41 thoughts on “Rain on our parade, PLEASE!”

  1. “Rain Dance

    Rain in the forecast  — deluge needed”

    Ms Cracker, from your lips to God’s ears.

    [and throw in a few well-placed lightning bolts while you’re at it, Big Guy or Gal as the case may be]

  2. from politizoom:

    Friends, in less than 30 hours, the most wasteful, tacky, gaudy and profoundly tasteless Trump rally in the history of the Trump phenomenon will go forward, paid for with your nickle and mine, and disguised as an Independence Day celebration. Incredibly but truly, Trump has weaponized the 4th of July; for the sole purpose of swelling his own coffers and inflating his ego, which is much larger than his helium, be-diapered proxy — a contrasting prop as political theater of the absurd manifests in the streets of the nation’s capital.


    So, to get in the mood to look at incongruous and discordant images, all striking a wrong and sinister note, but nevertheless rolling down the streets of Washington D.C. as we speak, and burning money with each rotation of the wheels, join me in a little song. (gives pitch note on harmonica)

    These tanks are your tanks,


    These tanks are my tanks,


    Jong-Un inspired this


    To him we give thanks






    From Palin’s backyard


    To the Hawaiin eye eye eye lands,


    These tanks are made for you and me.




    Trump’s going to show us, 


    He’s got a big dick,


    He still can’t sleep nights,


    Since Stormy’s “mushroom tip”




    All of his BFs


    Especially Putin


    Will love and praise him


    It’s rootin, tootin,




    It’s all on TV


    with taxpayers money,


    so pass the popcorn,


    move over, honey,




    From Palin’s backyard


    to the Hawaiin eye eye eye lands,


    these tanks are made for you and me.


  3. also from above at politizoom:



    Trump’s ‘Salute To America’ Is Obscene Waste Of $2.5Mil In Parks Money, Betrayal Of All That 4th of July Stands For


  4. I want to know why SFB pulled the freaky white guy back from NH.  There should be a few leaks coming from the dedicated staffers soon.  Maybe SFB fired the freak and forgot to tweet it.

  5. wapo:

    The National Park Service is diverting nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees primarily intended to improve parks across the country to cover costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration Thursday on the Mall, according to two individuals familiar with the arrangement.


    Trump administration officials have consistently refused to say how much taxpayers will have to pay for the expanded celebration on the Mall this year, which the president has dubbed the “Salute to America.” The two individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, confirmed the transfer of the Park Service funds Tuesday.


    The diverted park fees represent just a fraction of the extra costs the government faces as a result of the event, which will include displays of military hardware, flyovers by an array of jets including Air Force One, the deployment of tanks on the Mall and an extended pyrotechnics show. By comparison, according to former Park Service deputy director Denis P. Galvin, the entire Fourth of July celebration on the Mall typically costs the agency about $2 million.

    For Trump’s planned speech at the Lincoln Memorial, the White House is distributing VIP tickets to Republican donors and political appointees, prompting objections from Democratic lawmakers who argue that the president has turned the annual celebration into a campaign-like event.


    The Republican National Committee and Trump’s reelection campaign confirmed Tuesday that they had received passes they were handing out for the event.

    “We’ve never seen anything like this,” Sen. Tom Udall (N.M.), the top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the interior, environment and related agencies, said in a phone interview. “No ticketed political event should be paid for with taxpayer dollars.”


    The White House referred questions about the celebration to the Interior Department, which declined to comment.


    By tapping entrance fees to cover the presidential event, Interior is siphoning money that is typically used to enhance the visitor experience either on the Mall or at smaller parks across the country, with projects ranging from road and bridge repair to habitat restoration. The transfer amounts to nearly 5 percent of the funds that less-profitable parks used last year for upgrades, according to budget documents.

    “This is a breach of trust with the public,” Theresa Pierno, president and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association, said in an email. “The public pays parks fees to fix national parks and for educational programs, not the president’s parade.”


    Udall said Interior Secretary David Bernhardt had yet to respond to a request he and two other Senate Democrats made two weeks ago for a full accounting of how the event would be conducted and what it would cost.


  6. excerpt from vanity fair’s the hiveTrump’s Dumb Military Parade May Damage the Lincoln Memorial, Collapse a Bridge


    Also: the fact that the aggro display demanded by the president may damage one of the most beloved monuments in Washington and cause a bridge to collapse, because the laws of physics are apparently trying to send a message about the dangers of having a narcissistic man-child in the White House.

    According to the Washington Post, engineers have been examining the Lincoln Memorial—where Veruca Salt wants to give a speech flanked by military tanks—to “determine if the weight of stationing armored vehicles there would affect the Lincoln Memorial’s underground rooms,” after National Park Service officials warned that such a deployment could damage the site. While the symbolism of the Lincoln Memorial literally collapsing under the weight of Trump’s asinine display would be poetic, we can probably all agree that it would be better if the monument remained intact. Similarly, it would nice if the event didn’t cause a bridge to collapse, which it could!


    In addition, per the New York Times, it’s not clear where the tanks will come from, as the closest Abrams tanks “appeared to be a 350-mile drive away at the 150th Cavalry Regiment, a unit of the West Virginia National Guard in Bluefield, W.Va.” But hey, like a spoiled teenager starring in the most f-cked-up episode of My Super Sweet 16 imaginable, what Donny wants, Donny gets!

  7. Craig, I was thinking the 25th, too. His would have been the enabling signature, sigh.

  8. Golly, Pat, that was gross. And I’m so naive. Until I googled “mushroom tip”, I thought the item in question referred to the referenced female’s point of keen sensitivity. Oy vey

  9. Vets are handing out John McCain T-shirts at Trump4th

    that should make him happy

  10. I hope more people are planning to say what they think of SFB tomorrow

    But I also hope no one but big dollar donors show up

    I wonder of Edna  NotRomney will be there to polish things on behalf of the RNC

    I wonder if George and Condom will be there together

  11. cbsnews:

    Before President Trump holds his Fourth of July “Salute to America” celebration on the National Mall — complete with tanks and military aircraft flying overhead — a veterans group will hand out thousands of T-shirts to the crowd featuring the USS John McCain. The ship shares a name with one of the president’s arch political rivals, the Vietnam War POW turned longtime Republican senator who died last year.


    VoteVets, a liberal advocacy group founded by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, said it plans to distribute the USS McCain shirts on the National Mall ahead of Mr. Trump’s holiday event. Before that, they will also give the shirts to members of Congress. The group said it has raised enough money to make 5,000 McCain shirts.

    “Today, we learned the news that Donald Trump is turning the national 4th of July celebration into a 2020 campaign event, complete with a ticketed VIP section for friends and supporters,” VoteVets said in an email Sunday. “That’s not what America is about.”

    Rags of Honor, a company that employs homeless veterans, is making the shirts.

    The shirts show the USS John McCain — a Navy destroyer named after McCain, his father and grandfather, who all served in the Navy — along with the words “Big Bad John.” In May, a brief controversy erupted when officers were told to keep the USS John McCain out of Mr. Trump’s sight during a Memorial Day visit to Japan because of the president’s disdain for the late Arizona senator.


  12. Do you think SFB even knows what the 4th signifies

    I wonder of Melania and Barron will be there or are they staying in the burbs for a real Americun holiday with the chain migration family

    I wonder if Mike Pence got called back because his wife found out he was traveling with women

  13. On Saturday a very nicely made set of Sons of the American Revolution apparel appeared unexpectedly in my mailbox. I have the T-shirt and cap on now; the sweat shirt will wait until after Labor Day. I’m directly descended from two New England settlers whose great-grandsons fought for our Independence. One was my Mothers’ GGGrandfather, the other my Father’s.

  14. I hope it rains McCain tee shirts.  no people. just shirts show up.

    those industrious votevets folk could put balloons inside them and float them in front of the speechifiers.


  15. Two Bradley Fighting Vehicles are parked nearby the Lincoln Memorial for President Donald Trump's 'Salute to America' event honoring service branches on Independence Day.

    Two Bradley Fighting Vehicles are parked nearby the Lincoln Memorial for President Donald Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ event honoring service branches on Independence Day. (Photo:


  16. This is going to be another alternative facts event.   The fewest people to ever attend will become the most.

  17. There should be similar tv coverage to every other year.  I believe that would be the fireworks only.

    And snippets of the fatass’s speech

  18. What to want…  what to want.  Hardly anyone showing up in DC tomorrow…  or hordes of people all holding signs protesting trump.  Either way…  win, win.

  19. So I just heard Kelly Ann say that tomorrow’s trumpfest isn’t going to be political and she was not going to allow the reporter she was talking to turn it into a political event.  Sooooo, she went on to talk about how it’s a celebration of our wonderful country, our freedoms, patriotism, our wonderful military – and here’s where she went off the rails – and this administration’s wonderful economy and jobs results.  Nooo, that’s not political, particularly not that last part.  Goddam idiot.

    Oh, and I wish them the weather we had here yesterday – HOT and HUMID until 3:00 p.m. then thunderstorms here and there from then until dark.

  20. I presume that fux will show the trump campaign event.

    thorkild vladimir trump road through every Middlesex village and town, tweeting, “The British Are Coming.”

    The murdochs’ ancestors, too, fought valiantly to brexit America from tory oppression.

    So, it’d be only perfect if the murdochs were to fete the trump campaign extravaganza.

  21. I’ll go for thunderstorms – lightening hovering above the mall – from 9 am to 10 pm – too late for even a minute of Eastern Time Zone news.

  22. I am envisioning SFB giving his speech and he is struck by lightning

    Can’t wait for the Pat Robertson explanation of that

  23. Can’t you just hear SFB    “I’ve made a America great again”  makes me want to throw up

  24. One good sign for the 2020 election is that in 2018 Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Maine all elected Democrats for governor, as did Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Illinois. Seven were Dem pickups.

  25. Flatus – I would get some DAR gear, but no need.  I can see for next year some T shirts with something like – “My great-great-great-great-great-great great-grandfather beat your great-great-great-great-great-great great-grandfather” with Old Glory and the Union Jack.

  26. While I can’t be sure – having not researched it beyond about 150 years back, I’d guess any of my family who came to the new world and may have been here during the revolution did so in the hold of a ship that landed on the shores of Georgia and that they weren’t fighting for any freedom other than their own. (One day I’ll do the research and see whether that’s the case.  Until then I kinda like the story).

  27. @MSNBC will not cover Trump portion live, just clips.  Speech can be avoided by not watching until after 7:00 pm East coast time.  Tune in for a Capitol Fourth and watch Boston fireworks on line.

    Catch up tomorrow if you must with the Trump “praise me’ rally .

    In the meantime, regular citizens cannot access Lincoln Memorial, The Wall or reflecting pool areas until July 5.  Nothing like ruining tourist vacations.

  28. Anyone who chooses to stand outside in this heat deserves every level of discomfort they must endure.

    Thus spake Sturgeothustra.

  29. SFB has just notified that it is going to fight to get the unconstitutional question of citizenship on the census.  Oh the stench coming from 1600 Pennsylvania.  You have to wonder if SFB wants the Bradley vehicles and the Abrams tanks weapon systems armed so he can kill people just to show he can do it and get away with it.


    There is no possible way to describe how horrible the creatures holding the White House captive are.  When will Speaker Pelosi give the go ahead to impeach the bastard?

  30. BB, the twit tweeted out an inane statement this morning,

    The News Reports about the Department of Commerce dropping its quest to put the Citizenship Question on the Census is incorrect or, to state it differently, FAKE! We are absolutely moving forward, as we must, because of the importance of the answer to this question.

    but literally 3 minutes ago the Gov’t had a deadline to report to Judge Furman (SDNY) and “and include “an account of what transpired during the conference before Judge Hazel and a statement of Defendants’ position and intentions.” Furman said that after reviewing what Justice Department lawyers file, he would decide whether further action was needed.”  (Wapo – 7/3/19 – 5:12 p.m.)  I expect that article to be updated in the next couple of hours.

    As to your last question – it can’t come soon enough.

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