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  1. Well, I’m going to miss a bit of the “debate”.  Mrs. P wants to go out to dinner and being the dutiful husband I am, we’re going out. I’m sure you all will watch it for me.

  2. All of the GOP hammering on Medicare for All definitely clouds the issue.  It’s hard to explain how majority of developed countries use some mixture the Beveridge, Bismark, and single payer options.  None of them tie it to the employer.  The Harris Plan with its Public Option with a transition is quite good.

    Four Healthcare Models




  3. If he says, “The fact of the matter is … ” one more time, I may reach through the TV and slap him.


  4. Harris, Booker, and Castro are coming off best so far.  Honorable mention to Yang who doesn’t stand a chance but has great ideas.



  5. Healthcare still has to be divorced from employment.  One layoff, death of a spouse, whatever you are immediately hit with a huge increase in premium costs or loss of insurance and no way to get another policy for at least 30 days at a minimum.  

  6. Trouble with these debates is the candidates with unpopular ideas in the general election,  such as decriminalizing illegal immigration and giving them free health care, abolishing private health insurance etc, are more articulate and passionate than the candidates advocating more popular positions that beat Trump.

  7. I’m honestly not worried about the general.  Hillary beat Trump by 3 million votes and only 70K spread over 3 states cost her the EC.  If we concentrate on blocking Russian interference, monitoring voting equipment, and fighting GOP voter suppression, beating Trump is well within the realm of possibility.  GOP light won’t make the election catch fire for the general public.

  8. Just got in- missed the first hour. Of what I’ve heard Biden’s gonna appeal to the middle. 

  9. Howdy all, I’m back.  I was here years ago. Tonight isn’t as thrilling as last night’s debate. Bernie was alive & kicking.  Elizabeth was great as usual.  I’m mesmerized by Mayor Pete. He’s be really good later.  Joe is old.  I know old.  I’m old. We do need someone younger, unfortunately.

  10. Craig,

    Decriminalizing everything other than felonies makes sense.  Make it a civil offense not a reason to tear families apart.  If you snuck in to  Canada and had a medical emergency, you would be treated with no bill once you left and were deported.  No reason we can’t come up with something else.  We do already give them free healthcare in the emergency room, paid for by the tax payer.  Our community healthcare in WA treats them in clinics now to keep the load off the hospitals.  Private health care wouldn’t be abolished only the ties to employer which would be appreciated by the majority of employers.  

    It is all a matter of explain and sell.  These kids in camps are a huge cost to the taxpayer with high profits to Trump’s buddies.  For Profit private prisons are kept filled at taxpayer expense when school and rehab would be both a whole lot cheaper and more effective.  


  11. Craig, good thought! We need some flavor of regular order. Pelosi is doing that, I think, for now.

  12. Took you two long paragraphs to make sense Jamie, which you did well. But sadly campaigns are about slogans that fit on bumper stickers, and we’re not going to change that. “Open Borders”, “Free Health Care for Illegals”, “Socialized Medicine” not what Democrats should invite.

  13. Hi Jamie!  I was blocked, for no noted reason,  from FB. I never got news from there or battled with anyone, etc.  I don’t miss it except for hearing about what ya’all are doing, though.

  14. Yep, Craig. I don’t know how that’ll play when a lot of citizens don’t have…health care.  Also, I don’t know about the free college for everyone.  Is that public institutions, Harvard, community colleges?  I think everyone should pay at least a nominal amount. Even $100/semester. It has more meaning if you’re invested in it even a little.

  15. Usually it means you riled up some trolls who reported you.  Things have gotten better now that they are trying to shut down the phony accounts.  You might try sending a note to FB or try setting up a new account.  I did time in FB jail for 48 hours and didn’t have a clue why but got reinstated when I complained.  

  16. Craig

    You are right that we need bumper stickers not depositions 🙂  Maybe I’ll try to create some pithy phrases.


  17. Putin.  I hate Putin!  Good for you Craig. My husband was offered a job in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.  Something like 3,000 miles east of Moscow on the  Trans-Siberian express. I said no.  I said I’ll wait for you.  We went to Milwaukee. He was/is a very bright theoretical physicist. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to get out. And the monitoring. No!  I hate that regime. When I saw those Russians, hence Putin, in the oval office, it was another jumping out of my skin moment. Right where Putin wants to be!

  18. Real loser tonight, so far, is the Dem. Party.  I like Bennet, Yang, and the guy who was “drawing lines”.  Harris took one to the knee from Gabbard.

  19. TipToe

    Most of the education proposals are for Community and State colleges plus technical colleges for at least two years.  It didn’t used to be this expensive until the loans were turned into a profit stream for banks.  My junior college in CA in 1962 was $60 for the semester plus books.  Not sure how that would figure over 50 years with inflation, but I doubt it would be $10K – 40K

  20. “Trump is a Russian Puppet”.  There’re so many.  Jamie, same here.  Ohio State was $125/quarter.  I was a professor for a long time and just don’t see how free would work.

  21. True Craig. But folks have to have a salary. The least I ever made was in higher ed.  “Dump Trump”.

  22. Back then almost everyone qualified whole or in part to some grant or scholarship at the state colleges and they were supported by the taxpayers who knew investment in education was an investment in the future.  Of course that was back when the highest income tax rate was much higher than now and we had a middle class that could afford it.


  23. I FEAR we’re moving toward a totalitarian state. Everyday I read about another chipping away at democracy. The last one was Chinese professors are being fired in higher ed.  The ONLY good thing I can say about totalitarianism is that there are NO mass shootings.  None in China, North Korea, nor Russia. Why? They’re NOT allowed to be armed. That’d be a selling point to the NRA fans.

  24. Tiptoe, so nice to see you again. If being blocked on FB is what drove you back remind me to send a thank you note and Christmas card to FB for blocking you. BTW, Facebook sux. 

    Agree with Poobah- Joe spent too many Obamas and too few Trumps. 

  25. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with FB as it is the easiest way to see what the grands and great grands are up to.  

  26. I rewrote this.
    Then They Came For Me
    First they came for the immigrants, and I did not speak out—
         Because I am not an immigrant.
    Then they came for reporters, and I did not speak  out—
        Because I’m not a reporter.
    Then they came for the people of color, and I did not speak out—     Because I am not a person of color.
    Then they came for LGBT folks, and I did not speak out—     Because I am not LGBT.
    Then they came for ME—and there was NO ONE LEFT to speak for me.

  27. Now Gillibrand addresses Biden directly – no one tries to challenge anyone else. Who is the target?  The front runner. 

  28. I LOVE “Lock him up!”!!!!!! “Lock them up”
    “We want a White House/government free of Russians.”
    I’m perseverating…I have a real Russian thing.  And I’d so rusty with posting and listening to anything much less a debate.

  29. Biden just suggested a “tax credit” for childcare.  When are politicians going to learn that a “tax credit” is absolutely no use for the majority of single parents or low income households 

  30. Apparently the nickname Moscow Mitch is really irritating the Senate Leader.  Dump Trump does have a nice ring to it.


  31. He’s old, he’s verbose, he’s awkward and sometimes confusing. But dammit he’s also honest, experienced, and full of heart. I’m sticking with Uncle Joe for at least one term.

  32. Tulsi &Pete on their deployments would be interesting.
    I’d like to see the last dem standing while debating Trump have signs and/or pictures to hold up.  Trump was 4F.  That means defective. Young folks don’t know that. Just a little sign that says “4F” would be good.

  33. AXS is running Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo birthday bash. Sammy’s 70. Jeezus. Lotsa Chickenfoot t shirts but no Satriani. Sigh…?

  34. Dana Milbank’s column on Moscow Mitch was GREAT!  I love that! I’ve been yelling at the wall here, what’s with Mitch and Lindsay an d the others?!  They’re Russian assets.  Someone Russian has them in his pocket, and then…Moscow Mitch!  Yep, there’s more going on here than we know. Mitch, the oligarch, and the aluminum smelting plant is just the TIP.

  35. Tiptoe
    Good to see you.
    What was priceless about the Wapo opinion piece was Mitch’s reaction. Or to put it in a way his constituants can understand. “It’s the dog  that got hit with the rock  that yelps the loudest ”

  36. Craig, how about this?  I had to think long & hard to think up the most despicable thing  in his own style.  
    “There’s a lot of talk about it.  I don’t know, but I’ve been told by many people. Ivanka’s baby daddy is really grand pa. We want to see the DNA results!”  There are pictures and videos of his hands all over her, her sitting on his lap and interviews, with Howard Stern, that are just enough to support that.  *gag*  But that’s how he rolls!

  37. I was musing on Ms Tiptoe’s last musing. The trouble is putting it in 7 words or less. With a rhyme or alliteration. 
    Anywhat, Hi, Ms Tiptoe ! Hi, Mr Bink ! I so miss you when you’re off having fun without us. 

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