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  1. sturge, thanks.

    that must be a very tiny bird that laid those eggs or a very large plant in a very big pot.


  2. Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the royal baby, congressional stonewalling, and revelations of Trump’s financial incompetence.

  3. something to think about during the current tariff tift

    from the balance US Debt to China, How Much It Is, Reasons Why, and What If China Sells

    The U.S. debt to China is $1.13 trillion as of February 2019. That’s 28% of the $4.02 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $22 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself. 


     China has the greatest amount of U.S. debt held by a foreign country. Japan comes second at $1.07 trillion, followed by Brazil at $308 billion. Ireland holds $274 billion, and the United Kingdom owns $284 billion.



    The map below shows a breakdown of the top five countries owning U.S. debt. Combined, they hold almost 77% of U.S. debt held by foreign countries


    What Happens If China Called in Its Debt Holdings


    China would not call in its debt all at once. If it did, the demand for the dollar would plummet. This dollar collapse would disrupt international markets even more than the 2008 financial crisis. China’s economy would suffer along with everyone else’s.




    It’s more likely that China would slowly begin selling off its Treasury holdings. Even when it just warns that it plans to do so, dollar demand starts to drop. That hurts China’s competitiveness. As it raises its export prices, U.S. consumers would buy American products instead. China could only start this process if it further expands its exports to other Asian countries and increases domestic demand. 


  4. Regular size nest, largish pot.
    Bird says, “Aw, screw it. This is good enough.”

  5. That no life lives forever
    That dead men rise up never
    That even the weariest river
    winds somewhere safe to sea

  6. “From too much love of living
    From hope and fear set free,
    We thank with brief thanksgiving
    Whatever gods may be

    […what sturge said…]

    Then star nor sun shall waken,
    Nor any change of light:
    Nor sound of waters shaken,
    Nor any sound or sight:
    Nor wintry leaves nor vernal,
    Nor days nor things diurnal;
    Only the sleep eternal
    In an eternal night.”

  7. Miami herald:

    The FBI has opened a public corruption investigation into Republican donor and South Florida massage-parlor entrepreneur Li “Cindy” Yang, focusing on whether she illegally funneled money from China into the president’s re-election effort or committed other potential campaign-finance violations, the Miami Herald has learned.


    Investigators obtained a federal grand jury subpoena Tuesday seeking records from Bing Bing Peranio, an employee of Yang’s family’s spa business who last year contributed a maximum $5,400 to President Donald Trump’s re-election effort, according to a source familiar with the probe. Yang came to Peranio’s workplace and helped her write the check, Peranio told reporters from The New York Times, who first reported the contribution. Peranio told The Times she didn’t “say no.”


    The subpoena asked for any records related to that March 5, 2018, donation and possibly other contributions between 2014 and the present, said the source, who asked for anonymity to discuss an ongoing federal investigation.


    In a brief phone interview with the Miami Herald, Peranio confirmed that she had received a subpoena and that FBI agents had interviewed her at her home Thursday.



  8. Farewell to a Mutual Friend



    Jim Fowler, former host of ‘Wild Kingdom,’ dies at 89

  9. Some hilarious moments over the years with Jim Fowler on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

  10. I awoke this morning and had to add this bit of music that makes me think of SFB

  11. All the poetry reminded me that Colin Firth is doing a remake of “The Man Who Never Was” that starred Clifton Webb.  That film opens with a quote from The Battle of Otterburn:

    “Last night I dreamed a deadly dream, beyond the Isle of Sky,

    I saw a dead man win a fight, and I think that man was I”

    The Firth version will be called “Operation Mincemeat”


  12. Jamie, have you heard from jace lately?  so far nothing in the hopper for 2 weeks and no answers to emails which really worries me. 

  13. If you are a student, parent, grandparent, or doting aunt or uncle, today’s Wall Street Journal is an amazingly good source of information/guidance for people looking forward to entry into our workforce in the foreseeable future. I urge you to rush to a store where a copy of the paper may be purchased and to perform that act posthaste.

  14. Just got back from Walmart, Lots of men walking out with flowers, Favorite was grandad, dad and grandson walking out each with a bunch of roses. 
    All those dead flowers.

  15. Jack , love that song. It’s probably among my favorite 3-5 Stones songs. Never heard Townes’ rendition, but I like the very straightforward approach very much. 

    Spent the day with LP & Mrs. P. Had a good time running around in the Pittsburgh area.

    Tomorrow I’ll do my live flowers deal for Mrs. P – no dead flowers for her. I’ll run out to Lowes early and find some perennials to put in her space in the back yard. I keep hoping last years’ perennials will be this years’ flowers but mostly they are effectively annuals. But then again I put them in and for the most part they are on their own after they get watered in.

    Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mamas out there. Regardless how rotten they may be your kids appreciate you more than they tell you.

  16. I like the Stones version too. I think Townes puts a little more blues in it so I kinda favor it. 

  17. I was there the night they recorded that….Townes did a set just him and Jimmie Sam Grey on bass and harmony vocal……then we all backed him with a full band, a memorable night at Springwater club down by the Parthenon in Nashville, 1980.

  18. Ah…..also can hear Danny “Ruester” Rowland playing electric with them . 
    I have a cassette recording of my own I recorded on a cheap cassette player of parts of the rest of the night. It’s not quite so clean sounding, but is a pure treasure.

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