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  1. a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

    the guardian:  7.1 magnitude aftershock rattles southern California

    A magnitude 7.1 earthquake has struck southern California, causing cracked buildings fires, broken roads and several injuries, authorities and residents said.


    The latest tremor, which followed a 6.4 magnitude quake on 4 July, was felt as far north as Sacramento and as far south as Mexico. Early magnitude estimates from the U.S. Geological Survey wavered between 6.9 and 7.1, making it the most powerful tremor in California for 20 years.


    It hit the region at 8.19pm local time on Friday with the epicentre 202 km (125 miles) north of Los Angeles near the Mojave desert town of Ridgecrest, which was also the centre of Thursday’s quake.


  2. yesterday Nicole Wallace’s deadline wh show alerted us that the bots and bad guys are back (not that they ever left).  one example she cited is this from NYTimes:  

    For much of the last three months, the most popular Joseph R. Biden Jr. website has been a slick little piece of disinformation that is designed to look like the former vice president’s official campaign page, yet is most definitely not pro-Biden.

    From top to bottom, the website, JoeBiden.info, breezily mocks the candidate in terms that would warm the heart of any Bernie Sanders supporter: There are GIFs of Mr. Biden touching women and girls, and blurbs about his less-than-liberal policy positions, including his opposition to court-ordered busing in the 1970s and his support for the Iraq war. Pull quotes highlight some of his more famous verbal gaffes, like his description of his future boss, Barack Obama, as “articulate and bright and clean.” The introductory text declares, “Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems!”

    All the site says about its creator is buried in the fine print at the bottom of the page. The site, it says, is a political parody built and paid for “BY AN American citizen FOR American citizens,” and not the work of any campaign or political action committee.


    The Biden website was intended to help Democrats “face facts,” Mr. Mauldin said in an interview. He kept his name off it because “people tend to dismiss things that they don’t like, especially if it comes from the opposite side,” he said.

    Yet in anonymously trying to exploit the fissures within the Democratic ranks — fissures that ran through this past week’s debates — Mr. Mauldin’s website hews far closer to the disinformation spread by Russian trolls in 2016 than typical political messaging. With nothing to indicate its creator’s motives or employer, the website offers a preview of what election experts and national security officials say Americans can expect to be bombarded with for the next year and a half: anonymous and hard-to-trace digital messaging spread by sophisticated political operatives whose aim is to sow discord through deceit. Trolling, that is, as a political strategy.


    Unlike much of the Russian disinformation, which often has been crude and off-key — remember the Facebook ad promoting Mr. Sanders as a gay-rights superhero? — the faux Biden site has been a viral hit. Mr. Mauldin even started selling mock Biden 2020 T-shirts through the website to capitalize on its success.

    From mid-March, when Mr. Mauldin first began promoting the website on Reddit, through the end of May, it had more than 390,000 unique visitors, according to data compiled by SimilarWeb, a firm that analyzes web traffic. Mr. Biden’s official campaign website had about 310,000.



    she also brought up the suspiciously similar birtherish tweets that went viral against kamala.  beware, the bots are indeed back and dirty tricks will get dirtier this time around.

  3. carl Hiaasen:  It’s much too early to pay attention to the race for president. Think wharf rats | Opinion


    The general election is 17 freaking months away. To put that time line in perspective, consider this: A wharf rat that had babies the night of the first debate will produce 24 more litters between now and the day you numbly walk into the voting booth.


    It’s not healthy to obsess about anything, whether it’s rodents or politics, for almost a year-and-a-half. It’s also possible to pay attention to important developments without wasting a moment pondering ludicrous and impossible scenarios.




  4. The WH trolls will be working to have Marlette’s work removed from the papers it runs in. 

  5. pogo, it’s amazing andy has lasted this long considering his main paper is in Pensacola –  northwest fla hot bed of radical rw

  6. Wood-carved statue of Melania Trump erected in her Slovenian hometown
    © Getty Images

    the hill:

    A wooden statue of First Lady Melania Trump was unveiled in her hometown in Slovenia Friday, drawing pushback from local residents, The Guardian reported.

    The life-sized statue depicts Trump in the blue outfit she wore to her husband’s presidential inauguration in 2017 and shows her raising her left hand in a waving gesture.

    The statue, which was carved into a tree using a chainsaw, sits on top a wooden plank in a field near Sevnica. It’s said to be the first monument anywhere that’s dedicated to her, the Guardian reports.


    “I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance,” artist Brad Downey, who conceptualized the statue, told the Guardian, adding that the end result is “absolutely beautiful.”

    Critics have spoken out about the monument, with one resident reportedly saying that “if the monument was meant to be a parody, then the artist has been successful,” the publication reports.

    Photos of the statue have since been shared on social media, with some criticizing and making fun of the artwork.

    [continues with tweets]

  7. Clearly, it’s an accurate representation of her self-image having capitulated to our National Monster. More seriously, I’ve not seen any photos of her with her son lately–hope the kid is coping.

  8. The kid is probably hard at work figuring out how best to cash in.
     Apple not far from the tree dept.

  9. Our band at one time was “The Mighty Crabs of Joy” and on some occasions we would don the ritual crab hats.

  10. Craig
    Hang in there and be sure that you take care of yourself too. 
    Sending good thoughts for all.

  11. by George, i missed this the other day at newsweek

    :Attorney George Conway — husband of high-ranking White House aide Kellyanne Conway and near-constant critic of his wife’s boss President Donald Trump — celebrated his 4th of July by poking fun at the latest gaffe from the commander-in-chief.

    Ahead of his Independence Day celebration on the National Mall Thursday, President Trump tweeted that “Aircraft One” could make an appearance at the event, a comment that prompted confusion online. Trump later deleted the tweet and replaced it with one that had the correct spelling of “Air Force One.”

    “People are coming from far and wide to join us today and tonight for what is turning out to be one of the biggest celebrations in the history of our country, SALUTE TO AMERICA, an all day event at the Lincoln Memorial, culminating with large scale flyovers of the most modern and advanced aircraft anywhere in the World,” Trump wrote in the since-deleted tweet, adding “perhaps event Aircraft One will do a low & loud sprint over the crowd.”

    Although the president corrected the mistake a short time later by amending the term to “Air Force One,” frequent Trump critic George Conway — whose wife Kellyanne Conway serves as Counselor to the President — and several other Twitter users pointed out that “Aircraft One” is the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presidential jet.


    “But here’s something about a plane that apparently *is* called ‘Aircraft One,'” Conway tweeted on Thursday afternoon, alongside a link to the description of a Russian state TV documentary about Putin’s plane called Aircraft One.

    In light of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 18-month-long investigation into whether Trump’s 2016 campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities, some users in the responses to Conway’s tweet accused the president of a “Freudian slip” when he wrote that Aircraft One may fly over the crowd on the National Mall.

    “Of course a Freudian Slip.. Trump’s probably went aboard also. It figured,” one user tweeted.

    “Coincidence that ‘aircraft one’ is Putin’s plane. I don’t think so,” another wrote.

    Twitter user Florence Gyomery added: “Maybe it is code name for the mother ship? and it is coming to take him away….”

    Conway wasn’t the only person that pointed out the apparent Kremlin connection in Trump’s deleted tweet on Thursday. Breakfast Media White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg tweeted: “‘Aircraft One’ is what Putin’s plane is known as in Russia. For those who are curious, there’s a Russian state TV documentary about Putin’s plane (available on streaming services) called ‘Aircraft One.'”

  12. george also tweeted this to suggest the doj response to judge with a more candid explanation for the president’s actions on the census question snafu




    “Your Honor, as best as we have been able to determine, the executive power is vested in a unstable, dimwitted, subliterate reality television host who didn’t like what he saw on Fox News Channel this morning. That seems to be what’s going on, Your Honor.”


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