Sunday Serendipity

A perfect song for the month of May as well as a beautiful Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you trail moms.

Enjoy the music but most of all enjoy your day!?

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  1. Jace!  so happy to see you back and love the selection.  online looking for a suitable poem about May to accompany it, I found this in the list of “famous short May poems” at poetrysoup.   *???*
    A Caution to Everybody  

    by Ogden Nash

     Consider the auk;
    Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, and could only walk.
    Consider man, who may well become extinct Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked.


    * well, it does have the word may in it. 🙂

  2. Jace, good to see that the rumors … were greatly exaggerated. 

    Well, before living in East Bumfuck, and before the arrival of LP, Mrs P & I lived for a year in Grafton, WV, home of the International Mother’s Day Shrine

    Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, the “mother church” of Mother’s Day, was incorporated as the International Mother’s Day Shrine on May 15, 1962, as a shrine to all mothers.[3] The Shrine was constructed in 1873 and is located along Main Street in downtown Grafton in Taylor CountyWest Virginia. The International Mother’s Day Shrine was designated a National Historic LandmarkOctober 5, 1992.[2] Its location is approximately one mile south of the junction of U.S. Route 50 and U.S. Route 119. The shrine is open by appointment and available for wedding services and tour groups.

    You can trust me on this one – the IMDS is the only thing someone in the area might come TO Grafton to see. 

    And finally, Rudyard Kipling was onto something.. “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.”

  3. Chuck Todd (Kyle Mooney) interviews Senators Lindsey Grahm (Kate Mckinnon), Susan Collins (Cecily Strong) and Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) about supporting President Trump.

  4. While this is most definitely off topic, I’d love Flatus’, BB’s & any other vets’ comments on this WaPo piece from Whitman Wade Beorn

    In early 2003, as a cavalry officer, I stood in front of my scout platoon at dusk after a long day preparing to deploy to Iraq. I spoke with them about the law of war and how they should treat civilians when we got into theater. It wasn’t a long conversation, but I felt that giving clear guidance about what was acceptable — and not acceptable — was important. They should treat the civilians as they would neighbors, I told them. Soldiers take most seriously the things their leadership makes most serious.
    On Monday, President Trump pardoned the convicted war criminal Michael Behenna, who had murdered Ali Mansur, an unarmed, naked Iraqi, by shooting him in the head and chest. Making a specious claim of self-defense, Behenna argued that Mansur threw a piece of concrete at him and “ stood up like he’s coming at me.” And so he neutralized this threat, a naked man, already released by the Army. Behenna was supposed to be returning Mansur home to his village. A military court convicted Behenna of unpremeditated murder. American soldiers testified against him. The military court of appeals and a review panel upheld that conviction, though he was paroled early, in 2014.
    Even before pardoning Behenna, Trump demonstrated a disturbing flippancy toward war crimes. He has repeatedly expressed support for former Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, another alleged war criminal. Gallagher’s own men told investigatorsthat he had, according to the New York Times, “shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking with other girls on the riverbank.” In 2017, Gallagher walked up to a 15-year-old prisoner of war and “stabbed the wounded teenager several times in the neck and once in the chest with his hunting knife, killing him.” He then texted images of his “kill” to friends. Even in the tightknit Special Operations community, fellow SEALs were horrified and repeatedly reported Gallagher’s behavior until charges were brought. He faces court-martial at the end of the month. Trump tweeted that Gallagher would be given better conditions in confinement “in honor of his past service,” an honor many would say he threw away long ago.

    I know what I think about this but I do not have the perspective of having served. 

  5. in honor of all you mothers

    A mother (Emma Thompson) and daughter (Heidi Gardner) assure each other of their motherhood abilities.

  6. by George, from the hill:

    George Conway, an attorney and husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, criticized President Trump Friday for calling former Vice President Joe Biden creepy, noting that Trump has been linked to financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of sexually abusing multiple underage girls.




    It comes poorly from the mouth of a man who paid $130K to a porn star, bragged on camera about grabbing you-know-what, and palled around with Jeffrey Epstein, to call anyone “Creepy.” RT if you agree! #DerangedDonald

    The president on Friday referred to Biden as “SleepyCreepy Joe” in a tweet, referencing the multiple women who have said that Biden touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Biden is a top contender in the 2020 Democratic primary to challenge Trump, leading in polls and touting big fundraising numbers.

    Epstein pleaded guilty to sex trafficking and was sentenced to serve 13 months in prison after being accused by multiple girls of sexual assault more than a decade ago, according to reports.

    In February, a federal judge ruled that prosecutors – including Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta – broke the law by making a plea deal with Epstein without conferring with his victims.

    Trump had been accused in a now-dropped lawsuit of raping a girl who was 13 at the time during parties with Epstein. Trump has fiercely denied the accusation.

  7. Pat the rape case is click bait for lefties, the rest of the world just yawned and went on. 
    Lets look for something that might actually get the conservative suburban vote to flip.
    All those people {like Biden)wanting to get the white union voter back….. The Democrtic party is not racist enough for them. Write them off they are now Trump republicans and good riddance. They are where they belong.  when we have another economic crisses that threatens their pensions they will come running back saying  “save me save me save me” and like Obama the Democratic party will go out on a limb and do so, only to see them go back to their republican racist ways after they are safe and secure.
    It is not the  1950’s and it is time we realized it.

  8. One thing I’m starting to like about Trump is how predictable he is becoming.  now if the stock market will just  not catch on.  It looks like his latest China tantrum is going to pay my expenses for this month.

  9. So It Mothers day,  Mrs Jack hung out with the Mothers one evening, And her being a young hippie chick and they being a road band, they all engaged in lively conversation. After which they went to work and she went to the concert then home. So in honor of all Mothers everywhere

  10. Pogo, you need not ask how I feel about such things; indeed, I won’t dignify your query with a detailed response.

  11. My niece graduated from Santa Barbara City College this weekend, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Recreation. She moves on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall, reversing her major to Recreation and minoring in Sociology.
    She’s worked at the YMCA since she was 15. This last year she’s been a supervisor. She’ll transfer to the Y in SLO for her two years at Cal Poly. She was also able to supplement her income working at a diner in town. Since her tuition and books at SBCC were covered by a bunch of scholarships and she lived at home, she’s got enough money saved to cover her room and board for the next year at Cal Poly. Plus she’ll still have scholarship money.
    I’m so proud of her. She’s smart, dedicated, and has a clear path to where she wants to go. We weren’t able to attend her graduation, but we’ll be there next time. 

  12. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Hey trump…  I said happy mother’s day….  not happy mother fuckers day…

  13. Flatus, you are right. I assumed you agreed but just wanted to see whether you had a different slant on it

  14. This poem sees May as a downer as it ends spring and provides the gateway to summer


    The backyard apple tree gets sad so soon,
    takes on a used-up, feather-duster look
    within a week.
    The ivy’s spring reconnaissance campaign
    sends red feelers out and up and down
    to find the sun.
    Ivy from last summer clogs the pool,
    brewing a loamy, wormy, tea-leaf mulch
    soft to the touch
    and rank with interface of rut and rot.
    The month after the month they say is cruel
    is and is not.
  15. Took me awhile to find this poem by one of my favorite poets, Sara Teasdale

    May Day

    Sara Teasdale

    A delicate fabric of bird song
    Floats in the air,
    The smell of wet wild earth
    Is everywhere.

    Red small leaves of the maple
    Are clenched like a hand,
    Like girls at their first communion
    The pear trees stand.

    Oh I must pass nothing by
    Without loving it much,
    The raindrop try with my lips,
    The grass with my touch;

    For how can I be sure
    I shall see again
    The world on the first of May
    Shining after the rain?


    President Trump came into office pledging to build a wall along the border with Mexico. That wall remains a pipe dream, but a thick and high metaphorical wall has risen around the White House to block Congress from seeing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s full report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election or to get testimony from Mueller and other key witnesses in that investigation.

    During Watergate, President Nixon was accused of stonewalling to protect himself, but Nixon’s efforts pale in comparison to Trump’s absolute refusal to cooperate with a co-equal branch of government.


  17. Listening to Jace’s fine pick made me think back to our days in England’s Midlands back in the late ’70s, early ’80s. It was never really warm and it took a really, really hearty soul to shout, “Ah, Spring is here!” in early May. early June.

  18. Mr Pogo,
    As beginners, a few of us might have said, “Jesus f***, wounded gooks bleed just like wounded goobers !” The older guys would just say, “Shut the f*** up !”
    Only, we’d be reeeeeaaally loud ‘cuz the helicopeters are so f***ing loud.
    I don’t remember any racist medics – not after a few days on the job, anyway. 
    It’s odd that I never stopped being a carnivore. However, I was off beer after a while. 33. ugh. We had American beer, too, but 33. ugh. Then I just drank coffee.

    At first I think the grunts viewed folks as divided between 2 races, the black and the green. After Tet, I think it increasingly became the tall vs the short. That was my period. I started out grunt-like, in the mud, calling ‘dustoff,’ (casevac) whenever the the guys had serious wounds. Later I “graduated” to the medevac & the (mostly) Hueys that probably ruined my ears. I think I was safer on the ground, but I have no stats on that. Anywhat, I got around and around.

    The mood is dark out now. I’d better go think about other stuff. Maybe there’s a Seinfeld re-run on the tube.

  19. Happy Mother’s Day.  I reminded my mother she has had sixty-nine of these now and it is hard to come up with something new each year.  So this year she got a DVD of the play Cats (her favorite play) and two pounds of Finnish butter.  You can’t beat that for a present.
    Pogo – I was lucky, I was not in combat.  My training was the regular how to fight, survive and help your buddies survive.  My other training was from veterans who came back from Korea and Vietnam, it was the reality of life and death in combat.  It is the stuff that is not talked about, the talk that never happens with civilians and family.  The brutal, ugly reality.
    SFB likes dictators, law breakers and “tough guys”, murderers and cowards.  The man he pardoned is a murderer, nothing good or decent about him.

  20. In obvious insult to US military, trump makes big deal of pardoning murderer for racist votes. 

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