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  1. I, the News Matrix, (Reportedly Britain’s most trusted digital news source) reports  that up to 250k protesters expected at ant-Trump rally in London. Hahahaha. Welcome to London. 

  2. ABC news:  ‘Trump baby’ blimp takes to the sky as mass protests of US president begin in London

    The infamous “Trump Baby” blimp was seen flying across London on Tuesday as protesters turned out in the thousands during the U.S. president’s state visit.

    Thousands were scheduled to attend the protest on Tuesday, beginning in London’s historic Trafalgar Square at 11 a.m. local time. More than 9,000 people registered to attend the protest on its Facebook page, with another 33,000 posting they were interested in attending “Together Against Trump — stop the state visit.”

    PHOTO: Anti-Trump demonstrators inflate a giant balloon depicting US President Donald Trump as an orange baby in Parliament Square in London on June 4, 2019.


    A spokesperson from “Together Against Trump” told ABC News that the group expects protests to take place throughout the country, but that the event in Trafalgar Square is the main event.


    A number of Facebook groups, including the “Stop Trump Coalition” and “Stand up to Trump,” have organized protests against his state visit so that the “world will know that people here reject him and his toxic politics.”


    “On 4 June thousands of protesters will be marching to surround Trump as he joins Theresa May on a visit most believe should never have happened,” a spokesperson for “Stand up to Trump” told ABC News. “We will be bringing central London to a standstill. By the time he leaves he will know, and the world will know, that people here reject him and his toxic politics.”



  3. The Brits are on it.   I think we should do more too.   I like the idea of surrounding the whitehouse with as many people as possible  all yelling resign now!

  4. wapo:

    One beast under another triggered a diplomatic incident in London.


    Larry the Downing Street cat, perhaps the most famous executive feline since Socks, took shelter from the rain under President Trump’s armored limousine nicknamed “the Beast” — and refused to move, NBC reporter Bill Neely said Tuesday on Twitter.


    It wasn’t immediately clear whether Larry’s presence halted Trump’s movement during his tenuous three-day visit to the United Kingdom. Earlier, the cat appeared in a photo of Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May in front of 10 Downing Street.

    This is not Larry’s first rodeo. He has been a fixture around No. 10 since 2011, when he was brought in to hunt rats after one scurried outside during a live BBC broadcast, The Washington Post’s Karla Adam reported.


    But those duties were short lived. Larry’s duties as “chief mouser” ended when he was sacked in 2016 for subpar performance.

    Yet Larry’s influence looms large on social media, and he temporarily stole the spotlight from Trump’s visit, which has included protests using the diaper-clad “baby Trump” inflatable balloon.


    “BREAKING: anti-Trump demonstrators fail to stop ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ motorcade, but ⁦@Number10cat⁩ does,” the BBC’s Jon Sopel wrote.


  5. Larry sits at the door of 10 Downing Street during the second day of President Trump’s state visit to England. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

  6. yep, bone spurs can really get a guy out of hard duty… the older they are the worse they are.

  7. Larry knows a rat* when he sees one.
    *I guess I owe an apology to Europe’s rats.

  8. manafort is in the Rikers Island facility. Dersh thinks it’s horrid. 
    ripuplikkklans suddenly favor mollycoddling prisoners. I wonder why.

  9. The way I remember it, prisoners are transferred for one of several reasons :
    1. the prisoner makes enemies of other prisoners;
    2. the prisoner makes friends of other prisoners;
    3. the prisoner makes enemies among staff;
    4. change in health;
    5. to be more convenient for family visits.

  10. or closer to people he is squealing too
    I guess the pardon didn’t come fast enough

  11. Rikers!   The very name strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of otherwise stalwart men.

  12. I’m currently researching the western movies and tv shows of the 40’s 50’s and early 60’s. Surprisingly few John wayne’s, relatively speaking……we got Rock Hudson up against Oceola down in Florida when they tried to make the Seminoles take part in the trail of tears….that was notable. Lots of Audie Murphy, sprinkling of Richard Boone, Newman, Eastwood, McQueen, bunches of stock bad guys, back shootin’, gamblin’, Dance Hall girls, piano playin’, whiskey guzzling, Ex-Union, ex-Confederates, hearts of gold, damsels in distress, and lots and lots of Indians, and even a few ex-slaves. 
    Laramie, Wyatt Earp. I’ve got to listen again but I’m I think the Earp show didn’t have musicians, just a bunch of guys singing acapulco, and once picked up a dude doing mouth trumpet.  That was weird. 

  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I6tF6AT5ZSA
    Railroad building, wagon trains, buffler, Mexicans, the ubiquitous Saloon, and I’ve seen three different movies where the protagonist is walking along horseless and carrying his saddle out in the middle of nowhere, comes across a wild herd of mustangs, picks up his trusty lariat, picks one horse out from amongst em, ropes him, saddles him, climbs aboard and gets bucked around till old cayoose gets tired, and then off they go into the sunrise.

  14. I remember the first of your movies. The eviction ended when the bad-guys looked down and saw all the rattle snakes. John Wayne wasn’t that old and served during the War; he deserved his rest. My favorite was Charles Laughton.

  15. We drove through the Everglades in ’47. The poverty was all-encompassing and palpable. The trails that paralleled the swamp were covered with rattlers warming themselves in the sun; moccasins were swirling along the surface of the swamp water in their search for food. My recollection of the shelters constructed by the Seminole inhabitants still haunts me; I don’t believe the inhabitants could/would be protected from a wind-driven rain. I saw no signs of commerce. I did see my first meadow-lark in the outskirts of the ‘glades.

  16. Don’t know why Ringling Bros had their winter camp in Sarasota, what with the serpents swallowing all their elephants, and trains and such. 
    Those were great days to be a snake.
    I spent a couple million years in the Miami Airport one night around 1960.  They mostly kept the gators and rattlers outa the terminal, so guess I shouldn’t complain.

  17. They never showed that or the poverty in those ’40s and ’50s movies. It took Sergio Leone to bring realism to the Westerns, and his experience of the West was Monte Carlo. 

  18. Jefferson Davis birthday

    “Where Was the Lord?” 

    “Course they cry; you think they not cry when they was sold like cattle? I could tell you about it all day, but even then you couldn’t guess the awfulness of it.”

  19. Sturgeone

    It always interests me that Wyatt Earp lived long enough to appear in movies and after his death, his wife maintained friendly relations with several of their studio friends.  One of my minor claims to fame is that I kissed Hugh O’Brian when he was playing Wyatt. 

    Kissing History 

    And then I wrote another one about his wife Josie Marcus



  20. Amsterdam-I’d go back. Very civilized city. Canals, open MJ use (legally sold in Coffee Houses) and bicycles, bicycles, bicycles  – and it’s what 90% of the non-walking public gets around on. If you cross a street without looking you’ve gat a 3% chance of being hit by a car, a 10% chance of being hit by a trolley & a 97% chance of being hit by a bicycle. Yep, I could spend some time there. 

  21. Here is a thriller.  My truck, 2004 F-240 4X4, had the front brake lines, those are the steel tubes, rupture when I had an emergency stop.  It used to be the steel brake lines in a car or truck lasted forever.  Strong, reliable and used more than once.  Sometimes you would need a new line if you broke one in an accident or trying to twist it off a frozen brake caliper or cylinder and you went to the junk yard to get a replacement.  Which lasted longer than your car or truck. 
    Now the steel things are expected to break or rupture.  The question is how many people have died because the steel brake lines failed and they were in an accident. 

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