Vuvuzela Blowout

New York Times:

It was the first time a team had scored 13 goals in a World Cup game — men’s or women’s — and the margin of victory was the largest for a match in either tournament.

Washington Post:

— the most lopsided victory in World Cup history for men or women.
Nine is the largest margin in men’s competition, recorded three times.


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  1. Alex Morgan speaks to TIME’s Sean Gregory about the team’s chances in the upcoming 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and their fight to get equal pay.

  2. ny times magazine: The Best Women’s Soccer Team in the World Fights for Equal Pay


    The United States women’s national team is the best in the world and has been for decades. Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup was inaugurated in 1991, the United States has won three of the seven titles, including the most recent one in 2015. Since women’s soccer became an Olympic sport in 1996, it has won four of six gold medals. The team has been ranked No.1 by FIFA for 10 of the last 11 years…


    Members of the U.S.W.N.T. have been pursuing fair compensation for years, with only marginal improvement: The lawsuit asserts, for example, that from 2013 to 2016, if a male and a female national team player each played 20 exhibition games in a year, members of the men’s squad would have earned an average of $263,320, while members of the women’s squad would have earned a maximum of $99,000. The suit also claims that “during the period relevant to this case,” the women’s team earned more for U.S. Soccer than the men’s team did. It cites numbers from the 2016 fiscal year that indicate that the federation had expected a combined net loss for the national teams of $429,929, but that largely because of the women’s team’s successes it revised its projections to a $17.7 million profit.

    In a response filed on May 7, U.S. Soccer denies many of the specifics provided in the lawsuit, including those mentioned above, but it doesn’t dispute that the men’s and women’s players are not paid equally. Instead, it asserts that those inequities are a result of “different pay structures for performing different work.” It characterizes as “misleading and inaccurate” the claims that the women’s team generates more revenue than the men’s, while also framing the women’s and men’s teams as so different from each other that they can’t legitimately be compared at all. This is true in at least one sense: The women are way, way better. The men’s national team lost in the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup and didn’t even qualify for the 2018 World Cup. American men haven’t won an Olympic medal in more than a century. Partly as a consequence of their superior results, from 2015 to 2018, the women’s team played 19 more matches than the men. In other words, the women aren’t working as hard as their male counterparts for less money; they’re working harder for less money. For the record, the men’s team’s players association released a statement of full-throated support for their women’s team compatriots and the mutual goal of equal pay.
    …by the players’ calculations they are making as little as 38 cents to their male counterparts’ dollar…

  3. ny times Best of Late Night

    Trump and Joe Biden were both campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday, which Colbert said was “either because it’s the first primary state or because Kevin Costner needed more old guys to walk out of the cornfield.”

    “Usually when two guys over 70 go on the same trip, it’s a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.” — JIMMY FALLON

    “I don’t know, seeing Joe just isn’t the same without Obama there. It’s like going to a concert to see Oates.” — SETH MEYERS

    An early transcript of Biden’s speech had the former vice president scolding Trump for making his presidency all about himself.

    “Biden’s right: It’s not about Donald, which is why Biden in his speech talked about Trump only 76 times. The only person talking about Donald Trump more than Joe Biden is Donald Trump — and me.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “President Trump’s campaign strategy is to paint Joe Biden as feeble. That’s what they’re gonna try and do. And Biden’s strategy is to try and portray President Trump as President Trump. So, parallel strategy.” — CONAN O’BRIEN

    “President Trump today attacked former Vice President Joe Biden, saying, ‘I like running against people who are weak mentally.’ ‘It’s harder than you think,’ said Hillary.” — SETH MEYERS

    “Biden’s the dummy? May I point out, only one of you is sitting on Putin’s lap with his hand up your butt.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

  4. I’m a women’s basketball fan at U of South Carolina. I bristle when I hear someone refer to the players as girls or ladies. I call them WOMEN. I would tolerate our Combatants or the USC Amazons. But Ladies or Girls, never!

  5. The women’s team has been remarkable and consistently so. That USSA has paid them so little is disgraceful. I wonder whether it extends to the coaching staff. I guess it does. Sad.
    XR,  I don’t see Maher censoring anyone – well, maybe that Milos guy. I see him trying to get those holding more extreme positions to stop pillorying those in their own party who lack their liberal purity instead of calling the repugs whose views are abhorrent to task. 

  6. Maher is a wwell paid contrarian and political correctness is an ugabooga that means nothing
    a vague attack on people because you can  
    Maher and others who support him are just pick pick pick on nothing because they are too lazy to go after the real problems
    Biden ‘s position now changed is that it is alright to have an abortion if you are rich but not if you are poor
    not too mention his statement that women do not have the right to control their own bodies
    he is a loser his numbers are already dropping
    people do not want someone from the 50’s
    in many ways he is like fatass the golfing president

  7. Chris Froome has crashed out of the Dauphine during a morning training run prior to today’s time trial. He broke his leg and won’t ride the Tour de France. Bummer.
    As they say, one person’s misfortune is another’s opportunity. I would have said the field was wide open this year with or without Froome. He would likely have had the legs and fitness to contend for his 5th Tour win, since his 2019 season had previously focused on France. But age and the presence of G Thomas creates questions as to which rider Ineos would support, since Thomas is the defending champion. Froome’s absence now creates a bit of a free for all and many teams will have their sights set on breaking up the Team Ineos (previously Sky) choke hold on the race.
    Thomas, Dumoulin, D Martin, Pinot, Barguil, Nibali, Porte, Yates, Qintana. Lots of excitement to look forward to next month for cycling fans.

  8. I thought they were supposed call really lopsided games –this can’t be doing much for the morale of the Thai team

  9. I haven’t heard Maher say much about the Mueller Report….I guess making ridiculous statements about “political correctness” is better cheaper and easier.   Maher doesn’t like women much so I don’t expect much from him.  He has a long history of macho behavior with women

  10. I give. I’ll shut up. I don’t share your opinion and would rather sit and watch the river flow – which I’m doing at present – than argue about it. And I’m not going to start picking at candidates who I don’t support but may next year. It’s counterproductive and just feeds the repug monster. 

  11. We don’t have to feed the  Goopers — we have people like Maher attacking Dems for no reason other that he can 
    The midterms indicated people do not want the same old thing

  12. kgc, from business insider:

    Alex Morgan comforted a crying Thai player after Team USA’s 13-0 smackdown of Thailand in its first match of the World Cup


    …showed some good sportsmanship when she comforted an upset player on the Thailand team.

    As the two sides shook hands after the match, Morgan was seen hugging Thailand’s Miranda Nild, appearing to offer some words of encouragement as Nild got choked up.

    [continues with video]

  13. The Condom remains a butt kissing liar

    I wonder how much and how the Mercers are still paying her

  14. pftt
    Biden has to run on his record no matter what he and his pals think
    This is just a bunch of bullshit to give him some kind of path to the nomination
    Just say no to Joe
    I see we can talk about Amy’s bad temper but not Joe Biden’s bad record

    Sherrod Brown should have stayed in the race

  15. AP via msn:

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Chinese woman charged with illegally entering President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort will be allowed to act as her own attorney, a judge ruled Tuesday after strenuously trying to talk her out of it as she struggled with legal concepts and spoken English.

    U.S. District Judge Roy Altman found Yujing Zhang to be competent and intelligent, granting her request to fire her public defenders and be her own lawyer, as is her legal right. But he also ordered her attorneys to remain on standby, sit in the gallery at all hearings, assist if she requests help and resume their roles if she finds the task too difficult and changes her mind.

    Zhang, a 33-year-old Shanghai business consultant, has pleaded not guilty to charges of trespassing March 30 at Mar-a-Lago and lying to Secret Service agents when they confronted her. They say she was carrying a computer, cellphones and other electronics and had additional gear and significant cash in her hotel room, but she has not been charged with espionage. Zhang faces up to six years in prison and $250,000 in fines if convicted. She is being held without bond.

    “I think she is making a very bad decision, but I also think the decision is her own decision,” Altman said.

    The judge did his best during the hourlong hearing to dissuade Zhang, but she said she had studied Chinese law for a few months several years ago and has done some reading on American law since her arrest. U.S. attorneys typically attend law school for three years and must pass a bar exam. They usually then work with experienced lawyers before trying cases on their own.

    Zhang, dressed in a gray jail jumpsuit with her arms and legs shackled, also insisted that the hearing be conducted without a Mandarin translator, but she struggled at times with the English language, such as when she failed to recognize that “counselor” is a synonym for lawyer. Still, she repeatedly told Altman she understood him. For his part, Altman repeated himself when it seemed he had doubts.

    Altman covered step-by-step how a trial would be conducted: with jury selection, opening statements and closing arguments; witnesses questioned and cross-examined; and evidence presented. He showed her the 3-inch-thick (8-centimeter-thick) books governing jury instructions and sentencing.

    He warned there are complicated rules governing each area. She would have to follow them, Altman told her, and it would be up to her to object when prosecutors didn’t. He said he would not be able to help her.

    “I can work it out,” she replied.

    He seemed to surprise her when he told her that prosecutors would give her all the evidence they expected to use to prove her guilt, along with any evidence they have that might show her innocence.

    “The government will provide me both the good things and the bad things?” she asked.

    “Isn’t it an amazing system?” he replied. “That’s their obligation under the law.”

    Giving Zhang one last chance to change her mind, Altman pointed out that her public defenders, Kristy Militello and Robert Adler, are good attorneys and had already done some excellent work on her behalf. And they are free, he said.

    “You will sit by yourself,” he told her. She stood firm.

    When Altman demoted Militello and Adler to standby status, they moved into the gallery, two rows behind Zhang.

    Altman ordered them to provide Zhang with law books. He told Zhang to study the books and to read and examine the evidence.

    As the hearing ended, the judge set a trial date of Aug. 19, telling Zhang she had two months to prepare. She asked if that date could be changed. Altman said maybe; did she need more time than that?

    Zhang said no; she might actually want the trial to start next month.

    Altman said to let him know.

  16. I think Sherrod Brown is the real deal on employment issues that Biden is only a pretender on

  17. Pat, nope. Paris is tomorrow. It’s the Reuss River in Lucerne. Stunning city, beautiful area. 

  18. You want to watch the river flow around here you gotta take a little trip and pack a little lunch.

  19. I won’t pick at any Dem candidate either, Mr Pogo.
    The lesser of 2 evils has become manchin in preference to trumputin.

  20. where is Paul Ryan  I’d like to hear what he has to say for himself now

  21. travis – I saw a tweet stating he crashed and then another saying a possible fracture.  But was busy the rest of the day. Sigh.  Froome is not destined to do The Tour.  I wish him a good recovery.

  22. Britain’s four-time champion Chris Froome suffered a fractured right femur, a fractured elbow and fractured ribs in a high-speed crash that has ruled him out of the Tour de France.

  23. Well…  I watch Maher and will continue to do so…  he seemed depressed for awhile when trump got “selected”…  but now he’s funny again.  
    and oh yeah…  I agree with him about the Dems eating their own because of stupid purity tests…

  24. We aren’t talking about purity tests we are discussing issues.  I would like someone who is a leader on women’s health issues not someone who has to have his mind changed.

  25. The last thing i want is a totalitarian party with candidates selected by palace guards or palace eunuchs. 

  26. Just sayin’ some people’s positions are blowing in the wind.    He should be a proud anti abortion Democrat — there are a few others

  27. I think a Warren/Castro ticket could lead Dems to 60 or more senate seats.
    So could a Harris/Franken ticket.

  28. XR

    Harris/Castro looks good.  I would like that one or Harris/Klobuchar.  Harris/Frankin would be fun, but the noise would be terrific. 

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