-run of choice right now is “Burn Notice” (I’m on Season 7). For some reason, “Back In The USSR,” parts 1 and 2, didn’t interest me…

    That said…

    @CraigCrawford…. I don’t know how you have Biden-Warren as a ticket, because I’m not sure they see the problems impacting the country in the same way, and they definitely believe in completely different solutions. In fact, with Warren part of the Urban Socialist crowd that AOC and others are building, they actually want to tear down the Obama-Biden legacy (if you can really call it a “legacy”), because it was not extreme enough for them. Warren’s whole rhetorical push is similar to what AOC says – the Democrats cannot be about compromise or middle of the road solutions. It’s all aboard Amtrak to Europe, or bust.

    The funny thing about Warren is that she mostly gets the problems. She talks about big corporations and the need to break them up. Check. She talks about declining wealth and wages. Check and check. So, when I hear the first half of what she says, I sometimes start to think, “Well, maybe she actually gets it.” But then she takes some great insights and data, and starts talking about how we need to strengthen unions (Unions? Seriously?) and have more of the same stuff – just free or freer, and I cannot help but think, “Oh my God, she does not get it at all!”

    The field of candidates will shrink between now and Fall. If anyone had to pick a top 5 who survive past September 1st, what would that list look like?
    My post-September 1st Top 5:
    1. Biden
    2. Warren
    3. Sanders
    4. Harris
    5. Buttigieg
    My Wild Cards are Gabbard and Williamson who may not last much past September due to fundraising. Plus… Is Gabbard blowing through her online ad spend? I cannot move through YouTube or other websites without seeing her ads pop-up. I feel cyber-stalked. 😛

  13. Craig

    Biden/Warren has another problem.  They may not act it, but they are almost the same age.  I’m not sure tht works.  Biden/Booker might work better except that both are from a coastal state.  The same would be true of Biden/Harris.  

  14. NYTimes best of late night

    The second of this week’s two Democratic presidential debates aired Wednesday on CNN, and Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers all broadcast live for the occasion. As in the debate itself, most of the focus was on Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

    “That’s right, tonight was Part 2 of the Democratic debate featuring Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and eight other candidates who were like, ‘Oh, my God — I’m so close to Joe and Kamala!’” — JIMMY FALLON

    “Tonight it was all about the moderates, baby! It was the tempest of the centrists! It was the rage for incremental change!” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “Yeah, Joe Biden, this was an unlucky draw, man. Cory Booker on the one side, Kamala on the other and he’s in the middle. It’s like the world’s most racially charged Oreo. I feel like Joe Biden got on the stage and instinctively tried to lock his car doors.” — TREVOR NOAH

    “Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, was funny. He said, ‘When I am president,’ and that was good.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “Oh, lead poisoning is a huge problem here. It’s so bad that some people completely lose touch with reality and think they can be elected president.” — STEPHEN COLBERT, on Bill de Blasio’s likening New York City’s lead exposure scandal to the tainted water in Flint, Mich.

    “Cory Booker from New Jersey said we need real marijuana justice, which I think is a new Seth Rogen movie coming out this summer.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “Entrepreneur Andrew Yang used his opening statement tonight to differentiate himself from President Trump, saying, ‘The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math,’ which is a great point, but I actually think the opposite of Trump would be a black guy who is a good president.” — SETH MEYERS

    “Oh, I’m so sorry. The opposite of Donald Trump is a black woman who has spell-check.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “O.K., first of all, I don’t think it’s legal to use bleach on an active crime scene. Secondly, you’re definitely, definitely going to need something stronger than Clorox. I would try burning sage or holding a séance. You’re going to need a belt sander to get the ketchup stains off the desk.” — SETH MEYERS, on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s saying that her first act as president would be to “Clorox the Oval Office”

    “Over the last two nights, we’ve watched 20 Democrats arguing. Usually, if you want to see that, you have to walk into a Whole Foods and start criticizing ‘Hamilton.’” — JAMES CORDEN

    “But in the end, the candidates came together around a unifying message: Click ‘like’ and subscribe!” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “The president weighed in with his review of Night 1, lashing out at CNN moderator Don Lemon. He wrote, ‘CNN’s Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television’ — uh, hello? — ‘insinuated last night while asking a debate question that I was a racist, when in fact, I am “the least racist person in the world.”’ He puts that in quotes, like it’s from a study or something. You know who said that about him? Him! He’s quoting himself.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “You can’t quote yourself. It’s like that famous saying by a very wise man: ‘You can’t quote yourself.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “People talk about doubling down. Only Donald Trump would claim he’s the least racist person in the world while calling a black man stupid.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    [Imitating Trump] Listen up, everybody: The dumb black guy thinks I’m a racist.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “It’s not every day you see an orange attack a lemon, so that was fun.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

    “Trump watches policy debates the way the rest of us watch foreign movies: [As Trump] ‘I don’t know what they’re talking about, but the fight scenes are amazing.’” — SETH MEYERS

  15. I had a hard time staying awake.  Hopefully the next debate won’t be a 2-parter.  
    First debate… pile on Sanders.  Second debate… pile on Biden.  All manipulated by the CNN hosts.
    CNN sucks!

  16. After last night any excuse for a song.  Needles, CA is trying to become a gun sanctuary city while being a major growth region for pot.  The link goes to an interesting LA Times article about a city that used to be the gateway to California via Route 66 and has died in recent years. 




  17. in case you missed it or want to relive it or read the book instead of seeing the movie, here’s wapo’s

    Transcript: Night 2 of the second Democratic debate

  18. renee, you and Jennifer rubin keep agreeing:

    Biden performed better in the second debate. CNN didn’t.


    Unfortunately, CNN seemed to learn nothing from its horrendous reviews for Tuesday night. The same time-wasting, overproduced 25 minutes of blather at the onset, the same rigid enforcement of time constraints on candidates, the same lack of attention to foreign policy and the same crudely provocative style of questions reinforced the conclusion that not only CNN but also all of the broadcast news outlets and the DNC need to rethink the format of these events. They are too long, too disjointed and too focused on creating made-for-TV conflict.


    After a serious drop in ratings on Tuesday from the first round of debates, perhaps they will abandon these counterproductive affairs.


    We were talking about slogans and bumper stickers last night.  So far this one is my favorite


  20. Those who have met the September debate threshold:  Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, Harris, O’Rourk, Sanders and Warren.

    Three other candidates are very close: Castro and Yang have surpassed 130,000 donations and each have three of the four qualifying polls they need, while Klobuchar has met the polling threshold and has about 120,000 donors.

  21. Jamie – I’d say that all 3 of the almosts will hit their mark by September – so we’ll end up with yet another 10 person debate stage – God, I hope whoever has this one has a better format than CNN’s.  

  22. I find Jay Inslee intriguing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful–The United States of America, Our Sanctuary Home

  23. Michael, you’re September Top 5 seem about right. My superficial take on a Biden-Warren ticket is put your top 2 together, simple math. And if they’re not too old for Democratic primary voters why not the rest of the country?

  24. Just read Aaron Blake’s “Winners and Losers” column at WaPo.  I’d have to say he and I disagree.  He had Biden and Harris as losers and Bernie and Warren as winners.  Hell, Bernie wasn’t a winner in the debate he was in, much less the one he wasn’t in.  That’s all just too cute by half.  
    Jennifer Rubin on the other hand – ya gotta love Jennifer Rubin these days.

    Certainly, Biden and Harris both had rougher patches, but they were head-and-shoulders above the others on the stage. Both showed they were more capable of appealing to the party as a whole and to independents than the Warren-Sanders duo from Tuesday night.
    Unfortunately, CNN seemed to learn nothing from its horrendous reviews for Tuesday night. The same time-wasting, overproduced 25 minutes of blather at the onset, the same rigid enforcement of time constraints on candidates, the same lack of attention to foreign policy and the same crudely provocative style of questions reinforced the conclusion that not only CNN but also all of the broadcast news outlets and the DNC need to rethink the format of these events. They are too long, too disjointed and too focused on creating made-for-TV conflict.

    * * *

    Winner: Biden

    Also winners: Harris, Booker, candidates who want to build on Obamacare

    Losers: CNN, the 1 percent candidates who attacked Obama

  25. Jamie, LOVE Nat King Cole – and I really would love to have that guitar – it’s just gorgeous both in looks and sound.

  26. FWIW, the Indians played splendid baseball during the debate; glad I won’t be distracted from their play tonight.

  27. in re Moscow mitch from politico:

    Two former top staffers to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have lobbied Congress and the Treasury Department on the development of a new Kentucky aluminum mill backed by the Russian aluminum giant Rusal, according to a new lobbying disclosure.


    The disclosure comes as Democrats are pushing the Trump administration to review Rusal’s $200 million investment in the Kentucky project — concerned that the mill will supply the Defense Department — and as McConnell weathers criticism for helping block a congressional effort to stop the investment.

    The Russian firm was only able to make the investment after it won sanctions relief from penalties the Treasury Department initially imposed in April 2018 on Rusal and other companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch and Kremlin ally accused of facilitating Moscow’s nefarious activities, such as seizing land in Ukraine, supplying arms for the Syrian regime and meddling in other countries’ elections.


    Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced in December that the department would lift the sanctions on Deripaska’s companies, which had roiled global aluminum markets, if the oligarch agreed to drastically reduce his stake in the businesses. The deal was reportedly potentially beneficial to Deripaska, however. Deripaska himself still remains under U.S. sanctions.


    Attention over the sanctions relief deal has focused on McConnell, given his role in halting a bipartisan congressional effort in January to stop the penalties rollback. McConnell told reporters in May that his support for lifting the sanctions was “completely unrelated to anything that might happen in my home state.”


    Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, has been pushing the the administration to review the Rusal investment.


    In a statement, Wyden said: “Rusal’s proposed investment in a Kentucky rolling mill is deeply concerning. The deal was announced just three months after the Senate voted to lift sanctions on Rusal, and now we learn that Majority Leader McConnell’s former staff have been lobbying for the project. The American people need to have confidence that this deal is in the country’s best interest.”


    The lobbying push by McConnell’s former staffers, one of whom left his office in November 2016 and the other who left a year ago, also comes as McConnell is being criticized for blocking election-security bills in the wake of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. McConnell took to the Senate floor earlier this week to rebut accusations that he’s kowtowing to Russia, prompting the hashtag #MoscowMitch to begin trending on Twitter.


  28. “I find Jay Inslee intriguing.” -Flatus

    You’re not the only one who feels that way.  Also, Booker “performed” well.  Biden’s a joke.  Stop trying to shove a ticket down our throats, Craig. No one is beating Trump in this economy, and you had your chance to make sure he wouldn’t be elected and chose to equivocate.

    “…Biden-Warren as a ticket, because I’m not sure they see the problems impacting the country in the same way, and they definitely believe in completely different solutions.” -Michael


  29. from NY Mag:

    Up to 2004, the friendship between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein appeared, in public, to be quite sound, as far as Trump acquaintances go. (The loyalty-obsessed president has said that his only “real friends” are family members.) Beginning in the late ’80s, Epstein and Trump hit it off, as shown in the recently unearthed footage of the two of them ogling NFL cheerleaders together at Mar-a-Lago in 1992. They were photographed together in 1992, 1997, and in 2000, with Trump’s then-girlfriend Melania Knauss.


    But according to a new report from the Washington Post, in 2004, the pair let a mansion called the House of Friendship tear them apart. Bidding on Maison de l’Amitie in Palm Beach, both Trump and Epstein really wanted to win the oceanfront property being sold out of bankruptcy. The trustee in the case, Joseph Luzinski, told the Post of the process: “It was something like, Donald saying, ‘You don’t want to do a deal with him, he doesn’t have the money,’ while Epstein was saying: ‘Donald is all talk. He doesn’t have the money.’ They both really wanted it.” Around that time, Trump banned the financier from Mar-a-Lago without giving an explanation.

    In November 2004, The Apprentice host said he was fixated on winning “the finest piece of land in Florida and probably the U.S.,” refering to the six-acre parcel that the bank seized from Abe Gosman, a businessman who made his money building nursing homes. It was, by Trump’s estimation, the “second greatest house in America,’” conveniently just a ten-minute drive from the number-one home, Mar-a-Lago. Gosman had purchased the property in 1988 for around $12 million from Leslie Wexner, Epstein’s benefactor; with a strong initial bid at-auction of $37.25 million, it appeared the financier was about to take it back. But bidding soon shot up to $38.6 million and “Trump had made up his mind to get it no matter the price,” a lawyer present at the auction told the Washington Post. Trump’s bid eventually rose to $41.35 million, and he won the house. That month also marked the last known contact between the two: Shortly after the auction, Trump left two voicemails for Epstein at his Palm Beach home.

    Two weeks after the auction, Palm Beach police followed up on a tip that young girls were seen frequently leaving Epstein’s house. Four years after Trump won the bid, he sold it to Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev for $95 million — a deal that was investigated by the special counsel as part of Robert Mueller’s inquiry into Trump-Russia connections. Alas, the House of Friendship is no more: In 2016, the estate was demolished and divided in thirds for developers to build up.


    hmmm, that “Two weeks after the auction, Palm Beach police followed up on a tip…” smells of vengence and if so also indicative the twit was well aware of jeffrey’s pedophilic peccadillos. 


  30. Bink, please be fair to Craig; he has been fully occupied trying to cope with his Dad’s extreme old age and associated illnesses. It would have been much easier for him to shut the Trail down, instead he has allowed volunteers to step forward and carry on. Let’s all work together against the common enemy letting no one forget that it is the Obama Surge that is continuing to carry this economy forward.

  31. My point remains, good Sir.  No one is beating our race-war-inciting, criminal President in this economy, because Americans are greedy.  So, swing for the fences, liberals- wow me with bold (but plausible) ideas!

  32. Craig…  you continue to ignore that a Biden/Warren ticket is 2 East coasters.  As you admonished Jamie last night….   forget the general election…   good luck with that.

  33. Bink, how about Points for Public Service. Said points could be redeemed for such things as higher education for self or family members. Examples of qualified public service might include: Volunteer fire fighter, school classroom aide, Meals-on-Wheels driver, Poll worker, etc.

  34. Warren/Inslee
    …like the idea, Flatus, but this capitalist society won’t allow people to do for free those jobs that could be done for profit.

    “Ban Private Schools”

    There, that’s my platform.

  35. Flatus…  Klobuchar was the night before…  I think she’s going back to the Senate where she represents the people of Minnesota very well.
    Craig…  that’s still 2 East coasters…  but at least they aren’t white bread.

  36. Flatus

    Jay Inslee is my governor.  I’ll whisper this because we don’t need more people:  “Washington is a great state to live in” if only because Battleground is referred to as California North due to all the folks fleeing the monstrously overcrowded state to the south of Oregon. 


  37. I don’t really want Biden but a 

    Biden/Booker – OK on ethnicity, but geography and gender loser

    Biden/Castro ticket would solve the ethnicity, geography situation.  Gender still missing.

    Harris/Klobuchar – takes care of ethnicity, geography but only one gender

    Biden/Warren – Too White Bread and both east coasters

    Harris/Inslee – Two coasts if not middle.  Gender/ethnicity works

    Castro/O’Rourke – All Texas all the time. 🙂

    Nice having so many intelligent, qualified, experienced candidates to choose from for a ticket.  For pure balance Harris/Buttiegieg checks off gender, ethnicity, geography.  Unfortunately runs up against a whole host of prejudices as all the racist, misogynistic gay haters crawl out from under their rocks. 



  38. Geez, i think Harris is out after last night- felt she was the night’s biggest loser.  

    Biden didn’t amaze, but he probably exceeded most people’s expectations, certainly mine, and i’ll give him credit for not buckling under constant attacks.

    Harris’s silence after Gabbard’s challenge was the sound of a candidacy ending.

  39. MSNBC is in the tank for NoJoBiden   this is the second time they have given him his own post debate show

  40. Where is this booming economy of Drumpf’s?   It is not in the pockets of average Americans.  
    The sham tax-cuts were just that, a sham, for real people.   They only worked for corporate America.   
    Wages have not risen, while the cost of everything else has done so.  
    Repugs are not the fiscally-responsible party.  They are scam artists, and their greatest exhibit is corporate gluttony.  
    Orange Julius Cesar will not win.

  41. The person who has gotten the best press from last night is Williamson.  I think it was just nice to hear a compassionate adult speak.   

  42. The news media is telling us all we care about is beating SFB but when they interview voters at forums they all say beating SFB is not enough
    Anyone who calls themself a journalist should be ashamed   

  43. I heard Joe Biden inc try to take credit for the mid-term wins.  Really?   The people who won in the mid-terms are not stodgy right of center Democrats.   And you are not the reason they won

  44. is it too late for a ringer to step out of nowhere?

    am thinking of a sally yates or stacey adams or some young sparkly type that enchants the media.

  45. Someone ought to bind and gag Gabbard, and toss her in a back closet before she cripples another candidate. 

  46. I liked Booker’s performance. He’ll rise. 
    Alas, I must disagree with my learned colleague Mr Bink. The Obama Boom is not likely to continue much longer, especially in the face of trump’s tariff taxes. Even if it does, trump and the rippers are on the wrong side of the 3 most electrifying stories of the day, russian spies, violence against women and children, and racial injustice. The candidate who becomes the story rarely wins. trump will make sure that he’s the story. 

  47. Activist filmmaker Michael Moore says that only a revolution will defeat President Trump, and the one candidate he thinks could “crush” him would be Michelle Obama.

  48. that Michael Moore interview above has some good advice in it about making sure states have stuff on their ballots that bring in the big votes (he lauded the mj initiative in MI as doing that in 2018).   plus he’s again predicting a trump win (remember he was the lonely Cassandra last time who called it)  even with the dem candidate probably beating him again in popular vote.

  49. Mr Flatus, I look forward to the Minnesota’s beloved Washington Senators beating the Yankee and your beloved Spiders dining on the Astros. We can have a nice, homey, all-Central Division American League Championship Series, before one of us moves on to deflate Ms Jamie’s beloved Brooklyn team. 

  50. I’ve been pissed at MM since 2016.  He and the not very young Turks did everything possible to destroy Hillary.  They all might as well have been a Russian and Enterprise recirculating machine. 

  51. Michelle Obama is not an option and Michael Moore is just trying to stay in the conversation. 
    Sadly he wasn’t the only one who predicted an SFB victory.  We remember that he was right but not all the other times when he has been wrong.
    We have a field of very good candidates and based on 2018 the numbers are moving in the direction of the Democrats.   I think the Kentucky Democrats are really on it.  Just beat Moscow Mitch to the polls.
    Other states with incumbent goopers up- should be doing the same

  52. I didn’t post that for the michelle bit, but for the idea of making sure to have attractive initiatives PLUS good candidates on the 2020 ballots.

  53. KGC

    MM is a self-fulfilling prophecy … Hey look at how horrible everything is.  I’ll document going to hell in a handbasket and moan over no one doing anything about it and point out all the bad people of whom I disapprove and how wrong, wrong, wrong they are … what me do anything?  Not my job.


  54. Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheelNever ending or beginning on an ever spinning reelLike a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloonLike a carousel that’s turning running rings around the moonLike a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes of its faceAnd the world is like an apple whirling silently in spaceLike the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!Like a tunnel that you follow to a tunnel of its ownDown a hollow to a cavern where the sun has never shoneLike a door that keeps revolving in a half forgotten dreamOr the ripples from a pebble someone tosses in a streamLike a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes of its faceAnd the world is like an apple whirling silently in spaceLike the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!Keys that jingle in your pocket, words that jangle in your headWhy did summer go so quickly, was it something that you said?Lovers walking along a shore and leave their footprints in the sandIs the sound of distant drumming just the fingers of your hand?Pictures hanging in a hallway and the fragment of a songHalf remembered names and faces, but to whom do they belong?When you knew that it was over you were suddenly awareThat the autumn leaves were turning to the color of her hair!Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheelNever ending or beginning on an ever spinning reelAs the images unwind, like the circles that you find In the windmills of your mind!

  55. Well, I suppose I should have tried to watch the show last night.  I just do not care about these right now.  The top candidates will continue on, the others, once they have showed their lack of potential to be a veep or cabinet member, will go back to run for the house or senate. 
    The old thing is important.  I am officially labeled “elderly” by the VA.  When I look at my children and realize they are on the door step of being middle aged, I see them in the position of being candidates for president in a few years.  They will not be, their interests in politics lies in considering to vote Green Party until I convince them to look at some others in the Democratic party.
    So SFB could not hold off but to try to distract the world again with a moronic act.  The only good thing is that he must have been told he cannot make anymore overnight tariff changes.  So, if he acts like the little child he is, by September 1 rolls over, he will stop the taxes.

  56. Kamala Harris has already qualified for the next debate in mid Sept.  Gabbard won’t be there.  Most people don’t pay attention to politics until after Labor Day.  That means that most people don’t know and won’t know who the hell Tulsi Gabbard is/was.

  57. If Drumpf pushes through tariffs on China, that’s going to make the personal economies of voters feel even worse.
    As for figuring out the healthcare mess,  Williamson has some of it right, with regard to big pharma and junk food lobbyists contributing to illnesses in the first place.  The rest of the fix might be quite simple if the follow the template of another country who has it figured out.

  58. I was glad to see the issue of cash bail being brought up by more than one candidate  a good sign for reforms  coming on the federal level

  59. …i don’t comment in MONTHS, come back for TWO threads, and the lunatic pops out of nowhere and somehow takes that as license to poison the debate.  Bizarre- it’s like i’m being stalked.  Ahhhhhh!

  60. Moore knows his stuff. They should impeach even if the Senate does nothing. Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racists. He also knows how to beat Trump.

  61. If trump is actually impeached before the public is howling for his head on a pike, the senate will hastely move to trial and vote for acquittal : 54 – 46. manchin will vote with the rippers.  Then trump will shriek that he’s been exonerated by the bi-partisan vote. 
    However, an impeachment inquiry could bring the public along nicely, and it need not ever come to impeachment.

  62. Besides, I don’t think that trump can be found guilty of any of the crimes he has committed. trump’s insanity has so diminished his moral capacity that I believe he’s impervious to prosecution. 
    And yes, I confess that I have flip-flopped on this question. I may change my mind in the future also, but at this moment I could not find him any more guilty than a bowl of mixed nuts. 

  63. The way to get impeachment done is to organize it after the election so that the impeachment vote can occur on Jan 2d, 2021, and the Senate can go directly to trial the same day. The vote on whether or not to convict should occur before Jan 20th, when the new president will take office. The conviction and removal by the Senate will prevent trump from using any of the post-presidential perks, which are significant. The new AG should be approved immediately on Jan. 20th, and that person should already be set to seek indictments from the grand jury. By Feb 1st, trump and his associates should be apprehended and charged for their crimes. 

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