Bumper Stickers For Todays Dems

Bumper Stickers for Today Dems (please rank your favorite, second favorite, and third favorite)
1. Lies, Spies & Shifty Guys
2. Russkies, Rapes, & Relatives
3. Confusion, Collusion, Delusion
4. Crooks, Spooks & Kooks
5. Saudis, Scams & Screwballs
6. Pollution, Perjury & Putin
7. Crooks, Cranks & Cruelty
8. Putin/Pence in 2020
9. Make America Glad Again (in Blue, natch)
10. Trouble, Treason & Trump


36 thoughts on “Bumper Stickers For Todays Dems”

  1. I’m going with number two since that best reflects what is happening at the G20.


  2. Mr Flatus, I’m leaning toward slightly toward Warren right now. I like her passion, but fear that she might seem like a scold. She, Klobuchar and Harris are all eminently qualified, as you put it. And, their values align with mine. To “balance” the ticket, a Harris candidacy would best pick a running mate who projects masculine*, white, and either from a big purple-ish Midwestern or Southeastern state. A “balanced” Klobuchar or Warren ticket could be a guy from anywhere, preferably a big purple-ish state.

    *Plaid shirt w/rolled up sleeves, blue jeans, cowboy boots. String tie and western tan sports jacket optional.

  3. Ms Pat,

    Consider it added.

    Maybe I should add, # 12 Don’t Vote For The Rapist

  4. those bumper stickers reminded me that it’s time again to pull out my tee shirt that declares “DITCH MITCH”.

    glad I kept it around

  5. Bill reacts to the first round of Democratic primary debates in his Real Time monologue.

  6. It goes like a song indeed…….



    simple “dum-chenk” rhythmn 4/4




  7. sturge, I heard x-r’s list substituting the verse (not chorus of course) in lennon’s


    at least the drum beat seems to fit when reading the list

  8. Can’t hear this song anymore without thinking of  Colorado Bob since he created the Bear-A-Tones for the annual Dona Nobis Pacem


  9. flatus, maybe bullock would also qualify for x-r’s alternate slot.   bet the montana gov rolls his sleeves up and wears cowboy boots now and then.

    from des moines register:  

    Presidential candidate Steve Bullock was in an Iowa TV studio Wednesday, fielding questions from voters instead of debating his Democratic rivals on a Miami stage.

    “Instead of trying to get three minutes, I’m actually going to talk for 40 minutes with the first voters who will actually decide this,” 222 days from now, said the Montana governor, who was locked out of the first Democratic presidential debate for 20 candidates.


  10. I really like #3.

    If I had to pick a white guy to be VP…  I like Tim Ryan of Ohio and Michael Bennett of Colorado.

  11. x-r, how white does the guy on your alternate ticket have to be?   consider this from a 2012 story on cory in the root:

    Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker, with his fair skin and blue eyes, had long wondered about his heritage. He learned the truth when he appeared on an episode of the new PBS series Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    In Booker’s episode Gates, The Root’s editor-in-chief, talks him through the findings of his genealogy test. His lineage was traced back to his maternal great-grandfather, who had long been a mysterious figure in the Booker family.

    “I found so many histories about my family that I didn’t know. It really was an incredible gift,” Booker told The Root at the screening.

    In 2002 the Booker family found a handwritten memoir from the mayor’s maternal grandfather, Limuary Jordan. In it, Jordan wrote about visiting a doctor with his mother as a young boy. As they left, Jordan’s mother revealed that the doctor was actually his father. He was white.

    Gates did some digging and uncovered the truth, which he revealed to Booker and his family. “It’s just amazing to see the mix that goes on to make me who I am,” Booker said. His varied ancestry includes slaves, slave owners, Native Americans and Confederate soldiers, and he finds his unique background astonishing, calling the complexity of his heritage a “wonderful reality.”  “We’re more intertwined than we think,” he said.


  12. x-r,  you said

    To “balance” the ticket, a Harris candidacy would best pick a running mate who projects masculine*, white, and either from a big purple-ish Midwestern or Southeastern state. A “balanced” Klobuchar or Warren ticket could be a guy from anywhere, preferably a big purple-ish state.


    *Plaid shirt w/rolled up sleeves, blue jeans, cowboy boots. String tie and western tan sports jacket optional.

    cory would look great in jeans and boots plus jersey sorta looks purple if you squint a bit and one remembers chris christie


  13. from wonkette :

    Former Arizona Senator and Marlboro Man Jeff Flake emerged from retirement to denounce a president who has flagrantly defied the all norms and traditions Americans hold dear. That president is not Donald Trump, who was recently accused of rapeagain. No, Flake is upset somehow with Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer and humanitarian.

    Carter was speaking yesterday at a human rights conference in Virginia when he remarked that Trump was “put into office because the Russians interfered.” He believes a full investigation will show that Trump didn’t actually win in 2016. This presidential trash talk, based on facts, horrified Flake.

    [read flake tweet here]

    Trump is a credibly accused rapist, so we’re fine with people saying “awful things” about him. The president isn’t even a rapist whose election was on the up and up. There’s compelling evidence his campaign cheated to win or at best passively and eagerly accepted help from a hostile foreign power. That does not spell legitimate or even “relief” to us.

    This is why a malignant narcissist like Trump became president in the first place. It guaranteed him a lifetime of respect and deference he never earned. He didn’t just steal the presidency. He stole a peerage. Flake thinks it’s more appropriate for Carter to argue against Trump’s re-election. Carter’s almost 95 years old. He doesn’t have time to create Power Point presentations explaining to people why rapists are not presidential material. Besides, Carter lost re-election himself. All he did was confess to lusting in his heart (also gas was too damn high). Trump’s punishment should be more severe. When Anne Boleyn was railroaded, her daughter, Elizabeth, was removed from the line of succession. This what should happen to Trump. He should leave office a disowned bastard who wonders why no one calls him “princess” anymore.

    [read ted lieu tweet response here]

    Look, we once thought simply defeating Trump in 2020 was the best chance to disinfect the White House because Republicans like Flake would never lift a finger to help impeach or remove Trump. But Flake’s pathetic rehab efforts on Trump’s behalf have us questioning our whole theory. He wants to grant Trump’s presidency “legitimacy” it doesn’t have in the worn-out name of civility. That doesn’t just insult our intelligence. It actively encourages further attacks on our elections. Trump’s already said he’s up for another hit. Why not? It was the perfect crime. This is literally how the perfect crime plays out. Some B players got fucked, but Trump is fine. He’s not sitting alone somewhere, tortured by his memories and the reality of the monster he’s become. That’s for suckers with souls.

    Flake double-downed on his defense of Trump with a sick heaping of “both sides.”

    [read more of flake tweet here]

    Well, that’s just dandy: Flake equates a racist conspiracy theory against the first black president with the correct observation that Trump’s presidency is tainted. If necessary, Robert Mueller would’ve conclusively proven that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, which is in fact the United States despite all the brown people there. It would’ve taken a couple phone calls. Mueller’sless confident about Trump’s lack of criminal behavior. A president who possibly obstructed justice and raped women (yeah, we’re gonna keep mentioning this) is not in any way “legitimate.”

    Flake gave a lot of self-serving speeches on the Senate floor about how mean Trump was, but he still supported Don Trump whenever it mattered. This includes voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Flake boasted in 2016 about how he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Backing the non-rapist birther in the race was literally the least he could’ve done to oppose Trump. The Dickensian-named Flake has no credibility.

    Trump didn’t really need Flake’s help defending his lack of honor. He insulted Carter in Japan this morning. Although the former president is quite old, he is still alive, which we guess makes him fairer game than Trump’s other arch-nemesis, the ghost of John McCain. 


  14. Celebrate The Baby Shortage  Podcast

    The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported in May, 2019 that U.S. birthrates dropped 2% over last year, hitting a 32-year low. NPR and other news outlets have characterized this as a “slump” that will be bad news for our economy. We beg to differ. On an overpopulated planet, fewer births are a ticket on the expressway to sustainability.



  15. A recurring theme in many of these western movies is where a fancy dressing swift talking riff-raff and his band of hooligans take over a town, robbing trains, stages, banks, whatever, and it takes a good man with a gun to come in and clean it up cause they’d done killed the sheriff, making it a place where decent god-fearing folks can do business and prosper.

  16. Mr Sturgeone,

    Thanks for the advice on putting the words to music, but I haven’t clue about that. It’s just one of many topics about which I am utterly clueless – like astronomy. Otherwise I’d be as famous as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and as rich as Barry Manilow. Or, vice versa.


  17. Ms Pat,

    Flake Fake.

    Btw, howzabout : FLAKE NEWS to denote any ripper/russian agitprop ? So, bratbiter, tass, drudge, fox, WaTi, stormcrow, gateway pundit, WaEx, pravda, sinclair, outrage inc, zero hedge, rt, NYpo, the sun, the daily coughlin, clear channel, etc, etc, etc.


  18. Last night James Garner was playing Randolf Scott’s sidekick, kind of a Jethro character but without the ignorance.

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