Bill Nye: “Grow the f*** up!”

The Guardian:
Bill Nye is done messing around. Look out, because while you might not typically associate angry talk with the normally-mild-mannered “Science Guy” Nye, when it comes to the threat of global climate change, he has – understandably, perhaps – lost his patience. And how.
The beloved science educator and television personality, best known for his children’s program Bill Nye the Science Guy, appeared on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Sunday in a segment on the plan to fight climate change, and started throwing the eff-word about – a lot. [continues]

With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.


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  1. in case you didn’t watch the video, here’s the rest of the story:

    The non-binding resolution, as Oliver pointed out in the segment, has been especially polarizing, and is regularly ridiculed in bad faith by Republicans, despite the enormity of the climate-based issues it merely suggests might be a good idea to address, such as carbon-pricing.


    In a short bit, Nye appears to explain why that concept might help.


    “When something costs more, people buy less of it,” Nye says in a makeshift science lab, cutting to the chase. He goes on to explain why burning less fuel in our cars or burning less coal might help prevent fires, floods, and crop failures. And then he says, because Oliver is a “forty-two year old man who needs his attention sustained with tricks, here’s some fucking Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke”, an experiment with mints and soda that appears to delight the host.

    After explaining the idea being carbon taxes, and the difficulty politicians have getting people to accept the idea of a new tax, Nye returns for another experiment to cut through all the talk.


    “By the end of this century, if emissions keep rising, the average temperature on Earth could go up another four to eight degrees,” Nye says, losing his patience. “What I’m saying is the planet is on fucking fire,” he says while taking a torch to a globe.


    “There are a lot of things we could do to put it out. Are any of them free? No, of course not. Nothing’s free, you idiots. Grow the fuck up. You’re not children anymore. I didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12. But you’re adults now, and this is an actual crisis, got it? Safety glasses off, motherfuckers.”

  2. Of course Bill Nye was after my time, but dayum, he talks like I do. Grow the fuck up indeed.

  3. even tho’ oliver begged us NOT to, the one fact i remembered from that video was “cows don’t fart, they actually belch”

    sorry, john.

  4. by George, from newsweek:

    President Donald Trump’s Sunday morning Twitter complaint about U.S. intelligence agencies and the Russia investigation prompted a nearly 400-word harangue from attorney-turned full time Trump critic George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

    Conway, who has been known to publicly question the president’s mental health, did so again, at length, Sunday.

    “But because you are a malignant narcissist—a person with both narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders—you couldn’t view it that way. Instead of complying with your oath of office, and instead of taking stock of what was in the best interests of the nation whose Constitution and laws you swore to uphold, you viewed the matter purely in terms of your own ego…” he added.

    Conway then countered Trump’s claim of winning the “most hard fought and consequential election” by pointing out that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had a total of 3 million more votes than Trump in 2016.

    He also went on to hit Trump for undermining U.S. intelligence agencies and floating conspiracy theories simply to defend himself from the Russia investigation.

    “Even today, despite the well-founded assessments of the intelligence community, and despite the damning evidence laid out in the Mueller report, you refuse to take what the Russians did seriously. Instead, you continue to lie, calling the investigation a ‘hoax’ and an ‘attempted coup,'” Conway continued.

    “[Y]ou didn’t even mention Russia’s conduct in your recent 90-minute conversation with Putin, the man who seeks to undermine our institutions,” he wrote. “Put simply, you put your own perceptions of your self-interest above the national interest, which you seem unable to comprehend or respect. That is your greatest offense against the country…”

  5. Never stand behind a horse. This advice is not about getting kicked. Horses fart.

  6. Whenever I’m with city folks, driving around in dairy country, I tell ’em that I can talk to cows. If I get a suitable response, I stop the car, get out. and stand by the fence. I moo a couple of times. In a short time a small herd will assemble to stare at me as if something’s going on. The folks in the car will be awed.

    What some folks will do just to get a little respect from other folks . . . .         sigh

  7. I’ve also put on shows by calling Barred Owls and 13 Lined Ground Squirrels (aka the Minnesota Gopher) – 2 other critters who are usually eager to come and chat.

    Some vermin are like people, having more curiosity than wisdom. If wolves and coyotes would only learn to talk to 13 Lined Ground Squirrels, they wouldn’t have to work so hard for a living. Ground Squirrel nosiness would do all the work for them.

  8. Good for Bill Nye…  too bad he had to get out of character to “hopefully” wake a few morons up.

  9. So sorry to hear about Tim Conway passing away.  He made me laugh often.

    Almost 4 hours in the car today listening to MSNBC and its coverage of SFB’s latest attempts to spin his stupid decisions as smart.  Nye is right – grow the fuck up.  He sounds like a 6th grader trying to do an oral book report on a book he didn’t read.  Jesus H. Christ – and the fact that his followers hear and believe his vacuous bullshit is a testament to their gullibility.

  10. john kenney in the New Yorker: The Kentucky Derby, as Told by the Horses

    Maximum Security: At first, I wasn’t sure where we were going. I remember being in a small, like, shed, with gates. But the gates were locked. I remember a very loud bell and the gates opened really fast and everyone was running. So I ran. I assumed it was a fire alarm. Also, there was a small man clinging to my back. I don’t know why.

    Country House: When the bell rang, I wet myself. It was so loud. The gates flew open and I screamed. Everyone was running like mad. On my back was a tiny man dressed like a bumblebee. He had a stick and he was hitting my ass. Which was weird.

    War of Will: There was a party. It was crowded. It was very hard to meet anyone, since we were all in little rooms and then we were running, like, crazy fast. I don’t know why we were running or whose idea it was to run, especially so fast. I also didn’t know where we were going. Also, my name is Greg, not War of Will. I don’t know what that even means or why people call me that.

    Code of Honor: At first, it seemed like we were running somewhere. It was straight for a while, and then we turned. And I kind of expected there to be something there. Like a barn. Or a pond. Or a Roy Rogers. But it just kind of kept going exactly the same. And then there was another turn. Same thing. At first, I thought it was kind of funny. By the second turn, though, I was, like, This is ridiculous. I kept thinking of that Steve Winwood song “Can’t Find My Way Home.” The live version, with Clapton, at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, 2007.

    Gray Magician: I had no idea what was going on. I just remember a lot of women in ridiculous hats.

    Country House: There was a horse that was in front. He looked really familiar. I think his name is Duane. But I wasn’t sure. They were calling him Maximum Security. I guess he works in security. But I was trying to catch him, because I think he knows my friend Bob. I’m, like, “Hey! Hey! Do you know Bob?” But he didn’t slow down. He seemed super eager to be in the lead. To this day, I don’t know if he knows my friend Bob. His loss, because Bob is hilarious.

    Gray Magician: I was looking around trying to figure out where we were going. I assumed it was a surprise party. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe because of the hats.

    Long Range Toddy: The irony for me is that I don’t love running. I think walking at a brisk pace can give you the same kind of cardio with much less stress on your body.

    Country House: It was very crowded and muddy, and I’m thinking, If we have to run around this circle again, I’m going to slap myself.

    War of Will: You know how when you’re running for a while your mind wanders? Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but I had just heard this joke the day before, and I decide to tell it to this one horse in front of me, the one leading everyone. I say, “Hey! Hey!” And he says, “What?” But, like, kind of annoyed. And I go, “Why the long face?” Now, I think it’s hilarious, but he says, “Seriously?” And that’s when he put his butt in my face.

    Maximum Security: I may have put my butt in his face. But it wasn’t intentional. I was trying to get away from him, like at a party when you’re, like, “Oh, I see someone I know.”

    Country House: When I heard him say, “Why the long face?,” I thought, He can’t have just said that. But I looked at him and he’s, like, “What?” And I said, “You know that’s the oldest joke in the world, right?” And I honestly think he had no idea.

    War of Will: That’s what made me laugh. And then I stumbled, because it was so funny. I was hoping the little sadist on my back would fall. Unfortunately, he didn’t. And then everyone slowed down. I assumed it had something to do with my joke, and I felt really bad. I’m on the insecure side, and I have a hard time meeting new people—and all of a sudden they’re running away from me.

    Long Range Toddy: I was incredibly tired. And really dirty. Everyone was around Duane. I don’t know why. And then I just felt sad, like, what’s the point of it all? Like, why are we here? Why run around and around in circles? And all the hats. I just wanted to go home.

    Country House: Then some people came over and put, like, a huge bush on me, with flowers, and they were smiling, like, “Isn’t this great?” It was incredibly strange.

    War of Will: I was thinking of telling the joke again but had second thoughts. I’m really glad I didn’t.

    Gray Magician: Would I do it again? I’d walk it, if that were an option. I don’t know why they were in such a rush. But, then, I finished last. And I’m O.K. with that. ♦

  11. I seldom come across pigs in a field anymore but when it used to be a more common occurrence it was great sport to stop, go to the fence, and holler “Soooooie” at them. They could see it was we at the fence who were calling, but no matter, the young ones would take off like little fat bullets for the barn. The sows would know better but they would have to trot on off after the kids.  The old boars would look at us, look at them, look at us and grunt, look at them and call, look at us, look at them, and finally would turn and follow the fam to what would be an empty trough.    I’m sure the old boars did a bit of ass-chewing and knocking around.

    Pigs are smart.

  12. Happy to see that Judge Mehta isn’t as stupid as SFB’s lawyers think he is.  Just got a push notification from WaPo that SFB Jr. has agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee again.  First two cracks in the SFB egg.

  13. Harbor Woman and I went to Emerald Downs on Saturday.  One race, the horse dumped his jockey out of the gate and then got in front of all the horses all the way to the finish line.  Of course the win didn’t count, but it was hilarious because he kept going back and forth as if to rub it in the face of all the other horses.


  14. I’m glad we finally got the real story, and from the horses’ mouths.

  15. If the trumpchens keep filing frivolous lawsuits, I think the House should counter-sue, asking the court to charge the trumpchen lawyers for all the costs of litigation, for both sides and the court, too. It’d be sorta like a little slap suit kinda thing. It’d just be to make the opposition wary of doing the same nonsense over again. Big Bidness lawyers would recognize this kind of suit right away. They love ’em.

  16. I s’pose all you guys watched Minnesota’s beloved Washington Senators beat the Los Angeles Angels 4-3 this evening.

    Yeah, that’s why no one’s been posting. Sure.

  17. Various electronically accessible accounts of mine, bank, facebook, et cetera, have been under attack from central Europe. Pain in the ass. I s’pose it’s putin’s algorithms. They probably scan cyberspace looking for nasty remarks made about his celestial/bestial majesty. What would trump do if the russian oligarchs decided that they didn’t need an expensive kgb colonel anymore ? The oligarch who has the corner on the ammunitions supply could emerge as the top gun, so to speak write.

  18. Okay. If youse guyz aren’t gunna respond to my nonsense, or the rest o’ the world’s nonsense, neither, then I’m gowun to bed.

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